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Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Arkansas Democrat Gazette

121 E Capitol Ave
Little Rock, AR 72201   Directions

(501) 378-3400

Police identify man seriously injured in eastern Arkansas officer-involved shooting
01/17/2019 4:53pm

The Arkansas State Police on Thursday night identified a man who was seriously injured in an officer-involved shooting earlier in the day in eastern Arkansas.

Man charged in attempted kidnapping case; 39-year-old twice tried in 2005 slaying of Arkansas beauty queen
01/17/2019 6:27pm

A man whose two capital-murder trials ended in hung juries will go on trial in an unrelated kidnapping case in April.

2 people killed, officer injured in West Memphis police shooting
01/17/2019 10:30am

Two people died and an officer was hurt Wednesday night after a police shooting in a residential West Memphis neighborhood.

Northwest Arkansas man charged in fatal crash that killed woman; driver said he was 'on acid,' report states
01/17/2019 4:12pm

A Northwest Arkansas man allegedly told police he was on acid after running a red light and fatally striking a 26-year-old motorist in Rogers, according to an affidavit Thursday charging him with multiple felonies.

Man who killed 4 members of Arkansas family, including 2 children, gets life in prison
01/17/2019 3:29pm

Brian Bliss Travis has been sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty in Polk County Circuit Court to four counts of capital murder in the April 2017 slaying of four members of a Polk County family.

Arkansas Times

Arkansas Times

201 E Markham St
Little Rock, AR 72201   Directions

(501) 375-2985

Hate checkout lines? Skip the line at Dollar General with the new DG GO! app
01/17/2019 8:54pm

Long lists and even longer lineups can test the endurance of even the most seasoned shoppers. From hopping in the car, to finding a parking spot, to navigating through the crowds, shopping sometimes feels more like an extreme sport than it does an everyday task. But there are ways to make shopping less of a headache. The savviest retailers know that making the shopping experience easier draws in more customers. Dollar General, known as one of the best stores in Arkansas to nab a deal, has taken the legwork out of shopping with their new app, DG GO. It isnt just a tech add-on its a way to completely transform the shopping experience. First off: no more waiting at the checkout line. Instead, DG GO lets customers check out and pay securely in the app at participating stores. Shoppers can pocket that extra time saved and spend it on things that matter, like time with family. The appeal of the app is clear the moment a customer enters the store. Using the smartphones camera, the app lets shoppers scan items to see prices and track spending as they go. This eliminates any unexpected surprises, as you know the exact total before you even reach checkout. The app will also seek out additional discounts and promotions. That means shoppers arent only getting access to items at everyday low prices, but are also guaranteed the best price available. DG GO will tell app users about extra savings they can take advantage of by scanning additional items, too. This means Dollar General shoppers can reap the rewards of a buy-one-get-one deal they might have missed otherwise. Its easy to lose track of coupons and mix up deals. This is where DG GO comes in handy again. If customers arent sure whether a coupon applies to an item, they can scan it with their phone and the app will confirm. Long gone are the days of hauling a newspaper with you to take advantage of in-store deals. Finally, customers get 10 percent off all Dollar General purchases when they shop through DG GO. This means more chances to check items off lists for less. Use the Dollar General store locator to pinpoint locations in the greater Little Rock area. DG GO transforms the shopping experience, from easily sticking to a budget, to finding unexpected deals in store, to checking out via the app itself. To use the app, simply download it for free from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. And best of all: no lines. That alone is enough to make the shopping experience something to look forward to. Discount available for a limited time only.

Representative Denise Garner on listening and fixing income inequality
01/17/2019 4:00pm

