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Boise Weekly
Boise Weekly

523 Broad St
Boise, ID 83702   Directions

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Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats New Album Is a 'Full-Bodied Evolution'
07/22/2019 9:00am

Catch the band on Thursday, July 25, at Outlaw Field. S.O.B, a boot-stomping ode to alcohol, became the popular single from Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats eponymous 2015 debut. Fans, who can catch the band at Outlaw Field on Thursday, July 25, might expect a similar standout track on the bands latest release, Tearing at the Seams, but theyd be wrong. Thats not a bad thing: There is no standout because the whole album is consistently solidand that shows how far the band has come in three years ago. On Tearing at the Seams, Rateliff tightened up his songwriting and created a stronger throwback aesthetic that pays homage to artists like Otis Redding for a successful 1960s-era soul revival. One thing that sets this album apart from Rateliffs last is how much more dynamic and complex his seven-piece backing band seems. While Rateliffs brooding, gravelly vocals vibrate in your chest, the Night Sweats produce a swirl of sound that packs emotional punch. Its like watching a game of tennis: Your attention volleys between vocals and guitar riffs, vocals and horn frenzy, vocals and snare drum heartbeat. Still, even with the bands full-bodied evolution, the highlight of any music featuring Rateliff is Rateliff himself. The raw force with which he can bellow is mind boggling. But even though he shines on Tearing at the Seams, the sheer power of his lungs is shackled on any digital recreation. His material really comes alive on stage. But until you have the opportunity to see him live, crank up the stereo and let it rip.

The Idaho Way: Boise State Students, Community Gather at Statehouse to Rally for Diversity, Inclusion Programs
07/20/2019 3:37pm

Our marginalized communities continue to be a talking point when there should be no discussion, no debate. Boise State University student Caleb Smith had a hard time being heard during his speech from the podium at the July 20 Diversity and Inclusion Rally at the Idaho Statehouse, but everyone caught one of his last lines. Inclusivity is our way, he said. Its the Idaho way. The rally is the latest flashpoint in the growing conflict between Idaho legislators of both parties, with the university and its students caught in the middle, but when Smith, echoing the words of Idaho Gov. Brad Little, said what he thought the Idaho way was, he showed the rally was as much about what the Gem State stands for as it was about protecting programs that help students from underrepresented backgrounds feel safe and included on campus. Our marginalized communities continue to be a talking point when there should be no discussion, no debate, said one of the organizers of the event, Boise State student Ryann Banks. In a letter sent in early July to Boise States new president, Marlene Tromp, a group of Republican lawmakers took aim at programs like Black and Rainbow graduations, the Pow Wow and fellowships for minority students as being costly and ultimately divisive, treating some students differently from others. Soon thereafter, a separate letter signed by every legislative Democrat was sent to Tromps office in support of those programs, putting forth that they help students feel safe and included in the university setting. The latter was also Boise State student and rally organizer Abby Barzees argument. We dont need a white graduation because thats exactly what graduation is, she said of the need for specialized graduation ceremonies for LGBTQ students and students of color. We are reclaiming higher education for all of usfor everyone. The rally started slowly, but grew as the students spoke to a small crowd of 50 people at first to more than 200. Speaking from the podium, Tai Simpson, a local activist, said there were some people noticeably missing from the audiencethe Republican lawmakers who had taken issue with the universitys diversity and inclusion efforts. The faces that need to be here are not here, she said. From the Capitol steps, students said the programs in question were not divisive, but were extensions of what the student body itself wants Boise State to be, and the universitys director of diversity and inclusion, Francisco Salinas, said he worried some students

UPDATE: Teton School District Releases Statement on Nixing Native American Mascot
07/18/2019 5:49pm

I dont know how much more there is to say about this. There has been years of conversation, and I really worry that if we delay, that rift in the community will get bigger. Updated Post: Thursday, July 18: The Teton School District will not spent public money to replace Teton High Schools now-former mascot, The Redskins, according to a release from the district issued July 18. According to documents from the district, that transition could cost almost $30,000. The district also reiterated its commitment to soliciting public input on what the new mascot will be, and at a work session for the school board slated for Tuesday, July 30, the board will hear public testimony and begin to develop a plan for the school going forward. Original Post: Wednesday, July 17, 1:26 p.m.: The board of the Teton School District has voted to retire Teton High Schools mascot, the Redskins. At its regularly scheduled meeting on July 16, the board members voted 4-1 to remove the mascot, which had sharply divided the eastern Idaho community. Supporters said the mascot was a source of pride, but critics countered the mascot was a racist slur against Native Americans. For nearly everyone, however, it was time for the school board to make a decision. I dont know how much more there is to say about this. There has been years of conversation, and I really worry that if we delay, that rift in the community will get bigger, said Driggs resident Peter McKellar. In 2013,District Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme floated a plan to replace the mascot. What followed was an historic meeting that ended with the high school keeping its mascot despite denunciations of the mascot from the Shoshone Bannock and Nez Perce tribes. The topic has been on a low boil in the eastern Idaho town ever since. The controversy over the mascot was white hot, and garnered national headlines. The State of Maine recently banned the use of Native American school symbols and mascots, and there has been mounting pressure to replace the name of the professional football team from Washington, D.C., which is a Native American mascot. The issue has resonated across Idaho. Earlier this year, a group of Boise High School students and alumni reached out to the school principal to begin removing items and iconography from the school pertaining to its mascot, the Boise Brave. More recently, Rep. Chad Christensen, whose district includes the Teton High School, held a forum at the Idaho Statehouse led by former member of the Native American Guardians leadership team Andre Billeaudeaux, on the historical

