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in Arlington, TX (showing 1 - 8 out of 8)

Arlington Voice

Arlington Voice

5904 S Cooper St
Arlington, TX 76017   Directions

(817) 376-9683

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

808 Throckmorton St
Fort Worth, TX 76102   Directions

(800) 776-7827

Looking for love in Fort Worth? Don’t hold your breath, study says
11/12/2018 2:01pm

The good news is that if youre single in Fort Worth, it might not be your fault. The bad news is that you might be single for some time. A Click to Continue

Watch as the Sundance Square Christmas Tree arrives
11/12/2018 12:01pm

The Sundance Square Christmas tree arrives and is put up in the square. The tree has been lit with 100 percent renewable power for the past ten years. Click to Continue

Time to end daylight saving time in Texas? It could happen
11/12/2018 11:16am

Are you still a little out of whack after the recent time change State Rep. Lyle Larson wants to help you with that. In fact, the San Antonio Republican has Click to Continue

Bundle up! Wind chill at 14 is forecast for Tuesday morning in DFW
11/12/2018 8:37am

Bundle up, its going to get real cold in North Texas. Showers and light snow remain in the forecast for Monday afternoon, but there will be very little accumulations in Click to Continue

Philly fans brought a casket for the death of the Cowboys’ season. That’ll have to wait
11/11/2018 10:46pm

The Philadelphia Eagles fans brought a casket to the game to celebrate the death of the Dallas Cowboys season. But this feisty bunch of Cowboys, who had seemingly been written Click to Continue

KDAF TV - CW33 News Fix

KDAF TV - CW33 News Fix

8001 John W Carpenter Frwy
Dallas, TX 75247   Directions

(214) 252-9233

Marvel Comics co-creator Stan Lee dead at 95
11/12/2018 2:48pm

Stan Lee, the co-creator of Marvel Comics, has passed away at the age of 95,TMZ reports,saying Lee was rushed to the hospital early Monday where he later died. The Hollywood Reporter also reported Lee, who suffered several illnesses over the past year, died on Monday. Lee started Marvel with Jack Kirby in 1961 with The Fantastic Four, according to TMZ. He then went on to create Spider-Man, Black Panther, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Iron Man and The Avengers. He was

Man punches bear in nose to survive attack outside North Carolina home
11/12/2018 9:45am

HAYWOOD COUNTY, N.C. A North Carolina man says he battled a bear outside his home and he has the scrapes and bruises to prove it, according toWLOS. Sonny Pumphrey was in his driveway in the White Oak community Tuesday afternoon when he says a mother bear and her two cubs showed up. He says the cubs ran off but the mother bear reared up and attacked him. She made a charging dead run at me. That sucker was eyeball

Miley Cyrus, Neil Young, Gerard Butler among those to lose homes in California wildfires
11/12/2018 9:44am

The deadly wildfires ripping through California have forced hundreds of thousands of residents to evacuate, including some celebrities whose homes have been lost to the blazes. Neil Young,Robin Thicke, Gerard Butler and Miley Cyrus are among those whose houses were ravaged by the Woolsey fire raging north of Los Angeles in Southern California, according to the entertainers respective online posts. Butler posted a photo on Twitter of the charred remains of his Malibu home and thanked firefighters for their courage.

Dog food recalled for too much Vitamin D, look out for excessive vomiting
11/12/2018 9:42am

Too much vitamin D in some of their dry dog food has prompted Nutrisca and Natural Life Pet Products to issue voluntary recalls, according to WGNO. Nutriscas recall is nationwide, while Natural Life Pet Products recall is for eight states, according to news releases from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Dogs with elevated levels of vitamin D may exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling and weight loss. Nationwide, Nutrisca of St.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can’t afford an apartment in DC before job in Congress starts
11/09/2018 3:05pm

NEW YORK Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, cant afford to rent an apartment in Washington, D.C. before shes sworn in come January. Before her election, she worked as a bartender at a New York restaurant. She spent some of that time squirreling away money for rent. I have three months without a salary before Im a member of Congress. So, how do I get an apartment Those little things are very real, she told



400 N Griffin St
Dallas, TX 75202   Directions

(214) 720-4444



5233 Bridge St
Fort Worth, TX 76103   Directions

(817) 451-1111

California Wildfires – Red Cross Helps
11/12/2018 1:51pm

Fast-moving wildfires are consuming thousands of acres in California. The American Red Cross is there, providing shelter and emotional support.

