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Adventure Zone

Adventure Zone

251 E Redd Rd
El Paso, TX 79932   Directions

(915) 585-9663

Adventure Zone features 36 holes of mini golf, El Paso's biggest go kart track, bumper boats a video arcade and a restaurant. The restaurant features the locally famous McCrory Tacos. These tacos have been voted Top 5 Best Tacos in the El Paso Times readers poll and have been served in El Paso since 1952. Located at I-10 at Redd Road exit and open everyday. Call us for more information.

Bob-O's Family Fun Center

Bob-O's Family Fun Center

3851 Constitution Dr
El Paso, TX 79922   Directions

(915) 587-6070

Explore a world of fun at Bob-O's Family Fun Center. Attractions include Laser Odyssey, Go-Karts, an 18-Hole Miniature Golf Course, Go-Karts, Bumper Boats, and more. Pizza, hot dogs and snacks available.

El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center

El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center

715 N Oregon St
El Paso, TX 79902   Directions

(915) 351-0048

Learn about the impact and hope of a culture that almost lost its future. The El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center is a leading force in education and visual storytelling of the atrocities of WWII.

One survivor's vision and determination to pass along the history of the Holocaust has earned worldwide recognition and mobilized the community of El Paso to support the establishment of the El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center.

The project began in 1984, when Holocaust survivor Henry Kellen decided to tell his story of what he endured as a victim of the Holocaust as a young boy.

Those moments began at the Jewish Community Center, where Kellen would bring a few books and personal items for children and adults to view while he told his firsthand account. With the support of the community and a single $250,000 donation, the design and construction of a Holocaust museum began.

The Museum opened a few years later but was destroyed in an electrical fire in 2001. Undeterred, the community set about rebuilding the museum and raised most of the funds within the area.

The new $2.5 million building was designed by El Paso artist Victor Mireles and reopened in 2008. It features 4,000 square fee of exhibit space, which is in both English and Spanish.

Lessons in the multimedia galleries include: Life in Europe before the Nazi Party; the Rise of the Nazi Party; the Use of Nazi Propaganda; Kristallnacht ; Life in the Ghettos; Transportation by Railcars to the Camps; Life and Death in Nazi Concentration Camps; Liberation by the Allied Forces; the Righteous Among the Nations; a Memorial and Reflection Room; and a Gallery of El Paso Holocaust Survivors.

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El Paso Museum of Archaeology

El Paso Museum of Archaeology

4301 Woodrow Bean Transmountain Rd
El Paso, TX 79924   Directions

(915) 755-4332

Learn the story of El Paso's beginnings as a passageway to the West through the exhibits and attractions at the El Paso Museum of Archeology. The museum houses artifacts indoors and chronicles the flora and fauna of the area in its outdoor gardens.

Every town has a history, and El Paso delves back thousands of years to tell its story at the El Paso Museum of Archeology. The beginnings of the area and its early inhabitants are the main focus of the museum, and the stories are told through materials found during excavations in the region.

The lives of American Indians are told through stories featuring their tools and belongings as they inhabited the El Paso area, the greater Southwest and northern Mexico. The time period ranges from the Paleoindian hunters of the Ice Age to their modern Indian descendants.

The stories inside the museum are as compelling as the stories on the museum's grounds, which includes 15 acres of nature trails, outdoor exhibits and a desert garden with more than 250 varieties of native plants.

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El Paso Museum of Art

El Paso Museum of Art

1 Arts Festival Plz
El Paso, TX 79901   Directions

(915) 212-0300

View an exciting collection of more than 5,000 works of art at the The El Paso Museum of Art. Included in the collection are pieces of Mexican colonial art and retablos from the Southwestern U.S. and Mexico along with other art attractions.

The El Paso Museum of Art is a regional museum that serves West Texas, New Mexico and Mexico. Founded in 1959, the museum features permanent collections and special exhibits while serving more than 110,000 visitors per year.

