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Scott Turner and Dwayne Haskins are Redskins’ key duo. So far, the coach likes what he sees.
05/27/2020 3:08am

Washingtons new offensive coordinator says he has been impressed so far with the teams second-year quarterback, and that he wants his unit to feature competition and versatility.

Jack Del Rio has high praise for Chase Young, expects big things from Redskins’ line
05/28/2020 1:08am

Says Washingtons new defensive coordinator of the No. 2 overall pick: I think the skys the limit for him.

Max Scherzer doesn’t speak up without a calculated purpose
05/28/2020 1:02am

The Nationals ace, a prominent union leader, has voiced his opinions on MLBs newest proposal to restart baseball. The timing and tone are no accident.

With an aging roster and DH candidates, the Nats are oddly built for an odd season
05/28/2020 5:33am

No one wanted or imagined an 82-game campaign, but the defending champs may be perfectly suited for it.

D.C. United players to begin individual workouts Friday in Loudoun
05/28/2020 3:11am

MLS club will use Segra Field in Leesburg for now before possibly moving to Audi Field and the RFK training grounds in Washington.


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NFL Coaches Could Return to Team Facilities Next Week
05/28/2020 7:00pm

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is hopeful that coaches will be able to return to their team facilities by next week.Goodell said Thursday following an owners conference call that the virtual offseason is being extended for two more weeks. In a memo sent to the 32 teams and obtained by The Associated Press, he outlined the next phase of reopening of club facilities, which can begin Monday.We expect that next week clubs will be permitted to include members of their coaching staffs among the employees permitted to resume work in the club facility, Goodell wrote. We are actively working with governors and other state and local authorities in those states that have not yet announced definitive plans and will confirm the precise date on which coaches can return to the facility as soon as possible.Ticket offices, retail shops and other customer-facing facilities that comply with state and local regulation can open, with employees counting in the current maximum number of employees no more than 50 percent of staff not to exceed 75 persons allowed.As for allowing players to return other than those undergoing rehab who currently are allowed at team complexes, Goodell added: We are also continuing to work with the NFLPA on developing protocols that will allow at least some players to return to your facilities on a limited basis prior to the conclusion of the offseason program.NFL owners tabled a proposal that would have offered a fourth-and-15 play as an alternative to the onside kick. They approved testing expanded use of video replay in the preseason to aid in officiating. Atlanta Falcons President Rich McKay said there were more clubs receptive to the onside kick alternative than in the past and it will be further explored.There were lots of really good questions about the impact and nuances such a change would involve, McKay said. This was the longest discussion, I imagine 20 to 30 minutes on that. We ended up tabling it after taking a pulse where teams stood on it. Well bring it back at some point.The 32 owners also increased the number of players who may be designated for return from the injured list during a season from two to three.Also passed was making permanent the expansion of automatic replay reviews to include scoring plays and turnovers negated by a foul, and any successful or unsuccessful extra points.The competition committees recommendation to expand defenseless player protection to a kickoff or punt returner who is in possession of the ball but has not had time to avoid or ward off contact of an opponent also was approved. McKay said such incidents on punt returns were rare but there were enough that gave us concern.Another approved recommendation stops teams from manipulating the game clock by committing multiple dead-ball fouls while the clock is running an issue that came up several times in 2019, including during the postseason.Using video replay for pass interference calls was dropped after a one-year experiment that led to more uncertainty than clarity. Many people in the league cited the presence of too much subjectivity in the reviews.Tabled was a proposal to have a booth judge serve as an eighth official on each crew and call for reviews on certain plays. The league will experiment with additional review options during the preseason as requested by the referee to the replay assistant.What we thought we could do in the preseason, this test allows for the ref to have communication with the replay assistant, McKay explained. We have always allowed that communication, and now there are more areas given them to seek consultation. We always liked that idea.The preseason is scheduled to begin on Aug. 6 with the Pro Football Hall of Fame game between Pittsburgh and Dallas. Its an uncertainty as is the NFLs regular season because of the coronavirus pandemic. But the league has stated it plans to play everything as scheduled while making contingency plans that could include no fans at games, moving or delaying games.Also Thursday, the NFL:Revamped the officiating department. Al Riveron, who has been overseeing the office, will lead the leagues replay review process. Former coach Perry Fewell will handle the day-to-day operations, including outreach to the leagues head coaches and general managers. Walt Anderson, a 24-year on-field official, becomes a senior vice president in charge of game officials, including enhanced training and performance evaluations, scouting, recruitment and development of officials.All will report to football operations chief Troy Vincent.Our intentions are to implement meaningful improvements to the game and officiating, Vincent said. We will continue to make every effort to improve officiating and pursue officiating excellence.Loosened rules on broadcast windows for Sunday afternoons. Four times in 2020, a network broadcasting a doubleheader will be allowed to show both games in a market where a team is at home on another network. In 2019, that was allowed twice.More AP NFL: https://apnews.com/NFL and https://twitter.com/APNFL