Freshman Democratic state Rep. Denise Garnerof Fayetteville gained national attention in her successful race against former Republican Rep. Charlie Collins, the sponsor of the bill that put guns on college campuses. Garner, a retired oncology nurse practitioner, mom, grandmother, and nonprofit founder, who is known for her use of her ever-present cell phone camera I admit that Ive hid from her once or twice when I wasnt looking my best and her ability to be everywhere at once, sat down with me recently to talk about the biggest problem facing Arkansas, the expectations of the women who worked to get her elected, and what she is listening to as she prepares to represent District 84. Garner believes the biggest problem facing Arkansas is financial inequality, just as it is across the nation, and that inequality in both education and health care are a direct result. I grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in Dallas. Our neighborhood had teachers and CEOs of big companies and there wasnt that much difference in their homes and where they went to school. There just werent these huge gaps in income. That is what is just so frustrating to me right now. The keys to fixing such inequality are retooling the economy and focusing on education, Garner says. She believes raising the minimum wage to a living wage is the first step. She calls trickle-down economics a failure and believes we need to shift to a consumer-based economy rather than a producer-based economy. This, plus expanding pre-K, raising teacher salaries and providing more wrap-around services, such as social workers and access to healthcare in our schools, could relieve some of the burdens on our educators, who often spend their own money on supplies. The way we pull people out of poverty and break the cycle is through education. If a child has had pre-K experience, that is huge. The statistics for Head Start and all of those programs are unbelievable. We have to make sure the public schools have the resources they need so the teachers can teach. And a $180 million tax cut is not going to do that. Governor Hutchinson is seeking such a cut. Her win of such a high-profile election will no doubtcome with pressure. Garner acknowledges she will disappoint some people and made a point to talk openly about it during her campaign. Her goal is to listen and research the issues well, something for which her predecessor was not known. She believes she should face the same consequences if she fails to listen and connect with the voters in her district. If I make the best decision I can and make sure that they understand why I voted that way, then that is the best I can do. I hope that is enough. If it is not, you know, I deserve to be ousted and let someone else try. Asked if she has a playlist or favorite song to inspire her, Garner says she routinely listens to BBC, NPR and podcasts from Ezra Kleinin lieu of music, but when she does feel down, she reaches back to her time with the Arkansas Travelers on the 2016 presidential campaign trail and hums some of the music frequently played at the Clinton rallies, including songs by Katy Perry andthe campaigns unofficial anthem, Fight Song by Rachel Platten.

Lime scooter users in Little Rock required to ride on sidewalks instead of roads
01/17/2019 3:39pm

The Jan. 8 launch of a six-month pilot project between the city of Little Rock and Lime has brought dozens of pay-as-you-go e-scooters downtown, and Little Rock joins over a hundred other U.S. cities with Lime partnerships. But Little Rock riders are unique: City Ordinance 32-463 prohibits scooters and other devices, such as roller skates, from being ridden on roads except when crossing the street on a crosswalk. The devices must be ridden on sidewalks at all times. Bicycles, on the other hand, must be ridden on paved roads or tracts specifically designated for them. In an emailed statement, Lime wrote that it advises riders to follow local riding, traffic and safety laws in each market in which it operates. Little Rock is unique in that it requires scooters to be ridden on the sidewalks at this time. Todd OBoyle, director of government relations in the Southeast for Lime, said the company attempts to help enforce the ordinance in Little Rock through messages within the app that remind riders of safety instructions tailored to their region. The app has the correct local instructions for local policy, he said. Weve reinforced that with pop up notifications and in-app messaging so that riders know where to be in Little Rock. Officer Eric Barnes, spokesman for the Little Rock Police Department, said safety is the LRPDs primary concern. I think were hopeful that people would just follow guidelines, and our biggest deal is we want people to be safe with them, he said. Theyre in a part of the city where a lot of tourists do go, so we want people to go and have fun, definitely. We just want everyone to do that safely. Barnes said riders cannot receive a DWI on a scooter, but if a rider is in a state of intoxication, police would still follow the public intoxication law. At the time of the Lime launch, a news release from Lime read that Lime-S riders must be 18 years or older, have a valid drivers license, and wear a helmet. The company spells out these requirements for its riders, OBoyle said, with in-app messaging. Riders must agree to our terms of service before they can use a scooter, and additionally, we reinforce that with messaging on the device that says 18-plus, and messaging that says to be sure to wear a helmet, he said. In Arkansas, only motorcycle passengers under the age of 21 are legally required to wear helmets. According to OBoyle, drivers license verification on the app is required in some markets, but Little Rock is not one of them. For those who wish to get a little radical during a ride by doing jumps or tricks to get some air, OBoyle said, theyll be out of luck on a Lime. I think what youll find is when you take your first ride with Lime, the weight and the balance of the vehicle would not be conducive to tricks. A Lime is only as good as its Juicer, which is the title given to the folks who sign up to work for Lime by gathering up scooters at night for recharging. OBoyle said Limes general operational model is to have the scooters out every morning around 8 a.m. Juicers retrieve the scooters using a tracking app around 9 p.m. and charge them at home. According to the companys website, Lime scooters can go up to just under 15 miles an hour, and they pick up pretty fast, as discovered in a test run by the Times Brooke Wallace. On a full charge, the battery can last for 20-plus miles.OBoyle said Limes data shows average trip lengths are far shorter than that. From a riders perspective, were thinking about how far they are going, and we find that the bulk of our trips are at that last mile of transportation, which is the hardest piece of the puzzle in the transportation world, he said. The bulk of our trips are short, a mile or less, and we find that thats people going to and from meetings, going to see friends, stopping at a local cafe or boutique. Our batteries are more than capable of getting people over the last mile. If a rider is really enjoying her time on a Lime scooter, can she use it to travel all the way home Weve seen a strong commuting ridership on our scooters, OBoyle said. We have an agreement with the city that allows us to operate anywhere within the city of Little Rock, so Im sure people are riding from downtown to a home that might be a little farther away. Thats why were constantly gathering data on usage patterns, and that helps us understand where we want to concentrate the next phase of our deployment. According to OBoyle, the January launch of Lime was the product of several months of collaboration, beginning in October, and the company remains in regular contact with the city to help determine the future of the project. OBoyle also said Little Rock has reacted positively to Limes launch. Weve seen strong interest in the community and weve been very pleased, both with juicers and with ridership. Ridership has been great, he said. Were seeing a strong trip generation in Little Rock and weve had interest from across the community saying, We like Lime, wed love to see more of it in our neighborhood, so we,of course, are filing all that away as we think about increasing our deployment and growing into the next phase of our deployment. Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to a Lime PR spokesperson by name instead of attributing quotes to Lime.

