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Burglars break into Garden Grove gun store, steal about 40 firearms
12/09/2021 8:16am

Garden Grove police on Thursday were searching for the suspects who broke into a gun store and stole about 40 firearms.

Investigation underway after man fatally shot in Inglewood
12/09/2021 7:10am

A man was fatally shot in Inglewood and police on Thursday morning were continuing their investigation.

Light rain to fall across Southern California on Thursday
12/09/2021 7:03am

Drought-stricken Southern California will see a bit of rainfall on Thursday - and possibly a heavier storm early next week.

New omicron variant case in LA County could be result of local transmission, officials say
12/09/2021 2:58am

L.A. County health officials reported an additional case of the omicron COVID-19 variant, saying the case is possibly the result of local transmission.

Parents concerned after student brings gun to Lancaster elementary school
12/09/2021 2:49am

At one Lancaster elementary school, parents were informed that a student brought a gun on campus.


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40 Guns Stolen From Garden Grove Store
12/09/2021 8:27am

The suspects sped away in two BMWs prior to officers arriving on scene.

Report: Rapper Slim 400 Shot, Killed In Inglewood
12/09/2021 7:37am

Officers on patrol heard the gunshots and responded to find a man on the ground with gunshot wounds.

Another Round Of Rain Drenches Southland Thursday
12/09/2021 7:12am

After seeing its first rain in weeks on Tuesday, a second fast-moving storm front was moving through the Southland Wednesday night and Thursday morning, bringing bands of rain to the valleys and snow to the mountains.

Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award Nominees Announced
12/09/2021 1:50am

Corey Linsley of the Chargers and Andrew Whitworth of the Rams were both nominated for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, the NFLs Most Prestigious honor.

Clippers Barely Hold Off Celtics To Seal Victory, 114-111
12/09/2021 12:42am

The Los Angeles Clippers held off the Boston Celtics defeating them without star Paul George, 114-111


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Press-Telegram (Long Beach)
Press-Telegram (Long Beach)

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727 Pine Ave
Long Beach, CA 90844   Directions


The Beachcomber
The Beachcomber

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Long Beach, CA 90804   Directions


