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University of Alaska Museum of the North

Preservation is raised to art form–literally–when you visit the University of Alaska Museum of the North. While there are many dramatic exhibits to take in and absorb, the biggest attraction here is a meticulous presentation of a 36,000-year-old mummy. Other equally captivating exhibits include those that highlight Alaska's five major geographic regions that include artifacts, important objects and other items of interest from each region. In addition to research-based projects, the museum offers a wide variety of educational programs.

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Nenana River

Fans of nature and the outdoors are truly in their element when they visit the Nenana River. The lush surroundings, the sound of the water and the calming effect of the entire area is something that holds a timeless appeal. This river is a tributary of the Tanana River and runs approximately 150 miles long and welcomes boaters and fishermen as well as admirers of the river's natural amenities.

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Pioneer Air Museum

Let your spirit for both adventure and learning take flight when you explore the attractions at the Alaskaland Pioneer Air Museum. Learn about how the area was primarily explored and then developed through the efforts of early pilots with a passion for exploration. Interestingly, they were also exploring the possibilities of flight as they surveyed the area from some of aviation's earliest aircraft. See some of those captivating planes on display, as well as related memorabilia, records, photographs and other pieces that help to tell this fascinating facet of Alaska's history.

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