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Civil rights investigation of LA County Sheriff's Department launched by CA AG
01/22/2021 6:31pm

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced Friday his department has launched a civil rights investigation of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department.

High-speed pursuit ends near Gorman after car slams into thick brush; suspects flee
01/22/2021 6:27pm

The chase came to end after the suspects veered off-road and crashed into thick brush. The driver and passenger got out of the car and ran down a hillside, prompting a search in the deserted area.

Elon Musk offers $100 million prize for best carbon capture technology
01/22/2021 6:23pm

In a tweet, the Tesla CEO announced his offer of a $100 million prize to anyone who can develop the best technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions.

Think your kids may be spending too much time with tech? Tips to help parents concerted with digital dependency
01/22/2021 6:17pm

How much tech is too much, and when should a parent intervene

Muralists continue to honor Kobe Bryant's lasting legacy with street art
01/22/2021 6:11pm

A year after the tragic loss of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, murals and street art continue to honor his lasting legacy.


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Where To Get The COVID-19 Vaccine
01/22/2021 6:48pm

The state of California has approved access to COVID-19 vaccines for all residents aged 65 and older.

1 Dead, 33 Injured After Bus Bound For Grand Canyon Crashes
01/22/2021 6:35pm

A bus heading to the Grand Canyon rolled over with 48 people inside, killing one person and injuring 33 others.

USPS’ Airport Post Office Moving To New Location Near LAX On Feb. 1
01/22/2021 6:25pm

The Airport Station Post Office near LAX will begin operating from a new location on Feb. 1, USPS announced Friday.

George Gascón Among Group That Signed Letter To Biden Calling To Commute Sentences Of All Federal Death Row Inmates
01/22/2021 6:22pm

Los Angeles County George Gascn is again speaking out against the death penalty, which he has repeatedly said he disagrees with on moral and practical grounds.

LA County Reports COVID Hospitalizations, Positivity Rate Trending Downward As Vaccination Efforts Continue
01/22/2021 6:20pm

Health officials reported some good news Friday, stating that there had been a 30 decrease in the seven-day average of daily cases from last week and the test positivity rate had dropped to 12.7 from 20.8 on Jan. 1.


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1999 S Bundy Dr
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Press-Telegram (Long Beach)
Press-Telegram (Long Beach)

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727 Pine Ave
Long Beach, CA 90844   Directions


The Beachcomber
The Beachcomber

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5199 E Pacific Coast Hwy
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Home Sweet Bandshell at Recreation Park
01/14/2021 8:49pm

Category: News

Virtual Encounters
01/14/2021 8:47pm

Ever wondered what it is like to work at an aquarium caring for marine mammals Now is your chance. The Aquarium of the Pacific is launching a new virtual experience that will take you behind the scenes to meet its animals and animal care staff during a feeding and care session. Through Virtual Animal Encounters, you can get up close with a seal, sea lion, or sea otter. Viewers can meet an animal up close and watch as they participate in a training session that is part of their top-quality care at the Aquarium, whichallows for health checks as well asmental and physical exercise. Viewers will hear from the animal care staff as they take care of the animals inside of their habitats and have an opportunity to ask questions. Two Virtual Animal Encounters are currently available. Virtual Seal and Sea Lion Encounters take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:15 a.m. Virtual Sea Otter Encounters are available on Thursdays and Sundays at 2 p.m. Tickets are $10 per household and bookings for each program must be made at least 48 hours prior to the start time. You can visit aquariumofpacific.org for more information and reservations.Category: News

