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Anaheim, CA

(818) 863-7777

Dangerous surf conditions expected for beaches in Orange, LA counties
08/15/2018 12:06pm

There will be dangerous surf conditions along south-facing beaches in Orange County and some Los Angeles County beaches beginning Wednesday night.

Top stories from ABC7 on Instagram
08/15/2018 11:57am

Here are ABC7's top stories on Instagram.

Measles cases confirmed in California, 20 other states
08/15/2018 11:53am

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday afternoon that 107 people from 21 states have reported contracting the measles.

Chargers play Seahawks Saturday in preseason game
08/15/2018 11:46am

The Los Angeles Chargers will face off with the Seattle Seahawks Saturday at 6:30 p.m. on ABC7.

LA Chargers lose to AZ Cardinals 24-17 in preseason game
08/15/2018 11:43am

The Arizona Cardinals beat the Los Angeles Chargers 24-17 in the first preseason game on Saturday.



Anaheim, CA

(714) 765-4311

Bad Roads Cost LA Drivers An Extra $3K Per Year, Report Finds
08/15/2018 11:38am

The report found that 79 percent of roads in the L.A. metro area are in poor or mediocre condition.

TV Show Car Customizer’s Collection Of Hollywood Memorabilia To Go On Sale
08/15/2018 11:29am

The “garage sale” will include scripts from movies like the original “Bladerunner” and the TV show “CHiPs;” Beatles, Elvis and Jackson 5 vinyl records; classic Hollywood posters and more than 600 Batman toys from the 1970s and early 2000s.

Block Party Doubling As Child’s First Birthday Party Draws Ire In Chicago
08/15/2018 10:39am

A block party in Lakeview on Saturday was abruptly cut short after some residents complained to Alderman Thomas Tunney’s office that the event was actually a child’s first birthday party.

Mom Warns Others After Mosquito Bite Puts 6-Year-Old In ICU
08/15/2018 10:26am

"And so it's breaking all of our hearts to see the spunkiest one out of five brothers down," LoriAnne Surrett said, reading the post no parent wants to write.

A Night Of Firsts For Democrats, Trump Gets A Win
08/15/2018 10:18am

Christine Hallquist became the first openly transgender major party nominee for governor in American history.



5800 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028   Directions

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New Mexico Judge Receives Threats After Granting Bond to 5 Suspects in Child Abuse Case
08/15/2018 11:48am

A New Mexico courthouse was evacuated Tuesday after a district judge who granted bond to five suspects accused of child abuse at a rural compound received a series of threats, officials said. After four hours of testimony in a Taos County courtroom, District Court Judge Sarah Backus decided Monday that the suspects were not a threat to the community. The five were arrested after 11 emaciated children were found on the property this month. Backus granted each suspect an unsecured […]

Authorities ID 2 Drivers Who Died After Crash, Road Rage Fight on 5 Freeway in Sacramento
08/15/2018 11:42am

The two men who died after a deadly road rage incident on the 5 Freeway in Sacramento have been identified by authorities this week. According to the Sacramento County Coroner, 39-year-old Jason Dykes of Sacramento, and 37-year-old Oroville resident Jose Rodriguez-Carrasco died after the crash resulted in a fight on the middle of the interstate. Police say one of the drivers beat another to death with a bat – then the suspect was hit by another car and killed, according to […]

LAPD Chief Proposes Eliminating Old Bench Warrants for Homeless People
08/15/2018 11:31am

The Los Angeles Police Department is considering a plan that would allow thousands of homeless people to eliminate old bench warrants as part of a larger effort to reform a system that has created a vicious cycle for those with nowhere to live. LAPD Chief Michel Moore described the proposal as a “radical solution” to ease the pressure on the court system, jails and police stations, which are being overwhelmed daily with hundreds of people arrested on these warrants. Moore […]

Water Main Break Prompts Flooding, Road Closure in Long Beach
08/15/2018 11:06am

A broken water main flooded an intersection in Long Beach, prompting officials to close the roadway while crews cleaned up the mess. Mark Mester reports for the KTLA 5 Morning News on Aug. 15, 2018.



