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500 Circle Seven Dr
Glendale, CA 91201   Directions

(818) 863-7777

Police searching for missing 5-year-old boy in LA area
12/10/2018 1:53am

Los Angeles police are looking for the publics help finding a missing 5-year-old boy.

Stolen-car suspect with rifle killed in Torrance officer-involved shooting
12/10/2018 1:47am

Officers shot and killed a stolen-car suspect they say was armed with a rifle in the parking lot of a Ralphs in Torrance.

Southern California weather forecast Monday
12/10/2018 12:59am

Southern California could see scattered showers in some areas Monday.

Thousands of Kaiser Permanente mental health clinicians plan 5-day strike in California
12/10/2018 12:38am

About 4,000 mental health employees plan to strike at Kaiser Permanente facilities across the state starting Monday.

Man paralyzed by rare condition stands up to propose
12/10/2018 12:10am

A man recovering from paralysis gave his girlfriend the surprise of her life when he stood up from his wheelchair to ask for her hand in marriage.



4200 Radford Ave
Studio City, CA 91604   Directions

(818) 655-2000

SoCal Edison Weighs Public Safety Power Shut-Offs For ‘High-Risk’ Areas In Corona
12/10/2018 1:31am

The company identified 25 high-risk area circuits in Corona that could be eligible for a public safety shut-off, should conditions meet criteria.

‘It Was Barbaric:’ Woman Arrested After Throwing Hot Coffee On Donut Shop Owner, Who Comes To Her Defense
12/10/2018 1:15am

Witnesses say Stacey Rosen, 51, unleashed a profanity-laced tirade when she returned to Cindy Seams donut shop Sunday following a violent confrontation.

Stolen Vehicle Investigation Leads To Deadly Shooting Involving Officer
12/09/2018 10:56pm

Authorities are investigating an officer-involved shooting in Torrance.

School Police Employee Found Dead On Hollywood Hills Elementary School Campus, LAPD Investigating
12/09/2018 10:02pm

Detectives are investigating the death of a law enforcement officer in North Hollywood.

Yum? Pop-Up In LA To Feature Sheep-Eyeball Soup, Maggot-Infested Cheese
12/09/2018 4:49pm

Sweden is sending Los Angeles a really foul gift: a three-month pop-up exhibit feat. the worlds most disgusting food



