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LA Rams internship helps student tackle homelessness and gain hands-on work experience
01/19/2022 7:52am

Joseph Merchain, a Crenshaw native with big dreams, recently completed a 100-day internship with the Rams, and he says it completely changed his life.

Rudy Giuliani among Trump allies subpoenaed by Jan. 6 panel
01/19/2022 7:51am

The House committee investigating the Capitol insurrection has issued subpoenas to some of Donald Trumps closest advisers, including Rudy Giuliani.

Tesla driver criminally charged in 2019 deadly crash while using Autopilot
01/19/2022 7:27am

California prosecutors have filed two counts of vehicular manslaughter against the driver of a Tesla on Autopilot who ran a red light, slammed into another car and killed two people in 2019.

Gov. Gavin Newsom offers college students $10,000 for public service
01/19/2022 7:02am

Forty-five colleges and universities across the state will be part of a new public service program that will subsidize tuition for students who do community service alongside their studies.

Suspect identified in stabbing death of 24-year-old woman in Hancock Park, $250K reward offered
01/19/2022 6:49am

A $250,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the man accused of stabbing a 24-year-old furniture store worker to death in Hancock Park.


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LA Musician Marty Roberts Of ‘Marty & Elayne’ Lounge Band Dies At 89
01/19/2022 7:49am

Musician Marty Roberts, who performed with his wife for four decades at The Dresden in Los Feliz as part of the iconic jazz duo Marty & Elayne, has passed away.

Suspect ID’d As Shawn Laval Smith In Murder Of Brianna Kupfer, Hancock Park Furniture Store Employee Found Stabbed
01/19/2022 6:00am

Tuesday night, police identified the suspect as Shawn Laval Smith. He is still at large and is considered armed and dangerous. Anyone who sees him should not approach him and call 911 immediately.

Man Climbs Downtown Transmission Tower Prompting Train Closures On West Side Of LA River
01/19/2022 1:24am

There is a large presence of first responders at the scene, including a rescue helicopter dispatched by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Hedman, Kucherov Propel Streaking Lightning Past Kings 6-4
01/19/2022 1:12am

Victor Hedman had two goals and an assist, Nikita Kucherov extended his scoring tear since returning from injury and the Tampa Bay Lightning topped the Los Angeles Kings 6-4 on Tuesday night for their fourth straight win.

Thieves Litter Train Tracks With Family Mementos
01/18/2022 11:57pm

Clean-up crews found canvas portraits of a family of four, along with many other personal mementos, among the seemingly endless amounts of debris littered onto the railroads in East Los Angeles after thieves deemed them worthless.


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Press-Telegram (Long Beach)
Press-Telegram (Long Beach)

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The Beachcomber
The Beachcomber

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Schipske Sets Ethical Standard for Mayoral Race
01/14/2022 8:29pm

