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Anaheim, CA

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Ed Buck case: Federal court papers detail disturbing allegations involving drugs and sex
09/19/2019 9:29pm

A federal affidavit provides horrifying allegations of a pattern of behavior by Ed Buck involving at least 10 known victims.

LA Salvadoran community unveils El Salvador Community Corridor freeway sign
09/19/2019 9:05pm

A press conference led by Salvadoran community and business leaders unveiled new signage designating freeway exits to the El Salvador Community Corridor.

2 cousins feeding North San Fernando Valley's homeless
09/19/2019 8:41pm

Toufiq Moosani and his cousin Amar Billoo have been feeding the homeless in the North San Fernando Valley for over a year now.

Boyle Heights woman hands out 5,000 pairs of shoes to those in need in greater East LA area
09/19/2019 8:35pm

A Boyle Heights woman is on a mission to put shoes on everyones feet, especially those in need in the greater East Los Angeles area.

San Pedro resident shoots, kills burglary suspect inside home, police say
09/19/2019 7:58pm

A resident shot and killed a burglary suspect inside a home in San Pedro, authorities said.


Anaheim, CA

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Distribution Of Zantac Halted Worldwide After FDA Raises Cancer Concerns
09/19/2019 7:58pm

The halt comes after an FDA warning of low levels of NDMA, a probable cancer-causing chemical found in Zantac and other heartburn medications.

Pilot Killed In Cessna Plane Crash On Roof Of Torrance Shopping Center
09/19/2019 7:40pm

A pilot was killed and his lone passenger critically injured Thursday in the crash of a small plane onto the roof of a commercial building east of Torrance Municipal Airport.

Navy Confirms Authenticity Of Videos Capturing UFOs
09/19/2019 6:00pm

The Navy is confirming UFO videos from 2015 are the real deal.

SoCal Gas Prices Jump 10 Cents In 3 Days Following Saudi Refinery Attack
09/19/2019 4:58pm

Pain at the pump is likely only going to get worse following last weekends missile attackson the heart of Saudi Arabias oil infrastructure.

Judge Blocks California Bid To Require President To Release Tax Returns
09/19/2019 4:56pm

A federal judge on Thursday blocked a California law aimed at forcing the president to release his tax returns.


5800 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028   Directions

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6 Suspects Arrested in Killing of Wildomar Man Found Near Lake Elsinore
09/19/2019 9:00pm

Six suspects have been arrested in the killing of a Wildomar man whose body was found near Lake Elsinore last month, authorities said Thursday. Frery Coronel, 31, was found dead Aug. 17 in an unincorporated area of Riverside County, according to the Riverside County Sheriffs Department. Deputies discovered his body along the South Main Divide in an area about 3 and a half miles south of Ortega Highway. They responded shortly before 8 p.m. and first responders later pronounced Coronel

1,200 Marijuana Plants Seized in North Palm Springs Raid, 2 Men Arrested
09/19/2019 7:41pm

Investigators uprooted about 1,200 pot plants and arrested two men Thursday during a raid at an illegal marijuana-growing operation in North Palm Springs, officials said. The bust unfolded in a remote portion of the unincorporated county area near 16th Avenue and Indian Canyon Drive, according to the Riverside County District Attorneys Office. It was spearheaded by the D.A.s Riverside County Cannabis Regulation Task Force. During a previous flyover of the area by a California Highway Patrol aircraft, the illegal marijuana

More Than 500 Diagnosed With Vaping-Linked Lung Disease and 8 Deaths Reported in U.S.
09/19/2019 7:05pm

More than 500 people have been diagnosed with vaping-related breathing illnesses, but the cause remains unknown, U.S. health officials said Thursday. An eighth death was also reported. Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration revealed that its criminal investigations unit started tracking leads early on, as cases pointed to black market vaping products. The agencys tobacco director, Mitch Zeller, stressed that it is not interested in prosecuting individuals who use illegal products but is lending a hand because of the units

Pound of Meth Seized, Stolen Car Recovered, 3 Arrested in Rancho Cucamonga Bust
09/19/2019 7:02pm