Sundance Square Christmas Tree Arrives, Moved Into Place
11/12/2018 1:48pm

The holiday season has officially kicked off in Fort Worth with the arrival of the Sundance Square Christmas tree.

Tim Tebow To Host New CBS Series ‘Million Dollar Mile’
11/12/2018 1:47pm

Tim Tebow will host the all-new CBS series - Million Dollar Mile.

Stan Lee Dead At 95
11/12/2018 1:35pm

Stan Lee, the creator of iconic Marvel characters such as Spider-Man, X-Men, and Fantastic Four, has died.

Facebook Went Down For Users Across The World Monday
11/12/2018 12:38pm

According, there was a spike inreportsof Facebook being down just before 11 a.m. MT.



4805 Amon Carter Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76155   Directions

(800) 232-5927

Taste of Winter Moves Into North Texas
11/12/2018 1:23pm

North Texas will get a taste of winter weather over the next few days with rain, a strong north wind, falling temperatures and the likelihood of a freeze both Tuesday and Wednesday morning.A cold front moved through North Texas Sunday night, opening the door for the cold Canadian air to move into the area. Freeze Warning in Effect Monday Night After a cold, wet and windy trip to work and school Monday morning, rain is expected to continue throughout the day. Allow for extra time on your commute.The roads will NOT be slippery or icy as the temperature will be well above freezing. With widespread rain moving through Dallas-Fort Worth during the heart of the morning rush, the rain will have a impact all by itself.The rain will begin tapering off after the noon hour. As the temperature falls into the mid-30s by Monday afternoon, some light flurries may mix in before all the precipitation comes to an end.The strong north wind will continue. That will pull wind chill values down into the upper teens and lower 20s for Monday evening and Monday night. A FREEZE WARNING is in effect for Monday night/Tuesday morning. Most of North Texas will see air temperatures drop into the mid to upper 20s by sunrise Tuesday.Even before the real cold hit, MedStar rescuers took four people to the hospital for cold exposure Saturday and Sunday.We try to get the message out so people are more aware and take it seriously, said Roland Hernandez with MedStar.Ambulances are stocked with hot packs and blankets to care for patients suffering from exposure. Hernandez said the old, young and chronically ill are most at risk when the temperatures dip.They dont have the capacity to maintain heat, Hernandez said. It dissipates with the cold. Children as well.Cold weather also puts an extra strain on the heart. People with heart disease or high blood pressure should seek a doctors advice when working in the cold.Dress in layers, be aware of the wind chill factor, remove any wet clothing as soon as possible and limit time outdoors. MedStar said dont ignore shivering. Persistent shivering is a signal to return indoors.Sunshine returns by mid morning on Tuesday. But with that clear sky and the lighter wind Tuesday night, we will be even colder Wednesday morning. One bit of good news with that hard freeze, that should take care of a large part of the mosquito population. The rest of the week will be sunny, but it will be slow to warm up.Get the latest forecast information from NBC 5s team of Weather Experts here.Photo Credit: NBC 5 This story uses functionality that may not work in our app. Click here to open the story in your web browser.

