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Despite Hawks' nice haul from the Luka Doncic deal, Rookie of the Year voting shows Mavs got a generational talent
06/25/2019 6:58pm

A whopping 98 of voters favored Luka Doncic over poor Trae Young, the biggest landslide since the Gipper posterized Fritz Mondale. In fairness, Luka and Trae werent even on the same ballot. The media held the Mavs wunderkind up for inspection against Oscar Robertson, not the Hawks electric wraith.Only the Big O had a better rookie season, statistically speaking, than Luka.Or maybe you think Luka-vs.-Trae wasnt a fair comparison in the first place. Maybe you say the question is whether Luka is better than Trae and the Hawks first-round pick this year, Cam Reddish.Because thats how last years bold draft-day trade turned out. Trae and the 10th pick of this years draft for Luka.Georgias precincts are in, and Atlantas coach, Lloyd Pierce, called the selection of Reddish a home run.To get him at 10, Pierce added, is a steal in a lot of ways.Not such a steal that they would have used their fourth pick on him instead of DeAndre Hunter, but never mind. No one ever drafts a guy and says, yeah, well, whatever. Its like recruiting. Best class ever. Until the next class, anyway.For the record: Hunter looks like a nice get with the fourth pick of this draft. He put a lid on Texas Techs Jarrett Culver in the NCAA title game, and Culver went sixth to the Timberwolves. Or at least thats the rumor. For some reason the NBA has turned draft day into a game of Clue. And the hats Not only were they the wrong hats, some didnt even fit. Coby White looked like he was balancing a ramekin.Anyway, sorry. Point is, Hunter looks like a guy who can hit an outside shot and play good defense. Plenty of value in that. But is it enough value for a top-five pickLast year, for instance, the fourth pick, right after Luka, was Jaren Jackson Jr. He only played in 58 games for Memphis, but hes already drawn comparisons to Jermaine ONeal. Hes an athletic big with range and shot-blocking ability. Those are hard qualities to find in one package. One of the reasons last years draft was considered an all-timer. Quality depth. If Hunter had come out then, chances are he wouldnt have made the top 15.And if Hunter wouldnt have been picked in the top 15, what would that have meant for ReddishSure, he played in the formidable shadow of Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett at Duke. Those two made up two-thirds of what was generally considered a three-man draft. But thats the thing: Hell play alongside good players in Atlanta, too. Will he occasionally disappear, as he did in collegeChances are the Mavs can find a piece like Reddish easily enough. They need to find someone better, in fact.If youre wondering whether the Mavs might have selected Reddish at 10 if they hadnt traded the pick for Doncic, they might not have kept it either way. Might have traded down. Team officials werent high on the prospects for this draft when they made the deal with Atlanta in the first place.In case you were wondering, they liked Trae Young, all right. Rick Carlisle is on record that, had they kept the fifth pick, they would have taken Wendell Carter Jr., the big man who went to Chicago at 7. Uncle Ricky even compared him to Al Horford. Whos available this summer, by the way. Just sayin.Carter had a nice rookie season, too, but his numbers were nowhere close to what Doncic and Young put up.Only one season is in the books, but, the way it looks now, the final tally on the great 2018 draft could come down to the two guys who were traded for each other. Not to get too old school on you, but everything else being equal, go with the big guy over the little guy.Doncic can do just about everything Young can do, hes a better rebounder and defender, and hes bigger. He can play four positions, which gives the Mavs a little more flexibility when assembling a team around him. Doncics chassis often means better durability, as well. Especially compared with Young, who could use a sandwich.Listen, the Hawks have no complaints coming about the 18 draft. They got the second-best player, probably, and a lottery pick this year. Young may use the voting snub as motivation to take his game up a level or two. You could probably bet on it.What we know for sure is that a hundred media voters who couldnt agree on the closest exit from a burning press box were nearly unanimous on Doncic. And its not even like it was a surprise.Funny thing is, after all these years the Mavs either turned up their noses at the draft or whiffed completely, they go out and get a generational player just as the last one is walking out the door. How much fun would it be if the new guy was good for another 20, too Only someone else is going to have to write about his last game next time.Twitter: KSherringtonDMN

