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With questions surrounding Ezekiel Elliott, would skipping camp motivate Cowboys to pay up?
07/16/2019 3:30pm

In this battle over money -- if that is, in fact, what Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys will be waging when training camp commences next week -- both sides are faced with the same question.Do they want to be the good guys Or do they wish to do what makes sense for themselvesI honestly dont think Elliott will skip training camp if the Cowboys decline to provide him a new contract next week although it has been reported that he may. But no one beyond Elliott really knows if that will happen. He is set to make about $3.9 million this season and $9.1 million next year.If the Cowboys were the type of NFL team that plays hardball with its top players, they could view Elliott as a player to be franchised in his sixth season 2021. In that case, Elliott would make roughly $25 million over the next three years.Should they be good guys and give him $45 million in guaranteed money instead Thats what the Los Angeles Rams did with running back Todd Gurley at the same point in his career last summer. And that worked quite well for LA ... right up until December when Gurley began having knee problems.Even though the team reached the Super Bowl, Gurleys only good performance late in the year came in the playoff against Dallas. Now the concerns about his arthritic knee seem to be serious, but no one really has the answer to those questions, either.With Elliott, its not so much injury concerns limiting his play that might haunt Dallas if the club gives him a new deal. Thats not to say he cant get injured just like any other running back. But Elliott may have barely escaped his second suspension with the NFL following the Las Vegas incident that has recently been reopened as a police matter.Are the Cowboys completely comfortable that an Elliott with, say, $50 million in guaranteed money, will become a responsible adult off the field The club has no such worries as it considers contract extensions with quarterback Dak Prescott and wide receiver Amari Cooper. If that seems unfair, Elliott has enough on his rsum to suggest he requires special treatment.Beyond that, how much will he have left after three more seasons Elliott has carried the heaviest workload in the league the last three seasons. If that continues -- there are no signs that a new coordinator will want to change that -- what will the Cowboys be paying for if they extend him beyond the 2020 seasonMy guess is that if Zeke chooses to be the bad guy and skip camp, the Cowboys will be the good guys and reward him, anyway. While he has been a great talent to this point, Im not at all sure they will get their moneys worth.

Instead of focusing on last year's 'overachievers,' Tom Herman has his eye on rebuilding Texas for sustained success
07/16/2019 7:32pm

ARLINGTON -- Given a mulligan a year later, Tom Herman avoided another awkward 10-second pause at Big 12 media days.The question was the same on Tuesday as the one the Longhorns coach muffed in 2018, basically how many elite players were on the Texas roster. His response took about 9.5 seconds less, even though his answer some was the same although delivered with much more confidence -- and a laugh.Funny how a 10-win season and a Sugar Bowl victory can alter mind-sets and transform tense moments.Not all of our 85 scholarship players are at championship level yet, Herman said, but we certainly have enough that if we play our best and we develop the way that we think we can, that we think we can compete for a championship, certainly.Herman called last years team overachievers on a number of occasions when Texas improved from seven wins in Hermans first season to 10 victories.You take over a program that hadnt won 10 or more games in a decade and had gone through three straight losing seasons, theres some work to be done to sustain a level of success that everybody associated with Texas football expects, Herman said.The question isnt repeating the double-figure victories. Heck, Mack Brown did it every year from 2001-09 and people still complained.As much as Herman may eventually be judged by conference titles, College Football Playoff appearances and head-to-head meetings with Oklahoma, hes trying to keep perspective -- and patience.It took Clemsons Dabo Swinney, currently the king of college football, eight years to win his first title as a coach, Herman noted. Brown needed eight years at Texas.We werent here to just have a really good season in year two, Herman said. We were here to rebuild a program thats capable of sustaining success and we feel like were on our way there.Herman said he hasnt altered his oft-repeated goal of playing meaningful games in November and December while contending for a conference title.At the same time, expectations have been raised, even if Herman and his players view it as so much outside noise.Texas is likely to open the season in the top 10 or near it in the AP preseason poll.Sam Ehlinger is getting the most national attention of any Texas quarterback since Colt McCoy. Even with the loss of eight starters from an inconsistent defense, the Longhorns are picked second behind OU in the Big 12.Just seeing everything we did last year just kind of motivated me, said senior safety Brandon Jones, who returned instead of heading for the NFL. I wanted to be a part of something special.The pain of what they experienced with the Big 12 title game loss also is fueling the drive to take another step this season. Media days at AT&T Stadium only heightened the memory. Receiver Collin Johnson recalled absorbing the moment as the media swarmed OU star Kyler Murray and the Sooners put on their championship T-shirts.On the golf cart ride to the postgame news conference with Ehlinger, each dealt with the loss. Then Ehlinger broke the silence.Sam was like, Bro, its my sole goal not to let this feeling happen again, for UT, for us, for anything, Johnson said. I just remember that moment so vividly and its just crazy.