1999 S Bundy Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90025   Directions

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NBC4  Los Angeles

NBC4 Los Angeles

100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608   Directions

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Dog Nearly Lost Her Tongue While Getting Groomed at Compton PetSmart
08/15/2018 7:09am

A 4-year-old dog nearly lost her tongue as employees at a PetSmart store in Compton were grooming her.July, a Yorkshire Terrier, has the distinctive trait of keeping her tongue out. It's part of what owner Cynthia Beezer loves about the little dog. Photos: 19 of the Most Valuable Cars at Sotheby's Monterey Auction "That was her signature when I got her," said Beezer. "That's what made me buy her because I was like, 'Oh my God, she’s so cute and unique!'"Beezer said the dog had blood all over her paws and feet, and that the tongue was hanging off. Photos: Firefighters Defend Homes From the Holy Fire PetSmart responded by saying that it was an unfortunate accident that July happened to stick out her tongue at the exact moment the groomer was trimming around her face. July was rushed to the veterinarian to receive treatment.Beezer understands it was an accident, but she also believes this was negligence and wants PetSmart groomers more properly trained. Heat Tips: Public Pools, Staying Cool Photo Credit: KNBC

Benches Clear Between Rivals Dodgers and Giants
08/15/2018 12:54am

The Dodgers and Giants are up to their old tricks. The benches cleared between the longtime rivals as a melee broke out in the bottom of the seventh inning between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants on Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium.  2018 Top SoCal Photos in the News Not surprisingly, Dodgers' outfielder Yasiel Puig was at the center of the action, as the man known as the "Wild Horse," has been in the middle of a few different benches clearing incidents with the Giants over recent years. Click Here or Email Your Photos to Puig was at the plate with two outs in the middle of a 1-0 Giants lead, when he fouled a pitch off to the backstop. Puig appeared frustrated that he missed the pitch and then San Francisco catcher Nick Hundley decided to chime in, exchanging words with Puig.  Free or Cheap Things to Do in Los Angeles Two two went face-to-face before they began pushing each other and both benches immediately cleared. Puig tried to punch Hundley at one point, as Dodgers first base coach George Lombard stood in between them, just seconds before Lombard tackled Hundley to the ground. Both players were ejected and the game continued. If you can't see the videos, scroll down and click "VIEW FULL MOBILE SITE" at the bottom of this page.Photo Credit: Harry How/Getty Images This story uses functionality that may not work in our app. Click here to open the story in your web browser.

