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500 Circle Seven Dr
Glendale, CA 91201   Directions

(818) 863-7777


Target set to hire 130,000 holiday workers, more than last year
09/25/2020 11:28pm

The big-box retailer is announcing plans to hire 130,000 employees as it expects to see an increase in contactless shopping in the coming months.

Police chase suspect taken into custody after sparks fly on 210 Freeway in La Cañada Flintridge
09/25/2020 10:42pm

A pursuit suspect was taken into custody Friday night after a wild and dangerous chase along two major freeways in Los Angeles County.

ABC7 Salutes: Korean War vet, pioneering broadcaster who started LA public radio now in need of help
09/25/2020 10:06pm

Will Lewis is a war veteran and a pioneer of early LA public radio now he and his wife are in dire need of assistance.

Advocates call for new approach to how law enforcement interacts with homeless after fatal deputy-involved shooting in San Clemente
09/25/2020 9:09pm

The shooting death of a homeless man by a sheriffs deputy outside a San Clemente hotel has raised questions about how law enforcement interacts with the homeless.

California dreamin': A peak inside homes with one of SoCal's newest million dollar views
09/25/2020 9:03pm

A pricey new development is popping up in Pacific Palisades. It wasnt easy to get things finished due to the pandemic, but if you have $2 million to spare, One Coast offers a home, and view, of a lifetime.


4200 Radford Ave
Studio City, CA 91604   Directions

(818) 655-2000


Protesters Take To The Streets For Third Consecutive Night Following Grand Jury Decision In Breonna Taylor Case
09/26/2020 12:00am

Multiple demonstrations took place Friday evening in response to Wednesdays grand jury decision in the Breonna Taylor case.

Sparks Go Flying After Reckless Driving Suspect Clips Several Vehicles Throughout LA
09/25/2020 10:19pm

The driver eventually got out of the vehicle and ran in the opposite direction on the highway, taking off after a vehicle that the individual side-swiped moments earlier.

Ventura County Reports 150 Total COVID-19 Deaths, San Bernardino Nears 54K Cases
09/25/2020 9:40pm

As of Thursday evening, 629,887 Riverside County residents, 602,973 San Bernardino County residents and 180,650 Ventura County residents have been tested for COVID-19.

Horse Racing Returns To Santa Anita Park With Modifications
09/25/2020 8:57pm

As of Friday, 1,500 workers were back on the job for the autumn meet in Arcadia.

Parents, Teachers Concerned About Return To In-Person Learning For One OC School District
09/25/2020 8:31pm

NMUSD said in a statement that the district is implementing several layers of health and safety procedures to keep faculty, staff and students safe.


100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608   Directions

(818) 684-4444



1999 S Bundy Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90025   Directions

(310) 584-2000


Press-Telegram (Long Beach)
Press-Telegram (Long Beach)