Crime Stats Have Gaps
01/14/2021 8:44pm

By:Bill PearlA common management principle teaches that if you dont measure a problem, you cant correct it.So how many of Long Beachs most serious crimes labeled Part 1 crimes against persons and property did your council district, and others, have in 2020 In what types of crimes The citys crime stats dont show this, although they used to.What types of quality of life neighborhood impacting crimes from porch thefts to sawing off catalytic converters victimized LB neighborhoods and where These crimes arent itemized leaving residents unable to tell where they occurred.How many shootings did Long Beach have in 2020 and in what council districts were they Theyre not listed in Long Beachs official crime statistics theyre concealed within another crime category.Long Beach had 36 murders in 2020, up from 34 in 2019, the highest number since 2015 and higher than LBs five-year average of 31. But those are citywide figures that dont show that LBs murders disproportionately impact working class neighborhoods, a tale of two cities inequity experienced by families and businesses in parts of Central Long Beach and North Long Beach.For years, LBPD routinely released crime stats by council districts. These included Part 1 serious crimes against persons murder, manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault and property residential and commercial burglary, auto burglary, grand theft, petty theft, bicycle theft, auto theft and arson.This was powerful data but embarrassing to some incumbents in higher crime council districts. In the final years of Mayor ONeills administration, city management stopped releasing data showing crimes by council districts. The matter wasnt debated by the policy-setting City Council it was simply implemented.LBPD offered a flimsy numerical excuse, noting that in a few parts of town, crime reporting districts crossed council district lines, which was true, making data in those few areas unreliable, which was untrue. In those few areas, LBPD obviously knew the location of crimes and could assign them to the proper council district.Today, the City of Long Beach offers residents crime stats by LBPD Divisions north, south, east, west that cross several council district lines and are even less reflective of individual neighborhood realities. LBPDs East Division spans 5th district suburban areas to western 4th district areas in recent months plagued by shootings to wealthy 3rd district enclaves.The only other way for the public and press to reconstruct crime stats by council district is to laboriously enter crime numbers from multiple neighborhood size crime reporting districts comprising each council district. LBPD makes this task more difficult by listing neighborhood numbers in primitive hard copy PDF form instead of in useful digital form, which LBPD has.Part 2 crimes arent itemized, not even those frequently termed quality of life crimes. They include non-aggravated assaults, buying, receiving or possessing stolen property, vandalism, weapons violations, prostitution drug abuses indecent exposure, liquor laws, disorderly conduct, vagrancy and other offenses. The council could direct LBPD to pull out and itemize especially problematic Part 2 crimes such as porch thefts and catalytic converter thefts but the council hasnt done so. Bike thefts are already itemized among Part 1 crimes.Crime stat data gaps invite fog from some council incumbents. In her official 2018 candidate ballot statement, incumbent Councilwoman Stacy Mungo told voters we have decreased neighborhood crime by 18.4 and citywide crime by 11.4 and reiterated part of that statement in at least two mailers in her runoff campaign brought neighborhood crime down 18. And in a statement her campaign attributes to Mayor Garcia lowered our crime rate by 18.There is no official LBPD or nationally recognized definition for the term neighborhood crime. All crimes, whether Part 1 or Part 2, obviously affect some neighborhood. Councilwoman Mungo appears to have lifted figures from LBPDs East Division Part 1 crimes against property and portrayed them as 5th district data, which was inaccurate. Her cited 18.4 figure reflected the entire East Division and thus included areas not within the 5th council district but within council districts 3 and 4.Her claim to have reduced citywide crime by 11.4 appears to have been similarly lifted from citywide Part 1 crimes against property, although listed in LBPDs summary as 11.3. LBs total number of crimes citywide Part 1 Part 2 in 2017 decreased from 2016 by 3.6.In public meetings, Mayor Garcia has cited citywide murder stats to show crime is down but that doesnt reflect the experience of families and businesses in working class neighborhoods where murders have increased since 2017 and, as the Beachcomber has previously reported Sept. 24 2020 at: https://beachcomber.news/content/long-beach-mayorcouncil-let-lbpd-hide-crime-stats, Long Beach crime stats dont list shootings.LBPD includes shootings among aggravated assaults, a collective category that can range from a bar fight with a table fork to a near fatal shooting. LBs practice is common among law enforcement agencies it satisfies federal crime reporting rules, but it conceals the number and locations of Long Beach shootings unless reporters call the LBPD each day to get information for updates.In contrast, Los Angeles crime stats do list the number of shootings and their locations. LAPD shows the number of shootings with separate line items for shots fired and shooting victims and their increases/decreases and their local division geographic locations.Long Beach crime stat data gaps are arguably especially relevant given the City Councils Sept. 2020 vote to defund nearly 50 sworn officers on top of 180 officers not restored from City Halls 2009-2015 budget-driven police defunding.The City Councils Public Safety Committee Price, Supernaw, Austin could agendize these crime stat data gap issues for discussion and recommendations to the City Council. So could any other council incumbents.Bill Pearl publishes lbreport.com, an online, local news source since August 2000.Category: News

