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Castro Theatre

San Francisco's Castro Theatre is a stunning tribute to the experience of taking in a movie. Built in 1922, this historic theater has hosted several film festivals showcasing the work of world-renowned actors and directors. You will often find some of the world's best-loved movies on the marquee, as it only makes sense that such a classically beautiful venue would screen equally elegant films that still stand as testaments to the art of fine movie making. You and your date will enjoy the romantic experience of sitting in such a classy theater where the experience of watching a film in such a vintage setting will only deepen your appreciation for not only the film that you're watching, but for each other as well.

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The Exploratorium

If your kids are always curious about the world around them, then their trip to San Francisco's Exploratorium will lead them to lots of answers in a truly fun and educational way. Among the two floors of this facility, you will find several exhibits and attractions that encourage several different types of interaction. Among the impressive 650 exhibits, the kids will learn about such vast subjects as science, art, and perception, just to name a few. The Exploratorium is known as the first and foremost of the world's interactive museums and has won several awards for its consistent presentation of creative exhibits that offer an exceptional level of educational value.

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Roxie Film Center

The Roxie Film Center offers anything but the ordinary. This classically rustic venue often screens foreign and art films you won´t find anywhere else, so if you´re in the mood for something a little left-of-center, then the Roxie Film Center is the perfect choice.

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