727 Pine Ave
Long Beach, CA 90844   Directions

(562) 435-1161


The Beachcomber
The Beachcomber

5199 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90804   Directions

(562) 597-8000


Whiteouts – Ruth Bader Ginsburg
09/24/2020 8:00pm

By:Paul White Category: Sections

Long Beach Mayor/Council Let LBPD Hide Crime Stats
09/24/2020 7:43pm

By:Bill Pearl Compare LAPDs Transparent Detailed Shooting Data With Zero In LBPD Crime StatsIn business its often said one cant manage what one cant measure. But with the tacit approval of its policy-recommending mayor and policy-setting City Council, the City of Long Beach currently makes it nearly impossible to measure, and thus to manage, the number of non-police involved shootings in Long Beach.The City of Long Beach LA Countys second largest city currently fails to disclose the number of non-police-involved shootings and their general locations in the citys crime statistics.Long Beachs practice contrasts with the City of Los Angeles where LAPD shows the number of shootings with separate line items for shots fired and shooting victims and their increases/decreases and their local division geographic locations in its routinely released crime stats.In terms of transparency and detail for the public, LAPDs practice puts Long Beach to shame.LAPD provides public access to these shooting details in its routinely available crime stats online, both citywide totals and links to the shooting details for each of LAPDs geographic divisions.In contrast, Long Beach Police Department crime stats display no shootings.The Long Beach Police Department operating under the city manager who answers to the City Council does what many local law enforcement agencies do. LBPD includes shootings among aggravated assaults, a collective category that can range from a bar fight with one party wielding a table fork to a near fatal shooting. LBs practice satisfies federal crime-counting bureaucrats but leaves LB taxpayers and neighborhood groups in the dark on non-police-involved shootings.Media outlets get shooting information by requesting it daily from LBPDs Public Information Officers. However LBPD doesnt compile and list the shooting data in its publicly released crime stats.Nothing prevents LBPD from displaying the shooting details that LAPD does: shots fired, shooting victims and their general locations in LBs case by council districts although the data may be politically problematic for some council incumbents. LB shootings are disproportionately concentrated in downtown-adjacent/Central LB areas in Council Districts 1 Zendejas and 6 Andrews and the western portion of District 4 Supernaw. To a lesser extent, shootings are concentrated in parts of NLB the northern part of Council District 8 Austin plus Council District 9 Richardson.This writer has publicly called the disproportionate shootings impacts an inequity, a chronic tale of two cities injustice that council members citywide have allowed to persist. On Sept. 8, 2020, the council voted 9-0 to defund 48 additional sworn officers, on top of 180 officers erased in 2009-2015 budgets and not restored despite LB voter approval of the 2016 Measure A sales tax increase.Among officers not restored is LBPDs former field anti-gang unit: 20 officers plus two sergeants deployed in the community to view conditions firsthand, interact with residents and businesses and gather information shared with LBPDs internal gang unit. LBPDs internal gang unit continues to operate it conducts investigations and responds to most non-fatal shootings. LBPD has indicated that most of LBs shootings reflect or are related to gang activity.The City Councils Public Safety Committee Price, Supernaw, Austin could agendize the issue of publicly listing the number of LB shootings, their increase/decrease and their council districts in LB crime stats. It could recommend action to the full City Council on this issue. Under chair Price took office in mid-2014, it hasnt done so.Any city councilmember could agendize the issue and direct the city manager to have LBPD include shooting information that LAPD displays showing the number of shots fired, persons hit, both citywide and geographically in LBs crime stats. Under Mayor Garcia since mid-2014, no council incumbent has done so.Bill Pearl publishes LBReport.com, an online local news source since August 2000.Category: News

Open Letter to Cindy Allen
09/24/2020 7:42pm

By:Stephen DowningThe below text is from an email I sent to Cindy Allen on Wednesday night after I read the LB Post article in which she attacked my integrity.Since I have yet to receive a reply from Ms Allen I asked the publisher of the Beachcomber if he would kindly post this open letter to Ms. Allen.Ms. Allen has consistently failed to answer the hard questions surrounding her potential conflicts of interest should she be elected and now she has chosen to smear the integrity of those who seek the truth and expose the lies as I did in my article about the fake business Blume Media.The email text sent to her Wednesday evening follows:Dear Ms. Allen,Please provide me with proof for the statement you made to the LB Post and to the city prosecutor- about my so-called coordination with the Fox campaign:Allen has also alleged that Beachcomber newspaper columnist Stephen Downing participated in the investigation, but Downing has denied any coordination with the Fox campaign.Editor Note: The exact words she wrote are these: Also, disturbing and unethical is that Stephen Downing, a writer and columnist for the Beachcomber is actively coordinating with the Fox campaign and printing information that he knows to be false.I find it offensive and an affront to the integrity of the electorate that you would make this kind of dirty politics allegation when you will not provide the most fundamental documents that as a reporter I have consistently asked for regarding the second alleged sale of your business so as to avoid a conflict of interest should you be elected. You have stonewalled that request for more than a week and now respond with an attack on my integrity. The interest of the electorate should now shift to how it is that your influence is such that you are able to get this kind of political smear campaign published in the local press and considered for a criminal filing by Long Beach prosecutorial authorities thus imposing the expense of legal defense upon the innocent to insure their freedom from politically influenced arrest and prosecution as well as the urgency to clear their name of your reckless and false accusations.It is at best, the worst kind of politics to use your City Hall connections with your supporter, Mayor Garcia, to be able to engage the local prosecutor as well as local media organizations-to even consider your outlandish, underhanded accusations. I have long believed that the Garcia machine of which you are now a willing cog is a corrupting influence upon the governance of our city. This smear and the power behind its unsavory and eager publication in the local media is further evidence of that. Last week I asked that you provide proof of sale in your second sale of Agency ETA so that the electorate could be assured of your honesty and an absence of a conflict of interest should you be elected. I am still waiting a similar request surrounding your so-called sale to Blume Media, a non-existent fake business created to cover your never-explained announcement.The electorate has a right to know and you have an obligation to the truth. But rather then provide the truth you resort this corrupt behavior. This is the kind of leadership that needs to be eliminated from our city along with those who both endorse and support it. Be assured that your false accusations will be exposed in full. stephen.beachcombergmail.comCategory: News

