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L.K. Jordan & Associates  

321 Texan Trail #100
Corpus Christi, TX 78411

Experienced Recruiters & Staffing

At  L.K. Jordan, our experienced team of recruiters and staffing consultants aggressively recruit qualified job seekers and deliver consistent results by utilizing state of the art staffing software and creative sourcing strategies to successfully place our candidates. L.K. Jordan also provides many excellent amenities that can ease the normally lengthy and labor-intensive hiring process for both job seekers and employers. After matching our exceptional job seekers with great career opportunities, employers can take advantage of our payroll services, human resource service place our candidates with a broad range of client companies.

  • Find A Job
  • Recruit Employees
  • Executive, Administrative
  • Oil & Gas, Medical, Skills & Trade

Things To Do in Corpus Christi, TX

Treasure Island Golf & Games

Treasure Island Golf & Games

Take a swing at miniature golf - the perfect end to a great day at the beach. You can choose from two different courses at Treasure Island Golf & Games. Playing mini-golf at this attraction is a great way to end a long day at the beach, or take a break from the midday blazing sun in South Texas.

(361) 949-1769
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The Tipsy Canvas

The Tipsy Canvas

"If you're gonna paint...paint tipsy" at the Tipsy Canvas. This unique art studio will provide everything you need to create a beautiful masterpiece and even teach you essential art techniques and skills to improve your work. All you have to do is bring your favorite bottle of wine. Everyone from art junkies to those simply looking for something fun to do on a Friday night will enjoy the experience here.

(361) 434-0082
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Rockport-Fulton Seafair

Rockport-Fulton Seafair

Seafood lovers, indulge! Make a trip to the Rockport-Fulton Seafair in October. The festival features a Gumbo Cook-Off, Seafood Cooking classes and demos, vendors, live bands, a carnival, cardboard boat races, a parade and more.

(800) 729-7661
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King Ranch

King Ranch

Tour one of the largest ranches in the world today, the renown King Ranch, now covers 825,000 acres—more land than the state of Rhode Island. Tours showcase the inner workings of cattle handling, along with the property's historically significant buildings. This is the ranch the 80s TV show "Dallas" was modeled after. Although you won't find JR, you'll find plenty of history on the King family, who created the empire.

(361) 592-8055
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