100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608   Directions

(818) 684-4444

When Life Unravels, Where Do Police Officers Turn for Help?
12/08/2018 4:39am

David Swailes was a 10-year Los Angeles Police Department veteran who was married to his high school sweetheart. A father of four boys, he was making plans for a family trip to Disneyland.His wife of 14 years had noticed something was horribly wrong in recent months. His behavior had changed. There were fits of rage. He wasnt sleeping well and having nightmares when he did sleep.There were all kind of pieces of a puzzle, said Melissa Swailes. At the time, I didnt see how they all fit together.I had every confidence that he would get through it.One day in 2016, on a sons second birthday, the day they were supposed to make that Disneyland visit, David Swailes killed himself with a gunshot to the head.Its just so still surreal, to go from making plans as a family to go to Disneyland, to making funeral arrangements, said Melissa Swailes.David Swailes death was one of 36 LAPD officer suicides reported between 1998 and 2017, according to a study done by the departments Behavioral Science Services. During that same time, there were 16 officer deaths while in the line of duty.NBC4 -- with the support of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the union that represents the departments more than 7,000 rank-and-file officers -- sent surveys with questions about job-related stress faced by officers.More than 600 officers responded to the NBC4 I-Team survey.There were some common themes in the responses. Among them, 90 percent of respondents said there is a stigma in law enforcement that creates a barrier to seeking help for emotional or behavioral health issues.In Swailes tragic case, his widow saw that running from call to call took its toll. He had become emotionally unstable, but knew services were available, she said.He looked up the number, but he never called it, said Melissa Swailes. Instead, he walked into our bathroom with one of his guns and shot himself in the head.I would hate for another family to learn about this issue the way that I did.Ninety-seven percent of NBC4 survey respondents said they are aware of behavioral health services, but only 24 percent report using them. Seventy-six percent reported lingering or unresolved emotional issues from on-the-job stress.The survey results do not mean the streets are flooded with cops unfit for duty or excuse some officers controversial actions, but the survey gives insight into the burdens of the badge.The union, department and families of those who have died by suicide are now speaking out about the issue in hopes of breaking any stigma attached to seeking help when they are experiencing those emotional issues.Officers dont want to appear weak, said Steve Gordon, a director at the LA police union. You know, theyve got to be the tough guy. Theyve got to be the problem solver.Gordon, a veteran SWAT officer, is part of a peer support network.What we want to do is break down that barrier and have these officers seek out the help they need without the stigma attached.Officer Tim Olsen understands that feeling. He had been on the job for just two months when he was thrust into the middle of theNorth Hollywood shootout. Two heavily armed gunmen wearing body armor opened fire on out-gunned officers and bystanders after a robbery at a bank in February 1997.Before his first year with the department was over, he was involved in two more shootings.I drank a lot, Olsen said. I didnt tell anybody that I was bothered by it, so I just sucked it up.The stress packed into those first months on the job cost him his marriage, Olsen said. He knew help was available, but felt shame and fear about asking for it.Chief Michel Mooreadvocates for peer-to-peer support and multiple checks even months after an an incident impacts an officer.We want them to be involved in these services, he said.Moore sat down with the I-Team and opened up about losing his friend, officer Sonny Medina, who was also at the North Hollywood shootout and killed himself years later.Why didnt we see that coming and how can we prevent that from ever happening againWhat weve done more recently is now we require them to go a second and third time, he said.Dr. Denise Jablonski-Kaye, a full-time psychiatrist with the LAPD, said shes heard excuses and stories, such as officers worried about being seen as unfit for the job.It just means that youre going through a difficult time, Jablonski-Kaye said. If they get some help from us, its not a sign of weakness. Its just getting some assistance, like a back-up call.As for Olsen, he said hes doing well. His turning point was when he thought about his daughter and being there for her.My goal is someone is going to watch this and realize that there is help for them, there are resources out there, said Olsen.More InformationLAPDs Behavioral Science Services: 213-485-4357LAPD Suicide Prevention CampaignInternational Chiefs of Police: Suicide Prevention and AwarenessRecognize the Warning Signs

Stone Associate Corsi Sues Mueller, CIA, FBI, NSA for $350M
12/09/2018 11:48pm

The conservative writer and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi filed a lawsuit on Sunday accusing special counsel Robert Mueller of blackmailing him to lie about President Donald Trump in the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, NBC News reported.The suit, which seeks $350 million in actual and punitive damages in U.S. District Court in Washington, was filed six days after Corsi entered a formal complaint with the Justice Department alleging prosecutorial misconduct by Mueller. Trump Says Chief of Staff John Kelly to Leave at Years End Corsi, 72, the former Washington bureau chief of the conspiracy website InfoWars, accuses Muellers office of having illegally leaked secret information from the grand jury investigating Russian election interference.The lawsuit also names the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency as co-respondents. Top Takeaways: Prosecutors Detail Key Pieces in Russia Probe Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/AP, File

'Troubling' Video Shows Cops Ripping Baby Away from Mom
12/09/2018 11:24pm

A disturbing video shows a group of police officers trying to pull a 1-year-old child from the arms of his mother, who is lying on the floor of a social services office in Brooklyn.The NYPD called the video troubling and said the encounter was under review. New York Woman Fractures Spine in Subway Assault: Police No mother should have to experience the trauma and humiliation we all witnessed in this video,Public Advocate and Attorney General-elect Letitia James said.The video shows 23-year-old Jazmine Headley laying on the floor of the Human Resources Administration office on Bergen Street on Friday with a group of police officers surrounding her. Rioting Engulfs Paris as Anger Grows Over High French Taxes She clutches her year-old son to her chest and shouts, Theyre hurting myson Theyre hurting my sonAt one point, an officer is seen forcibly ripping the child from the mothers arms, but Headley doesnt let go. Other people in the crowded office screamed, Oh my God and Look what theyre doing to her Aircraft Technician With Tuskegee Airmen Dies at 100 in NYC At least one officer brandished a stun gun.The NYPD said they were called after HRA officers and staff were unsuccessful in removing her from the facility. They cited disorderly conductand said she was blocking the hallway.Nyashia Ferguson, who shot the video, said on Facebook that Headley was asked to leave when she sat down on the floor because all of the chairs were full.Being poor is not a crime, Letitia James said. The actions of the NYPD in this video are appalling and contemptible.She called for an investigationand a transparent accounting of how this horrific situation occurred.City Council Speaker Corey Johnsoncalled the video unacceptable, appalling and heart breakingsic.Headley, of Brooklyn, was charged with resisting arrest, acting in a manner injuriousto a child, obstructing governmental administration and criminal trespass, the NYPD said. Its not clear whether she has an attorney.Police said there was also a warrant for her from Mercer County, New Jersey. The details of that case werent immediately known.She refused medical treatment for both herself and her son, police said. A family member took custody of the child.No officers were harmed.

