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Religious Services In Hawaii, HI


Whether you recently moved to the area or are actively seeking a new church experience, we have a complete listing of major religious services in the region. You’ll find active church groups, welcoming parishioners, and community-based religious organizations to make life feel more full and complete.

In addition to local contact information for religious organizations in the area, we also provide information on various assemblies and church groups in the area. Here, you’ll find Baptist churches, Methodist churches, Catholic churches, Lutheran churches, synagogues, mosques, and so many other options.

If you want something different, we have listings for lesser-known local churches and organizations that would be happy to welcome a new face. Click on a category below. The information you find inside will direct you to the local religious center, including the address and phone number of the organization.

If you provide religious services to the community and are actively seeking newcomers, consider calling us today. We are happy to add your information to the directory, including your contact information, so residents can better find your services. Do not miss out on all the fresh faces our directory can bring your way!

Religious Services In Hawaii, HI


Premier Religious Service Businesses in Washington, DC

Catholic Churches
STS. Peter & Paul
  • • Ministries
  • • The Sacraments
  • • Religious Education
(808) 941-0675
Directions Website
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Samoan Independent Seventh Day Adventist Church
  • • Spreading the Gospel
  • • We Hope You Feel Inspired And Join Us.
  • • You Can Also Tune In On The Radio, 1080 AM.
(808) 375-0890
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