Film room: 3 Cowboys players who deserve more respect, including one of Dallas' starting O-linemen
06/25/2019 9:00am

All things considered, the Dallas Cowboys are coming off a successful season despite not reaching the Super Bowl. The team went 10-6, finished first in the NFC East and won a playoff game.With success often comes respect. A few Cowboys players, however, havent received the amount they deserve. With that in mind, lets discuss a few players who deserve more respect from the Cowboys fan base.Cornerback Anthony BrownTheres a reason why, despite being the fan bases favorite cornerback, Jourdan Lewis is No. 4 on the Cowboys roster -- that reason is Anthony Brown.When discussing the Cowboys improvements in the secondary, most bring up Byron Jones outstanding season under Kris Richards tutelage, while others will talk about Chidobe Awuzies impressive finish to the season or Lewis outstanding performance off the bench against the New Orleans Saints.Brown rarely gets brought up, but that ends today, as its time someone gives him the respect he deserves for his play last season.After impressing during his rookie year, tallying an interception and six pass breakups career high while playing a mix of slot and outside cornerback, Brown took a step back in his sophomore season, allowing seven touchdowns second most in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus as he struggled when forced to spend most of his time outside.That all changed when Richard was hired in 2018, as he moved Jones from free safety to the No. 1 spot cornerback on the roster, which pushed Brown, who was behind Awuzie on the depth chart, to slot cornerback -- a spot where Brown has proven to be effective.Instead of playing 670 snaps on the outside with just 127 in the slot as he did in 2017, Brown played 594 snaps in the slot with just 164 outside, which is a much better split given his skill set.Standing at 5-foot-11, 196 pounds and 31 3/4-inch arms, Brown possesses good size and length for a slot cornerback, enabling him to play tight, physical man coverage when asked -- just how Richard likes it. Brown also has the versatility to play off-man or zone coverage from the slot, which gives Richard much more flexibility when game-planning coverages each week.Moreover, Browns length gives him the opportunity to effectively combat receivers at the catch point. He is incredibly impressive in his ability to attack the ball through the hands of a receiver, which is how he racked up most of his five pass breakups last season.Furthermore, Browns 4.3 speed gives him a unique ability to recover when initially beaten or slightly out of position. His ability to quickly accelerate and run with almost any receiver in the NFL gives him more room for error than the typical cornerback. This allows Brown to be effective in coverage against vertical and crossing routes, as most receivers will struggle to separate from him with pure speed.On top of his ability in coverage, Brown doesnt get enough credit for how effective he is in run and screen support. He isnt afraid to stick his nose into the fray to take on a block or make a tackle inside the box. Brown is comfortable with the physicality and has shown impressive instincts from the box or as an overhang defender force defender outside of the box.Its time to put the proper respect on Browns name and game. Hes the best slot cornerback on the team and one of the more effective ones in the entire league. Unfortunately, he is the type of player who may not get the appreciation he deserves until hes gone, and given the fact hes entering the final year of his contract, that may not be long from now.Offensive tackle Lael CollinsDespite being blessed with a wealth of talent and skill, Lael Collins has had an interesting NFL journey that has been made tougher by the coaching staff.Collins started his final 25 college games at left tackle but was moved inside to left guard, where he started 13 games as a sophomore at LSU, when the Cowboys signed him in undrafted free agency. However, after spending his first two seasons at LG, Dallas decided to kick him outside to right tackle, a position hes never played before, once Doug Free retired.The offensive line is one of the most unnatural positions in all of football, as it often forces 300-plus-pound men to move backward in an effort to prevent defenders who are much more athletic from reaching the QB. Because of this, playing offensive line requires an enormous amount of skill and technique, which changes drastically from position to position.Each position along the offensive line is unique and requires different techniques and movement patterns. For example, on the left side, the tackle must use his left foot to get depth and width in his pass set while its the right foot on the right side.On its face, it may seem easy to switch from one side to the next, but in reality, its anything but. Former Packers, Bears and Dolphins guard Josh Sitton illustrated the difficulty in switching positions perfectly when he said switching from one side to the