Willie Calhoun left 'speechless' after Rangers' decision to send him back to minors
07/16/2019 4:24pm

ARLINGTON -- Events that happened Tuesday afternoon at Globe Life Park in Arlington: The Rangers raved about Willie Calhoun they talked of challenging Nomar Mazara.And then, when they actually had to do something about a roster once again overcrowded with left-handed hitting corner outfielders, Calhoun was handed a one-way ticket to Triple-A Nashville. And, of course, the compliments. So, hes got that going for him.Lot of good it does him right now.One bright side: At least he didnt have to watch the Rangers ugly 9-2 loss to Arizona Tuesday up close and personal.Im speechless, Calhoun said after the Rangers optioned him to make room for the return of Hunter Pence. This caught me off guard, as well. I cant do anything about it. I know Ive helped the team win. Ive done everything theyve asked. But at the end of the day, if me playing in Nashville is helping the team win, then I have to play at Nashville.Ive been through this cycle now four times with this team, Calhoun said. They are saying be patient, but Im getting older, too. I dont know how long I can be patient.In case you need to be reminded about the travails of Calhoun, he was challenged to drop 30 pounds over the offseason and did it. He was challenged to work on learning a position other than left field and did it. And then, he was still sent down at the end of spring with the Rangers really kind of stammering to find an explanation other than the roster didnt fit together.So, after he walked out of camp for two days, he came back, tore it up at Nashville, got a May callup for Delino DeShields, tore it up for 10 days before straining his quad, then spent a month on the injred list. He returned in mid-June but has since cooled off. Though he was hitting .277 with an .802 OPS for the season, he has a slash line of .225/.267/.408/.675 since returning from the IL. DeShields, meanwhile, has surged.Others, however, have not.First baseman Ronald Guzman, yet another left-handed hitter, sat out Tuesday. His batting average has dropped to .201 and his OPS has had fallen below .700. Asdrubal Cabrera is hitting .119 for the last month. Nomar Mazara remains the same player he was at 20 in 2016 when he debuted as a league-average offensive player. But four years later, thats the equivalent of moving backwards.Since 2016, Mazara is one of 58 position players with at least 2,000 plate appearances only the aging future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols, reduced to DHing by debilitating foot issues, has a lower WAR than Mazara. Mazara, by the way, was hitless in four at-bats Tuesday and is another of his prolonged slumps. He has three hits in his last 27 at-bats. All of his at-bats Tuesday were against left-handed pitchers. Hes now 2 for 28 against lefties in the last month, which helps explain why the Rangers are now 14-18 against left-handed starters this season.We probably should not mention anything else about Rougned Odor other than his name. OK, he was also hitless in four at-bats, all of them vs. lefties, too.The Rangers discussed all of those players -- perhaps with the exception of Odor, who cant be optioned -- when working through this move. They also are open to potentially trading an outfielder. Among the lefties, where the jam exists, it wont be Joey Gallo because hes too good or Shin-Soo Choo because hes too expensive in addition to being quite good and it probably wont be Mazara because his value, relatively speaking, is probably at an all-time low. So, its a fine theory, but may be hard to turn into reality.This decision has kept us up, manager Chris Woodward said. Its a tough one. There were varying opinions on the way the roster was set up. You can make the argument that we are making the wrong move or the right move, but a move had to happen. I know hes not happy and he shouldnt be. Hes done everything for us that weve asked. Hes provided a spark for us. He helped us turn it around. He has every right to think you are giving up on me, you are punishing me.And from GM Jon Daniels: It sounds ironic, but we are probably more convicted than ever in Willie. Hes a part of a championship club. Hes made himself an average defender. Hes taken steps.Take that and compare it the Rangers comments about Mazara.Weve had conversations with Nomar, Woodward said. We want him to be better. We want more out of him. As long as hes here, we will continue to push him. We dont feel weve gotten everything out of him.Hes been a league-average big leaguer, Woodward added. To pull the plug on a league-average big leaguer at this point is a little bit much.Daniels: We think there is a clear step he can take forward. And I feel strongly that he will. His production has been solid, but below his potential.And, yet, on Tuesday night, the Rangers lineup featured Mazara hitting fourth, while Willie Calhoun packed up his bag -- and those compliments -- and headed back to the minor leagues.Twitter: EvanPGrant

