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Pape Construction Company  


(210) 822-9217

2207 Danbury St
San Antonio, TX 78217


Work by the company has been in the San Antonio and surrounding areas for the past 67 years. The construction work performed by Pape Construction Company is custom home building, home remodeling, new commercial, commercial remodeling, historical restoration and renovations.


Established in 1947.

Pape Construction is a family owned and operated general contracting firm founded by Elgin Pape in November of 1947. The construction work performed by Pape Construction Company is a custom home building, remodeling, commercial, and historical renovations. Pape Construction has worked in many South and Central Texas areas.

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Hiatus Spa + Retreat

Hiatus Spa + Retreat

Located in the beautiful Pearl Brewery, Hiatus Spa + Retreat is out to change the spa industry with its thirteen treatment rooms, a hydro-therapy room for Vichy shower treatments, a relaxation room, nail therapy room with zero gravity chairs, and more. It is light, bright, and the perfect space for your regular rejuvenation. You decide how to be pampered when you choose from a full body treatment, massage, skin care, or a mani-pedi. Live a healthier, happier life with Hiatus Spa + Retreat. Visit us for a personalized treatment today.

(210) 202-3355
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Embassy Miniature Golf

Embassy Miniature Golf

Under the watchful eye of Puttunia, a 750-pound life-size Giraffe, you'll have a chance to achieve greatness in a time-honored sport: miniature golf. While the fairways are small, each one presents an elephant-sized test of skill. From the first hole to the 18th, you will compete to keep your score under par on a course that is anything but. Do you have what it takes to master each challenge? Take heart, future golf-pro, because those who are serious about fun will always win.

(210) 496-5847
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San Antonio Beer Festival

San Antonio Beer Festival

From the beginner beer brewer to the full-on beer geek, San Antonio Beer Festival is your week to celebrate - with beer. Showcasing independent craft and small brewers, the San Antonio Beer Festival is a chance to take stock of the industry not only here in San Antonio, but in the rest of the country. So, kick back, pour yourself a cold one, and enjoy the party! Check our calendar to make sure you don't miss out.

(210) 227-0044
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