Thursday: Headlines and the open line
01/17/2019 2:10pm

Todays news by video: Legislature eases into the weekend. This is also the open line.

Rally for Reproductive Rights on Saturday: UPDATE
01/17/2019 12:59pm

The misogynists at the state Capitol are already busy introducing anti-abortion bills and the members of the Arkansas Medical Board are punishing abortion clinics with a law meant to undermine their revenues. But women are busy, too: the annual Rally for Reproductive Justicewill be held on the Capitol steps at 1 p.m. this Saturday, Jan. 19. Keynote speaker will be Pamela Merritt, the co-founder of Reproaction, and others on why these bills are hurting, not helping, women and their families.The event, sponsored by the Arkansas Coalition for Reproductive Justice, works for the right to HAVE children, the right to NOT HAVE children and the right to PARENT the children we have in SAFE and HEALTHY ENVIRONMENTS, it explains on the Facebook page announcing the rally. Sen. Trent Garner whose other important proposed legislation includes making the shotgun the state gun and who wants to see people carrying their guns openly and everywhere has sponsored two abortion bills: SB2, which would make it illegal for a woman to choose abortion if her fetus tests positive for Down Syndrome and SB3, to require physicians to make extensive reports on abortion complications to the state Department of Health. Meanwhile, over at the state Medical Board, three clinics that provide abortion were cited for billing patients who come seeking an abortion. A 2017 law prohibited clinics from collecting payment from during the 48-hour reflection period after a patients first visit. Board member Robbie Thomas-Knight quit the board after its vote saying the clinics broke the law, saying the decision was made without a hearing and was motivated by abortion animus. Bettina Brownstein, lawyer for the clinics, said the state law was in violation of both state and federal constitutions and would cost clinics thousands of dollars. Which was the point of the law, of course.UPDATE: I asked Meg Mirivel, the spokeswoman for the Department of Health, what complications from medical procedures were required to be reported to the agency. The answer: None. Heres what she wrote: Outbreaks of illness that are healthcare-acquired are reportable. ADH Healthcare Facility Services requires facilities to report any incident of a death while a person is in restraints. Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers are required to keep records of complications, but they are not required to report them. During inspections, these logs are reviewed and analyzed for any trends which would trigger a more extensive investigation as well as evaluating whether the facility is including anything they have identified in their quality assurance program.Garners bill requires physicians whove performed an abortion to submit a report to the Department of Health, within three days.