CDH Confirms Hepatitis A Case in Downtown Boise Food Service Worker
07/17/2019 4:15pm

The worker is confirmed to have been contagious during shifts at Saint Lawrence Gridiron between June 21 and 24, June 27 and July 1, July 5-8, and July 11-14. A food service worker in downtown Boise has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A, a virus that affects the liver, according to the Central District Health Department. The worker is confirmed to have been contagious during shifts at Saint Lawrence Gridiron between June 21 and 24, June 27 and July 1, July 5-8, and July 11-14. CDH advises anyone who may have eaten at the restaurant during those periods of time to check their immunization records. CDH is also vaccinating anyone who ate at Saint Lawrence Gridiron during the employees infectious period. The risk of contracting the disease through food is low, but anyone who may have come into contact with contaminated food and has not been vaccinated is encouraged to do so, since inoculation within two weeks of exposure to the virus can prevent continued transmission. Symptoms of Hepatitis A include vomiting, loss of appetite, light-colored stools, dark urine, jaundice, fever and abdominal pain. Symptoms set in within 15 and 50 days of exposure, and people who have contracted the disease are contagious from two weeks before the onset of symptoms to one week after. Anyone with questions or concerns related to possible exposure at the restaurant may call 208-321-2222.

Idaho Water Treatment Plants are Down the Drain
07/17/2019 11:42am

76 of wastewater treatment plants have earned failing grades According to an annual report done by the Idaho Conservation League, 87 municipal wastewater treatment plants76have had one or more discharge violations, according to the Idaho Conservation League. Each facility violated different pollutants, had different levels of exceedance, had different timings some exceeded the permit every month and some, every three months, said Austin Walkins, Senior Conservation Associate at Idaho Conservation League. The violations come from plants discharging amounts of pollutants, bacteria or toxins into rivers. The permits are issued by the EPA and are required by the Clean Water Act. We only focused on if the facilities were releasing pollution into a waterbody above a level that is safe, said Walkins. The report looked at treatment plants that had pollutant permits and if those plants exceeded their limit. The main pollutants the report looked at were E. Coli, ammonia, pH, phosphorous, chlorine, sediment, and biochemical oxygen demand BOD. Over a three-year period, between January 2016 and December 2018, 114 wastewater treatment plants were reviewed and added into the report, accruing a total of 1,732 discharge violations. These violations have a detrimental impact on aquatic life, livestock, animal and human health. The worst performing facilities are in Inkom, Hagerman and Driggs. Inkom accounted for 116 9 of the violations in all of Idaho. The Boise facility on Lander Street received a passing grade, however the facility in West Boise had two violations with E. coli discharge. The facilities that failed to meet the safety requirements are subject to penalty under the Clean Water Act. The penalties range from fines to compliance schedules, with some facilities receiving both. One good thing is that we are seeing is that the top worst 15 performing facilities are all taking action to fix whatever issue they were struggling with. They all reached out to the EPA, they want to get into compliance. These things take time though we wont see it going from nearly 80 to none in one year. But, we are seeing the facilities take steps, said Walkins. The Idaho Conservation League report states that Inkom is requesting to convert its facility into one that discharges treated water onto crops instead of into waterways. Driggs has a formal Consent Agreement to modify its actions within the next two years. Out of the 27 facilities that have no discharge violations, 18 of them had a failing grade in the previous report. This

Idaho Business Review
Idaho Business Review

855 W Broad St
Boise, ID 83702   Directions

(208) 336-3768


Ski-in, ski-out hotel slated for Schweitzer 
07/22/2019 6:52am

SANDPOINT Tamarack Resort isnt the only mountain recreation spot in Idaho thats getting a major overhaul this summer. Construction now is underway on a 30-unit, ski-in/ski-out boutique hotel directly adjacent to the existing Selkirk Lodge at Schweitzer Mountain Resort. On busy weekends and holidays, its been challenging for us to offer enough accommodation in ...

