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Boise Weekly

Boise Weekly

523 Broad St
Boise, ID 83702   Directions

(208) 344-2055

Author Tayari Jones Talks 'Ordinary People Interacting With History' at Boise Literary Event
01/17/2019 11:15am

When you dedicate yourself to something with all your heart, the doors will open. Tayari Jones has social justice bonafides. My parents met at an NAACP meeting, she said to a packed Egyptian Theatre on Jan. 16. I am the product of civil rights. To say that her novels are about the issues facing people of color, feminism or the American criminal justice system, however, is to miss an important part of her message as a novelist. My subject matter is ordinary people interacting with history, she said. Jones, whose latest novel, An American Marriage, has been praised by taste-makers like Oprah and former President Barack Obama, was in Boise for The Cabin literary centers Readings & Conversations series. That book is about a woman wrestling with ethical, moral and personal dilemmas while her husband serves a sentence for a crime he didnt commit. Much of Jones talk was about her own life, and though she didnt earmark the fact for the audience, the stories she told pointed to a tendency toward alienation, and a day-to-day familiarity with the literary and the topical. Her career as a writer seemed almost predestined. When she was a child, her parents, fed up with American politics, packed their bags and moved the family to West Africa Just imagine this kid, in a whole other country, a whole other set of rules, she said. Later,as a student at Spellman College, she forged a departments chairs signature to get into a creative writing class. Since then, her life has been a stream, the current of which has drawn her toward being a writer and encouraging people to scull their own oars. When you dedicate yourself to something with all your heart, the doors will open, she said. There have been rapids, though: At one point in her career, Jones books were out of print, and publishers looked at their sales and turned away what would end up one of her most noteworthy novels, Silver Sparrow. She would later labor for years over the ending of An American Marriage, the title of which was her editors suggestion. Though she balked at the title at firstAn American Marriagesounds like two people getting a divorce in Connecticuther editor observed that American can be a tough term to own. I had never been called American before, Jones said.

January 17, 2019: What to Know
01/17/2019 9:19am

Microsoft puts its money where its workers live, Timmy Kinner Jr. is declared unfit to stand trial, a mysterious ice circle spins in a Maine river and a Kentucky newspaper apologizes for improperly editing a womans parting words to President Trump. Officials at Microsoft announced a stunner on Wednesday: Their company pledged $500 million to assist affordable housing in Seattle, where the tech giant is headquartered. Most of the money will be earmarked for increasing options for low- and middle-income workers. The Seattle Times reports that Microsoft said its plan would spur other companies to act, adding that the industry has a responsibility to help people left behind in areas transformed by the tech boom. The man accused of stabbing nine people in Boiseviolence which lead to the death of a 3-year-old girlhas been be found to be mentally unfit to stand trial. The Idaho Press reports that 4th District Court Judge Nancy Baskin has ordered 31-year-old Timmy Kinner Jr. committed to a state facility for up to 90 days. Baskin said Kinner was dangerously mentally ill and presents a substantial risk of physical harm. Kinner will be sent to the Idaho Secure Mental Health Facility at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution. Boise Police said a Washington State man is their suspect in a string of retail thefts in and around of Boise. Investigators said 30-year-old Kyle Williamson-Smith of East Wenatchee, Washington, allegedly stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of items at Boise stores. Hes also accused of shoplifting at stores in Northern Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Williamson-Smith is being held at a Chelan County jail in Washington, awaiting extradition to Ada County. A new study published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences says the planets oceans are warming faster than ever. The research concludes that warmer waters are fueling stronger storms, hurting coral habitats and stressing fisheries. People in Westbrook, Maine are being dazzled by a unusual ice circle spinning in the Presumpscot River. It was an instant sensation on social media. Take a look. News came this morning out of Louisville, Kentucky, about an 87-year-old woman whose dying wish was to take a parting shot at President Trump in her obituary. After Frances Williams passed away, her family paid the Louisville Courier-Journal $1,684 to print her full obituary, which included the following: Her passing was hastened by her continued frustration with the Trump administration. The newspaper initially edited the obituary and left out the line about Trump. But the family took to Facebook to rip the newspapers decision. Ultimately, a columnist at the paper apologized, adding that they would either republish the obit or

