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Tulsa, OK 74132
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Premier Businesses in Tulsa, OK

BB & G Enterprises Inc. Roofing
  • • Residential Roofing
  • • Roof Replacement, Repair & Installation
  • • Roof Tear-Offs, Asphalt & More
(918) 830-2390
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Holland Landscape, Inc.
  • • Turf Maintenance
  • • Landscape Maintenance
  • • Trimming Services
(918) 232-8662
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Terrel B. DoRemus & Associates
  • • Will & Trust
  • • Power Of Attorney
  • • Health Care Directives
(918) 477-7709
Directions Website
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  • • Tree Trimming & Removal
  • • Stump Grinding
  • • Landscaping & Clean-Up
(918) 283-1514
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Things To Do in Tulsa, OK

Tulsa Zoo Tulsa Zoo

If you want a fun and educational family outing, visit the Tulsa Zoo. With a focus on wildlife education and conservation, the Tulsa Zoo is the premier destination for anyone who values creativity and diversity. Stroll among the fantastic animals, from tigers to grizzly bears, or let your kids run wild at the Helmerich Playground, where they can behave like their favorite animal. The Tulsa Zoo is more than just a fun day out. They're actively working with the community to drive change for a future where wildlife and wild places thrive. Their top-notch education programs encourage curiosity about the natural world and help participants become environmentally conscientious and scientifically literate citizens. And if you want to make your visit memorable, consider a Walking Tour with a knowledgeable, professional guide. You'll learn even more about the animals and their habitats and come away with a deeper appreciation for the fantastic work done by the Tulsa Zoo.

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River Parks Authority River Parks Authority

Check out the fantastic experience at the Arkansas River with Tulsa River Parks. You'll explore and ride along the river while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. With 22 miles of scenic trails on both sides of the river, you can jog, hike, or ride your bike while enjoying the picturesque views. River Parks boasts a range of entertainment options and fun outdoor activities that are available during seasonal months. You'll find your happy place at River Parks. Whether you're into the Urban Wilderness of Turkey Mountain, the 41st Street Plaza with its splash pad, playground, and disc golf, or the River West Festival Park, where some of Tulsa's most significant events, there's something for everyone here.

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Tulsa Juneteenth Festival Tulsa Juneteenth Festival

Are you seeking a space to express yourself freely and celebrate your liberation? Look no further than the annual Tulsa Juneteenth Festival on the historic Greenwood Ave in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This festival is about creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to come together and celebrate the end of slavery in the United States. The festival celebrates the day when federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, in 1865 to take control of the state and free all enslaved people. This day, Juneteenth is the longest-running African-American holiday and serves as a reminder of the ongoing work towards freedom for all. At Juneteenth, they believe in holding space for celebration as a pathway to Healing. They want to provide a communal space for everyone to come together and enjoy living in the present moment.

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