other is like wiping your ass with the other hand.Another former NFL veteran, Geoff Schwartz, did a great job illuminating the struggles of switching positions when he stated:Everything is awkward and different. I had to switch from the right side to the left side LG a couple times in my career. It always went bad. ALWAYS. I was never comfortable at left guard. Id always punch like I was at right tackle and when I was being bull-rushed, Id switch my stagger to anchor the bull like a right guard, thus allowing myself to get beat inside.What made the switch even more difficult for Collins was the fact the Cowboys switched offensive line coaches -- going from Frank Pollack 2015-17, who coached under Dallas previous OL coach Bill Callahan 2012-14, to Paul Alexander part of 2018, who is known for his unique techniques and approach to coaching.Therefore, one year after making the switch to right tackle, where he started to finally look comfortable toward the latter half of the season, Collins comfort was uprooted as he was forced to learn and integrate the techniques of his new coach.Collins struggled as a result, giving up seven sacks, four QB hits and 34 pressures through the first 13 weeks of the regular season. It became obvious that Alexanders tutelage wasnt meshing well with the offensive line, which is why he was fired during the Week 8 bye.Former Cowboys right tackle Marc Colombo was elevated to the OL coaching gig in an effort to revert back to a style more akin to Dallas previous coaches. And while it took a few weeks for Collins to get back in the swing of things, he looked much more comfortable from Week 14 until the divisional playoffs, as Collins gave up just one sack, two QB hits and 10 pressures over the last six games.Entering his third season at right tackle with Colombo remaining his position coach, Collins effectiveness should be much more consistent in 2019 than in prior seasons. He shouldnt have to deal with the ebb and flow of effectiveness that comes with learning new techniques or movement patterns.Many forget that Collins is one of the more talented right tackles in the NFL, which was showcased when he shut down Khalil Mack off the edge in 2017 -- Collins first season at right tackle. The problem has been that Collins hasnt been able to play at that level consistently in his career, but dont be surprised if that changes next season.While the fan base and team appear willing to let Collins walk when his contract is up in 2020, that could change once he puts together a career-best year in 2019. If the Cowboys dont give him the respect he deserves, you can bet another team will.Linebacker Joe ThomasIf you were to ask Cowboys fans who Joe Thomas is, most would probably mention the retired and future Hall of Famer Browns offensive tackle before remembering that Dallas has a linebacker of the same name.The Cowboys are spoiled with talent at the second level of the defense, possessing the best starting LB corps in the NFL to go along with impressive depth. If it wasnt for Leighton Vander Esch being selected in the first round of the 2018 draft, Thomas would likely be much more of a household name among fans because he would have been the one producing though not to the same level as Vander Esch at the WILL linebacker position in Sean Lees absence.Fans often forget and who can blame them that Thomas was Dallas best LB during the 2018 preseason, when he demonstrated the traits necessary to be a starting-caliber player. Though it should be noted that he was facing very vanilla offenses, Thomas displayed an impressive ability to key on, diagnose and flow to the ball carrier. Moreover, his athleticism and football IQ allowed him to be especially effective in zone coverage.Unfortunately for Thomas, Vander Eschs presence meant the Cowboys didnt need him much on defense, which is why he played just 62 defensive snaps in 2018 -- a career low for the four-year veteran.Still, instead of sulking about receiving so few snaps on defense, Thomas turned most of his attention toward special teams, where he finished second on the team in tackles eight and was arguably Dallas best player.When Thomas did get time on defense, he played well. In the Week 17 win over the New York Giants, Thomas played a season-high 19 defensive snaps and recorded three stops tackles where the play is deemed unsuccessful for the offense, tying Jaylon Smith who played 61 snaps for the team lead in stops, according to PFF.Altogether, Thomas is a very capable defender who could actually start on many defenses, but he is hamstrung by Dallas wealth of talent at the position. Thats why hes been forced into his special teams maven role for the Cowboys.While many defenses would sink if hit by a rash of injuries at the LB position, Thomas presence means the Cowboys defense could still keep its head above water.Enjoy this post More film studies:-- Why S George Iloka will play an important role in 2019-- Why CB Jourdan Lewis will be a key reserve in 2019-- Why rookie RB Tony Pollard will be a versatile weapon in 2019Twitter: JohnOwning