City of Boise Plans Voucher Program to Avoid EnergyBag Delivery Hiccups in 2019
01/17/2019 9:00am

Keep an eye on the CurbIt website for more details on when the vouchers will go out, and how to redeem them. Since the City of Boise rolled out its Hefty EnergyBag recycling program in May of 2018, citizens have used it to send more 190 tons of plastics to Salt Lake City to be turned into biofuels, filling about 275,000 individual bags. That popularity has pushed the citys Public Works department to look for a more efficient way than mass delivery to help the public restock its supply of EnergyBags for 2019. The solution, according to a memo sent out to the Public Works Commission from residential recycling program headPeter McCullough, could be a voucher program, which should ensure citizens get their free rolls of 26 bags without the delivery snafus of last year. In the summer of 2018, due to what McCullough called logistical errors, a private contractor hired to deliver roughly 74,000 rolls of energy bags skipped entire neighborhoods and deposited single bags, rather than full rolls, at some households. The voucher program will also cement the programs connection with Albertsons, which is already selling rolls of EnergyBags to people who went through their initial 26 at a faster pace than the average. The Hefty EnergyBag vouchers will allow residents to get a free roll of 26 bags at a participating store, wrote Public Works spokeswoman Natalie Monro in an email. Albertsons is currently carrying the bags, and other local stores are working with the vendor to supply bags as well. We will keep an updated list of participating stores on our website at We hope that our residents continue to engage in the Hefty EnergyBag program. Our aim is for the vouchers to allow us to do a better job of delivering to our residents, and that we will avoid distributing bags to customers that dont wish to participate in this voluntary program. Keep an eye on the CurbIt website for more details on when the vouchers will go out, and how to redeem them. The vouchers will be released beginning in April and ending in May.

Boise City Council Touts Successes as it Mulls Easing Rules on e-Scooters
01/16/2019 3:40pm

If Spin, a potential third vendor which hopes to start doing business in Boise as early as February 2019, gets a green light from the city, there could be up to 1,500 e-scooters on Boise streets this spring. Starting this spring, there could be significantly more e-scooters on Boise streets. On Jan. 15, the Boise City Council heard from staff about the current state of e-scooters in the City of Trees. In response, it called for changes to the current rules that cap the number of devices each e-scooter vendor can deploy in the city. I think the market is going to dictate the number of e-scooters, said Council Member TJ Thomson, who seconded Council Member Scot Ludwigs motion. Under a package of ordinances passed in 2018, the number of devices a vendor may roll out must be between 50 and 250. There is also a three-vendor cap in effect. Ludwigs proposal, which was adopted by the council 4-2, asks city staff to draft an amendment to the ordinance increasing the maximum number of devices each e-scooter vendor may deploy to 500. If the council votes to implement those changes at a future meeting, and if Spin, a potential third vendor which hopes to start doing business in Boise as early as February 2019, gets a green light from the city, there could be up to 1,500 e-scooters on Boise streets this spring between Spin, Bird and Lime. The council was swayed to make the change after Development of Finance and Administration Director Craig Croner described the citys regulations on e-scooters as a qualified success. Weve actually facilitated another component of alternative transportation thats really gained a lot of traction here in a short amount of time, even in the winter months, he said. As a vehicle fleet manager, I can tell you there are a lot of fleets out there that would really like to have this utilization. Croner said that to date, nearly 36,000 unique riders have ridden Boise e-scooters almost 120,000 miles. He added that the number of complaints75 in the three months the scooters have been deployedare marginal when set against the number of rides and distance traveled, though council members urged him to continue working with vendors to address issues associated with reckless e-scooter use and their placement in the right-of-way. At peak usage, people were riding each e-scooter as many as eight times per day. Currently, each device is used approximately 1.7 times per daya number members of the council are keen to keep low by raising the number of e-scooters on the streets. Now that people are used to e-scooters, I