A new facility was constructed in 1998 and houses a permanent collection of more than 5,000 pieces of art. Special exhibits and featured artworks are the norm, rather than the exception. A steady schedule of temporary exhibits, films, concerts and other programs keep the museum lively and draws return visitors several times a year.

The permanent collection includes the Samuel H. Kress Collection of European Art from the 13th-18th centuries, American art from the 19th and 20th centuries, and Mexican colonial art and retablos from the Southwestern U.S. and Mexico.

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El Paso Zoo

El Paso Zoo

4001 E Paisano Dr
El Paso, TX 79905   Directions

(915) 212-0966

It's all happening at the El Paso Zoo, a 35-acre natural habitat setting for more than 250 species of animals. Visit attractions like the reptile house, the Asian grasslands or the African exhibit featuring lions, zebras and giraffes.

The El Paso Zoo is a thriving center for education and fun, where visitors can view more than 250 species of animals, learn about their natural habitats, and discover how to preserve endangered species for future generations.

The 35-acre zoo boasts a variety of natural habitats to explore. Exhibits include a Reptile House, South American Pavilion, Americas Aviary, Cisneros Paraje, Birds of Prey, Forest Atrium, Asian Grasslands and an Elephant Complex. In all, there are 500 mammals, reptiles and birds, 100 fish and 250 invertebrates.

Changes at the El Paso Zoo are happening as well. Recent updates include a new Reptile House and African exhibits featuring lions, zebras, and giraffes.

Other fun activities include a carousel, food court and gift shop.

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Franklin Mountains State Park

Franklin Mountains State Park

1331 McKelligon Canyon Rd
El Paso, TX 79930   Directions

(915) 566-6441

The Franklin Mountains State Park is an urban oasis and a favorite attraction for hikers and rock climbers. You'll also find real Native American pictographs on the boulders and in rock shelters.

Conservationists have worked steadily and successfully to designate the Franklin Mountains State Park as an ecologically important piece of natural history, designating the area as a state park in 1979.

Since then, urban development has halted and the mountains form a striking backdrop to the city of El Paso.

The park opened to the public in 1987 and is the largest urban park in the nation at more than 24,000 acres.

The area is a popular attraction for hikers and rock climbers. Two hiking trails are accessible off Loop 375, and the Parks Department has designated climbing areas in McKeligon Canyon.

Primitive camping and a handful of RV sites are available for overnight stays.

Native Americans created pictographs on many of the boulders and in rock shelters.

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Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site

Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site

6900 Hueco Tanks Rd
El Paso, TX 79938   Directions

(915) 857-1135

Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site is filled with interesting history of the land, including the otherworldly natural rock basins where rainwater collects in stunning pools. Rock paintings, a historic ranch house and the ruins of a stagecoach station are a few attractions within the park that are all part of the region's history.

Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site is a world-renown park named for its natural rock basins or "huecos" that have gathered rainwater for the early inhabitants of the region.

The historic, 900-acre site opened to the public in 1970. Here, visitors can view breathtaking rock paintings that depict everyday and stories passed down by the Archaic hunters and Native Americans that have inhabited the area. Paintings include more than 200 designs or masks left by the prehistoric Jornada Mogollon culture.

The visitor's center is located in a historic ranch house. Nearby are the ruins of a stagecoach station.

Popular activities here include rock climbing, bouldering, birding, camping and hiking.

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INSIGHTS El Paso Science Museum

INSIGHTS El Paso Science Museum

521 Tays St
El Paso, TX 79901   Directions

(915) 534-0000

If you've got science on the brain, head over to the INSIGHTS El Paso Science Museum. Exhibits and attractions demonstrate things like electricity, bending light and optical illusions through hands-on displays.

INSIGHTS El Paso Science Museum is for the budding scientist in both young and older visitors, where a fascinating world of science and technology is revealed in a series of fun, educational and hands-on exhibits.

