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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Do any of your kids show an interest in art? Whether they love to create it or just take it all in, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will more than likely inspire some new ideas. Several styles of modern art are featured as the museum regularly rotates its exhibits and attractions. In addition to viewing the art, the kids can actually create some of their own in the various modern art hands-on workshops that are provided on Family Sundays. But be prepared for a good workout, as the museum is an impressive six stories that is topped by a 145-foot skylight tower that the kids will surely want to check out.

(415) 357-4000

Green Festival

The San Francisco Green Festival is often called the "world's largest party with a purpose." Its goal is to create a higher awareness of the importance of making an effort to live eco-friendly. Various individuals and companies are on hand to discuss their green projects as well as inform and educate the public about the importance of making these necessary changes to help preserve our environment. There is plenty of live music, workshops and exhibits, as well as plenty of organic food and drink to further emphasize the importance of environmental responsibility. The event is usually scheduled twice a year, in both April and November.

(800) 232-6415

Castro Theatre

San Francisco's Castro Theatre is a stunning tribute to the experience of taking in a movie. Built in 1922, this historic theater has hosted several film festivals showcasing the work of world-renowned actors and directors. You will often find some of the world's best-loved movies on the marquee, as it only makes sense that such a classically beautiful venue would screen equally elegant films that still stand as testaments to the art of fine movie making. You and your date will enjoy the romantic experience of sitting in such a classy theater where the experience of watching a film in such a vintage setting will only deepen your appreciation for not only the film that you're watching, but for each other as well.

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