Smart Style Family Hair Salon

311 Route 9w
Glenmont, NY 12077
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Aesthetic Science Institute
  • • Brazilian Bikini Wax & Hair Removal Services
  • • Facial Peels & Treatments
  • • Laser Treatments
(518) 786-0760
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Things To Do in Albany, NY

New York State Capital New York State Capital

Discover politics at the New York State Capital. Vote to view the legislative process when you walk the halls of political might to see the wheels of justice in motion. Visitors stand united to browse attractions like the assembly chamber, historical murals and the Capital Flag room, a memorial to the loss of life given in the defense of freedom.

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Albany Pine Bush Preserve Albany Pine Bush Preserve

Outdoor lovers go to Albany Pine Bush Preserve. Hikers naturally want to spend time at a nature preserve that treks along trails where visitors camp out to enjoy bird watching, hiking, jogging, horseback riding and even cross-country skiing! Enjoy conservation and recreation!

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Schuyler Mansion Historic Site Schuyler Mansion Historic Site

Step into the shoes of a general at the Schuyler Mansion Historic Site. The historic landmark is the private residence of Philip J. Schuyler, a Revolutionary War general, U.S. Senator, and business entrepreneur. You’ll peek into his private life and learn about his military strategizing and political socializing.

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