Highlighted by Gallo's return, Tuesday's win in Detroit pushed Rangers' record to new high-water mark
06/25/2019 9:54pm

DETROIT -- Joey Gallo was back on the roster, back in center field and the Rangers, after Tuesdays 5-3 win over Detroit, are at a new high-water mark in this thoroughly surprising season.But lets talk about batting practice.Barely moments after the Rangers had announced Gallos activation Tuesday after three weeks of rehabbing a strained oblique muscle, the Rangers broad-shouldered slugger announced that he had not been invited to participate in the MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby in Cleveland.It makes it easier for me if there is no decision to make, Gallo said. It would have been a tough decision for me, but if they dont ask, I dont have to think about. If Im elected to play in the game or chosen to play, though, thats obviously something Id want to do. If I happen to make it, I will be able to go play.Gallo and Hunter Pence will be the only Rangers involved in the 28-hour election of starters, which begins at 11 a.m. Wednesday online. Both players are dealing with injuries Pence is still not back from the injured list. Gallo, at least, seemed perfectly fine for a night. He worked his way to a walk in his first plate appearance and doubled in his second to help the Rangers score three runs over the first three innings. He did strike out three times, but one of those was an eight-pitch battle.He was really, really stubborn in the strike zone, manager Chris Woodward said. Thats what he has been doing all year. He knows hes a big part of our lineup. He knows how important he can be. And he takes pride in that.The win pushed the Rangers to 43-36, the first time they have been seven games over .500 this year. About to hit the seasons midpoint, they are tied for the second wild card spot and find themselves just two back of wild card leader Tampa Bay. The Rangers visit Tampa Bay for three games this weekendNow, about this whole Home Run Derby thing: None of it seems certain. While reports have started to circulate that some invitations have been extended to players to participate in the newly formatted derby in which the winner will walk away with a $1 million prize, Gallo has not received any feelers. Other players reportedly have. Toronto rookie Vladimir Guerrero Jr., whose father won the 2007 derby, has reportedly been asked to participate. The Angels Shohei Ohtani has expressed interest, too.MLB officials have neither confirmed nor denied any participants, but the league has seen a significant spike in those interested in participating in the derby because of the prize money. The final participant list isnt likely to be announced until closer to the game. Game rosters wont be finalized until this weekend.Gallo had been curious about the derby when the new rules were announced during spring training, but he never openly lobbied for inclusion. The $1 million first-place money would, however, be $400,000 more than he will make this season for the Rangers.If an invitation is extended, well, Gallos presence would be tantalizing. If hes healthy. If he can remain healthy. And if it wont impact his swing for a second half that right now figures to have some real meaning for the Rangers. Its a lot of ifs.Gallo was second in the AL in homers 17 and led the league in OPS 1.074 when he suffered an oblique injury June 1. After missing more than three weeks, hes fallen from the top 10 in homers and no longer has enough plate appearances to qualify for the OPS title.Im not going to say anything, Woodward said. Well talk about the idea if it happens. Well address all of the possible issues. At $1 million, its a big deal. Its more than hes making. I would not tell him not to do it. Part of me wants to see what he can do.A bigger part, though, would probably prefer to see what a healthy Gallo can do in the middle of the Rangers lineup the rest of the year.MLB just may make that possible for the Rangers if it doesnt extend a late invite to batting practice.