The interactive and touch museum explores solar power, motion, light illumination, electricity, space science, computers, energy and the human body.

INSIGHTS El Paso Science Museum opened in1980 as the result of a few dedicated community members who noticed the lack of opportunity to study science in-depth in local schools.

Now the center features permanent exhibits like the Tesla Coil and the Centrifugal force spinner. Traveling exhibits are provided through an arrangement with the Smithsonian Institution and other established scientific organizations.

The permanent gallery also delves into fascinating topics like electricity, bending light, optical illusions and magnetism.

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Licon Dairy

Licon Dairy

11951 Glorietta Rd
San Elizario, TX 79849   Directions

(915) 851-2705

Railroad & Transportation Museum of El Paso

Railroad & Transportation Museum of El Paso

400 W San Antonio Ave
El Paso, TX 79901   Directions

(915) 422-3420

All aboard the Railroad & Transportation Museum of El Paso! Real, historic trains, engines, dining cars, sleeping cars and more are on display. Transportation buffs and fans of trains young and old will enjoy the walk-in displays.

El Paso Railroad & Transportation Museum is a fun place for young and old transportation buffs, especially folks who want to see old locomotives and steam trains up close. Tours of the trains on the grounds are available for all visitors.

Plenty of educational information can be found here too. The exhibits will walk visitors through a slew of interesting facts about the transportation system through El Paso and on to Colorado and California. The museum explores the role of railroads during the war, mass transit that began with mule cars and the second transcontinental railroad built through El Paso.

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Wyler Aerial Tramway

Wyler Aerial Tramway

1700 McKinley Ave
El Paso, TX 79930   Directions

(915) 566-6622

You haven't seen the El Paso Franklin Mountains until you witness their breathtaking beauty from the Wyler Aerial Tramway at Franklin Mountains State Park. Ride a gondola where you'll have an unobstructed view of 3 states and 2 nations.

The El Paso Franklin Mountains are a spectacular sight - and you can see them from 6,000 feet in the air, in addition to the pristine natural beauty of Hueco Mountains and Mexico's beaches.

The Wyler Aerial Tramway at Franklin Mountains State Park gives a bird's-eye view of the picturesque beauty and rugged serenity of the land in and around El Paso. The arial cable car traverses 200 acres of mountain and rock formations on the east side of the Franklin Mountains.

A gondola transports sightseers to the top of Ranger Peak. From the vantage point, cacti and rock formations are in full view, along with wildlife that hides and plays along the mountains.

The pinnacle view offers vistas of 3 states and 2 nations, giving a singular story of the rugged southwest.

Birders will also appreciate the views through the area designated and created by the local Audubon Society, known as Feather Lakes.

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Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

305 Yaya Ln
El Paso, TX 79907   Directions

(915) 859-7700

Get a rare glimpse into the celebrations of the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo. The Native American tribe opens several feast days for the public. Plus, you'll find attractions like historic missions, old adobe buildings, a living history museum, restaurants and shops with authentic crafts for sale and the Tigua Indian Cultural Center.

The Ysleta del Sur Pueblo is a recognized Native American tribe, one of three in Texas and the only Pueblo located in the state. The community, known as "Tigua," was established in 1682.

Here, more than 1,600 citizens are enrolled in the tribe. Business endeavors employ 400 members and include the Speaking Rock Entertainment Center, Big Bear Oil Co., Inc., and the Tigua Indian Cultural Center.

The Pueblo celebrates several feast days throughout the year. Some of the events are open to the public. The religious ceremonies are to be observed quietly and any photography must be approved ahead of time. The ceremonies are open to the public as a way to educate and enlighten. The events are very much real and traditional, not staged.

The Tigua Trails section is a very open and inviting area. It includes scenic villages where visitors can get an up close and personal look at life in the Pueblo. Historic missions, old adobe buildings and museums offer a living history of the tribe.

Restaurants and shops with original arts and crafts are also a mainstay of this lively visitor's center.

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