Odd Couples: Unlikely Species Form Heartwarming Friendships
08/09/2018 7:25am

When Kris Gamayo first adopted her pit bull, Moki, she knew easing her into life with her other animals — two guinea pigs — would be a process.At first, she’d keep Frida and Pandora, the guinea pigs, separated from Moki, before she eventually eased into letting the pittie sniff and lick them while they lie on her lap. Think Outside the Box When Adopting: Pigs Need Love, Too! "Three to four months after that, I started putting the piggies down on the ground and just monitored,” she said. “Moki would just sniff and lick them and lay down with them.”And so began what some might see as an unlikely trio, and the stars of the Instagram account @piggiesandapitty. Terminally Ill Shelter Dog Now Has a Family to Help Fulfill Bucket List [[434356153, C]]“I think I got lucky because Moki is just a sweetheart,” Gamayo told NBC in a phone interview. How to Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer Moki was rescued from the streets in November 2015 after she and her owner became homeless. Unable to bring the pit bull with him to a homeless shelter, the man dropped Moki off at an animal shelter.“He told them if you can’t find someone to adopt her in a month call the shelter and I’ll leave to take her back,” Gamayo added.Moki was there for almost a month, and the shelter was prepared to call the man to pick her up, when she arrived to adopt her in the eleventh hour.At the time, Gamayo already had both of her guinea pigs. Frida had actually been adopted earlier the same year from San Francisco Animal Care and Control. And while she was a little anxious at first about the idea of a “bully breed” living with her tiny cavies, Moki’s sweet temperament eased her worries.[[321905841, C]]“A lot of dogs on the street with their owners are really well behaved because I think they’re with them 24/7; they have a tight bond with them,” she said, attributing Moki’s calm disposition to her time on the streets with her previous owner.As for the guinea pigs, Gamayo said part of the reason she wanted to adopt them was because she had followed the Instagram accounts of two guinea pig owners, and thought the photos of them dressed up was “so cute."On adoption, Gamayo said, “I think it’s really important that you go to these shelters and you sit with them on different occasions.”Before bringing home Pandora the guinea pig, she said she went to the shelter one day to interact with her for a while, then came back again to see her, “to make sure she wasn’t just having a good day.”She said she did the same thing with Moki the pit bull.And when it comes to introducing other dogs and guinea pigs, Gamayo said being conscious of their personality and behavior is key.“I would just make sure that they are sure of their dog's temperament with other animals, not just humans, because that’ll give them an idea of how they’ll react,” she said. “Just always monitor them and take it easy.”[[490412281, C]]That advice was echoed by Francesca Carsen, the owner of another unlikely pair — Spanky the miniature pony, and Dally the Jack Russell Terrier.Carsen rescued 8-year-old Spanky when he was two years old. At first, the mini stallion was pretty aggressive, Carsen said, but over time he changed.“It took a while to train him,” she said. “Anybody that rescues an animal … It’s like dogs; you want to train them to be good citizens and be good with kids and other people.”In the meantime, Carsen had adopted a 6-month-old Jack Russell Terrier who often watched her train Spanky at her ranch in Washington state.Tired of being a spectator, one day Dally hopped on a step stool and jumped on Spanky’s back. Carsen had never trained her to do that.“I was actually rather worried when she first jumped up on him because I thought he might buck her off, so I wasn’t too excited,” she said. But, instead, the incident helped bond the pair, and spawned the creation of a modern-day dog and pony show. Carsen taught Dally some commands and now she can jump onto Spanky’s back on call, and without a step stool.[[387839932, C]]Carsen takes her dog and pony show on the road, performing around the U.S., as well as Canada. They’ve also worked with charities like the Ronald McDonald House. And for those who can’t make it to one of their live shows, Carsen documents the pair's daily activities on their Instagram account @dally_and_spanky. They have books and there’s even a movie being made about the pair, Carsen said.“Filming should start this fall, so we’re really, really excited about it,” she said. “I’m just excited for everyone to get to know about these amazing animals.”The movie will be centered around Dally and Spanky’s life, she said — but the script isn’t quite done, so Carsen could not reveal any more details.Along with Dally and Spanky, Carsen and her partner have cattle, two cattle dogs, several farm cats, 12 big horses and two miniature horses, as well as another dog, named Boots. But Dally is protective of Spanky, and barks when even Boots gets too close. "It’s her pony,” Carsen said. “And she loves being up there.” The dynamic duo isn't Carsen's only client. She also works with other horses and owners at the equine school Rother Horsemanship in Hunters, Washington.  [[433671393, C]]Carsen said it's important for people who are interested in adoption to research breeds, what they need and how that suits an owner's lifestyle. She also emphasized the importance of learning more about an animal’s history.“Most all animals — no matter what’s happened to them — can be changed, for sure, with proper training,” she said.And when it comes to different species living together, Carsen said she believes most can come to get along.“I think that these guys really show us that species [that] normally aren’t designed to hang out together, can absolutely get on together,” she added.Photo Credit: Francesca Carsen; Kris Gamayo

Bright Red Outdoor Urinals Pop Up in Paris
08/15/2018 11:09am

The City of Lights has debuted an especially flashy new way to curtail public urination: bright red eco-toilets for those on the go. Industrial designer Faltazi created the waterless urinal, called "Uritrottoir," to be filled with straw that can be composted. The tops of the urinals double as flower beds.  Twitter Suspends Infowars Founder Alex Jones for 1 Week Several of the toilets were first rolled out in the spring to a muted reaction, The New York Times reported. But a backlash has developed after one was recently installed on the picturesque Ile St. Louis, according to reports. Not everyone is saying oui, oui to the attention-grabbing boxes, which include signs illustrating how to use them. Defiant as Trump Rages, Omarosa Says She Won't Be Silenced [[490926661, C,350,539]]A local mayor told the Times he would consider a "fine tuning" of the location of the urinal but stressed it was necessary to cut down on public urination.  Turkey Ups Tariffs on Some US Goods in Spat Over Pastor Outdoor urinals aren't an only-in-Paris thing. San Francisco became the first city in the U.S. to install an open-air urinal in 2016 with the "pissoir" that city authorities placed in Dolores Park in 2016.Photo Credit: Michel Spingler/AP This story uses functionality that may not work in our app. Click here to open the story in your web browser.

Seventh Inning Scrap: Rivals Clash in Benches Clearing Melee
08/15/2018 9:01am

It started with a few words exchanged between LA's Yasiel Puig and Giants catcher Nick Hundley. A benches clearing scuffle erupted at Dodger Stadium during the rivalry game Tuesday night after the face-to-face dispute between the two players at home plate. Photo Credit: AP

The Orange County Register

The Orange County Register

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