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Boise Weekly

Boise Weekly

523 Broad St
Boise, ID 83702   Directions

(208) 344-2055


A LOT to Lose
03/20/2019 5:03am

If Idaho resort communities grow too big, local option taxes might be at risk Several Idaho towns have seen their populations rise in recent years, but like any growth spurt, those expansions have been accompanied by an awkward phase or two. While growth typically brings with it the benefit of a broader tax base, some Idaho towns could instead end up losing revenue, depending on the results of the all-important 2020 census. For example, officials in the North Idaho city of Sandpoint are nervously eyeing growth projections that could jeopardize their access to local option taxing. Sandpoint is one of 14 Idaho cities allowed to use local option taxes. Originally implemented by the state in 1978 as a tool for counties with populations of 20,000 or less, LOT authority was refined in 1984 to benefit communities with populations of 10,000 or less. In particular, the LOT authority was intended to benefit resort communities and the state statute allows for qualifying cities to implement taxes on hotel stays and/or by-the-drink liquor sales. In effect, a good portion of the tax burden is shifted to tourists. But Sandpoint is rapidly approaching the LOT population limit of 10,000, at which point it no longer qualifies for resort city revenue. The artificial population cap is contrary to the voice of our voters and is not in the best interest of our residents, businesses and visitors, wrote Sandpoint City Administrator Jennifer Stapleton in a recent analysis, adding that the community is at real risk of losing LOT revenues. In 2010, Sandpoints population was measured at 7,457. The 2017 estimated population was 8,390, and based on city data, Stapleton believes that number will only grow higher. Our own estimates, based on city utility and housing vacancy data, project that our city population will likely pass the 10,000 resident resort-city threshold in the 2020 census, she wrote. If not that year, then definitely within the next one to two years. Sandpoint isnt the only resort city in danger of losing the revenue mechanism. The Wood River Valley community of Hailey is also creeping toward the population cap. Haileys 2010 population was 7,960, and it climbed to 8,282 in 2017. According to Hailey City Administrator Heather Dawson, that citys officials arent immediately worried about crossing the line by the 2020 census. That said, she added that Hailey is keeping a close eye on growth patterns because losing LOT revenues would be debilitating. Our local option tax changed the way we are able

Tommy Orange
03/20/2019 5:02am

I think there are ways to write compelling and interesting stories when it comes to fiction in ways that dont exploit other peoples details. Its a New York Times bestseller, the winner of the 2018 National Book Critics Circle Awards John Leonard Prize and it was shortlisted for the 2019 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction. There There, the debut novel from Tommy Orange, also won praise from luminaries like Margaret Atwood and Marlon James, and its this years Treasure Valley Reads title. Its lauded for good reason: The novel, which takes the form of a short story cycle set in Oakland, California, ahead of the Big Oakland Powwow, is powerful, angry, sad, funny and sensitive, packed with vivid characters and a gripping sense of place, all of which dislodge the image of the real, authentic Native American stuck in a headdress thats the permanently grimacing subject of black-and-white photos. Boise Weekly caught up with Orange ahead of his Saturday, March 23, visit to Boise, where he will talk at The Egyptian Theatre, courtesy of Treasure Valley Reads and Storyfort. The title of your book comes from a Gertrude Stein quote about Oakland: There is no there there. How did you find that quote, and how has that there there-ness resonated with you and your work Gertrude Stein and Jack London are the most well-known Oakland authors and theyre both pretty old. The quote speaks to this rich tapestry and the history of its present state. It has been misused as saying that Oakland is lacking character, but Stein was really talking about how her home where she grew up was no longer recognizable. The theme of the book is characters trying to understand their own identity as Native people. How that makes sense living in Oakland: Much of what used to be Native land has been transformed into what we see today. There are so many parallels and resonances that I felt when I read that quote that I knew it was going to be part of the title. There There is full of references to contemporary arts, from Radiohead and MF Doom to Louise Erdrich. Are you doing that deliberately I feel strongly that novels should be speaking to the people of the peoples time. I dont care what people will think about it in 50 yearsIll be dead. Im interested in speaking to people now. How do you source your fictional characters I did digital storytelling work for many years in a Native community and other marginalized communities around the