Will Other Candidates FollowBy:Stephen DowningPrice Announces Candidacy for MayorOn Jan. 10 Councilperson Suzie Price announced her candidacy for mayor and for the first time in her two-term City Council career publicly slammed Mayor Robert Garcias effectiveness in office saying, Help me bring Long Beach back by having an inclusive and functional city government Together we can invest in public safety, infrastructure and strengthen our economy.Prices cry for help resonated with the promises made by Garcia during his time in office. And those promises once elected with the help of the Long Beach Police Officers Associations LBPOA were turned into multiple tax measure campaigns, also financed by the LBPOA.The LBPOA-paid mailers helped score a victory for each of Garcias tax increase campaigns but public safety, infrastructure and a strengthened economy never became a reality.The LBPOA always got first cut on the new taxes in pay raises and overtime allocations, but the mayor and council never addressed any kind of build-back to the 208 deployable officers that were cut from the FY 2010 budget.Price and Garcia both chaired the councils Public Safety Committee during their time on the council. During his term as chair, Garcia never held a single meeting to address the public safety impacts of the budget cuts.During Prices two-term tenure on the Public Safety Committee not only did her committee not examine the impact of budget cuts on police, but she also joined with other council members in approving 9-0 the elimination of the LBPDs field anti-gang unit.Will Price Take LBPOA MoneyMinutes following Prices announcement the Beachcomber sent the candidate an email and asked: Is your campaign and candidacy going to accept the endorsement and/or campaign donations from the LBPOA or any organization that they may funnel funds through to support your electionTen minutes later Price replied, writing: I believe every candidate that has already announced their candidacy for the mayoral race will be interviewing for the POA endorsement tomorrow. By implication, that would mean that every major candidate in the mayoral race is competing for their endorsement and would accept their support.Will Schipske Take LBPOA MoneyHaving been informed by Price that the LBPOA was conducting their standard audio recorded candidate interviews on Jan 11 the Beachcomber asked Mayoral candidate Gerrie Schipske if she had been invited to meet with the LBPOA board members and she replied that she had and that she planned to attend out of courtesy to their invitation.Following the meeting Schipske issued a press release stating that she was invited to meet with the board to answer a variety of questions on her positions concerning public safety.The mayoral candidate said that she told the POA board that she was concerned about recent statistics that show an increase in crime, that public safety should be the number one priority of local government, that the Police Department is understaffed and that, this is not the time to divert police funding into other programs.Schipske also informed the POA board that, most importantly, we need to hold our public safety employees accountable.The candidate said that she also told the POA board members that the Citizen Police Complaint Commission is not effective either for the public or the police and that in spite of the upcoming recommendations from a city consultant who is proposing changes to the CPCC We need to see the actual proposals and have extensive public discussion before the changes are put on the November ballot.As to the question of taking campaign donations from the LBPOA, Schipske said that she cautioned the LBPOA board that their reputation has been harmed because city politicians have relied upon their large financial support to pay for campaigns to raise taxes and utilities. Schipske continued, As mayor I will never do that. You are an employee association, representing our law enforcement at the bargaining table. I will not cheapen that relationship by asking you to serve as a piggybank for political and ballot campaigns.Prices Response to Schipske Ethics PositionOn Jan. 12 and 13 the Beachcomber asked Suzie Price for a statement relative to her meeting with the LBPOA board and having provided the mayoral candidate a copy of Schipskes press release asked the following:Do you agree or disagree with the position taken by Gerrie Schipske, as stated in her press release about the LBPOA, that: You are an employee association, representing our law enforcement at the bargaining table. I will not cheapen that relationship by asking you to serve as a piggybank for political and ballot campaigns.It is our understanding that you were granted their endorsement. Is that true and if so, will you accept their financial support in your campaignFinally, what