Deputies seized about a pound of methamphetamine, recovered a stolen car and arrested three people following a traffic stop in Rancho Cucamonga on Wednesday, authorities said. A car that had been reported stolen was spotted shortly before 9 a.m. in the area of Foothill and Day Creek boulevards, the San Bernardino County Sheriffs Department said in a written statement. They stopped the car and detained the driver, along with two passengers. During a search of the vehicle, deputies located approximately

Man Who Tried to Pay Victim to Drop Charges Arrested Months After Sex Assault: Santa Ana Police
09/19/2019 6:23pm

A man who had been harassing a woman he sexually assaulted months ago was arrested this week in Santa Ana, investigators said Thursday. The assault occurred after 23-year-old Christian Aranda invited the victim to his Santa Ana residence around 1 a.m. July 23, Santa Ana police said in a news release. Officials say the woman fell asleep and awoke to find Aranda sexually assaulting her. The woman told Aranda she hadnt consented and immediately left the home, according to police.


1999 S Bundy Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90025   Directions

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NBC4  Los Angeles
NBC4 Los Angeles

100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608   Directions

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A Decade Later: The Disappearance of Mitrice Richardson
09/19/2019 8:45pm

Ten years ago this week, 24-year-old Mitrice Richardson walked out of the Lost Hills Sheriffs substation and disappeared.Her body was found almost a year later in a Malibu Canyon ravine, 30 miles away from the sheriffs station.The decade-long mystery of what exactly happened to Richardson has baffled authorities and the public.Through an interactive time line, see Richardsons final hours and her familys search to find answers. This story uses functionality that may not work in our app. Click here to open the story in your web browser.

Whistleblower Complaint About Trump Involves Ukraine: Report
09/19/2019 9:15pm

A whistleblower complaint by an intelligence official about a promise made by President Donald Trump to a foreign leader involves Ukraine, The Washington Post reported Thursday evening.The newspaper cited two people familiar with the matter whom it did not name. The Trump administration has withheld the details of the whistleblower report from Congress though it was known that the complaint involved a foreign leader, the Post was the first to report the country involved.The newspaper first reported this week that the complaint was by an intelligence officer troubled by a promise Trump had made during communication and interaction with a foreign leader.A former U.S. intelligence official familiar with the matter confirmed to NBC News Wednesday night that the whistleblower complaint involves a phone conversation that Trump had.NBC News has not independently confirmed that Ukraine is at the center of the issue. A request for comment from the White House was not immediately returned.Photo Credit: David Speier/NurPhoto via Getty Images