Chelsea Handler
03/20/2019 5:02am

On staying 9 years old, loss, recovery and Robert Mueller For the record, interviews really dont make me nervous. Perhaps its the decades of interviewing everyone from Nobel Prize winners to serial killers, but more likely its the fact that the truth is the truth. All that said, when I was invited to interview Chelsea Handler in front of a standing-room-only audience at the Sun Valley Film Festival, I felt the proverbial butterflies. While I immediately said yes, I reminded myself that Handler doesnt suffer any fools and is, more often than not, the smartest person in the room. Simply put, I knew I had better bring my A game if I was going to sit a few feet away from one of quickest wits on the planet. Before the event, publicists offered me an advance copy of Life Will Be the Death of Me, Handlers full-on, emotion-packed memoir. The book, which will hit bookshelves Tuesday, April 9, is devastating and unlike anything Handler has written before. Then came March 14, the date of my in-the-spotlight conversation with Handler on the stage of the Argyros Performing Arts Center in Ketchum. Its a major understatement to say I had over-prepared for the moment. I stepped into the spotlight, was greeted with polite applause, and began my from-the-heart introduction. I spoke of Handlers wildly popular television shows, her five bestselling books, her unbridled honesty and her newfound, heartfelt desire to share her path toward healing. Its an unforgettable book, I said, building to her big introduction. And its title is... Then, it happened. Every ounce of blood in my body rushed to my head, muscling out any brain cells from my cerebellum. And the title of this jaw-dropping book is... I paused, then blurted out, The title is Death Will Be the Life of Me. I felt myself turn white. My eyes froze, I forgot to breathe, and in the nanosecond after the words crossed my lips, I knew I had botched the title of the book. ITS CALLED LIFE WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME Handler screamed from just offstage. The audience burst into laughter, and my head hung so low that it practically detached from my body. Handler walked out to a thunderous ovation from the still-laughing audience as I begged for mercy. What followed was nearly an hour of tender, tearful, joyful, hilarious conversation that I will not forget anytime soon. Here are a few excerpts. In your memoir,

Redd Square Brings Boise-Roasted Coffee to Stanley, Idaho
03/20/2019 5:01am

Right now, Redd Square beans are only sold at the restaurant in Stanley. It was still the dead of winter, but Doug and Jocelyn Plass were snug in the break room of the Windermere Powerhouse in Boise, the former event center-turned-real estate headquarters, talking about the perilous drive between the City of Trees and Stanley. There have been harrowing drives, but some people commute as much as I do, Doug said. I get this nice drive twice a week, where nobody can contact me on the telephone. Ive done it so many times now that every bend in the road is like home. That time of year, though, was especially treacherous. The last time hed made the journey before speaking with Boise Weekly in February, hed had close calls in his car with two deer and a fox, and shortly afterward, an avalanche had buried a stretch of Idaho Highway 21one of the few roads into the mountain town. Doug makes the trip in a car stocked with cheese, condiments, vegetables, and, more recently, fresh-roasted coffee. He is the co-owner of Redd Square, a restaurant in the newly developed Stanley Town Square that opened in late June 2018, but since January, he and Jocelyn have taken advantage of an unusual appliance in the Powerhouse break rooma Diedrich coffee roasterto roast their own beans, which they pour and sell exclusively at Redd Square. This fell into our life, and now were trying to roast every week and learn as much as we possibly can, Jocelyn said. The idea is to parlay that into another business. When Windermere took over the Powerhouse, the new owner renovated a space on the main floor into a lavish break room. Along with a full cooking range, stone-topped counter and cozy dining area, it also features the roaster and a metal rack overflowing with burlap sacks of coffee beans. Jocelyn, who is a Boise-based real estate agent with Windermere, has taken full advantage of the space. Redd Square joins a handful of other Boise-based roasters like Form & Function, Hammer & Kettle and Neckar Coffee, though Doug and Jocelyn admitted that theyre neophytes at the practice. Nevertheless, their Guatemala, which Dough described as just shy of a Vienna roast, and their lighter-roasted Sumatra both pass the taste test, and they said theyve sold between 20 and 25 pounds of the stuff since they started offering it at Redd Square in January. Unlike their Boise peers, who lean toward

