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FAQs About a New Roof in Houston

A new roof may be required due to immediate or long-term damage. These are some frequently asked questions about roof replacement.

By: Jamie Eden | Sep 2019

Rofer replacing shingles on roof Rofer replacing shingles on roof photo by csp_lastdays1

One of the realities of living in Houston is that your home will eventually need a new roof. Whether the original roof wears out from the blistering heat or is damaged by the many storms and heavy rains we experience here, you want to make the right investment when the time comes for a replacement roof.

Below are a few of the most common frequently asked questions to ask yourself when you find it necessary to make this investment.

Q: How do I know I need a new roof?

A: Of course, damage from a storm may make the need for replacement obvious. However, there are other signs that your roof has reached the point of no return. These include leaks that affect your home interior, missing or damaged shingles, and damaged flashing or cracked chimney masonry. If you see any of these signs, a professional inspection is necessary. Leaks can cause severe long-term damage, rot and mold, even if you can’t see them.

Q: Should I replace the roof with one like the original?

A: Roofing technology and materials have made many advances in style, quality, colors and other options. You can choose the roof that meets your personal preferences while providing the best long-term investment. It is worth considering other options before choosing your new roof.

Q: How long should my new roof last?

A: Homeowners can normally expect a new roof to provide up to twenty years of reliable service. However, this depends on the materials chosen and the workmanship of the contractor doing the installation. Generally speaking, the better the materials and installation, the longer the roof will last. Other factors that affect the life of your new roof include the maintenance provided and the weather it experiences.

Q: How do I select a roofing contractor?

A: The bottom-line consideration in the return you get on your investment in a new roof is how well it is installed. This means it is essential to select an established roofing contractor that will provide solid references, proper licensing and full insurance. Social media reviews are an additional source of information on reliable contractors. The better contractors will provide a lifetime transferable warranty and will schedule their work around your schedule with minimal interruption.

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