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Outstanding Local Business Award Recipient for June 2022

Congratulations to McIntyre Law, P.C. in Oklahoma City, OK for receiving the Outstanding Local Business Award [OLBA] and being recognized for contributing to their customers and their local community.

By: Sylvia Slezak | Jun 2022

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McIntyre Law, P.C. - Oklahoma City, OK

Based in Oklahoma City, the personal injury attorneys from McIntyre Law bring over ninety years of legal experience to every case, whether it involves a motorcycle or car accident, drug liability, or a defective medical device. With over $250 million won for their clients, McIntyre Law represents the injured in a wide range of cases that includes car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle accidents; dog bites, slip and fall, swimming pool accidents, bus accidents, oil field accidents, Zantac lawsuits. Drawing on a wide range of specialists and medical professionals to help each case, the team has the resources and experience necessary to stand up to big insurance companies that would like to deny deserved compensation following a car or truck accident.


When the team at McIntyre Law goes to trial, they want to know how the jury will react to the details of a particular case. Thus, they routinely hold focus groups to better understand how real people will view the details of that case, and the team will use that understanding to present information to the real jury in a way that improves the outcome of the trial. That’s a competitive advantage you don’t get with other Oklahoma City personal injury law firms.

Practice areas of McIntyre Law are personal injury cases, medical malpractice lawsuits, and premises liability lawsuits.

Personal Injury Cases

  • Air ambulance - patient overcharged for medevac helicopter transportation to the emergency room.
  • Bad faith Insurance - insurance companies refuse to appropriately compensate their policyholders after a property loss or personal injury.
  • Burn injuries - burn injuries sustained in a vehicle or work accident possibly resulting in disfigurement, nerve damage, or the inability to work.
  • Catastrophic injuries - unable to work with a lifetime of needs, including rehabilitation or assisted living care.
  • Spinal cord injuries - spinal cord injured after an accident, facing a lifetime of serious, costly health problems such as severe pain and paralysis.
  • Nursing home abuse - nursing home personnel neglected to meet a patient’s needs, failed to provide appropriate care, or outright harmed the patient.
  • Wage theft - unpaid worked-for overtime pay the employer denies employee wages owed.
  • Wrongful death - loss of a loved one because of someone else’s negligence, possible compensation for funeral expenses, income loss, and more.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

  • Birth injuries - medical negligence by doctors, nurses or hospitals resulting in severe injury to a baby during birth, requiring ongoing care.
  • Brain injuries - traumatic brain injury sustained from an accident or negligence of others can lead to costly treatment, including surgery, rehab, and ongoing care.
  • Failure to diagnose - conditions of a person are misdiagnosed, or not diagnosed at all, by physicians or medical professionals.

Premises Liability Lawsuits

  • Dog bite - injuries sustained from an animal attack, a dog mauling, possibly leading to high medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. While any dog is capable of biting, some breeds can be more aggressive, and cause devastating mauling injuries. A few common aggressive breeds involved in Oklahoma dog bite lawsuits are pit bull, German shepherd, bull terrier, Rottweiler, Doberman, Chow Chow.
  • Slip-and-fall accident - sustained injuries because the floor was improperly maintained and unsafe. Such accidents can lead to several kinds of injuries that include bruises and scrapes, broken bones or fractures, herniated disks, spinal cord and neck injuries, knee injuries, head trauma and brain injuries, wrongful death; possibly causing lifetime trouble. Causes of slip-and-falls include, but not limited to, icy walkways, wet/slippery floors, poor lighting and decreased visibility, cluttered floors and walkways, sidewalk or parking lot potholes, damaged staircases, lack of handrails, broken/warped floorboards.
  • Swimming pool accident - hospitalization and possible death caused by unsafe and poorly maintained swimming pools. Common causes of swimming pool accidents in Oklahoma include, but not limited to, are failure to maintain self-latching and closing gates to keep young children from entering pool area; failure to maintain pool logs as required by state law; vacuum drains without proper covers; lack of safety equipment on hand (rescue hooks, ring buoys with throw ropes); lack of flotation safety lines separating deep and shallow areas of the pool; unclear depth markers preventing swimmers from knowing the depth of the pool; inattentive and untrained lifeguards; defective pool equipment affecting water clarity (filters, pool pumps); lack of pool ladders allowing easy exit from pool; nonworking or nonexistent emergency phone near the pool; overcrowded pool with too many people in the pool at one time; failure to provide proper lighting (defective, inadequate pool lights).


Born in Fargo, North Dakota in 1970, Noble McIntyre and his family moved to a small town in western Oklahoma called Burns Flat the following year. Noble graduated with honors and an Accounting degree with a minor in Business from Oklahoma Baptist University (1992), received his juris-doctorate degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Law (May 1995), passed the Oklahoma Bar Exam (July 1995), and was sworn in as an attorney September 1995. One year after Noble joined a local firm he was named a partner in the firm. After several years as a partner, Noble formed McIntyre Law P.C., focusing on representing severely injured clients across Oklahoma as well as nationally in connection with his Mass Tort Practice.

Professional awards and recognitions for Noble McIntyre include Super Lawyers–Top Attorneys in Oklahoma (2013-2019), President of the Oklahoma Association for Justice (2015), National Top 100 Trial Lawyers–American Trial Lawyers Association (2007-2014), The Injury Board-10 years of service –“Thank you for 10 years of dedication loyalty and friendship” (2013), Oklahoma Association for Justice President’s Award (2013), Member of the Year–Oklahoma Association for Justice (2012), Tom Wallace Service Award given by Oklahoma Association of Justice (2011), Oklahoma County Bar Association–Community Service Award (2011), Community Spirit Award–Angel Food Ministries (2010).


Dedicated to the Oklahoma community and its success, McIntyre Law has developed a number of programs and events aimed at helping the people they know and love.

  • Day of Kindness (Turkey Giveaway). McIntyre Law, in partnership with other organizations and law firms, has given away thousands of free Thanksgiving turkeys to Oklahoma families along with a day of fun activities and delicious food.

  • A Noble Cause. Noble McIntyre sponsors A Noble Cause, a segment on Fox25 OKC News in which he presents an award to an exceptional young Oklahoman for going above and beyond.

  • Noble in the News. KOKH Fox 25 News has been a partner with Noble in spotlighting young Oklahomans who excel in their service to others. In a commitment of keeping Oklahomans informed about legal issues as they arise, Noble shares his expertise during Oklahoma news segments.

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