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Is SR22 Insurance Expensive in Charlotte?

Curious about the rules regarding SR22 insurance are in Charlotte, North Carolina? Learn more about what SR22 insurance is and how to obtain it from

By: Jamie Eden | Jul 2019

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If you or someone you know recently ran into some legal troubles due to a driving-related issue, then there’s a decent chance that the term SR22 insurance will come up sooner rather than later.

For those unaware, SR22 insurance is actually a bit of a misnomer. As noted by The Balance, SR22 insurance is actually a form that your insurance provider is in charge of filling out. Your insurance provider will then present this file to the government as proof that you are insured. Basically, if you run afoul of the law because of certain driving-related violations, then chances are that the government will require an insurance provider to present an SR22 filing on your behalf.

When Will SR22 Insurance Become Necessary?

States vary in terms of the reasons that may trigger the need for an SR22 filing, so bear that in mind when you go traveling. Notably though, there are common reasons as to why you may need to look into an SR22 insurance filing.

According to, the SR22 filing is often required from people who have committed traffic violations such as:
Negligent or reckless driving
Committing numerous traffic offenses within a brief period of time
Getting involved in an accident without proper insurance
Certain convictions may also trigger the need for you to secure an SR22 filing. Specifically, a DUI, DWI, or driving without a license conviction may end up causing you to approach an insurance company with the goal of getting them to present an SR22 file for you. There are numerous other reasons for why you may be required to seek SR22 insurance.

Is It Difficult to Obtain SR22 Insurance?

Ok, so now here’s a bit of good news. If you are required to seek SR22 insurance, it shouldn’t prove to be that difficult to get it. The majority of insurance providers in the United States will offer SR22 insurance. Approach the one you prefer, talk to an agent about SR22 insurance, and it may not take that long before it can be filed for you.

As for the cost, the filing fee for SR22 insurance usually costs only $25, but the problem here is that the SR22 requirement is going to affect your auto insurance rates. In some cases, your rate may nearly double or even triple. That is when SR22 insurance becomes problematic. Ultimately, though, the amount you will have to pay will depend on where you were required to provide the filing.

Will It Cost a Lot to Obtain SR22 Insurance in Charlotte?

Now let’s get to the question that serves as the title for this article: Is SR22 insurance expensive in Charlotte?

Well, that’s actually a bit of a trick question. Interestingly enough, there are states that do not require an SR22 filing. These include Delaware, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and, you guessed it, North Carolina.

You will still be required to obtain an SR22 filing if you were required by a different state and just moved to North Carolina, but if your violations took place in the state, you’ll be asked for something else.

What Serves as the Substitute for SR22 Insurance in Charlotte?

Instead of SR22 insurance, SR22 Insurance Quotes points out that you will have to obtain liability insurance in its place. Again, this only applies if the violations also took place in North Carolina. If that’s not the case, you should go ahead and make your way to a national insurance provider and look for that SR22 filing.

Dealing with an SR22 insurance requirement is not that difficult, and if you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, you won’t even have to face it at all. Even so, the best move is always to remain responsible on the road so that you, your passengers, and people in other vehicles can stay safe.

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