GravEyard Douses Treefort with Its Unofficial 'Gravy Fort 2.0'
03/20/2019 5:01am

From Friday-Sunday, March 22-24, foodslingers Zac Clark and Derek Freitag will open their walk-up window in the Zen Bento storefront from 9 p.m.-2 a.m. during Treefort Music Fest. The self-styled dirty gravy boys of late-night biscuits and gravy pop-up GravEyard are at it again. From Friday-Sunday, March 22-24, foodslingers Zac Clark and Derek Freitag will open their walk-up window in the Zen Bento storefront on 10th Street from 9 p.m.-2 a.m. during Treefort Music Fest for what theyre calling Gravy Fort 2.0. Im doubling everything I have, and Im opening 30 minutes earlier that usual, said Clark, GravEyards chef/owner. Usually, the window opens at 9:30 p.m. and shutters at half past 2 in the morning. GravEyard has offered midnight revelers unconventional flavor combinations since 2017, when it first pedalled its non-traditional biscuits and gravy, mac-and-cheese and polenta poutine to tipsy ghost, ghouls and vampires on the downtown thoroughfare for Halloween. A year and a half later, the pop-up, which flings open its window sporadically on weekends, giving hungry fans a heads up through social media and graveyard208, nearly always sells out by nights end. Clark expects this years Gravy Fort to be an amplication of, rather than an exception to, that rule. Were pretty much running the same menu I always do, because if I add a special Ill probably be overwhelmed, Clark said. Its pretty crazy because last year the Gravy Fort event only had like 90 interested or going on social media and this year Im up to like 560 or something. For Gravy Fort 2.0, GravEyard will offer buscuit and gravy combinations like the Something Spicy topped with chorizo and chipotle gravy, plus mac and cheese, and gluten-free and vegan options. For local B&G aficionados and adventurous out-of-towners alike, GravEyard is a must-hit spot to curb the hunger pangs brought on by dancing at a midnight concert. Just be sure to get there before the grub is gone.

Idaho Business Review

Idaho Business Review

855 W Broad St
Boise, ID 83702   Directions

(208) 336-3768


Stanford University launches Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence
03/20/2019 6:32am

Stanford University is launching a new institute to study, guide and develop human-centered artificial intelligence technologies and applications. The mission of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence HAI is to advance artificial intelligence AI research, education, policy and practice to improve the human condition. The university-wide institute is working closely with companies acrosssectors, including ...

Catching up with American Semiconductor, making bendable chips 
03/20/2019 6:31am

In a nondescript warehouse in west Boise, next door to a recreational vehicle lot, Richard Ellinger is pacing off the size of the new fabrication facility on the concrete floor. Thats because his company recently established a joint partnership that will let it vastly increase the production capacity of its flexible integrated circuit chips. In ...

Four join T-O Engineers
03/20/2019 6:03am

Brandon Farrell has joined T-O Engineers Nampa office as a staff engineer. He will be working mostly on municipal projects. Previously, he worked at the Meridian office. Trevor Robason has joined the Nampa office as a staff surveyor. He holds a bachelors degree in surveying and geomatics from Idaho State University and gained experience working ...

Arena plans moving forward at U of I 
03/20/2019 6:00am

The Idaho State Board of Education voted unanimously March 14 to approve the University of Idahos funding request to build the planned $46 million Idaho Central Credit Union Arena. As part of the financing package, U of I officials asked the board to allow the school to loan itself $29 million from reserve funds to ...

Post Falls teen aiming to beat her own cookie sales record
03/20/2019 6:00am

POST FALLS, Idaho AP Mikayla Butler is so good at selling Girl Scout Cookies, even the sweet-smelling candles in her house remind visitors that its time to put in their orders. The Post Falls High School junior and Troop 3008 Girl Scout reigned as the record-breaking, top Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern ...