Rolling Back Tariffs Could Help Idaho Dairy Farmers Survive Record Cheese Surplus, Low Milk Prices
01/16/2019 11:05am

Really our best opportunity is to impact this is from the demand side of the equation. The United States is buckling under the weight of its cheese surplus. NPR reportsthat according to U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics, the extra 900,000 cubic yards of cheese currently sitting in cold storage make up the largest glut in American historyand could wrap a cheese wall around the U.S. Capitol. Thats not good news for Idahos dairy farmers, whose troubles with low milk prices which are based on national cheese values have been compounded by U.S. trade conflicts with Mexico and China. Idaho Dairymens Association CEORick Naerebout said that although the surplus is in large part due to a surging milk supply that has outpaced national demand, a drop in exports caused by tariffs has fed the cheese glut. Cheese is one of those big export items, he said, ...Mexico is our biggest trade partner and theres a 25 percent tariff on cheese going to Mexico, so its effectively taking opportunity out of the marketplace as long as that retaliatory tariff remains in place. While Naerebout said the country has seen positive demand in cheese consumptionthe USDA reports Americans ate 39.1 pounds of cheese per person in 2017, up about 1.5 percent from 2016its not enough to offset a dairy industry booming thanks to more efficient cows and, in Idahos case, more cows in the industry. The price of milk per 100 pounds known in the industry as the price per hundredweight was last reported by the USDA inOctober2018 at $17.40, 20 cents below the 2017 average but more than $2 higher than the lowest reported average of the year, which was $15.30 in February. The Farm Journals MILK magazine reports that the price of milk has been below the cost of production since 2010, but international retaliation to the Trump administrations tariffs on steel and aluminum have made the curve steeper, and the slow-moving dairy industry has struggled to react. Reducing herd size is an unappealing prospect for many farmers, who have invested heavily in their cows. And as Naerebout pointed out, there arent really any other quick, viable options. Its a two-year decision to get a calf to the point that shes producing, so theres not a lot of tools in the toolbox for dairymen when it comes to slowing down production, he said. And its not like you can just tell her, Hey, milk prices are low, quit producing milk. It just doesnt work that way.

Idaho Business Review

Idaho Business Review

855 W Broad St
Boise, ID 83702   Directions

(208) 336-3768

Raj Jain and Stuart Williams joins Zions Bank
01/17/2019 5:00am

Raj Jain has joined Zions Bank as an executive banking relationship manager, based at the Boise, Eagle and Chinden branch. Jain previously worked as a relationship manager for KeyBank and also has experience as a small business owner. Stuart Williams has been named executive banking regional manager, based at the banks 8th and Main branch ...

Idaho to update IT procurement processes 
01/17/2019 5:00am

In response to issues with computer services contracts, Gov. Brad Little is working with Jeff Weak, administrator of information technology services, and the purchasing department to improve procurement. As part of this, Little named Bryan Mooney formerly vice president of operations for MWI Animal Health, a Boise-based supplier of animal health products for veterinarians to ...

‘Ban the box’ legislation to get another try 
01/17/2019 5:00am

The Idaho Legislature will once again consider ban the box legislation that is intended to make it easier for people convicted of a crime to apply for jobs. Such legislation was proposed last year, but was pulled by its sponsor, Sen. Cherie Buckner-Webb, D-Boise, who confirmed she would be trying a version of the bill ...

Legislative committee cuts Little’s budget figure 
01/17/2019 5:00am

Citing concerns about a possible recession, the Economic Outlook and Revenue Assessment Committee EORAC voted along party lines on lower budget numbers than those proposed by Gov. Brad Little, meaning the budget he proposed will need to be cut by $93 million. In Littles State of the State speech on Jan. 7, he proposed 2020 ...

Idaho officials want to cap hundreds of artesian wells
01/16/2019 10:51am

Lawmakers have advanced legislation to help state officials cap what are thought to be hundreds of artesian wells across southern Idaho in a plan that could help irrigators and a federally protected snail. The Senate Resources and Environment Committee on Monday unanimously approved moving ahead with legislation that will alter a 1987 law with an ...