position will you take relative to your past practice of supporting the distribution of campaign flyers by the LBPOA on your behalf that feature police officers in uniformPrice did not respond.Rex Richardsons Response to Schipske Ethics PositionOn Jan. 12 the Beachcomber sent an email to Mayoral Candidate Rex Richardson, presently serving as vice mayor and councilmember for the 9th district, asking for comment on his interview with the LBPOA, his endorsement by the LB Fire FightersUnion and his response to the ethics standard assumed by Schipske with regard to taking money and/or financial support from either the LBPOA or the LB Fire Fighters Union.Richardson did not respond.Franklin Simms Response to Schipske Ethics PositionOn Jan. 12 the Beachcomber asked the same questions of mayoral candidate Franklin Sims.Sims stated: As a mayoral candid who was excluded from addressing the police union, I think Schipske showed courage inside the belly of the beast. We cant reach the high ground of a safe city unless both law enforcement and candidates get out of the business of pay-to-play politics and into the heart of doing what is right for Long Beach families.LBPOA Response to Schipske Ethics PositionOn Jan. 12 the Beachcomber wrote to LBPOA President Rick Chambers and asked him to verify information received by this newspaper that Suzie Price won the LBPOA endorsement for mayor.In the same email the Beachcomber also asked for comment relative to Gerrie Schipskes statement that, You are an employee association, representing our law enforcement at the bargaining table. I will not cheapen that relationship by asking you to serve as a piggybank for political and ballot campaigns.Neither Chambers nor any member of the LBPOA board of directors responded as has been their practice with Beachcomber inquiries for the past three-plus years.About the LBPOAThere are 23 different employee bargaining units in the City of Long Beach representing a total of 6,000 city employees.The largest bargaining unit is the IAM International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers with a membership of 2,918.The smallest unit is the City Prosecutors Association with a membership of 17.The LBPOA unit has a membership of 809 sworn police employees including police officers, sergeants and lieutenants.Sergeant Richard Chambers became president of the LBPOA in 2019. The POA contract approved by the City Council uniquely permits Chambers to spend all duty hours managing the business affairs of the LBPOA.According to Transparent California, LBPOA president Sgt. Richard Chambers total salary and benefits in 2019 was $226, 211 and in 2020 was $296,785.According to Beachcomber research, no other bargaining unit associated with the city is staffed with personnel whose wages and benefits are paid by the taxpayer.Eighty-two percent of LBPD sworn employees live outside the city and are therefore not eligible to vote on matters affecting the quality of life in the City of Long Beach.The POA ParkIn April 1976 the city entered into a contractual agreement with the LBPOA in which a sizable piece of parkland was placed under the employee associations management care and authority.Beachcomber research was unable to locate any similar agreement made with any of the other 22 bargaining units.The Picnic Site Management Agreement with the LBPOA was executed on April 6, 1976 and gave the association responsibility to maintain an account, segregated from the general funds of the association that lists all fees collected by the association in connection with management of the picnic site.The contract also provided for annual audits by the city. The Beachcomber - through the PRA process recently determined that the city has never audited the account segregated from the general funds in the 45-year life of the contract.The POA Park until recently was rented to the public for as much as $1,800 per day.The Beachcomber asked - though the PRA process for the city to obtain the park-related financial documents from the LBPOA, since the documents are required by a city contract and the income is from city land thus making them subject to the Public Records Act.The city replied, There are no responsive documents. According to data obtained from the Long Beach City Clerk Office LBPOAs contributions to political candidates and campaigns between March 2015 and March 2020 totaled $1,131,025.It is unknown how much of the money obtained from public rentals of the public parkland collected by the LBPOA has been co-mingled with and expended through the LBPOAs political campaign expenditures.The Beachcomber is in the process of finding the legal mechanism that will allow that question to be answered.Stephen Downing is a resident of Long Beach and a retired LAPD deputy chief of police.stephen.beachcombergmail.comCategory: News