Idaho Press- Tribune

Idaho Press- Tribune

1618 N Midland Blvd
Nampa, ID 83651   Directions

(208) 467-9251


Idaho Public Television

Idaho Public Television

1455 N Orchard St
Boise, ID 83706   Directions

(800) 543-6868




140 N 16th St
Boise, ID 83702   Directions

(208) 472-2222




1866 E Chisholm Dr
Nampa, ID 83687   Directions

(208) 336-0500




5407 W Fairview Ave
Boise, ID 83706   Directions

(208) 375-7277


The Arbiter

The Arbiter

1910 University Dr
Boise, ID 83725   Directions

(208) 426-6300


Opinion: E-cigarette resolution attempts to control students freedom of choice
03/19/2019 11:28am

A resolution passed through ASBSU banning E-Cigarettes and tobacco products on campus on November 18, 2018. This isnt the first time Boise State has attempted to ban tobacco on campus. ASBSU member, Makaela Bournazian, explained to an Arbiter reporter the reason for passing this policy is a comprehensive tobacco and e-cigarette policy in order to ...

‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’: Performed by the Boise State Department of Theatre
03/18/2019 1:31pm

The lights dim, the music rises and the play begins. Boise States Theatre Arts Department ended their current season with one of the most popular playwrights of all time: William Shakespeare. The timeless Shakespearean classic, A Midsummer Nights Dream, was performed by the department as their chosen play for the spring semester, and brought a ...

The GIMM program at Boise State creates opportunities with virtually endless possibilities
03/18/2019 11:29am

Virtual reality VR is a tool that allows users to view a three-dimensional environment and interact with it. The technology is still new, but the applications are endless. For students in the gaming, interactive and mobile media program GIMM at Boise State, its a technology that is revolutionizing how we understand disabilities and illnesses. A ...

Relaxation Room offers quiet space for revival
03/17/2019 2:41pm

As the warm, spring weather takes its time arriving, it can be hard to find a relaxing place outside. Whether its the wind or the noise, it can sometimes feel like there are no spaces on campus to just have some peace and quiet. While the library can be an option, it might be too ...

Dancing the line between art and athletics
03/15/2019 8:19pm

Although many ballet dancers begin at an early age, sophomore biology major Emma Casselman didnt start until she was 16. In an attempt to catch up with peers, who often had more than 10 years of experience over her, Casselman began spending more than 15 hours a week on practices. So much practice for a ...

The Idaho Statesman

The Idaho Statesman

1200 N Curtis Rd
Boise, ID 83706   Directions

(208) 377-6200


Nobody has time to listen to all of Treefort’s 440 bands, right? Meet Nobody.
03/20/2019 7:32am

Treefort week always lifts my spirits. Mostly because of all the reasons youre familiar with the music, the events, the food, the celebration of all things Downtown Boise. But Click to Continue

4A SIC softball preview: Upstart picked to knock off the three-time defending state champ
03/19/2019 4:24pm

Middleton has ruled Idahos 4A softball classification the past three years, winning three straight state titles. But the Southern Idaho Conferences coaches predict a changing of the guard this year. Click to Continue

From ‘mousy housewife’ to Comedyfort chief, this Boisean makes people laugh for a living
03/18/2019 3:43pm

Emma Arnold never really thought about trying to make a career out of comedy until after a very unfunny moment in her life: the breakup of her marriage. She had Click to Continue

Grammy winner from Miami to headline 10th annual Boise Music Festival
03/19/2019 1:34pm

Rapper Pitbull is the first singer announced to appear at the 10th annual Boise Music Festival on Saturday, June 22. The Miami native, 38, also known as Mr. Worldwide, won Click to Continue

This iconic former Boise hotel was redeveloped 5 years ago. It was just sold.
03/18/2019 4:27pm

The developers who renovated Boises former Owyhee Hotel five years ago into todays The Owyhee have just sold it. LocalConstruct, a Los Angeles firm, and longtime Boise developer Clay Carley Click to Continue

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