Tokyo Olympics Just Beginning the Race to Reset Themselves
05/28/2020 6:29pm

Just two months after the unprecedented Olympic postponement, organizing committee CEO Toshiro Muto was asked Thursday about progress toward next years rescheduled Tokyo Games.If you ask, are we just around the first corner of the 400-meter race, I cannot answer that question, said Muto, speaking through an interpreter during an online news conference. But I can tell you this much. I do not feel we are late in our preparations. I do not feel we are being delayed in any way.But from listening to the limited details that Muto provided, preparations seem to be barely out of the starting blocks.A former deputy governor of the Bank of Japan, Muto has spoken cautiously ever since the coronavirus pandemic caused the postponement and says little about progress. He said not to expect much solid news until planning reaches the second phase in the fall.This includes who pays for the the delay, which is estimated in Japan at $2 billion to $6 billion, how to keep fans, staff and athletes safe from the coronavirus, and deal-making to secure the same 43 venues and the same competition schedule.Right now we dont have any details or specific items that we can talk about, he said. We all agree that in addition to heat countermeasures, we will have to have coronavirus measures.In the last week, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach and IOC member John Coates, who oversees preparations for Tokyo, have speculated more openly on how the games might be held.In interviews, Bach has suggested a possible quarantine for athletes, floated the possibility of little fan access, and has not ruled out empty stadiums.Coates, speaking last week at a News Corp Australia digital forum and reported in The Australian newspaper, was very frank.Weve got real problems because weve got athletes having to come from 206 different nations, Coates said.He ran off the numbers: 11,000 Olympic athletes, 5,000 technical officials and coaches, 20,000 media, and 60,000 volunteers.Theres a lot of people, Coates said, without even adding 4,400 Paralympic athletes and staff.Muto said October loomed and Coates said the same thing as a time when many thing will come clear in the process.October will be that point when we start the detailed discussions, Muto said.He said that excluded any decision about go or not to go on with the Olympics. Muto has always said the games are on, though Bach and Tokyo organizing committee President Yoshiro Mori agree they cannot be delayed again.Another delay will mean a cancellation.This is a huge undertaking. This is a big job, Muto said. We have to do in one year and a few months something that had taken years of actual preparations to do. So there are so many things we have to review and decide in such a short time.More AP sports: https://apnews.com/apf-sports and https://twitter.com/APSports

Premier League Soccer to Restart on June 17
05/28/2020 3:50pm

The Premier Leagues official broadcasters say the competition will restart on June 17.The BBC and Sky Sports say there will be a doubleheader on that day with Manchester City playing Arsenal and Aston Villa hosting Sheffield United.Playing those make-up games on a Wednesday will ensure the 30th round can be contested the following weekend.The last match was played on March 9 before the competition was suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic.Squads were only allowed to restart practice sessions in small groups last week but contact and tackling is now allowed between players.

In-Person Boston Marathon Is Canceled Amid Pandemic, Goes Virtual for 2020
05/28/2020 3:18pm