To Cairo with a Casket
01/13/2022 7:25pm

By:Roberto Vazquez Yassin AbrahimDetective Macias of the LBPD Robbery Division, arrived at the AM/PM on Atherton at Bellflower, after 8 p.m. on Jan. 2.As the detective politely introduced himself, Fady Sultan explained to this reporter why its a dangerous job working nights at a gas station. Sultan said theft is common but this time was different.This was the first time, referring to the gun used in that mornings robbery. My mother wants me to leave this job.Sultan, who turned 23 on New Years Eve, looks downcast. His mind is elsewhere, his eyes are heavy, his shoulders sag.He talks about Christmas Eve, when Hady Yassin Abrahim, his best friend and co-worker, was on the phone, He wanted to talk about our plans for Christmas and New Years.Just after 10 p.m., however, Abrahim was struck by a speeding vehicle as he walked across Atherton. The vehicle fled the scene and Abrahim died the following Monday.Dreams DieAbrahim and Sultan grew up in Cairo, Egypt, best friends since the 6th grade, dreaming of attending college in the U.S. and traveling the world. He would say to me, I want to travel with you. He wanted us to go to Europe, especially Paris.They worked at the AM/PM seven days a week, with plans to buy a business of their own.Its hard to lose somebody that close to you. We had plans for the future, we had a lot of plans. He wanted to get a degree, buy a house and build a family, Sultan said.Sultan is pre-med at Cerritos College and wants to one day, be a neurosurgeon and build my family. Abrahim wanted to be a pharmacist.After the robbery detective left, Sultan was alone with his thoughts. He said, Im sad, really sad. I lost a brother He added, He was part of my family, my dad loved him, he considered him a son. He was loved by my family.Sultan looked numb as he spoke, older than 23, realizing life would never be the same again, feeling all of Abrahims lifelong dreams end on Christmas Eve.StatisticsAccording to a report in October of 2021 by the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the first six months more than 20,000 people died on U.S. roads, a nearly 20 increase from 2020.Secretary Pete Buttigieg said at the time, This is a crisis leaving countless loved ones behind.Later this month the NHTSA will release the National Roadway Safety Strategy, which includes nine additional Proven Safety Countermeasures.The 28 countermeasures will now include improvements such as crosswalk visibility enhancements, lighting, variable speed limits and speed safety cameras.Neighbors ComplainAlong Atherton Street, several residents shared their views.Bree and Bennett Brown live a short distance from AM/PM. They are very familiar with the traffic issues. Bree Brown said, You literally can drive 60 in a 35 mile zone. People do it all the time. She added, Wed like to see one of those blinking crosswalks, those are good.Bennett Brown added, with a smile, Then, people can get to the park.On Montair Avenue, Elicia Richmond and Donel Maher are longtime friends and neighbors. Maher is the one who called 911.Richmond, whose older daughter knew Abrahim, said, I want a speed bump on the corner of Montair, off of Atherton. Its like the 405 freeway. This street needs a barrier, and the curve is also an issue.As they spoke, more than a dozen vehicles exited the AM/PM, making dangerous left turns onto Atherton against oncoming traffic.Richmond added, Theres not one safe place for pedestrians to cross Atherton between Bellflower and Clark. Not oneMaher said, Its like nobody cares anymore. Its like a race track here, noting the high rate of speed and the lack of motor patrol by LBPD.For Angel Arenas and his daughter Christine, the situation on Atherton is troubling. Their residence is closer to Clark, where theyve experienced a number of incidents involving thefts, burglaries, car break-ins, accidents and speeding.Arenas said, Its so bad at night. The street is really dark, which allows for crime. He challenged a reporter to come back at night time. I bet you cant see anything, adding, weve been twice broken into. His daughter said, Between Ximeno and Bellflower, its too long in between traffic signals.Going HomeSultan is worried about getting his friends body back to Egypt, the heavy costs involved, and tying all the loose ends of Abrahims life and short, 15-month stay in America.He says it will cost about $30,000 to get the coffin back to Egypt and hopes to accompany Abrahims remains. He added, The Egyptian Consulate has done nothing to help. Maybe its the new year, the holidays, to be fair.He may reach out to Congressman Alan Lowenthal, if the situation isnt resolved soon by Egyptian authorities.There is a cloud lingering over the store since Abrahim passed away. His co-workers Rosa Maldonado and Robert Hammerton worked with him for only a short time.Maldonado, who worked with Abrahim for seven months, said in Spanish, Yassin was always cordial, helpful and easygoing. We got along real well.Hammerton said, I only worked with him for two months. He was always working, never late. The last thing he did was hand me two $5 lottery tickets. According to Hammerton, one of the tickets was worth $100.Sultan can only look forward to the day he can finally take Abrahim home, to be buried next to his beloved mother.After all, final wishes are what best friends do, and Hady Yassin Abrahim would want Fady Sultan to honor his last trip to Egypt.To Cairo, with love.Category: News