Still America's team: Study shows Dallas Cowboys have the best fans in the NFL
06/25/2019 9:31pm

The Cowboys are champions once again. Or at least the fans are.To no ones surprise, the Cowboys finished first in an NFL Fandom Report conducted by Emory Universitys Goizueta School of Business. For the third straight year, Dallas was found to have the most loyal or best fans. Following the Cowboys in the top five are the New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers. Clearly the NFC East has some strong fan bases. The Redskins are 11th on the list. The bottom five teams are the Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs and lastly the Los Angeles Rams. The study is conducted by looking at three different criteria: Fan Equity, Social Equity and Road Equity. Factors like short-term changes in winning and losing and market size were controlled to make the study as accurate as possible. Fan Equity measures how much fans are willing to spend on the team from the box office to clothing. The Cowboys ranked first in this area.Social Equity shows the amount of support that a team has on social media, such as how many followers they have on Twitter and Facebook. The Cowboys fell to third in this category behind the Patriots and Steelers. The last area is Road Equity which shows the amount of support a team has for away games, while adjusting for how the team performs in those games. Dallas is second in this criteria, behind Philadelphia. For the full list, click here. Cowboys fans have historically been considered among the best in the NFL. A recent study found that Cowboys fans are the drunkest in the NFL and a 2017 study found that the Cowboys average the most monthly searches on Google by a wide margin. Theres always plenty of arguments about which NFL team has the strongest fan base. Now Cowboys fans can say that they have some strong and consistent proof to back it up.

Rangers' Joey Gallo says he's not been invited to participate in All-Star Week's Home Run Derby
06/25/2019 4:36pm

DETROIT -- Joey Gallo is back on the Rangers active roster, back in center field and will, on Wednesday, challenge for a spot in the ALs All-Star team starting lineup.He will not, however, apparently be taking his prodigious power to the Home Run Derby.And, perhaps most surprisingly of all, the choice was not Gallos.While reports have started to circulate that some invitations have been extended to players to participate in the newly formatted derby, in which the winner will walk away with a $1 million prize, Gallo said he was not invited. Other players reportedly have been. Toronto rookie Vladimir Guerrero Jr., whose father won the 2007 derby, has reportedly been asked to participate. The Los Angeles Angels Shohei Ohtani, an international star, has expressed interest, too.MLB officials have neither confirmed nor denied any participants, but the league has seen a significant spike in those interested in participating in the derby because of the prize money. The final participant list isnt likely to be announced until closer to the game. Game rosters wont be finalized until this weekend.Gallo had been curious about the derby when the new rules were announced during spring training, but never openly lobbied for inclusion. The $1 million first-place money would, however, be $400,000 more than he will make this season for the Rangers.Gallo was second in the AL in homers 17 and led the league in OPS 1.074 at the time he suffered an oblique injury June 1. After missing more than three weeks, hes fallen from the top 10 in homers and no longer has enough plate appearances to qualify for the OPS title.It makes it easier for me if there is no decision to make, Gallo said. It would have been a tough decision for me, but if they dont ask, I dont have to think about it. If Im elected to play in the game or chosen to play, though, thats obviously something Id want to do. If I happen to make it, I will be able to go play.Gallo finished the primary round of All-Star voting eighth among AL outfielders. The top nine vote-getters advanced to a special election for starters. That voting process begins Wednesday at 11 p.m. CT and runs through 3 p.m. CT on Thursday. Gallo would also have a chance to make the team via the players balloting, which was done last weekend and is to select most of the reserves and pitchers.


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KRLD FM 105.3 - The Fan
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Fast Start, Great Starting Pitching Lead Rangers To 5-3 Win Over Tigers
06/25/2019 9:41pm

Detroit has lost 18 of its last 20 home games, and that does not include a game last month that was suspended with the Tigers trailing.

Rookie Of The Year, Mavericks Luka Doncic Given Opposite Of First Class Treatment On Flight
06/25/2019 9:11pm

Doncic called out the Lufthansa on Twitter saying the airline didnt honor his familys business class tickets which forced the 6 foot 7 Doncic to sit in economy class.

Dallas Mavericks’ Luka Doncic Named NBA Rookie Of The Year
06/24/2019 8:15pm

Doncic averaged a team-high 21.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, a team-best 6.0 assists, 1.1 steals and 32.2 minutes per game in 72 games for the Mavs this past season.

Study: Dallas Cowboys Have ‘Best’ Pro Football Fans In The Country
06/24/2019 7:48pm

Cowboys fans are followed by Patriots, Eagles, Giants and Steelers fans in the top five.