Film room: Why Cowboys DE DeMarcus Lawrence may be even more dangerous to opposing offenses in 2019
07/16/2019 9:00am

Being an elite NFL player is tough because it requires an ever-evolving skill set. Role players can get away with a static skill set, whereas the elite ones need to constantly improve their skill set to maintain their elite status. Every offseason, players and coaches take deep dives into the film to figure out how to combat or stymie the best talents in the NFL.This is exactly what went down at OL Masterminds in Frisco, Texas last week - a summit to improve offensive line play and exchange techniques. Before the summit, The Athletics Brandon Thorn created a presentation on Lawrences best moves and the best practices to stop them. During the summit, Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson also specifically discussed how to slow down Dallas Cowboys star defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, which hes had more success doing than almost any other OL in the NFL: The best players in the NFL must enhance their skill set each and every offseason to thwart opposing teams efforts to combat their skill set. Players and coaches all around the league are devising new ways to stop, beat or defend the top talent in the NFL.With back-to-back double-digit sack seasons and a new $105 million contract, its safe to say that Lawrence has ascended into the elite NFL player. In the past, Lawrence didnt have the history of production to merit being the subject of offseason studies by opposing players, but as Johnson proved above, he definitely does now.When a player receives a high dollar contract, there are always questions as to whether the player will stay motivated enough to continue to hone in on and improve their craft. Even though its still early, Lawrence seems as motivated and hungry to improve as ever.Even though this offseason has been littered with distractions - from the contract talk to offseason shoulder surgery that may cause Lawrence to start training camp on the PUP list - Lawrence has somehow found the time and requisite health to add new tools to his already impressive pass rush repertoire.Everyone who is even remotely familiar with Lawrence knows that his signature pass rush move is the cross chop above clip. Lawrence uses subtle footwork, outstanding timing, great body control and powerful hands to set up and effectively execute the cross chop on any given rush read this more a more in-depth look at Lawrences cross chop.If we all know that the cross chop is Lawrences signature move, you can bet that each and every offensive lineman he faces this season will know it too, necessitating Lawrence to expand his pass rush repertoire this offseason. Heres a great example h/t to Coach Brandon Jordan for the video:While there is no official name yet for the move Lawrence is applying above, some coaches have begun to call it an arm drag 0:22 of the video - as it bears a close resemblance to the grappling technique of the same name.To the casual fan, this move may appear to be the same as the cross chop, but there are a few stark differences.Lawrence executes the cross chop when he moves his inside hand across his body to forcefully chop down the right tackles outside hand it can also be done to the inside where the outside hand comes across the body to chop down the blockers inside hand -- thus the name cross chop.In the arm drag, the hands take similar paths of motion but are placed and used in different ways. While the inside hand first makes contact on the cross chop move, its actually the outside hand that makes first contact on the arm drag, as its job primarily is to guide the blockers outside arm across his body.After that, the inside arm stays low underneath the shoulder line and latches onto the tackles elbow/triceps area on his outside arm. From there, the inside arm pulls the blockers arm across his body, which 1 pulls himself hip-to-hip with blocker, forcing him to open the gate, or turn his shoulders perpendicular to the line of scrimmage to defend which is always advantageous for the pass rusher, and 2 prevents the blocker from retracting his hand, ending any opportunity for the blocker to recover or re-fit his hands.Moreover, keeping the inside elbow tight is one of the most important coaching points, as it enables the pass rusher to efficiently turn a tight corner toward the QB.If youre still confused, an easy way to differentiate between the cross chop and arm drag moves is if the inside hand lands over the top of the blockers arm, its a cross chop, and if the inside hand lands underneath the blockers outside arm, its an arm drag.The real genius behind Lawrence adding the arm drag into his pass rush repertoire is that it can be set up in the exact same way as the cross chop. Therefore, when a blocker anticipates Lawrence using his cross chop, he will likely focus on countering Lawrences inside hand the hand that makes first contact on a cross chop. In theory, with the blocker focusing on Lawrences outside hand, it should make it easier for the arm drag, where he makes contact with the outside hand first.The addition of the arm drag technique into his pass rush repertoire not only creates an effective counter to his signature move, but - much to the chagrin of offensive linemen around the league -- it should also make him a more dangerous and productive pass rusher overall.Enjoy this post More film studies:-- 3 Cowboys tendencies Kellen Moore needs to break, like predictability under center-- 3 realistic trade assets the Cowboys have on their roster, including a former first-round pick-- 3 second-year Cowboys who will soar in 2019, including one not-so-obvious candidateTwitter: JohnOwning