Idaho Press- Tribune

Idaho Press- Tribune

1618 N Midland Blvd
Nampa, ID 83651   Directions

(208) 467-9251

Idaho Public Television

Idaho Public Television

1455 N Orchard St
Boise, ID 83706   Directions

(800) 543-6868



140 N 16th St
Boise, ID 83702   Directions

(208) 472-2222



1866 E Chisholm Dr
Nampa, ID 83687   Directions

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5407 W Fairview Ave
Boise, ID 83706   Directions

(208) 375-7277

The Arbiter

The Arbiter

1910 University Dr
Boise, ID 83725   Directions

(208) 426-6300

The food pantry celebrates its first year of being open at the end of the month
01/17/2019 2:06pm

While reading the notes and suggestions left in the comment box in the newly revamped food pantry, Anna Moreshead, the assistant dean of students, received a lot of gratitude from students about the pantry. The food pantry, located in the Office of the Dean of Students, opened last year on Jan. 30. Since then it ...

Opinion: The Grammy goes to…
01/16/2019 1:58pm

By junior political science and communication major Tate Volbrecht. The Academy made some easy selections for the mainstream categories for the upcoming Grammy Awards. Kendrick Lamar gets the quintessential Album of the Year nod for Black Panther: The Album and the mainstream, generic presentation that is Beerbongs & Bentleys is aptly rewarded with a nomination ...

Songs to unleash your inner #Girlboss
01/14/2019 12:34pm

Women from The Arbiter and University Pulse Radio share their songs for staying motivated: Jordan, Editor-in-Chief: Majesty by Nicki Minaj Ximena, Online Editor: Successful by Ariana Grande Logan, Culture Editor: Motherlove by Bea Miller Delaney, Sports Editor: Lemon by N.E.R.D. and Rihanna Isabel Everett, Social Media Manager: Independent Woman by Destinys Child Isabel, Graphic Designer: ...

A look at women’s athletics from a coach’s and three student-athletes’ perspective
01/14/2019 12:23pm

Women athletes are often faced with trials and tribulations from the moment they start playing, but many times gender-based challenges dont become apparent until women start playing at a higher level. At the collegiate level, attendance in womens games compared to mens is one of the most prominent issues. When the Boise State mens basketball ...

Boise State women defeat San Jose 99-68
01/13/2019 6:32pm

On Saturday, Jan. 12 in the Taco Bell Arena, the Boise State womens basketball team was doing what they do best: beating their conference opponents in impressive fashion. By defeating the San Jose Spartans 99-68, a season high in points, the Broncos move to 12-2 overall and 3-0 in conference play for the 2018-19 season. ...

The Idaho Statesman

The Idaho Statesman

1200 N Curtis Rd
Boise, ID 83706   Directions

(208) 377-6200

Idaho House member tried trademarking your license plate image; the owner threatened to sue
01/16/2019 6:13pm

You may know Idahos red, white and blue license plates were created to celebrate its centennial in 1990. What you may not know is that for every Idaho license plate Click to Continue

Yo, red stater: Worried Idaho could turn blue? Stop blaming Californians moving here.
01/17/2019 5:23pm

Grouchy about growth, my red-state friend Optimistic about the future, Blue Girl, Red State bumper sticker fan Heres a word of caution. If youre going to let Idaho arrows fly Click to Continue

This Meridian manufacturer was just sold. See the latest changes in Valley businesses
01/17/2019 7:43am

Companies Boises family-owned McAlvain Cos. Inc. construction firm has been sold to Big-D Construction of Salt Lake City. Torry McAlvain Sr., whose father, Doug, started the business in 1980, will Click to Continue

After 69 years, this landmark bar in Garden City is closed again. What’s the deal?
01/17/2019 12:17pm

As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink beer when the taps are shut down. Or something like that. The Ranch Click to Continue

He fights, he scores: Newcomer’s unusual skill set sparks Idaho Steelheads
01/17/2019 5:14pm

If there are two things a fans wants to see happen on the ice when attending an Idaho Steelheads game, its a goal and a fight and not necessarily Click to Continue

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