With its strong economy, does Idaho still need business incentives? 
07/22/2019 6:44am

With the strong economy and low unemployment rate, some are suggesting that states no longer need to offer incentives to companies to locate or expand facilities. Steve Scranton, chief investment officer for Washington Trust Bank,told the Treasure Valley Chief Financial Officers Forum earlier this month that Idaho should pause incentives such as the Tax Reimbursement ...

Saint Al’s-Nampa achieves trauma center designation 
07/22/2019 6:05am

NAMPA Saint Alphonsus Medical Center-Nampa is elevating the level of trauma care in Canyon County. The hospital announced July 16 that it received a level four designation from the Idaho Time Sensitive Emergency Program and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. In order to get the classification, the hospital had to demonstrate that ...

Alicia Garza joins Northwest Bank as vice president, treasury management officer
07/22/2019 6:00am

Alicia Garza has joined Northwest Bank as vice president, treasury management officer and will be working out of the Boise office. Garza has 10 years of retail banking and treasury management experience, providing customized financial solutions in the areas of collections, disbursements, capital management and risk management. Her expertise lies in property management, HOA, 1031 ...

Forecast: Idaho housing prices to rise further
07/19/2019 6:09am

A new forecast of real estate markets around the nation predicted four Idaho cities will continue to see some of the biggest increases in values over the next year, with appreciation rates north of 9. Meanwhile, homes sold in Ada County set a median sales price record in June, according to Boise Regional Realtors. California-based ...

Idaho Press- Tribune
Idaho Press- Tribune

1618 N Midland Blvd
Nampa, ID 83651   Directions

(208) 467-9251


Idaho Public Television
Idaho Public Television

1455 N Orchard St
Boise, ID 83706   Directions

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140 N 16th St
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1866 E Chisholm Dr
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5407 W Fairview Ave
Boise, ID 83706   Directions

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The Arbiter
The Arbiter

1910 University Dr
Boise, ID 83725   Directions

(208) 426-6300


Arbiter summer reading and podcast picks
07/08/2019 6:30pm

Summer is almost here, and with it come nearly four long months to relax. For some, though, the reading and listening that comes with courses can be a hard habit to break, and that desire to crack open a fresh book or listen to some new material might last well into August. For those individuals, ...

Housing and Residence Life terminates over 20 student employees following party
06/28/2019 1:03pm

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that the terminated employees were only resident assistants. The updated version reflects the other housing employees removed from their positions, as well as an accurate account from those involved. An incident that occurred last Saturday night has left a number of resident assistants RAs and other student ...

Boise State’s display of the pride flag sparks diversity discourse
06/14/2019 9:53pm

June marks the commencement of Pride Month nationwide, and with the 30th Annual Boise Pridefest hitting close to home, Boise State took the opportunity to get involved. Displaying pride flags and colored lights both in and out of the Student Union Building SUB, the University sought to take part in the months celebration of those ...

Opinion: Why Quidditch needs to make a comeback
06/12/2019 11:00am

Mike Wilson is a senior studying computer science. In 2014, the Boise State Quidditch team had so many players they had to split the team into two in order to be able to manage them all. The current-day state of Quidditch at Boise State would shock many when they find out that the team no ...

Before taking on Boise, Jake Miller talks songwriting and his maturing sound
06/11/2019 11:17am

As a senior in high school, Jake Miller could be found watching Mac Millers music video repertoire on YouTube and dreaming up his future as a rapper. Relating to the performer, who Miller described as a fellow Jewish, white suburban kid, meant rap music fell into his lap, eventually propelling him to become an artist. ...

The Idaho Statesman
The Idaho Statesman

1200 N Curtis Rd
Boise, ID 83706   Directions

(208) 377-6200


A visual arts center. 1,100 apartments. Condos. What’s going up now in Downtown Boise
07/21/2019 1:01pm

When the new Center for Visual Arts opens next month at Boise State University, it will usher in a new era for the universitys fine arts disciplines. No longer will Click to Continue

Boise State students say diversity is the ‘Idaho way’ after letter. Critics say it threatens unity
07/19/2019 3:06pm

With Boise States diversity and inclusion programs under fire, students and alumni are pushing back on Idaho Republican claims that specialized events segregate students with no benefit to academic performance. Click to Continue

Two wildfires are burning alongside Idaho 21, prompting closure of route to Stanley
07/21/2019 7:25pm

A wildfire burning near a state highway forced a road closure on Sunday, while fire crews made progress on a second fire burning near the same road. According to the Click to Continue

Snake River Stampede: Eight Idaho cowboys contend for record-setting prize money
07/21/2019 1:20am

Idaho-grown talent was on display at the center of the rodeo world Saturday night as a record $453,975 in prize money was distributed to this years Snake River Stampede winners. Click to Continue

PETA lays an egg in Canyon County with Chicken Dinner Road beef
07/18/2019 10:26pm

There arent many things that rile Caldwell residents in the middle of a lazy summer like a recommendation that Chicken Dinner Road on the outskirts of the city undergo a Click to Continue