LBPD 2021 Year-End Crime Statistics
01/13/2022 7:22pm

By:LBPD Media Relations The Long Beach Police Department announced the 2021 year-end crime statistics. Similar to other cities across the nation, the Long Beach community experienced an increase in crime in 2021. In order to meet the challenges posed in 2021, the LBPD explored and utilized new resources to better serve the community and fulfill the departments vision to provide a safe city for all people.From January through December, Total Part 1 crimes under the Department of Justice Uniform Crime Reporting UCR Program remained relatively flat however, overall violent crime increased by 7.7, with a zero percent increase in murder and 11.2 increase in aggravated assaults. While violent crime has increased over the last year, historically violent crime in Long Beach is substantially down over the past 30 years, despite an increase in the population.Property crime slightly decreased compared to 2020. Most of the decrease is attributed to: petty thefts which declined by 54.1 garage burglaries, which declined by 37.1 commercial burglaries, which declined by 26.8 and bike thefts, which declined by 21.9. 2021 statistics are preliminary and subject to further analysis and revision. The final 2021 numbers to be reported to the UCR Program will be formally announced at a later date.While most major cities in our country experienced an increase in murders compared to 2020, the murder rate in Long Beach did not increase, said Chief of Police Wally Hebeish. This is in large part due to the overwhelming efforts of our police officers and professional staff. That being said, every murder is a tragedy and one life lost to violent crime is one too many. We will continue to work with city and community partners to provide public safety while also exploring the fundamental causes of violent crime.The LBPD continues to focus on building community partnerships, using intelligence led policing and data, and implementing new technology like the incoming records management system, to allow for better identification and analysis of crime trends. Below were areas of continued focus for the Police Department in 2021 to help reduce the increase in crime.Gun Violence PreventionOverall gun arrests are up 36, while arrests overall are down 18.9. To combat violent crime and an increase in shootings, the LBPD facilitated a Community Safety and Gun Violence Roundtable in June 2021 that introduced the Coordinated Response Team CRT efforts to reduce gun violence. The CRT continues to attend community outreach events to ensure the community knows why they are taking enforcement action and keeping them informed of their progress. In the time since its inception, CRT has seized over 150 firearms. As a whole, the department has seized a total of 1,057 firearms, a 37.3 increase from 2020. Since implementation of this program, the rate of violent crime has continued to decrease. The LBPD also hosted a gun buyback event, which resulted in a total of 280 firearms being removed from the community.At the end of 2021, the LBPD has reported a 50 decrease in shootings since December 2020, significantly impacting the spike seen earlier in 2021. While gun violence continues to be at an increased level, it has been substantially reduced over the course of 2021 through the various strategies implemented by the Police Department and supporting departments.Community EngagementAs part of LBPDs ongoing commitment to building strong relationships within Long Beach, community engagement continues to be a priority. In 2021, the department hosted a Police Explorer Academy, invited the Community Advisory Committee to participate in the Community Police Academy, organized several catalytic converter etching events, and participated in National Night Out and Faith and Blue events citywide. The departments patrol divisions have been proactively reaching out to the community, organizing events such as Coffee with a Cop and virtual commander forums, to create new opportunities for officers and neighbors to talk and collectively address community concerns. The department also launched the Neighborhood Walks program which encourages officers to walk in Long Beach neighborhoods, interact with residents and businesses, and build strong relationships. This program began in the Washington Neighborhood of West Division and then rotated to North Division and East Division. The department plans to bring the program to South Division next and then return to each of the four patrol divisions in 2022.Accountability & TransparencyThe Police Departments Office of Constitutional Policing established the Community Advisory Committee to review policies that impact community-police interactions, including use of force policies. This year, the department began working with the USC Price Safe Communities Institute in the development and participation of the Law Enforcement Work Inquiry System LEWIS, which tracks all police officers who were terminated or resigned due to misconduct, allowing prospective hiring agencies access to an officers prior history.The department fully implemented the Early Intervention Program EIPRO in patrol to give supervisors the ability to address concerning behaviors exhibited by officers before they become issues of potential misconduct and allow officers the ability to improve areas in which they are deficient. Bias Free Policing has been implemented and training is ongoing, and the department recently entered into an agreement with Policing Equity Inc. PE to conduct comprehensive analysis of the departments Racial and Identity Profiling Act RIPA and crime data.Mental Health & WellnessThe departments Community Outreach, Response, and Events CORE Section, which consists of the Quality of Life QOL Team and the Mental Evaluation Team MET, made over 8,200 contacts offering services to persons experiencing homelessness, resulting in temporary housing for 200 individuals and permanent housing for 60 individuals.Additionally, the QOL team participated in 690 scheduled encampment clean-ups throughout the city during the year to further assist in offering services to people experiencing homelessness and support city partners in removing trash and hazardous materials from the area. In partnership with the Guidance Center, the department also continued to participate in the Clinician in Jail Program, which provides mental health and linkage services in the Long Beach City Jail.In June 2021, the City Council authorized $5 million for a Safety Recovery Plan designed to address the significant increase in gun violence seen in the first part of 2021. That plan included $4.575 million for the Coordinated Response Team, Neighbor Walks program, keeping calls for service at current levels, additional policing in business districts, and additional bike units, among other one-time enhancements. It also included $425,000 for a variety of violence prevention programs in multiple departments.Throughout 2021, the department continued to focus attention on implementing new and innovative approaches to law enforcement. In coordination with the Fire and Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communications Departments, the LBPD successfully implemented an Integrated Medical Response to address patients who may be in distress due to intoxication or mental illness, with the goal of safely facilitating medical intervention.Moving into 2022, the LBPD remains committed to the safety and well-being of all residents and visitors. The department understands that public safety is a shared responsibility, and now more than ever, engagement and partnership with the community is critical to reducing crime. The department continues to maximize technology to create efficiencies while working with regional, state and federal law enforcement partners to impact crime and enhance the quality of life in the City of Long Beach.Category: News