MSNBC's Climate Forum: What Happened on Day 1
09/19/2019 9:04pm

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado worries that American democracy is not up to transitioning to a clean energy economy. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang would invest in the next generation nuclear power and propose a constitutional amendment to safeguard the environment. Those were some of the candidate stances during a forum focused solely on climate change.They were appearing Thursday and Friday to talk about tackling what has become a top issue for the 2020 election. MSNBCs Chris Hayes and Ali Velshihosted the forum at Georgetown Universitys Institute of Politics and Public Service in Washington, D.C. Students from other universities countrywide were posing questions, too. Al Roker: We Cant Keep Ignoring Climate Change The forum follows a similar event on CNN at the beginning of the month and as young people across the world are preparing for a climate strike on Friday, inspired by activist Greta Thunberg. Thunberg, who is visiting from Sweden ahead of the United Nations Climate Action Summit, will participate in the New York City mobilization.The Democratic National Committee, meanwhile, has not agreed to a climate change debate. 2020 Candidates Say How They Would Combat Climate Change Twelve candidates are explaining their environmental plans over the two days: 11 who are competing as Democrats and one Republican. The lineup on Thursday includedBennet, Yang, author Marianne Williamson, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, former U.S. Rep. John Delaney of Maryland, U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro.Missing from Thursdays forum were former Vice President Joe Biden, Sens. Kamala Harris of California and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and former Texas Rep. Beto ORourke. Poll: Trump Gets Some of His Worst Grades on Climate Michael BennetBennet said Democrats cannot compromise on science while trying to curb climate change but also must try to reach all Americans and produce a set of policy choices for everyone.They must build a durable coalition of Americans all over this country, he said.Bennet, whose plan would reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, said that, for example, the country could talk to farmers and ranchers about paying them to use their land to store carbon.As to where to find the money to tackle climate change, he noted the more than $10 trillion the United States has borrowed from China since 2001 and spent on enacting GOP tax cuts that have mostly benefited rich people and fighting wars.There should never be another climate denier in the White House, he said.He urged the college students in the audience to get others their age to register to vote.Andrew YangYang defended saying earlier that it was too late to stop all global warming. The time to have started trying to curb warming was decades ago, he insisted.Its worse than you think, he said.That is not to say that he did not want to make big moves in the right direction, he said. The second best time is now, he said.Yang made his early comment when he said people will need to move from coastal areas, and he repeated that assertion at the forum. His plan sets aside money for people to leave flood-prone homes but also to protect coastal communities.Yang would employ new generation nuclear reactions, which rely on the more abundant element thorium, not uranium. He would put a tax on carbon as a way to pressure companies to decrease their carbon emissions and propose a constitutional amendment to protect the environment. He would encourage the United States and other countries to plant trees in deforested areas.Yangs plan for a universal basic income, his Freedom Dividend of $1,000 a month to every American adult, would help alleviate the economic disruption of moving away from a carbon economy, he said. By getting the boot off their throat economically, Americans could consider the problems of climate change in a reasonable, rational way, he said. But current socioeconomic inequality in the United States is driving the countrys dysfunction on climate change, he said.Yang would also replace the GDP with other measures of prosperity, ones that looked at life expectancy, childrens health and the cleanliness of the countrys air and water. Stock market prices and the unemployment rate do not give an accurate picture of the state of the country and its environment, he argued.Marianne WilliamsonWilliamson called for a revolution to combat climate change, saying she was heartened by the passion young people were bringing to the fight. The self-help author compared it to the fervor with which her generation fought the Vietnam War.I want to go to Washington and be a grown-up Greta Thunberg, she said.Williamson rejected an incremental approach to combating climate change, a problem that needs a cultural and spiritual buy-in from the country, she said.Americans are hard wired for big things, she said.They must challenge both Republicans and Democrats, both of whom receive lobbying money from the fossil fuel industry, she said. She called President Donald Trump an opportunistic infection.She rejected an implication that she was anti-science because of a tweet that she has since deleted in which she suggested prayer could deter Hurricane Dorian.Im Jewish, I go to the doctor, she said. Theres nothing anti-doctor about me, theres nothing anti-science about me.Mocking Americans belief in God was a bad political strategy, she added.Bernie SandersSen. Sanders, an independent from Vermont, said the country has to stand up to the greed and corruption of the fossil fuel industry to save the planet.The product they are producing is destroying the planet, he said.Sanders has put forward the most expensive candidate plan for curbing climate change at $16.3 trillion, and he was asked how he would mobilize the country on a World War II-level in the absence of an attack such as the one on Pearl Harbor.The devastation caused by climate change is already visible, he responded.Climate change is not going to be one attack, he said.Climate change legislation failed in Congress before, he conceded, but today young people are prepared to confront the fossil fuel industry.The world is very different today than it was back in 2009, he said.His plan would create 20 million new jobs and do everything possible to help fossil fuel workers with five years of pay, health, job training and education. They are not the enemy, he said.We dont hold you responsible for causing climate change, he said.Asked if he could get the support of the senator from coal-dependent West Virginia, Joe Manchin, on climate change legislation, Sanders said that he would be in that state and others rallying the residents around the notion that now is the time to save the planet and transform the countrys energy system.I intend to be commander-in-chief of the military, but I will also be the organizer in chief, he said.John DelaneyThe former congressman from Maryland, who said the country must reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, stressed that he was one of the first in Congress to oppose the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline, which would bring tar sands oil from Canada through the United States and which has been tied up in the courts.He also promoted his ability to introduce bipartisan legislation on a carbon fee but conceded the bill never moved forward.Delaney emphasized the need to remove 20 percent of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and called for investing in vacuums to capture it directly. It could be stored in the ground.He also supports investing in nuclear energy smaller, more stable reactors that are being developed to provide a base fuel in a mix of renewable energy.I want to be tackling this on all angles, he said.Tim RyanThe Ohio representative said he was hopeful that a new green economy was ready to break out and could be up and running by 2050.This thing can go, he said. Its ready to go.Ryan said that the United States cannot green its economy without both a free-market system and the right government policies.But Ryan also said the country must move past its political divide if it is to move forward.This left-right thing is just broken, he said.He said he stood for solving problems, such as using regenerative farming to curb contributions to global warming. Regenerative farming focuses on improving the land, including the buildup of carbon in the soil.Weve got to heal, he said.Julin CastroCastro, the Housing and Urban Development secretary under the Obama administration, has focused on the up to 200 million people around the world who could be displaced by climate change in the coming years and has included a new category of refugee in his immigration plan: climate refugee.Its massive, its enormous, its another reminder of what a huge human challenge this is, he said.Asked about the United States role in taking in refugees, he said the country had a moral responsibility as a leader of nations.He has also stressed the need for environmental justice as the country addresses climate change because it affects the poorest, most vulnerable communities.Castro, the former mayor of San Antonio, Texas, said that some of the fastest growing occupations are in renewable energy, such as solar panel installers and wind turbine engineers. The job landscape is already shifting, he said.Too often, the focus is on large cities, but he would also stress the need to make investments in smaller communities and rural America.He said he would phase out fracking but defended his former support for natural gas. He has since learned more about fracking, he said, but also viewed natural gas as a bridge fuel whose time is coming to an end. He said he is not eager to use new nuclear energy and would instead focus on renewable energy.He said he supported holding executives accountable for the damage that their corporations cause and would appoint people to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Justice who would lead those efforts.Live coverage of day two of MSNBCs candidate climate forum starts Friday, Sept. 20, at 9 a.m. ET.Photo Credit: Jose Luis Magana/AP This story uses functionality that may not work in our app. Click here to open the story in your web browser.