Baylor's Matt Rhule says the key to a strong 2019 is simple: improved offensive line play
07/16/2019 7:07pm

ARLINGTON -- Baylor coach Matt Rhule simplified the complex process of building a program in his third season, of navigating his way from one win to seven wins to potentially more in 2019: The Bears need to be better on the offensive and defensive lines.Last season, Baylor allowed 39 sacks, the most in the Big 12 for the second straight season and fewer than only eight other teams in the country. The Bears started four left tackles and three left guards as they tried to protect quarterback Charlie Brewer.We have a great quarterback, he cant be running for his life all the time, Rhule said. We have to I can make sure hes comfortable if we want to play at a high level.Brewer led Baylor with 133 carries last season, partly because of his ability to scramble and because of designed quarterback draws. He still managed to throw for more than 3,000 yards and run for 375.I tell Charlie to slide, and he slides right into the guy, Rhule said. When I tell him to get out of bounds, he stops. He is going to play that way and thats what makes him beloved by his teammates.Rhule and the Baylor coaching staff havent decided on the starting five-man unit up front -- he said they would move players around and make decisions during fall camp to also account for possible injuries -- but the team released a depth chart before media days.It listed Connor Galvin at left tackle, Xavier Newman at left guard, Jake Fruhmorgen at center, Sam Tecklenburg at right guard and Johncarlo Valentin at right tackle.All five players started games last season, but Baylor lost Blake Blackmar and Patrick Lawrence on the right side of their line both players started all 13 games in 2018. Ruhle said Galvin is up to 300 pounds after starting as a freshman. Tecklenburg has started the last 25 games for Baylor, including the last 23 at center, and could shift to guard.Tecklenburg said the linemen have made pass protection a big emphasis all offseason. Spent a lot more time on it than we have in the previous years, he said. Just repetition, practice, film study, were in there all the time. Fixing a lot of mental errors is big and just harping on our technique.We know the technique. We know the right answers. We just got to work it. Got to see all the looks were expecting and make better habits.Rhule said part of the reason Baylor allowed so many sacks was because it fell behind early and threw the ball more. It would make sense that the more a team throws the ball, the more itll get sacked, and Rhules rationale makes sense when applied to Baylor.When combining sacks allowed and passes attempted, Baylor had 525 dropbacks last season, the 13th most in the country and third-most in the Big 12. They allowed sacks on 7.43 of dropbacks last season, the 41st most in the country and third-most in the Big 12 Kansas State and Iowa State both allowed sacks more often.At the end of the day, if youre an offensive lineman at Baylor, youve got to be able to block three or four different run plays and you have to be able to pass protect, Rhule said. Thats what you have to do. I expect our guys to take tremendous pride in keeping their guy off the quarterback. Easy to say, hard to do. Im responsible for you and you cant hit him.I dont want my offensive linemen to think of themselves as fat guys. People have nicknames for them. I want a bunch of athletes out there that are tough and competitive and have tremendous pride.


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Texas Longhorns Say 10-Win Season Not Enough To Be ‘Back’ In Big 12
07/16/2019 6:48pm

We werent here to just have a really good season in Year 2, UT football coach Tom Herman said Tuesday. We were here to rebuild a program thats capable of sustaining success...

First Retractable Roof Truss Installed At Globe Life Field
07/16/2019 5:40pm

The 3.3 million pound truss will be moved down the rail on Sunday.