City Attorney Misconduct Exposed by LBPD Criminal Charges
12/05/2021 4:38pm

Systemic Failures in Employee Monitoring and Civil Service Promotion Protocols Also ExposedBy:Stephen DowningOn Dec. 4 the Beachcomber published a story entitled Two LBPD Officers Arrested, Criminally Charged in which it was reported that Officer Dedier Reyes, a 16-year veteran, and David Salcedo, a 5-year veteran, were charged with crimes including perjury, filing a false police report and filing a false government report.That story can be read here: https://beachcomber.news/content/two-lbpd-officers-arrested-criminally-chargedAlso reported in the same article was the fact that Officer Dedier Reyes has been the subject of multiple Beachcomber articles over the past several years, the most recent published on Dec. 2, entitled City Attorney Contracts Hired Guns to Defend Internal Corruption.That story along with links to previous articles reporting Reyes involvement as a defendant in a federal civil rights law suit filed on behalf of Christopher Williams, an African American city bus driver, by his attorney, Narine Mkrtchyan of Glendale can be read here: https://beachcomber.news/content/city-attorney-contracts-hired-guns-defend-internal-corruption-0Beachcomber QuestionsBased upon receipt of reports from sources that the Beachcomber was unable to confirm, several questions were asked of LBPD Media Relations on Dec. 2 for which answers were provided after publication of the Dec. 4 article by a spokesperson for Chief of Police Robert Luna.Question 1: The Beachcomber would like to confirm and obtain details related to reports we have received that the wrong person the officers arrested and the department later released was falsely connected to the recovery of a gun used in a homicide and that the internal misconduct investigation was withheld from authorities pending prosecution of the real homicide suspect.LBPD Response: The initial arrest of the suspect was a gun arrest. Homicide investigators reviewed the suspect and gun and determined that neither was tied to the homicide that they were investigating. In the process of the review, the investigators discovered the discrepancy between the security video and the arrest reports. The homicide investigation was not compromised.Question 2: Please provide comment as to why the IAD investigation was not implemented at the time the misconduct was discovered.LBPD Response: The internal administrative review began when the misconduct was discovered.The LBPD response is incomplete. The departments Dec. 3 press release stated that Both officers have been suspended pending the outcome of the internal affairs investigation but did not explain why the administrative review which to date has been on-going for 46 months has yet to be adjudicated, nor does it explain why it took 46 months to suspend Reyes pending the outcome of the internal affairs investigation.Misconduct Described as Recidivist BehaviorOn Dec. 5 the Beachcomber acquired a Nov. 11 court document filed in the United States Central District Court associated with the Williams civil rights lawsuit against Reyes.In the court document Williams attorney argues, Defendant Reyes employment records reveals his use of force against Williams is recidivist behavior and that Reyes had an unusually large amount of use of force incidents.The document listed exhibits detailing the fact that during his career Reyes has received seven citizen complaints, two administrative complaints and has been involved in 18 use of force incidents, including an administrative complaint for assaulting girlfriend, suspended sent to department psychologist and one for Insubordination, violation of use of force policy, suspended and sent to department psychologist.Permitted to Take ExamThe Beachcomber also learned that since the LBPDs 2018 discovery of misconduct by Reyes and not suspended from street duty, that he was permitted to take the 2021 police sergeants examination and scored high enough to place 20 on the eligibility list, a position that assures his appointment to the supervisory rank.The sergeants eligibility list is currently the source of a scoring scandal presently scheduled for discussion by the Civil Service Commission on Dec. 7.The scandal involves allegations of internal cronyism engineered by violation of Civil Service Commission rules that require a score of 70 or better on all parts of the examination as reported by the Beachcomber in articles published Oct. 31 and Dec. 4 which can be read here: https://beachcomber.news/content/civil-services-commissioners-look-lbpd-sergeant-exam-rule-violationsThe city refused a Beachcomber PRA request to produce documents related to individual scores achieved by candidates taking the examination, therefore It is unknown if Reyes is among the sergeant candidates who scored below 70 on the written test and allowed to proceed to compete in the other parts of the examination.Final Question on Reyes ArrestQuestion 3: The Beachcomber would like to know if the matters surrounding this incident were produced in the discovery documents provided by court order in the Christopher Williams civil rights case scheduled for trial on Jan. 11LBPD Response: Since the Christopher Williams case is a pending litigation, we defer those questions to the city attorneys office.City Attorney MisconductOn Dec. 5 the Beachcomber asked the question of the city attorney via email but did not receive a response prior to publication.On Dec. 5 the Beachcomber asked the same question of Williams attorney, Narine Mkrtchyan, and learned that the court did not order discovery but that Mkrtchyan did send a discovery request to the city asking for each defendants extant citizen complaints, administrative and criminal investigations and according to Mkrtchyan, the city attorney agreed to produce the documents subject to a court approved protective order.Mkrtchyan said, When I read the LBPD press release about Reyes arrest, I immediately realized that the city attorney breached the agreement by suppressing the documents in the case that got Reyes arrested.Mkrtchyan said, from what we now know, the underlying incident that lead to Reyes arrest was discovered in Feb. 2018, a month before the Williams incident in 2018, so when we made our complaint to the LBPD in April 2018 the LBPD was aware that Reyes was under scrutiny. Now I see in the LBPD press release that the LBPD made their criminal recommendation on Reyes to the DAs Office in January 2019, before we even filed the lawsuit.Mkrtchyan continued: Their representation the city attorney was that we received all of Reyes IA internal affairs files as of February 2020. The city attorneys office then declared a conflict and substituted out of the case as of March 2020 and separate counsel was appointed to represent Reyes.Mkrtchyan said, the reasons behind this move were also not disclosed to us and the defense counsel even asked the court to exclude any mention of separate representation to the jury at trial. The attorney added, Therefore, it appears the city attorney declared a conflict precisely because Reyes was under a criminal investigation and that presented several conflicts.In her statement to the Beachcomber, Williams attorney concluded by saying that when she learned of the LBPD press release on Dec. 3 she sent a letter to outside counsel hired by the city attorney demanding that the files be produced ASAP and that I will seek discovery sanctions for this suppression of material evidence if they do not, as this is a violation of all discovery rules.Stephen Downing is a resident of Long Beach and a retired LAPD deputy chief of police.stephen.beachcombergmail.comCategory: News

