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The city is full of hidden gems and treasures. If you’re tired of always hitting the same spots, take a look at all the options below. We showcase businesses near you where you could spend countless hours of endless fun with your entire family.

Say goodbye to the boring weekends and routine birthday parties. Think outside the box and dare to try something new. Take a look at what your city has to offer – all within driving distance of your location. You might be surprised!
Adams Motorsports Park
Adams Motorsports Park

(951) 686-3826

5292 24th St
Riverside, CA 92516   Directions Website

Give your kids the chance to really rev it up and go when you take them to Riverside's popular Adams Kart Track. This is an attraction where your kids can safely put the pedal to the metal as they navigate their go karts around the various race tracks that can be found here. Plus, Adams also features sales and service of a variety of go karts that will surely give your kids the power to move to the head of the pack. And, if you are really feeling daring, you can even consult with the pros here to devise a way to custom build a go kart that will leave all of the other competitors in the dust.

Bordwell Park
Bordwell Park

(951) 826-5355

2008 Martin Luther King Blvd
Riverside, CA 92507   Directions Website

Sometimes, it is best just to let your kids run free and let them explore some wide open spaces. Finding such a destination isn't as hard as you think when you plan for an active afternoon of fun at Riverside's Bordwell Park. This popular attraction has been newly refurbished and features new playground equipment plus a few surprises. These include the recent addition of a climbing wall and upgraded basketball courts and ball fields.

California Citrus State Historic Park
California Citrus State Historic Park

(951) 780-6222

9400 Dufferin Ave
Riverside, CA 92504   Directions Website

California is famous for many things, but one of the most recognized contributors to its fame is its impressive citrus industry. Learn about its history and development by visiting the California Citrus State Historic Park. Appropriately, the museum that tells this very sweet story of the rise of the industry is located outside in a specially designed open-air museum. See all kinds of interesting exhibits and attractions that include numerous displays of vintage farm equipment.

Castle Park
Castle Park

(909) 785-3000

3500 Polk St
Riverside, CA 92505   Directions Website

Allow your kids the chance to really enjoy themselves when you take them to Riverside's popular Castle Park. This is an impressive 25-acre family fun center that features over 30 rides and attractions, one of the most memorable being a 1905 Dentzel Carousel. The kids will absolutely love visiting the two-story arcade as well as trying their luck on the amusing yet challenging 18-hole miniature golf course. And, as all this fun will work up everyone's appetites, there is an excellent restaurant on site to satisfy the kids' bellies before they head out for more fun and games.

Don Derr Park
Don Derr Park

(951) 826-2000

3003 Monroe St
Riverside, CA 92504   Directions Website

Break the kids away from their cell phones, video games and computer screens and get the whole family moving when you take everyone out for a day of fun at Riverside's Don Derr Park. This sprawling and inviting area offers a little something for every member of your family. One of the more popular features of the park is the PlayBooster and PlayShaper playground components that offer a challenge as well as a good dose of exercise to any child who climbs all over them. The Gemini Sidewinder 2 is another notable attraction, as are the many slides, swings, and seesaws that make Don Derr Park such a fun and exhilarating place to take the whole family.

Jensen Alvarado Ranch
Jensen Alvarado Ranch

(951) 369-6055

4307 Briggs St
Jurupa Valley, CA 92509   Directions


Reading about history is one way to familiarize yourself with the past's most significant moments, but being a part of it will make even more of a lasting impression. That's what you'll experience when you visit the Jensen Alvarado Ranch just outside of Riverside. Upon your arrival, you will encounter costumed interpreters who will guide you through vivid demonstrations of what life was like on a ranch in the late 19th century. You will be a part of the action as you find yourself helping out with such daily farm duties as churning butter or feeding the animals. You can also learn about how much of a challenge farming was back then when you visit the ranch museum that is also located here. This is where you will have a chance to see attractions like antique farm equipment as well as artifacts from the ranch's past.

Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center
Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center

(909) 685-5818

7621 Granite Hill Dr
Riverside, CA 92509   Directions Website

The Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center is more than just a history lesson–it is a compelling, interactive experience that offers visitors a chance to learn about archeology, geology, paleontology, and earth sciences. There are several types of experiences that await you the minute you step through the door of this enticingly well-laid out museum. There's a good balance of hands-on activities, multi-media exhibits and visually compelling presentations that all make for a “rock solid” experience that's both educational and fun.

Riverside Heritage House
Riverside Heritage House

(951) 826-5273

8193 Magnolia Ave
Riverside, CA 92504   Directions Website

The Riverside Heritage House is a place where the area's history and agricultural significance are celebrated in a most dramatic way. The house itself is an impressive example of 19th century Victorian style, an architectural design that was popular with homes of the period. The home stands on 1.3 acres of citrus groves, and this historical attraction is meant to represent the significance and contributions of orange growers during the Golden Age of citrus horticulture.

Santa Ana River Trail
Santa Ana River Trail

(951) 826-5311

Riverside, CA

For fun, exhilaration, and exercise, hit the trail! But this just isn't any ordinary trek, this is the popular Santa Ana River Trail. This is an extensive, winding trail that runs along the Santa Ana River and offers walkers, hikers, joggers and bikers an excellent way to get out of the city and get closer to nature while getting some great exercise. The path stretches out over 70 miles, so there is plenty of room for you and your fellow trail-dwellers.

The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa
The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa

(909) 784-0300

3469 Mission Inn Ave
Riverside, CA 92501   Directions Website

Riverside's Mission Inn dates back to 1903 and stands as one of the city's greatest assets. The structure features various architectural styles that all complement each other to work to create a stunningly beautiful landmark. The museum portion of the inn features exhibits and attractions that are related to the hotel's history and founder as well as vintage photos of the area and other interesting pieces. There is also a gift shop on site that features souvenirs like t-shirts and mugs as well as a few surprises like exquisite hand crafted bells.

UCR Botanic Gardens
UCR Botanic Gardens

(951) 784-6962

1 Botanic Gardens Drive
Riverside, CA 92521   Directions Website

Even though the beauty of nature is all around us all the time, it may be hard to stop and appreciate it given your hectic schedule of activities. You can take a much-needed breather when you take the kids to experience the UCR Botanic Gardens. This amazing collection of nature is more than just flowers and greenery. You will be able to relax along with the birds and the bees and other natural life forms in a remarkably captivating way. This attraction boasts an impressive 39 acres of flowers, woods, and gardens that also include hiking trails and several picturesque spots for the kids to play or for the whole family to enjoy a picnic.

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