Suspect Killed in Officer Involved Shooting at Ralph's in Torrance
12/10/2018 12:37am

A suspect was pronounced dead at the scene of an officer involved shooting in Torrance in the parking lot of a Ralphs on Sunday, according to the Torrance Police Department.The shooting occurred on the 1700 block of Carson Street, and no officers were injured in the shooting, according to Torrance Polices Twitter account. 5-Year-Old Child Possibly Missing, Publics Help Sought Police said that an individual approached officers and told them that an unknown suspect had stolen his vehicle two days prior and that the vehicle had been spotted moments earlier.Officers located the vehicle in a Ralphs parking lot and approached the suspected stolen vehicle, which contained a man armed with a rifle, according to the Torrance Police Department. This is when an officer involved shooting occurred, according to police. Man Shot Next to Taco Truck, Pronounced Dead at Hospital Newschopper4 Bravo arrived over the scene as the Torrance Police Department employed a drone and armored vehicle to investigate a vehicle in the parking lot believed to be housing the suspect, after the officer involved shooting had already occurred.After a short time, police officers approached the vehicle and pulled a suspect out of the vehicle. The man did not appear to be conscious, and officers proceeded to perform chest compressions for a short time. From the Golden State to the Red Planet: InSights Journey to Mars Soon after, a white sheet was placed over the man, indicating that he had died. Police later confirmed that the suspect had succumbed to his injuries.The suspect was not immediately identified.Photo Credit: Newschopper4 Bravo

Safety Tips to Follow If You're Planning to Buy From OfferUp During The Holidays
12/09/2018 7:00pm

Buying on sites or apps such as OfferUp can be a great alternative for those looking for great deals, but as the holidays approach, these avenues offer new opportunities for potential criminals to pull off scams or rob potential buyers.According to OfferUp, a popular online marketplace, 46 percent of people will be using their phones and apps to buy gifts for the holidays, and OfferUp is working with 1,500 law enforcement agencies across the nation to educate consumers on how to stay safe when meeting to exchange an item. Rioting Engulfs Paris as Anger Grows Over High French Taxes As such, OfferUp has provided a list of safety tips for consumers to stay out of danger during the holiday season. Below are a few safety tips to take into consideration:If youre going to search for an item, remember to shop smart, and when is time to meet the person youre buying from, make sure to meet at a safe location and be careful of late night transactions. Aircraft Technician With Tuskegee Airmen Dies at 100 in NYC If buying an item from an online posting, take a good look at the photo, description, and condition of anything youre interested in. The photo should show the actual item for sale, not a catalog photo.Use the sites reviews to help you decide about reputable sellers.Agree to meet in well-lit, well-crowded public locations not in your vehicle, and let a friend or family member know where youre going.You can meet at a Safe Trade Spot, a police station, or a grocery store to exchange high-value items.Its also always important to remember to keep personal information private and to know the rules and policies of payment methods. How a Teen Girl Got Sexual Consent to Be Taught in Md. Schools Do what you can to keep your cell phone number and other identifying information private. Apps like OfferUp let you use secure messaging.Never share your account info, password, phone number, or email address. Sometimes people will phish for your confidential info, to try to steal your online identity. OfferUp will never ask you to put account or personal info in a message thread.Dont use Western Union to send money blindly dont use PayPal or Venmo to pay without having your itemIf youre dealing with large amounts of cash, consider exchanging near a bank or investing in a counterfeit detector pen to verify the bills are real.If you feel youre in danger, call 911 immediately, and if a crime has been committed, contact local law enforcement immediately to report the incident.For the full list on safety tips, you can visit the OfferUp safety tips website and company blog.Photo Credit: NBC 5 News



1999 S Bundy Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90025   Directions

(310) 584-2000

Press-Telegram (Long Beach)

Press-Telegram (Long Beach)