Fence Art
09/24/2020 7:40pm

A 3rd DISTRICT FENCE is decorated with cat artwork, a tribute to essential workers and for the love of Long Beach. The display stretches 50 feet with an assortment of feline-themed art. Put together in recent months, the mural has attracted attention in the alley between 1st and 2nd Streets just east of Temple Avenue. Members of the community can attach their own works to the exhibit.Category: News

Freedom Is Precious
09/24/2020 7:34pm

In My OpinionBy:Bryan GoldenFreedom is as precious as life itself. But its true value is rarely appreciated by people unless it is either threatened or lost.Although the human spirit yearns for freedom, tyrannical regimes have been the norm throughout history. Since the dawn of mankind, people around the world have lived miserable, subjugated lives repressed by monarchs, fascists, tyrants and dictators who controlled virtually every aspect of their lives.In 1776 America became the first country founded on the recognition of the sanctity of individual freedom. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the core of America.The United States was the only country established exclusively on the principle of individual liberty as an unalienable right. The founders of America recognized freedom as a fundamental human right, not something bestowed by an individual or group. Our Constitution was written specifically to protect our rights and freedoms from being usurped by power-hungry tyrants.America was established for the expressed purpose of safeguarding the individual from oppression, tyranny and subjugation. Americas founders recognized each individual as having the freedom to succeed.Even today, most countries on earth do not permit freedom for their populations. Governments or tyrants decide what is allowable within the societies they control. In these countries, individuals do not have freedom to make their own choices. Oppression is often enforced under the guise of safety, security, health and fairness.Freedom is so precious that individuals risk everything to attain it. Throughout our history, people have constantly fled to America from oppressive societies. They came here just for the opportunity to live in freedom.The first settlers who arrived in this country had endured perilous ocean journeys that lasted for months. They left most, if not all of their possessions behind in order to reach a land where they could live their lives free from oppression.The power of freedom unleashed the human spirit as never before. In less than 200 years, Americans had invented, developed, produced and accomplished more than societies thousands of years old. Our freedom has enabled Americans to create the highest standard of living in history.As precious as freedom is, there are those who want to take it away in their quest for power and control. Their strategy is one of deception. They publicly claim to seek to protect your liberty and safety while deceitfully working behind your back to eliminate one freedom after another. In America, no one has the right to take your freedom.Freedoms disappear gradually. They vanish in small, innocuous increments under the disguise of being done for your well-being. The foods you are allowed to eat. The subject matter you are permitted to watch and read. The determination of acceptable speech. What you are allowed to write. What is appropriate for your children to learn in school. These are only a few of the freedoms suppressed in an oppressive society.Those who were born in America have known only freedom. Too many take liberty for granted. They dont value their freedom as being precious. They are too willing to accept the lies being told by those who are eliminating one freedom after another.Your freedom is not free. Countless people have given their lives so that you may live free. If you are not vigilant, you will lose your freedom. Freedoms lost are extremely difficult to get back. If you dont recognize how precious your freedom is, and speak out against anyone trying to take it, you will lose your freedom.Cherish, guard and protect your freedom so that so all may enjoy it now and in the future.Bryan is the author of Dare to Live Without Limits. Contact Bryan at Bryancolumnist.com or visit www.DareToLiveWithoutLimits.com 2020 Bryan GoldenCategory: Opinion

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