Community Hospital Partially Reopens
01/14/2021 8:43pm

The City of Long Beach announced on New Years Eve that Community Hospital Long Beach CHLB has been granted a license from the California Department of Public Health CDPH and would be able to accept patient transfers starting Monday, Jan. 4.With hospitals across our city and state at capacity, this reopening is critical for the safety and care of our community, Mayor Robert Garcia said in a press release statement.Community Hospital is a local institution and Im incredibly grateful to our hospital partners and the state for getting it open. We expect the hospital reopening to have an immediate impact on local capacity and our ability to save lives.CHLB initially will open with 11 ICU beds and space for 40 other patients with the ability to add additional capacity later in 2021. Beds will be used for pre-arranged physician-directed transfers of patients from local hospitals and nursing facilities in order to relieve stress from overwhelmed healthcare providers operating at or near capacity.No walk-in patients will be accepted at the current time and CHLB will not be accepting COVID-19 patients the additional beds at CHLB are intended to free up beds at other hospitals for the care of COVID-19 patients.This has been one of my highest priorities for the 4th Council District and the entire city, 4th District Councilman Daryl Supernaw said in a statement. We are so happy to have this important healthcare asset back in our community.John Molina, partner at MWN Community Hospital, LLC, said in a statement:Community Hospital reopens today thanks to the vision of many who didnt want to let this piece of Long Beachs history disappear. Were proud to have supported the endeavor to reopen the hospital this is just the beginning of the renewed CHLB.Over the past 18 months, more than $6 million has been put toward the reopening of the hospital, including deferred maintenance, replacement of equipment, supplies, utility systems and refurbishments to both the exterior faade and interior rooms. In the coming months, CHLB will expand the services offered, including the opening of the emergency department in March of 2021.Were on track to expand services within the next 90 days and this initial opening allows us to fully ramp up our essential services so that we can provide a comprehensive level of quality care at the hospital, Virg Narbutas, chief executive officer of Community Hospital Long Beach, said in a statement.Ray Burton, chairman of the CHLB Foundation, said in a statement: We are very pleased that our efforts to support the relicensing of Community Hospital, together with our partners MWN, LLC and the city, have enabled this reopening and we look forward to sharing plans for the future of the hospital.CHLBs license allows the hospital to operate up to 158 beds in the acute care facility. According to the city, the building meets all current seismic requirements and MWN is currently working with state regulators to ensure compliance with the latest standards by 2025.Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 32,368 COVID-19 cases in Long Beach and 395 people have died from the virus. Approximately 23,125 individuals have recovered. The state, Southern California region and Long Beach-area hospitals are at 0 intensive care unit ICU capacity.Category: News

Prop 19 Changes Taxation of Transferred Home Property
01/14/2021 8:41pm

By:Eric BaileyHomeowners in the coming months will start to see the effects of Proposition 19, which will drastically change tax rates when property is transferred.Originally placed on the Nov. 3 general election ballot, Proposition 19 creates added responsibility of taxation on those inheriting property to create tax benefits for people age 55 or older, those with disabilities and residents displaced by wildfires and other natural disasters.One of the changes set to take effect Feb. 16 is the tax assessment for inherited property.Under current law, when a parent transfers ownership of his or her principal residence to a child, the propertys value for tax assessment purposes is not reassessed, regardless of how the child uses the residence, said Michele Mulrooney and Justin D. Alt of Venable, LLP. Prop 19 changes this by requiring that the child or children use the residence as their own principal residence, or it will be reassessed.This change affects the current ability to inherit property and use it either as a second home or rental property without being reassessed for taxation. The change in February would require individuals acquiring property to make it their primary residence or it would be reassessed.Even with the primary residence clause, there still may be a chance that tax reassessment can occur.Even if the child uses the residence as his or her own, there is a cap of $1 million on the exclusion, Mulroony and Alt said.The person inheriting property would be responsible for tax reassessment if the value of the property has increased by $1 million since its purchase price.Another benefit from the proposition set to take effect April 21 is expansion of parties who can exercise transfer of taxable value towards a new home.Under existing law, only homeowners over 55 years of age or certain disabled persons could make use of this benefit, Mulrooney and Alt said. And they could do so only if their new home is in the same county as their old home and the value of their new home is less than or equal to the value of their old home.The law continues to provide that benefit to those respective groups, but also adds homeowners that are displaced by wildfires or other natural disasters regardless of their age or disabilities. The restriction of the new property having to be in the same county as the previous one has also been expanded to anywhere within the state of California.Proposition 19 passed in last Novembers election with just 51 of the statewide vote and being opposed by several major California newspapers, including the Press-Telegram.Some think that the new provisions could potentially lead to inequalities in minority communities.According to current data provided by the Los Angeles County Assessor, a significant number of inheritance tax exemptions are claimed in the city of Compton than both Beverly Hills and Malibu combined.The Greenlining Institute, a non-profit research and community activity group based in Oakland, Calif. mirrors in its research the findings from the county assessor and fears that changes to the tax exemption would have an inverse effect on communities of color, eventually leading to further gentrification of those communities by added tax burdens.Venerable LLC highly recommends that any planned transfer of property be talked over extensively with an estate planner to verify how Proposition 19 will affect them.ericbeachcomber.newsCategory: News

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