The Boston Marathon wont be run this year, Mayor Marty Walsh announced Thursday, calling it unfeasible for public health reasons as the coronavirus pandemic continues to hit Massachusetts. The race will be replaced with virtual events.Theres no way to hold the usual race format without bringing large numbers of people into close proximity, Walsh said at a news conference outside Boston City Hall.Its the first time in over 100 years that the world-famous marathon was called off, according to the CEO of the Boston Athletic Association, which organizes the race. The only other time was 1918, in the midst of the flu pandemic and World War I, when the race was turned into a military relay.The race was set for its 124th running on April 20, but had been postponed until September as the coronavirus crisis ramped up in Massachusetts. Organizers had hoped to hold it in the fall, but Walsh said Thursday that it would be unrealistic and irresponsible to hold it all this year. The Boston Athletic Association is planning a week of virtual events instead, CEO Tom Grilk said at the news conference. See more information on the virtual marathon here. Registered participants of the in-person race will be given refunds for their entry fees and be offered a chance to participate virtually, Grilk said.While we cant bring tens of thousands of people from around the world to Massachusetts for the marathon this year, we do hope to bring the spirit of the Boston Marathon to the world, and well do our best to do that, Grilik said. Reporter: THAT IS CORRECT. NOTHING HAS BEEN CANCELLED AS OF YET BUT ITu2019S STILL UNCLEAR WHETHER OR NOT THE BOSTON MARATHON WILL TAKE PLACE THIS YEAR BECAUSE OF COVID-19. OF COURSE, IN APRIL, IT WAS PUSHED OFF BECAUSE OF THE OUTBREAK. IT WAS MOVED TO SEPTEMBER 14th. NOW MANY THOUGHT THAT WOULD BE ENOUGH TIME TO GET THE VIRUS UNDER CONTROL AND THAT STILL MAY BE THE CASE, BUT CONCERNS DO REMAIN ABOUT THE PANDEMIC. THE RACE WILL HAVE MORE THAN 30,000 RUNNERS AND A LOT MORE SPECTATORS LINING THAT ROUTE. THAT COULD MAKE SOCIAL DISTANCING DIFFICULT FOR EVERYONE. THE RESCHEDULED MARATHON IS STILL FOUR MONTHS AWAY. AS I SAID, ITu2019S STILL A GO. HERE IS WHAT THE MAYOR OF BOSTON HAD TO SAY ABOUT IT YESTERDAY. WHEN WE ORIGINALLY MADE THE DECISION TO POSTPONE THE MARATHON IN SEPTEMBER, WE WERE HOPEFUL THE CORONAVIRUS WOULD NO LONGER BE A SIGNIFICANT PUBLIC HEALTH RISK FOR OUR RESIDENTS. WE ARE CONTINUING TO HAVE RIGHT NOW CONVERSATION WITH THE BAA ON THE BEST WAY FOR ALL OF US TO MOVE FORWARD. Reporter: NOW ON ITS WEBSITE, THE BAA SAYS THAT IT CONTINUES TO WORK WITH PUBLIC OFFICIALS ON TO WORK WITH PUBLIC OFFICIALS ON WHAT THE MARATHON WILL LOOK,videoid:1740195395808199,videolength:67735,videoprovider:mpx,alleypackscheduleunpublish:,feedremoteid:mpx1740195395808,feedthumbnailurl: data-livestreamfalse data-titleSeptember Boston Marathon in Question data-vidcid1:5:2127669 data-vidurlhttps://www.nbcboston.com/on-air/as-seen-on/september-boston-marathon-in-question/2127669/ data-isleadfalse data-catnames1813:On Air,1814:As Seen On,206944:News,705:Local data-tagnames49:BOSTON,21306:Boston Athletic Association,17615:Boston Marathon,241040:coronavirus,246083:COVID-19,21853:Mayor Marty Walsh data-customdataContentPartner:None,Source:WEBFM,SyndicationAllowed:true,mSNVideoCategories:MSN Video v4 Connector-most watched news,mSNVideoContentSupplierID:NBCLocal,mSNVideoCountry:us,subtitle:nosubtitle,uploadedByTeam:1,youtubeChannel:None data-autoplayfalseWalsh also discussed several other initiatives at his news conference, including the citys principles for reopening offices next week and a new initiative to open Bostons streets during the coronavirus crisis.Walshs office also on Thursday announced $1.75 million in emergency funding for the Boston Immigrant COVID-19 Collaborative, which brings together 11 organizations that help immigrants in the area.But the marathon announcement overshadowed it all, striking one of the citys most highly anticipated events and biggest tourism generators from the calendar. After checking with Grilk, Walsh said the economic hit to the city will be over $200 million.This is the challenge, but meeting tough challenges is what the Boston Marathon is all about, Walsh said. Its incumbent on all of us to dig deep, like a marathon runner to keep its spirit alive in its virtual form. The virtual alternative race, as the Boston Athletic Association put it, can be run during the week of Sept. 7. The organization will offer a printable finish line, panel discussions and medals for participants who can show they completed the race.Runners who spoke to NBC10 Boston Thursday said they had a sense the decision was coming, but it still stings to hear it.I do feel a little bit defeated or a little bit let down, but its easier to justify or be ok with that feeling just knowing that, for me at least, theres another opportunity to do this. Theres always next year, Robert Fusco said.But the runners did say it feels good to know theyve raised a lot of money for charity in the process of training.Reopening Boston Offices, Opening Streets to PedestriansOn the subject of Bostons offices, which are set to reopen Monday, June 1, under Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Bakers plan for reopening the state, Walsh offered a set of guidelines. They include offering mechanisms for scaling back office use if coronavirus cases flare up, having drastically different routines from before the shutdown until a vaccine or effective treatment is ready and planning for an equitable reopening.Going back to work brings risks, Walsh said.Offices reopening, even in a limited capacity as the plan calls for, should result in an increase in highway traffic and MBTA ridership. The city has also been working on plans to provide more space for pedestrians and for restaurants to create outdoor seating areas, though Walsh has said he does not expect the restaurant industry to return to 100 capacity anytime soon.He announced a Healthy Streets initiative Thursday that expands bus stops, accelerates the installation of bike lanes and finds new but as-yet unspecified ways to accommodate outdoor seating for restaurants all an effort to give pedestrians more space outside amid the pandemic.At his last news conference on Tuesday, Walsh announced the establishment of a $6 million fund to help the citys small businesses reopen safely. TheReopen Boston Fundis for Boston business with fewer than 15 employees who work in close proximity, like barbershops and hair salons.These are grants that you can use to buy PPE personal protective equipment to install safety partitions or to manage outdoor spaces thats approved for business use, Walsh said.More on the Boston Marathon&039s CancellationBoston Marathon2 hours agoWhat We Know About the Virtual Boston Marathon, After Road Races CancellationBoston Business JournalMay 26Charities Warily Eye a 2020 Without a Boston Marathon

