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Things To Do in Fairbanks, AK

Bentley Mall

While Fairbanks' Bentley Mall may be small in stature, it does have the impressive distinction of being the northern-most mall in North America simply by virtue of its location. That being said, locals are somewhat divided over this small mall that offers only one entrance and boasts approximately six or seven stores, the biggest and most popular being Sears. Despite the obvious, the mall management and store employees put forth their best efforts to create a pleasant and memorable shopping experience for all who walk through their doors.

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Large Animal Research Station

Some of the best attractions in Alaska are the natural kind, and you can see them up close when you take time to visit the Large Animal Research Station in Fairbanks. This is actually one of the more popular attractions in the area, as the facility has thousands of visitors each year. The large number of people who walk through the doors of the Large Animal Research Station is understandable as they all look forward to seeing such indigenous creatures as muskoxen and caribou at a dramatically close distance.

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