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Outstanding Local Businesses

Outstanding Local Business Award Recipients for March & April 2023

Outstanding local businesses for March and April are being recognized for their contribution to their clients and the local community.

By: Sylvia Slezak | Apr 2023

Photo by csp_OlegKalina

Licon Dairy Inc. - El Paso, TX

Specializing in the production and quality of milk, including cheese, and other diary-based products, Licon Dairy has been in the dairy farm industry for more than 75 years. When the company first started in the 1950s, it was a small one that made it their mission to drop off cheese from door to door. Licon Dairy’s local business has been passed down from generation to generation, and today it is one of the biggest milk farms in San Elizario Texas.

What powers Licon Dairy to continue advancing in their industry and making their products better, is their goals. Their only goal isn’t to produce milk, cheese, or convince lactose-intolerant people to differ from their eating habits. It’s part of it, but Licon Dairy’s main goal is to provide amazing memories for their customers and their families. The same way that Licon Dairy has passed their company down from generation to generation, passing down memories and traditions for years to come, they wish for their customers to make memories and create their own family traditions and pass them to their children.

As a way of thanking their community for continued support, Licon Dairy is giving back to the community that is outside of their milk products. There is more to it than to just entering their shop and purchasing milk products. There’s entertainment. Sitting on top of a large farm, Licon offers their guests the opportunity to pet and enjoy the company of not only farm animals, but exotic ones. This is something everyone can enjoy the excitement in their petting zoo and the beautiful view of their duck pond. There’s much to enjoy on their property, especially an amazing meal at their critically-acclaimed restaurant. When looking for a place to have a family or school event, or a special party, book your event with Licon Dairy.

Licon Dairy guarantees the freshness of their products because all of the products are made in-house and are loaded with freshness and flavor from their cows. But it doesn’t end there. They also offer various types of cheeses. From cream cheese to queso asadero and queso jalapeno. Their favorite dairy food is the queso habanero that spices up and makes any food that much better. For their customers who want to be their own dairy farmer and make their own soft cheeses like cottage cheese or swiss cheese, Licon Dairy offers suero (whey) as its own product. Another product that is full of fresh chile and queso and is the perfect addition to any cookout, snack out, or even a sauce on other foods, is their chile con queso.

Markuson Construction - Omaha, NE

A century-old business serving Omaha Metro area and Southwest Iowa, Markuson Construction is generations of success in commercial and residential brick and restoration services.

A multi-generation family-owned and operated company, their beginning started when the family took a long voyage trip from Sweden to the states in the 1800s. Settling in Minnesota first and then moving to the Heartland in the 1920s, Markuson Construction has a long history of restoring old and crumbling stone, brick and traditional stucco work. Currently run by Mark Markuson and this two sons, the company’s highly trained employees are the best in the masonry industry.

Markuson Construction prides itself on providing quality craftsmanship and specializing in a wide range of masonry work, including block, brick, traditional, restoration, tuck-pointing, stone, stucco, concrete patios, walkways, driveways, concrete, fireplaces, retaining walls, waterproofing and caulking.

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