Rangers All-Star Hunter Pence Activated From Injured List; Willie Calhoun Returns To Minors
07/16/2019 3:58pm

Pence, out since June 17 with a right groin strain, was activated before Tuesday nights game against Arizona. He was set to bat third as the designated hitter.

Las Vegas Police Investigating Shoving Incident Involving Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott At Music Festival
07/16/2019 3:25pm

The NFL ruled the Las Vegas incident did not violate the personal conduct policy and no further action was needed.

Report: Zeke Elliott Could Hold Out Of Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Until He Gets A New Contract
07/16/2019 11:51am

The Cowboys running back could reportedly decide to skip training camp if progress isnt made on a new deal.

KTCK Sportsradio 1310 - The Ticket
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Your Chance to Win 4k With Hot off the Grill
07/15/2019 3:00am

Enter today and you could be on your way to Grill Nirvana with $4,000 towards the grill of your dreams

TMS Friday Night Drags: EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT through July 26th!!
07/11/2019 10:58am

Universal Technical Institute Friday Night Drags is heads-up, street-style drag racing. Racing is held on the one-eighth-mile pit road. Drag racers compete for nightly divisional plaques and also accumulate points for the season. At the end of the 6-week season, divisionalchampionswill be crowned and earn a championship plaque and other prizes provided by the sponsors

May 15, 2019
05/15/2019 7:49pm

The White House plans to implement a merit-based proposal to increase the number of legal immigrants allowed to enter the U.S based on merit specifically for employment and skills in specialized vocations

The Woodford Reserve Musers Ticket Compound Starts Wednesday May 8
05/02/2019 9:58am

Its timethe Woodford Reserve Musers Ticket Compound is coming to your ears starting at 3pm on Wednesday May 8th. All nine Ticket hosts go deeeeep into the woods and broadcast from our hidden, undisclosed location through 7pm Friday May 10th. Take off work, schedule your naps, get loaded up on coffeewhatever it takes to get

The Ticket’s Mavericks Postgame Show
02/05/2019 9:38am

Its the Tickets Mavericks Postgame Show with voice of the Mavericks Mark Followill and The Tickets Jake Kemp. Tune in after the final buzzer sounds after every Mavs home game at the AAC to get instant knee jerk reactions and hot sports opinions from Jake and Mark on Luka Doncic, Dirk and the Mavs. These


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Mascots: The Unsung Heroes of Big 12 Media Days
07/16/2019 7:19pm

While players and coaches answer questions at press conferences during Big 12 media days at AT&T Stadium, the mascots from each school are doing the real work -- dancing and posing for the cameras.Photo Credit: NBC 5 Sports

First Retractable Roof Truss Complete at Globe Life Field
07/16/2019 4:48pm

The Texas Rangers say construction at their new home, Globe Life Field, is 68 complete with the installation of the first retractable roof truss.Photo Credit: Texas Rangers

Hunter Pence Wins Rangers' Heart and Hustle Award
07/16/2019 4:38pm

Hunter Pence has been named the Texas Rangers 2019 Heart and Hustle Award winner, according to an announcement from the team.Photo Credit: Alex Pavlovic

Cowboys Camp Storylines: Kellen Moore
07/10/2019 9:02pm

Kellen Moore will make the jump from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator in 2019. How he transitions to calling plays this season is training camp storyline No 9.

Newy: One-on-One With TCU Athletic Director Jeremiah Donati
07/15/2019 10:22pm

TCU Athletic Director Jeremiah Donati talks about the Horned Frogs underdog status in the conference and the renovations at Amon G. Carter Stadium in Fort Worth.Photo Credit: NBC 5 Sports

Plano Star Courier
Plano Star Courier

624 Krona Dr
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PODCAST: "The Varsitys" Awards Discussion (Best Team)
07/15/2019 3:37pm

Star Local Media is publishing its seventh annual edition of The Varsitys, its high school sports award series, this month and deliberates on its various choices for Best Team across several markets.

Football: Prestonwood OL commits to Navy, ready to lead Lions
07/14/2019 7:47am

On a day for celebrating Americas freedom, Prestonwood Christian senior Javan Bouton spent his Fourth of July making the decision to both serve his country and further his football career.

