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I've used cityof.com several times and like it. The one thing I like, is that each city has the same web page. That makes seeking information so much easier than encountering a different set up for each town. I like that there are addresses, contact numbers and maps. Everything a visitor needs all together. I will use this site from now on. Thanks for hooking me up with CityOf.com.
Take care, Coop
I'm so thrilled for the GREAT job everyone did on our P.C.C.S. Dryer Vent Service video project. The quality and service description are Grade A just as expected and explained. It's amazing how well Soundlink Studio could make such a precise video commercial that fit our specific service needs so perfectly with just the small amount of information they requested us to send them. They are truly professional. So here's A BIG THANK YOU from everyone here at P.C.C.S. Besides providing us with a commercial video we wanted to say thanks to CityOf.com for enhancing our online presence on the web. You have played a major roll in our online presence since our inception many years ago. At this time I feel it's also appropriate to say thank you personally for all the years of hard work and wonderful customer service and the amount of business and success CityOf.com has driven to my company. CityOf.com you are truly appreciated.
Sincerely, Don Johnson, Owner P.C.C.S. Sweeps, Fort Worth, TX
I just wanted to say how great CityOf.com has been for our business. They are very professional and were very helpful in getting our website up and running. Calls were coming in to our business immediately! If you are not with CityOf.com, you should be! Their rates beat all the competition hands down. Thanks to the staff for all your help and support. It is refreshing to see some honesty, integrity and professionalism in today's world.
Ray & Jan D. owners, Jan and Rays Child Care Service, Corpus Christi, TX
I just stumbled upon this today looking for graphic design firms. What a great find!

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  • Thousands of communities
  • Millions of visitors
  • Premier local businesses served nationwide in over 300 various industries


  • Assisting businesses since 1972 with their local marketing
  • 2nd Generation family-owned and operated
  • Woman-owned business


  • John E. Doherty, III

President, CEO

  • Jacqueline Doherty-Romanczyk

Core Values

WE CARE about helping one another to be prosperous through like-minded goals, teamwork and support.

WE CARE about the small business owner and building trust in the marketplace.

WE CARE about giving back to the local community and enriching the lives of those we touch.

WE CARE about sharing God's Word through our national network of websites, CityOfAgape.org and free Bible distribution.

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