Photos: President Trump's Two-Day Moneymaking Visit to California
09/19/2019 8:44am

President Trump was in California Tuesday and Wednesday for a fundraising visit that was expected to deliver about $15 million from wealthy Republicans in the Bay Area and Southern California.Photo Credit: AP

You Can Score $1,300 by Watching 13 Stephen King Movies
09/19/2019 7:06pm

Halloween is over a month away, but one cable company is celebrating early by giving $1,300 and a survival kit to someone who watches all 13 of Stephen Kings scary movies.One person who submits an application on USDish.com will be chosen to watch 13 movies based on the works of horror novelist Stephen King. These films include It, The Shining, Pet Sematary, Dreamcatcher, Misery and Children of the Corn. The selected applicant will have the choice to watch the original or the remake version of some of the films. I Like Scary Movies Experience is Back for Halloween After being chosen, the movie-watcher will detail their thoughts and reactions whether gleeful or terrified to each of the 13 movies. Then he or she will get a cash prize.Movie buff Scaredy cat Adrenaline junkie All of the above This job is not for the faint of heart, but it could be for you, the challenge webpage said. The ideal candidate has to be detail-oriented enough to track their experience. They could even share their scares on social media and vlog every time they jump out of their seats. Street Food Cinemas October Flicks Are a Nightmare As a bonus, once the participant is chosen, USDish.com will send the winner a package containing a flashlight, blanket, popcorn, candy and Stephen King goodies. The participant will also receive a theater gift card and a Fitbit to track changes in heart rate while watching the movies.Applicants, who must be at least 18 years old and a United States citizen or permanent resident, are required to submit an essay of 200 words or less explaining why they should be chosen. They are also encouraged to include a video with their form. The 80s Get Eeky at Halloween Horror Nights The application will remain open until Tuesday, Oct. 15 and can be found with more informationhere.Photo Credit: Getty Images

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