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Legal Services In Orlando, FL

Every day, people are actively searching for legal representation of the highest degree. Expert qualifications, affordable pricing, and specific expertise all make a significant difference. We have a comprehensive list of legal services in the area – guaranteed to help you find the perfect law firm for your needs.

Our thorough directory of legal services covers a broad range of providers throughout the city, from personal injury attorneys to bankruptcy law attorneys, background checks to bail bonds – everything you require for any legal venture. With so many options, we have streamlined the process to ensure you have easy access to all the legal services the area has to offer.

To fully utilize our comprehensive directory, just click below on any type of service you need. You can filter by city, keyword, features, services, and so much more. Within a matter of seconds, you’ll find the suitable attorney for your situation – you can then arrange by factors like alphabetical order or distance.

If you provide legal services to consumers in the region, be sure to reach out to us today. We will gather your information or update existing information so that current and potential clients can find you easier.

Legal Services In Orlando, FL









Premier Legal Service Businesses in Orlando, FL

Criminal Law Attorneys
The Law Office Of Haynes & Laurent
  • • Misdemeanor & Felony Charges
  • • Aggravated Assault Cases
  • • Theft Charges & More
(407) 246-0077
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  • • Business Formation
  • • Business Disputes & Litigation
  • • Business Immigration
(407) 890-8637
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Civil Trial Law Attorneys
Fulmer, LeRoy & Albee Attorneys At Law
  • • Commercial Litigation & Civil Law
  • • General & Premises Liability Claims
  • • Workers' Compensation
(407) 264-7070
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Office of William J. McClellan, P.A.
  • • Criminal Defense & Theft Attorney
  • • Drug Crimes - Trafficking, Purchasing, Delivery, Possession & Racketeering
  • • Burglary Defense - Misdemeanors, Shoplifting, Petty Theft, Felonies & Embezzlement
(407) 648-1525
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Law Office Of Paul L. Urich, P.A.
  • • Individual or Joint Bankruptcy
  • • Wage Garnishments & Lawsuits
  • • Free Bankruptcy Consultation
(407) 896-3077
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