Daily Record

Daily Record

300 S Izard St
Little Rock, AR 72201   Directions

(501) 374-5103



1401 W Capitol Ave
Little Rock, AR 72201   Directions

(501) 340-4444



401 Main St
Little Rock, AR 72201   Directions

(501) 324-7777



350 S Donaghey Ave
Conway, AR 72034   Directions

(501) 682-2386

Facebook Contest: Win “Wild Kratts LIVE 2.0” Tickets
01/14/2019 4:35pm

Looking for a Wild good time with the family this weekend Enter our social media contest by noon on Wednesday, Jan. 16, for a chance to win a family four-pack of tickets to see the Wild Kratts LIVE 2.0 Activate Creature Power show at Robinson Center Music Hall Saturday, Jan. 19, at 1 p.m.

Watch the 2019 Arkansas Governor’s Inauguration Live
01/15/2019 10:23am

The Arkansas Educational Television Network will broadcast and live stream the 2019 Arkansas governors inauguration - featuring his oath of office and inaugural address in their entirety - Tuesday, Jan. 15, beginning at 10 a.m.

Highlighting High School Hype - “AETN Sports”
01/10/2019 5:01pm

In fall of 2018, high school students from all over Arkansas shared their dance, cheer, band and football hype videos with AETN to build excitement for AETN Sports: High School Football Finals Explore the process involved in getting them from school to social and beyond with the AETN production division intern team: Ryan Bates, Chase Burnham and Nathaly Moreno.

Producer’s Blog – “Sudden Cardiac Arrest: When Seconds Count”
01/10/2019 3:16pm

When a condition is difficult to prevent and warning signs are sudden at best, how can educators prepare to care for their students Explore with AETN education division producer Amy Waller as she shares her perspective on the creation of Sudden Cardiac Arrest: When Seconds Count, a new professional development course from ArkansasIDEAS releasing Jan. 14, 2019.

New Series - “Osiyo: Voices of the Cherokee People”
01/04/2019 5:14pm

Osiyo. In Cherokee, it means Hello and, starting Jan. 6, a new documentary-style series Osiyo: Voices of the Cherokee People will be greeting Arkansans every Sunday at noon. Highlighting the people, places, history and culture of the Cherokee Nation, Osiyo shares the rich and complex story of the largest Native American tribe in the United States. Celebrating history, language, arts and more, the series features the stories of more than 100 modern tribe members, ranging from professional bull riders and Mixed Martial Arts fighters to Grammy-winning recording artists and civil rights activists.



1401 W Capitol Ave
Little Rock, AR 72201   Directions

(501) 340-4444



720 S Izard St
Little Rock, AR 72201   Directions

(501) 376-1111

Police warn against scammers posing as North Little Rock officers
01/17/2019 6:09pm

According to the press release, the scammer tells the individual that they have an outstanding fine that must be paid, threatening that the person will be arrested if the fine goes unpaid.

UCAPD help save raccoon hilariously stuck in drain grate
01/17/2019 12:10pm

Some days are harder than others and for this raccoon it was pretty rough until the police came around.

Award-winning barista, cozy atmosphere make River City Coffee must-try
01/17/2019 2:15pm

River City Coffees coffee ice cubes arent the only thing that will make this a new destination for you.

Arkansas coach uses defibrillator to save teen after collapse
01/17/2019 3:49pm

A coach and a school nurse worked together to save the life of high school student in Pea Ridge.

Two people killed, officer hit by vehicle in West Memphis chase
01/17/2019 12:57pm

Two people were killed and a police officer injured following a shooting in West Memphis on Jan. 16.



701 Napa Valley Dr
Little Rock, AR 72211   Directions

(501) 223-2525

Hello world!
10/10/2015 7:43pm

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writingThe post Hello world appeared first on VTN.

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