PODCAST: Summer Questions Series (Region, Bi-District Breakdowns) and a Goodbye to Justin Thomas
07/12/2019 9:37am

Star Local Media pulls two entries from its ongoing summer Questions series to discuss various storylines leading up to the 2019-20 athletics year.

Baker-Nelson looks to keep Lady Cardinals on the upswing
07/11/2019 2:00pm

After six years spent keeping Berkner among Richardsons softball elite, Jayme Baker-Nelson looks to do the same on the private school diamond.

The Varsitys: Awarding the year's best in Plano-area athletics (Part II)
07/11/2019 10:00am

Wednesday marked the 27th ESPY Awards, the annual ceremony devoted to honoring standout professional and collegiate athletes and teams of the past year.

Rambler Newspapers
Rambler Newspapers

627 S Rogers Rd
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MacArthur Basketball Standout to Take Talents to Louisiana Tech
05/24/2019 10:51am

Irving MacArthur High School standout Tailor Broussard signed her letter of intent to play basketball at Louisiana Tech. The four-year letterman averaged 17 points...

Irving Soccer Hits the Big Leagues
05/23/2019 1:43pm

Hold on to your shin guards Irving has its own professional soccer team. Los Gallos Football Club, a member of the United Premiere Soccer League...

Irving Native Coaching in College Basketball Final Four
04/04/2019 2:08pm

Texas Tech Coach Chris Beard is making national news with his Red Raiders basketball team being one of four across the nation still standing in...

Coppell High Swimmers Compete at State Championships
02/28/2019 2:16pm

Johan Pretorius and Aurelie Migault represented Coppell High School in style at the 6A State Championships in Austin. Aggressive racing in prelims on Friday led...

Irving ISD Middle School Basketball City Champions Named
02/08/2019 10:47am

Basketball teams from Johnson, Lamar and Travis Middle Schools won city championships this season. The seventh-grade girls and boys A teams from Johnson won titles...


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Why TCU won’t hesitate to start true freshman Max Duggan this season
07/17/2019 8:00am

TCU coach Gary Patterson didnt hesitate when asked if hed be comfortable starting a true freshman at quarterback this season. If hes the guy Patterson said at Big 12 Click to Continue

Tommy Boy’s wish to play Texas A&M exposes Aggies’ childish behaviors
07/17/2019 6:00am

Texas has all but called out Texas A&M to renew a rivalry that should never had died, with the head coach lobbying for the Bevo/Reveille series to resume post haste. Click to Continue

Former TCU pitcher Young gives Arizona boost vs. Rangers
07/16/2019 11:46pm

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Alex Young, who went to TCU, allowed only one run Tuesday night in a victory over the Texas Rangers. Click to Continue

Mazara deserves same courtesy as Odor to figure out issues with Rangers in majors
07/17/2019 12:12am

Hunter Pence is back on the Texas Rangers active roster, reinstated Tuesday from the 10-day injured list. His right groin, he said, feels pretty good. His swing, he said, feels Click to Continue

Two MLB rookies with Diamondbacks adding to TCU baseball’s run of big-league players
07/16/2019 11:51pm

TCU baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle couldnt attend the game at Globe Life Park on Tuesday night, much to his disappointment. Some recruits were on campus earlier in the day, and Click to Continue


606 Young St
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Should Texas Rangers be buyers at trade deadline?
07/16/2019 2:21pm

Texas is in a place of limbo where theyre on the cusp of contention but not quite considered a playoffs favorite. The trade deadline looms large in Arlington.

Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott plans to hold out of training camp until he gets a new contract, report says
07/15/2019 3:35pm

The two-time rushing champion is due to make $3.85 million in 2019, which ranks 11th most among NFL running backs.

Safety Kavon Frazier testifies to Cowboys offense's new wrinkles
07/15/2019 9:24am

After a summer of trying to cover it in practice, Cowboys safety Kavon Frazier likes what hes seeing from Dallas offense

Djokovic edges Federer in 5 sets for 5th Wimbledon trophy
07/14/2019 1:36pm

This triumph earned Djokovic his 16th Grand Slam trophy.

Proctor & Gamble donates $529,000 to US women's soccer team
07/14/2019 12:38pm

In March, 28 members of the USWNT sued the US Soccer Federation for alleged gender discrimination.

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