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Top 12 Reasons to Move to San Antonio, TX

It's your move to the Alamo City

By: Kyle Weckerly | Jun 2018


Are you planning or thinking about moving to San Antonio, Texas? Did you know that we are known for, among other things, the San Antonio Spurs, The Alamo, great Tex-Mex food, the River Walk, a notable heavy metal and hardcore music scene, Sea World, its sizable military presence, and Cornerstone Church?

Is there something stopping you from making the move? Well, we’re here to give you a dozen reasons to make the move to The Alamo City.

1. Affordable

In 2014, San Antonio was ranked as number six on Yahoo Finance’s Most Affordable Cities To Live In. In addition to that, according to data through May 31, 2018 found on Zillow, the median listing price of homes in San Antonio is $238,580, and the median rent price in San Antonio is $1,285, which is lower than the metro median of $1,350. That’s impressive for a major city.

2. Family friendly

You don’t have to give up backyard family fun to have connectivity to city living. The nice thing about San Antonio is that it is a place where families can have affordability and space while accessing a thriving city. You can have a backyard and be connected to urban life, which is a hard balance to find. Whether you’re looking to purchase a home or rent, there’s a neighborhood to fit your needs.

3. Traffic you can live with

According to the US Census, San Antonio gained over 21,000 new residents from 2014 to 2015. Yet, unlike other major cities in Texas, the city does not suffer from unbearable traffic. If you hate long commutes, then this is the right place for you. How would you spend your saved time?

4. Excellent education

San Antonio is home to some of the best schools in the state and the country. While charter and private schools are top notch here, there are public schools that fall among the cream of the crop. For example, Northside Independent School District, the fourth largest school district in Texas, has a graduation rate of 95.4% as of 2016. In addition, it offers students a Two-Way Dual Language Immersion program that promotes bilingual and bicultural education in both English and Spanish.

Six major universities call San Antonio their home, along with a large selection of community and vocational colleges. You don’t have to go far to choose a profession, career, vocation, or a degree, because living in San Antonio will ease the burden of paying student tuition and housing costs.

5. Employment opportunities

When you think of US cities with a large amount of federal jobs you probably think of DC, but San Antonio comes in at number three, just behind Atlanta. Don’t settle for a dead-end job or being stuck in a rut. Find your next career through job placement agencies that will match your qualifications with another company’s requirements. Other industries of note are manufacturing, renewable energy, bioscience, healthcare, and education.

6. Military City USA

San Antonio has one of the largest populations of active and retired military in the country. There are five active bases in San Antonio, in addition to San Antonio Military Medical Center, the largest military hospital in the United States.

According to JJ Gorena of the Trey Group, ranked among the top 25 best real estate companies in San Antonio by the San Antonio Business Journal, “…there are over twenty-three non-profit organizations in San Antonio that look for veteran job placement. USAA, NSA, cybersecurity companies and countless others are looking almost exclusively for ex-military employees.”

In addition to job placement, there are many incentives available for actives and retirees when it comes to buying a home. Experienced real estate agents, some who are retired military themselves, are eager to help you navigate the process of buying a home.

7. Viable transportation

Some reports show San Antonio with much lower numbers of congested roads when compared to other major cities in Texas. While Alamo City may not be a perfect traffic-free city, it could be considered as a city where commuting by bike or public transportation is a viable option.

8. Hike & bike trails

It’s time to hit the trail at Brackenridge Park, a nearly 350-acre park founded in 1899, where you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. Under the leadership of recent mayors, San Antonio has expanded hike and bike trail options, refashioning several open spaces into a series of connected linear parks.

9. Historical sites

As you may recall from history class in school, The Alamo battle site is significant to Texas and U.S. history and is one of the most treasured San Antonio historical sites that demands to be seen. After you visit The Alamo, take a stroll on The River Walk where the San Antonio river runs through the city and both sides of the channel are lined with restaurants, hotels, and iconic rainbow umbrellas.

10. Great dining places

All that strolling along the San Antonio River Walk is bound to leave you hungry. Have no fear, food is always near. San Antonio offers everything from hearty pub grub to classic American dishes with a Texas twist, from farm-to-table to Texas-style, Mexican, Mediterranean, New American and more. Eating in Texas is not something to take lightly.

11. Hill Country in 60 minutes or less

Most San Antonio residents can get to the Hill Country in about an hour making it a great place to do weekend or even day trips. When visiting Texas Hill Country you can look forward to the signature rolling hills, lavender fields, caving, wineries, hiking, biking, and plenty of spas and retreats for weekend getaways. It’s time for Napa Valley to move over because just north of San Antonio is the Texas Wine Trail that features 51 homegrown operations.

12. Mild winters

From July to mid-September, the triple-digit heat is on. Our mild winters and marvelous spring and autumn weather offset the hot days of summer. Katie Griffin-Ross of RE/MAX Associates put it a better way: “You don’t have to shovel sunshine!” While San Antonio’s 67% humidity is still considered relatively humid from time to time, the average relative humidity in other major cities is much higher. We love to spend as much time outdoors as possible and the lower humidity makes it possible to enjoy that time.

It’s Your Move

San Antonio has much more to offer than what we’ve listed here. From affordable housing and rent, to Hill Country getaways, the Alamo City could very well be your best move yet. Hop to it and get movin’ to River City.

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