727 Pine Ave
Long Beach, CA 90844   Directions

(562) 435-1161

The Beachcomber

The Beachcomber

5199 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90804   Directions

(562) 597-8000

A Christmas Carol
12/08/2018 9:53am

Date:Saturday, December 8, 2018 - 8:00pm to Sunday, December 23, 2018 - 2:00pmA Long Beach Holiday TraditionLB PLAYHOUSEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Contact:Madison Mooneymadisonlbplayhouse.orgprlbplayhouse.org562-494-1014 Ext. 503Long Beach PlayhouseA Long Beach Holiday TraditionA Christmas Carol at the Long Beach PlayhouseThursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday PerformancesDecember 8 - 23, 2018Long Beach, CA, December is a month for honoring traditions, celebrating with family and friends and reminding ourselves that compassion and kindness never go out of style. Fortunately for all of us, 170 years ago Charles Dickens mixed those things together and created A Christmas Caroland his most memorable characters: Scrooge, his nephew, Jacob Marley, three ghosts, the Cratchits and Tiny Tim. The perennial favorite returns for its seventh incarnation at the Long Beach Playhouse.This years production tells the traditional story in a non-traditional way. I dont want to give too much away but lets just say some actors have two roles, the traditional character in A Christmas Carol and the actor playing the character, said Playhouse Executive Director Madison Mooney. Its a quick-paced production and is exactly the Christmas party that will put us all on the path to holiday cheer.This year we asked Larry and Phie Mura to collaborate on the production. I knew that the two of them would take this beloved story and keep every bit of charm that it possesses and still add their own creative vision to bring us something wonderful, said Playhouse Artistic Director Sean Gray. Without changing anything about the classic tale theyve added a level of theatrical whimsy that makes it sparkle all the more.The nine-member cast is a mix of actors who are making debuts and who are returning to the Playhouse. Those making their debuts are: Sarah Estabrook, Baiinga Lontho, Michael G. Martinez, Melissa Musial, Michael Panah and Mary Sherg. Returning to the Playhouse are: Jack Murphy, Mitchell Nunn, and Rick Reischman.Theres another thing thats different about A Christmas Carol in comparison to our other productions, said Mooney. Thursday night performances This show always sells out so having Thursday night performances help even more people see this great show.The show opens December 8 and runs through December 23, 2018.SPECIAL EVENTS FOR THIS PLAY:Pay what you can Thursday December 6 - community can see this production for whatever they can affordFriday Two-for-One is already sold outOpening Night Champagne Reception with cast on December 8 - Tickets are $27.00Ticket Pricing:Friday: Adults are $20.00, Seniors $18.00, and Students $14.00Saturday and Sunday: Adults are $24.00, Seniors $21.00, and Students $14.00.Tickets are available at, or by calling 562-494-1014, option 1.Long Beach Playhouse is located at 5021 E. Anaheim St., Long Beach, CA, 90804, right across from the Long Beach Recreation golf course. The Playhouse is community-supported theatre with programs and events that cut across age, gender, ethnic, and cultural boundaries.Performances are 8 p.m. Friday, and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. The box office is open Wednesday-Saturday from 3:00-8:00 pm and Sundays from 1:00-2:00 pm on scheduled matinees. Promotional Design: Daisy RamirezMichael Panah as Henry, Rick Reischman as Thomas, and Melissa Musialas PoettePhotos by Mike Hardy Long Beach Playhouse, 5021E.AnaheimSt,Long Beach,CA90804

Public Hearing
12/08/2018 9:49am

Date:Thursday, December 20, 2018 - 5:00pmAll members of the public are invited to attend and provide testimony.For more information, contact Scott Kinsey, Project Planner, at 562 570-6461City of Long Beach Planning CommissionThursday, December 20, 20185:00 p.m.Long Beach City Council Chamber, 333 W. Ocean Blvd.Join UsThe City of Long Beach invites you to attend a public hearing on the appeal of a Local Coastal Development Permit for the trimming and on-site relocation of existing street trees and theinstallation of new street trees in the public right-of-way located on Marina Drive between2nd Street and Studebaker Road.

12/08/2018 9:43am

Date:Wednesday, December 25, 2019 All day

12/08/2018 9:42am

Date:Thursday, November 28, 2019 All day

Daylight Savings Time
12/08/2018 9:41am

Date:Sunday, November 3, 2019 - 2:00am

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