Basketball Hall of Fame Delaying Enshrinement Ceremony, Report Says
05/28/2020 1:43am

Basketball Hall of Fame chairman Jerry Colangelo told ESPN that the enshrinement ceremony for Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan and five others will be delayed until 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.The ceremony was to have taken place in Springfield on Aug. 29. Colangelo told ESPN that the event will be moved until the spring of 2021.Colangelo did not respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press. There was no immediate announcement from the Hall of Fame about the rescheduling plan.Were definitely canceling, Colangelo told ESPN. Its going to have to be the first quarter of next year. Well meet in a couple of weeks and look at the options of how and when and where.Bryant, Garnett and Duncan all got into the Hall in their first year as finalists, as did WNBA great Tamika Catchings. The other members of the Class of 2020 were two-time NBA champion coach Rudy Tomjanovich, longtime Baylor womens coach Kim Mulkey, 1,000-game winner Barbara Stevens of Bentley and three-time Final Four coach Eddie Sutton who died this past weekend.


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Boston Marathon canceled for first time in 124-year history
05/28/2020 2:00pm

The Boston Marathon had originally been postponed from April till September. But organizers have now canceled the race for the first time in its 124-year history.

Tokyo Olympics just beginning to reset themselves
05/28/2020 7:10am

Officials have speculated the games might include athlete quarantines, few fans in stadiums, and a different kind of Olympics than any that have gone before.

Wizards star John Wall starts rent assistance program for those in DC's Ward 8
05/27/2020 6:15pm

Wall and his foundation launched a program called 202 Assist to provide rent assistance for the people who live in one of the areas most underserved communities.

Washington Capitals player Alex Ovechkin welcomes second child!
05/27/2020 9:49am

Take a look at the heartfelt post. Were melting with excitement over here

What the proposed 24-team NHL playoff could mean for the Washington Capitals
05/26/2020 8:52pm

The Capitals have captured the Metropolitan Division for the fifth straight year, as the NHL looks to go straight into the playoffs if it can start back up.

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