Wilson’s Proposed Gender Neutral Locker Room Is Safer Than You May Think
01/13/2022 7:17pm

By:Isaac FosterLong Beach Unified School District LBUSD recently revealed plans to construct a new aquatic center at Wilson High School. The goal is to eventually renovate five swimming pools within the district but groups of parents and staff within the high school are apprehensive about the proposed plan to include a gender-neutral locker room.To clarify, that means all students will use the same locker room regardless of their gender identity. Over the years LBUSD has prioritized making their facilities inclusive spaces that can be used by students of all gender identities, students with disabilities and students who desire privacy for any reason. These facilities align with the core values of the school district: equity and inclusivity.Some parents at Wilson have been voicing their concerns online below are listed some of the most common questions.Isnt this just patronizing LGBTQ studentsThe fact of the matter is that many students have desired these facilities and have voiced their opinions during board meetings. Wilsons newspaper, The Loudspeaker, reported in January that, Privacy is a concern for many students faced with the prospect of communal showers and large undifferentiated changing areas. It would seem that most individuals irrespective of their gender identity and expression dont want to change in the open or bathe in gang showers.Along with student wide support, the addition of inclusive facilities helps students with disabilities. If a person requires a caregiver of a different gender they will be able to assist them in the locker room.Co-ed locker rooms are not safeMany students stated in focus groups conducted by LBUSD that current locker rooms needed more supervision to decrease the potential for bullying and inappropriate behavior. With the current outdated designs, there tends to be many nooks and crannies where students can be out of sight from any administration it doesnt help that the lockers themselves stack well above six feet and obstruct the vision of teachers and other supervisors.Working together with the architects and students, the planning committee for the aquatic center determined what they could do to maximize privacy and safety in the new facilities. Instead of having common areas for changing students will now have individual changing stalls and individual showers. If a student is showering, they will remain in the stall until they are fully dressed. No students will be undressed or partially undressed in common areas.The doors for these stalls were designed to be gap-free so that there are no sightlines. The doors leave only a single inch of space from the floor and extend higher than the previous doors to prevent anyone from peeking into the stall or going under the partition. Furthermore, the doors are equipped with occupancy indicators and are programmed to stay slightly open when not in use so that it is completely clear when a stall is occupied.To increase supervision, waist-high lockers will be installed to ensure an unobstructed view of the students. On top of that, inclusive facilities allow staff of any gender to be in the locker room, so there will be an increased number of supervisors to monitor students.Arent there already gender-neutral bathrooms Isnt that enoughAnother problem that LBUSD found in their student focus groups was that the current single-occupancy restrooms were not an adequate problem to the solution. In 2016, California passed a law that every single-occupancy restroom must be converted into a gender-neutral restroom.Although this law was designed to benefit non binary people, it backfired as students waiting in line for one of these bathrooms experienced bullying from other students. Another problem that arose was that people who had yet to publicly come out as non-binary were indirectly outed by waiting in the line.By incorporating a gender inclusive facility everyone uses the same restroom so nobody will be singled out.How will these locker rooms accommodate dual swim meets which can have up to 300 athletes participatingDuring a large swimming event like a dual swim meet, there are typically 130 swimmers from each school. If Wilson is hosting Poly, Wilson would have their swimmers change during Polys travel time. When Poly arrives, there will be 58 stalls for them to use. Unlike football games, swim meets do not require everyone to be competing at the same time so therefore not everyone will need to use the locker room at the same time. The process is not perfect, but it will be something the students will get more efficient at as they become more acclimated to the process.Category: News

Which Garcia would you vote for the 42nd Congressional District?
01/10/2022 6:49am

Choices Cristina Garcia Bell Gardens Assemblywoman Robert Garcia Mayor of Long Beach

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