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Gasparilla Pirate Festival

Pirates of every shape, size and color descend on St. Petersburg's Vinoy Park every November for the Florida Pirate Festival. This event showcases various forms of interactive theater that celebrate the legendary Caribbean pirate tradition. The park becomes overrun with all things pirate, but also manages to include music, rides, comedy, cannons, storytelling, artisan crafts, nighttime fire shows and great food as well as a plethora of pirates!

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The Salvador Dali Museum

While it may be true that sometimes you and your partner don't always see eye to eye on things, the two of you may really alter your perspectives when you take some time to visit the Salvador Dali Museum on a romantic date. This trailblazing Spanish surrealist definitely had a unique way of viewing the world, and his one-of-a-kind viewpoints make up the many visually stunning exhibits you'll find here. When you and your date stroll from one exhibit to another, you will be seeing pieces that make up the world's most extensive collection of Dali's work.

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AMC Sundial 20

One of St. Petersburg moviegoers' favorite places to see the latest Hollywood hits, AMC Sundial 20 brings to life all of the action on screen thanks to the facility’s state-of-the-art sound and projections technologies, and coupled with the roomy auditoriums and comfortable seats, it all adds up to nothing less than a stellar movie-watching experience. Also, the IMAX features special versions of the latest hits as well as certain titles in 3D.

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