How to Prepare for Freezing Temps in North Texas
11/12/2018 3:07pm

Blizzards, sub-freezing temperatures, ice and snow -- North Texas can experience all of these types of winter weather. Aside from grabbing your coat, what do you need to do to get readyWinterizing Your HomeBefore the cold, replace worn weatherstripping on doors and windows to ensure there is a good seal. This will make sure warm air stays inside and cold air stays outside. Most modern windows are sealed inside the frame, but older windows may be sealed with a glaze that can crack and need replacing. The glaze may need to be applied above a certain temperature and itll need time to cure -- this maintenance is ideally done in the spring or fall. Lastly check your gutters to make sure they are clear and allow for water to flow freely to the downspout. Blocked gutters can lead to water entering the home. The Texas Department of Insurance also recommends trimming trees away from power lines, homes and cars and checking the insulation level in attics.Protecting Your PipesMost North Texans know to insulate their outdoor faucets, but if the cold snap is prolonged it could be a good idea to also leave inside faucets on external walls dripping overnight so that they dont freeze. The drip, drip, drip from running faucets, if heard, can be annoying, so put a sponge or towel in the sink to silently catch each drop. If youre leaving town for a few days, the Texas Department of Public Safety recommends leaving cabinet doors open so that pipes on external walls are more exposed to heat. If you have pipes in an attic or crawlspace, are any other exposed pipes outdoors, theyll need insulation too.About those external faucets, disconnect hoses and insulate the valves. Wrapping valves with towels is not the best long-term solution. Most if not all North Texas hardware stores sell inexpensive exterior faucet covers made of foam that easily attach to the faucet bib in just a few seconds and do a great job protecting the pipe from freezing.If you do suspect a pipe has frozen, keep the faucet open so that water can flow when it melts. Additionally, make sure you know where your main water valve is located and how to turn it off in the event a pipe bursts.Bring in Your PetsEven if you have a pet or animal that normally lives or sleeps outdoors, they could be susceptible to cold, hypothermia and pneumonia. The SPCA of Texas says if youd be cold outside, odds are your pet is cold too. Bring pets inside and make sure other outdoor animals have appropriate shelter, dry and well insulated, to protect them from frigid temperatures and possible death.Protecting Your PlantsHorticulturalist Daniel Cunningham with Texas A&M Agrilife recommends bringing inside any perennial potted plants. Plants that cannot be brought inside will need to be covered. In the interview below, Cunningham shows several products that can be used to help protect delicate plants.500297552,CRead more on how to plant for the winter from Agrilifes Water University, here.Turn Off Your Sprinkler SystemYou want to turn off your irrigation system for a number of reasons. One is that you dont want it running on its normal schedule, potentially throwing water on streets where it can freeze and be dangerous for passing cars. Second, you dont want to risk any broken pipes or valves that may come with a system that has not been winterized. To winterize your system, the city of Fort Worth recommends timers and back-flow devices both be turned off, even if you have freeze or rain sensors installed, and that the main line be drained. Any pipes that are above the ground should also be insulated.HVACMany air filters should be changed or cleaned every three months, or every season. But thats not the only winterizing needed for your HVAC system. You should have your duct work checked regularly for holes whether from vibration or rodents to make sure the air flow is uninterrupted. If part of your HVAC is in the attic, it may also be home to rats, mice and squirrels who find the warmth of the unit an ideal spot to build a nest.231504731,CBatteriesIts always a good idea to on hand a supply of fresh batteries in the event theyre needed for flashlights during a power outage. If you didnt replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors during daylight saving time -- now is a good time to make the switch.Winter Weather Fast FactsAccording to the National Weather Service, in North Texas the average date of the first freeze is Nov. 22 and there are an average of 33 freeze days between October and April. Most freeze days occur in December, January and February. The earliest freeze on record is Oct. 22, 1898 and the latest is April 13.Photo Credit: NBC 5 News

Trump's Acting AG Appointment Dogged by Legal Questions
11/12/2018 2:53pm

President Donald Trump faces a growing backlash over his choice of Matt Whitaker to serve as acting attorney general, with liberal and conservative legal experts questioning the appointment, NBC News reported.The controversy arises because Whitaker was serving Jeff Sessions as the attorney generals chief of staff, a position that was not confirmed by the Senate, and because a federal law specifies that the deputy attorney general takes over when theres a vacancy at the top of the Justice Department.But in making the choice, Trump bypassed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who had been overseeing special counsel Robert Muellers investigation into Russian meddling in the election and Trump.Photo Credit: AP Images Getty Images