Baseball Report: Cubs, Braves, Astros Each Get 7 MLB All-Star Finalists
06/24/2019 3:59pm

The MLB All-Star voting process moves from the Primary to the Starters Election, which is scheduled to begin Wednesday.

KTCK Sportsradio 1310 - The Ticket
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Celebrate Americas Birthday
06/24/2019 3:00am

We are giving one lucky listener $3,500 in cash and $500 toward flowers to celebrate AMERICAS BIRTHDAY, prize provided by 1-800-Flowers

May 15, 2019
05/15/2019 7:49pm

The White House plans to implement a merit-based proposal to increase the number of legal immigrants allowed to enter the U.S based on merit specifically for employment and skills in specialized vocations

The Woodford Reserve Musers Ticket Compound Starts Wednesday May 8
05/02/2019 9:58am

Its timethe Woodford Reserve Musers Ticket Compound is coming to your ears starting at 3pm on Wednesday May 8th. All nine Ticket hosts go deeeeep into the woods and broadcast from our hidden, undisclosed location through 7pm Friday May 10th. Take off work, schedule your naps, get loaded up on coffeewhatever it takes to get

The Ticket’s Mavericks Postgame Show
02/05/2019 9:38am

Its the Tickets Mavericks Postgame Show with voice of the Mavericks Mark Followill and The Tickets Jake Kemp. Tune in after the final buzzer sounds after every Mavs home game at the AAC to get instant knee jerk reactions and hot sports opinions from Jake and Mark on Luka Doncic, Dirk and the Mavs. These

Ticketstock Staff Pics
02/05/2019 9:16am

Friday Current: http://images.tritondigitalcms.com/6616/sites/259/2019/02/05091317/FridayCurrentStaff.jpg Friday All Staff: http://images.tritondigitalcms.com/6616/sites/259/2019/02/05091326/FridayAllStaff.jpg Saturday Current: http://images.tritondigitalcms.com/6616/sites/259/2019/02/05091249/SaturdayCurrentStaff.jpg Saturday All Staff: http://images.tritondigitalcms.com/6616/sites/259/2019/02/05091307/SaturdayAllStaff.jpg


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Rangers Beat Detroit 5-3, Handing Tigers Another Home Loss
06/25/2019 9:06pm

Jesse Chavez pitched into the seventh inning in his longest outing in over two years, and the Texas Rangers became the latest visiting team to win in Detroit, beating the Tigers 5-3 on Tuesday night.Photo Credit: NBC 5 Sports

Jordan Spieth Hosts Golf Tournament and Clinic at Trinity Forest
06/25/2019 7:07pm

The Under Armour / Jordan Spieth Junior Championship returns to Trinity Forest Golf Club for the third time, and its the fifth time the 3-time Major champion has co-hosted an event benefiting the American...Photo Credit: NBC 5 News

Dallas Stars Not Offering Qualifying Offers to Ritchie, Hartman
06/25/2019 5:33pm

The Dallas Stars will allow winger Brett Ritchie to become a free agent. Same with right wing Ryan Hartman.Photo Credit: NBC 5 News

Rangers Activate Joey Gallo From Injured List
06/25/2019 2:27pm

The Texas Rangers activated outfielder Joey Gallo from the 10-day injured list Tuesday and said hell start the series opener in Detroit, batting fifth as the centerfielder.Photo Credit: Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Luka Doncic Wins NBA Rookie of the Year Award
06/24/2019 9:17pm

Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks has won Rookie of the Year at the NBA Awards.Photo Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Turner Sports

Plano Star Courier
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Football: Prestonwood, John Paul competing in TAPPS 7-on-7 state tourney
06/25/2019 10:49am

On Friday-Saturday, Prestonwood Christian and John Paul II will join 30 other private schools from around the state for the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools 7-on-7 state tournament.

Liberty alum Jay Ajayi holds camp at alma mater
06/24/2019 3:42pm

FRISCO NFL running back and current free agent Jay Ajayi terrorized opponents on the gridiron throughout his playing days nearly a decade ago at Frisco Liberty.