'Marvel' Mastermind Stan Lee's Life in Photos
11/12/2018 1:56pm

Comic legend Stan Lee, the creator of some of the most iconic American superheros and villains, revolutionized whole industries doing what he loved best - telling a story. Lee, who died on Nov. 12, 2018, at the age of 95, was a leading presence within Marvel for decades. See his life in photos. Photo Credit: AP

Freeze Warning in Effect Monday Night
11/12/2018 3:08pm

FREEZE WARNING IN EFFECT MONDAY NIGHT - TUESDAY MORNINGA strong cold front is moving through North Texas, opening the door for cold Canadian air to spill into the area for the next few days. Today will be a cold and windy day with temperatures starting at about 40 degrees. It will drop into the 30s by late this afternoon.Light showers will be possible this afternoon. Areas NW of DFW could see a brief transition to snow, but the impact will be minimal and no accumulation is expected.Temperatures drop into the 20s tonight. Strong North winds will make it feel like it is in the teens.Temperatures will be below freezing Wednesday morning as well.By mid-morning on Tuesday, the sun will be back out and we will have sunshine with us for the rest of the work and school week. However, its going to take a while for temperatures to rebound. By Friday, we should be back up in the lower 60s.TODAY: Cloudy with a light shower possible. Temperatures dropping into the 30s by the afternoon. Wind: N 20-30 mph. High: 42.TONIGHT: Cloudy. Freezing temperatures. Low: 28. Wind: N 20-30 mph.TUESDAY:Morning freeze. Breezy with a few clouds in the morning, then sunny and cold. High: 42. Wind: N 10-20 mph.WEDNESDAY: Morning freeze, then sunny and cold. Low: 27. High: 46. Wind: N 5 mph.THURSDAY: Sunny. Low: 30. High: 56. Wind: SW 5 mph.FRIDAY:Lots of sun and a bit warmer. Low: 38. High: 62. Wind: SW 5-10 mph.SATURDAY: Mostly sunny. Low: 41. High: 62. Wind: SW 5-10 mph.SUNDAY: Partly cloudy and cool. Low: 40. High: 56. Wind: N 5-10 mph.MONDAY: Partly cloudy and cool. Low: 40. High: 58. Wind: NE/SE 5 mph.TUESDAY::Partly cloudy with a few showers possible. Low: 47. High: 62. Wind: SE 10-15 mph.WEDNESDAY::Partly cloudy with a few showers possible. Low: 50. High: 64. Wind: S 10-15 mph.Photo Credit: NBC 5 Weather This story uses functionality that may not work in our app. Click here to open the story in your web browser.



101 W Abram St
Arlington, TX 76010   Directions

(817) 459-6777



606 Young St
Dallas, TX 75202   Directions

(214) 748-9631

It's bill-filing season: Here's some of what Texas legislators are proposing
11/12/2018 1:23pm

Could Texas ending daylight savings time What about taking away guns from people posing a risk to themselves or others Those are two of nearly 400 pieces of legislation filed in the first few hours of bill filing Monday for the next legislative session in Austin.

DFW weather: Snow chance? What to expect as the rainy cold front moves in
11/12/2018 7:42am

What everyone wants to know...will you see snow today Simply, the answer is, probably not.

Watauga teen honors veterans service, overcomes obstacles to earn Eagle Scout rank
11/11/2018 11:13pm

More than two months of planning for Jacob Redford came down to a little less than two hours of executing his project on Sunday.

Inside Texas Politics (11/11/18)
11/11/2018 9:56am

Is this the beginning of the change that so many say is coming to Texas

Affidavit: Man stored 72 pounds of heroin in closet of southern Dallas home
11/11/2018 12:21am

A confidential source tipped off the DEA to a significant quantity of heroin for sale in Dallas, and investigators traced it to a southern Dallas home.

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