PODCAST: 7-on-7 Football State Tournament Preview and Primer
06/24/2019 2:18pm

With 128 high school football teams descending on College Station this week for the 7-on-7 state tournament, Star Local Media takes stock in the local programs making the trip south.

Worthy Wolves: Impactful athletes departing and returning for West
06/23/2019 10:00am

Throughout the summer, the Plano Star Courier sports staff will be taking a look at a trio of departing athletes from the three senior high schools in Plano ISD, along with three impactful returners that could be the next to

Soukup putting finishing touches on first-year staff
06/22/2019 10:00am

With 7-on-7 season wrapping up and fall practices less than two months away, the Plano West football team and head coach Tyler Soukup have the majority of the Wolves leadership in place.

Rambler Newspapers
Rambler Newspapers

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MacArthur Basketball Standout to Take Talents to Louisiana Tech
05/24/2019 10:51am

Irving MacArthur High School standout Tailor Broussard signed her letter of intent to play basketball at Louisiana Tech. The four-year letterman averaged 17 points...

Irving Soccer Hits the Big Leagues
05/23/2019 1:43pm

Hold on to your shin guards Irving has its own professional soccer team. Los Gallos Football Club, a member of the United Premiere Soccer League...

Irving Native Coaching in College Basketball Final Four
04/04/2019 2:08pm

Texas Tech Coach Chris Beard is making national news with his Red Raiders basketball team being one of four across the nation still standing in...

Coppell High Swimmers Compete at State Championships
02/28/2019 2:16pm

Johan Pretorius and Aurelie Migault represented Coppell High School in style at the 6A State Championships in Austin. Aggressive racing in prelims on Friday led...

Irving ISD Middle School Basketball City Champions Named
02/08/2019 10:47am

Basketball teams from Johnson, Lamar and Travis Middle Schools won city championships this season. The seventh-grade girls and boys A teams from Johnson won titles...


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Joey Gallo looks good in return from injury
06/25/2019 10:50pm

Texas Rangers slugger Joey Gallo was 1 for 4 with an RBI double and a walk in his first game back from an oblique injury. Click to Continue

Jesse Chavez holds Tigers to one unearned run
06/25/2019 10:57pm

Texas Rangers pitcher Jesse Chavez held the Detroit Tigers to one unearned run over 6 1/3 innings in his first real start in two years. Click to Continue

Jesse Chavez exploits younger Tigers in Rangers win
06/25/2019 10:49pm

Jesse Chavez held the Detroit Tigers to one unearned run in 6 1/3 innings as the Texas Rangers won Tuesdays opener 5-3 Click to Continue

Jesse Chavez, Joey Gallo lead Texas Rangers over Detroit Tigers in series opener
06/25/2019 8:58pm

Jesse Chavez made his first real start in two years and it went about as well as the Texas Rangers could have hoped. The Rangers beat the Detroit Tigers 5-3 Click to Continue

If asked, should Joey Gallo say yes or no to million dollar Home Run Derby?
06/25/2019 10:52pm

Joey Gallo is back and might have a decision to make. Hes probably going to be asked to participate in the Home Run Derby at the All-Star Game in three Click to Continue


606 Young St
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Cowboys' Prescott 'may second' WR Amari Cooper's comments on QB's contract negotiations
06/25/2019 5:40pm

Amari Cooper thinks Dak Prescott should be one of the highest paid QBs in the league and his QB isnt going to disagree with him

Prescott, Cooper excited for Cowboys' possibilities in 2019
06/25/2019 8:05am

Once the Cowboys joined Amari Cooper with Dak Prescott, pretty much all they did was win. The pair is excited to see that continue in 2019.

Rangers survive schedule, come out other side still in contention
06/25/2019 6:33am

It was a stretch of 21 games in 20 days that was supposed to break the surprising Rangers. Instead, Texas went 12-9 and are still in the thick of things.

Dallas Mavericks' Luka Doncic wins Rookie of the Year
06/24/2019 10:35pm

Doncic was the No. 3 pick last year.

LeBron James feeling 'beyond blessed' to be shooting 'Space Jam 2'
06/24/2019 7:57pm

King James is ready to suit-up for the Tune Squad.

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