Civil Services Commissioners to Look at LBPD Sergeant Exam Rule Violations
12/04/2021 5:27am

Will they investigateenforce and provide a remedy as required by the City CharterBy:Stephen DowningOn Oct. 31 the Beachcomber published the results of this newspapers investigation into possible collusion between the LBPD and Civil Service Departments, based upon multiple complaints received from LBPD officers.The officers alleged that the 2021 sergeant examination was fixed as a result of collusion between the Civil Service and Police Departments to allow cronies who failed the written portion to proceed to the subjective portions graded by department insiders. This was achieved by reducing the required passing score of the objective written exam from 70 to 60 a violation of Civil Service rules while failing to make equal grading adjustments to the other two subjective parts of the examination.The details of that investigation and the City Hall gymnastics to avoid a direct and honest response to the Beachcomber question Was Civil Service Rule Section 13 violated was published under the headline: Was the LBPD Sergeant Exam Fixed It can be read here: https://beachcomber.news/content/was-lbpd-sergeant-exam-fixedInvestigation ContinuesCity Halls response to the questions raised about the administration of the sergeant examination was essentially stonewalled, so we decided to test just how independent and effective the checks and balances of civilian oversight may be.On Nov. 2 a letter of demand was sent to Joen Garnica, president of the Civil Service Commission, and copied to each of the fellow Garcia-appointed civilian commissioners Brandon Dowling, Phyllis Arias, Susana Gonzalez Edmond and Yvonne Wheeler.The content of that letter follows:Dear Commissioner Garnica:As you know I have attempted to obtain clarity on an alleged violation of Civil Service Rule Section 13 with regard to the 2021 examination for LBPD sergeant of police.The Civil Service Department has obfuscated rather than clearly answered the question posed: Was Civil Service Rule Section 13 violated with regard to the written 100 question multiple-choice portion of the 2021 sergeant examination by allowing candidates scoring less than 70 correct answers to proceed to the other parts of the examinationThe question is asked once again in this correspondence because there was no record or document produced as result of a Public Records Act PRA request asking for documents that supported any kind of waiver authorized by the Civil Service Commission to suspend the rule for the 2021 sergeant examination.Numerous candidates have alleged that the rule was in fact violated.The Civil Service Departments response has been to offer that any candidate may protest to the commission. As it happens each of the candidates who have complained fear retaliation from the LBPD if they in fact appear and protest the examination. It has also been made clear to me that the LBPOA will not step up and represent their membership in this matter.Therefore as a citizen concerned with the fairness of the process to promote excellence in the supervisory ranks of the LBPD I am writing to request that the Board of Civil Service Commissioners exercise their power and duty under Article XL, Section 1101 b of the City Charter and conduct an independent investigation into the enforcement of Rule Section 13 as applied to the 2021 examination for sergeant of police. I look forward to your response.Response DelayedThis writer waited for a response to the Nov. 2 letter until Nov. 19 and then wrote a follow-up email to Christina Winting, executive director of the Civil Service Department, with a copy to Garnica.On November 2, I sent a letter - c/o your department to the Board of Civil Service Commissioners formally requesting that the commission exercise their chartered duty to conduct an investigation into a violation of Commission Rule Section 13 as applied to the 2021 examination for police sergeant.Was the letter distributed to all members of the commission as provided and when will the matter be placed on the commissions agenda for appropriate actionIt is my allegation that Article III of Civil Service Rule Section 13 Grading of Examinations as adopted by the Civil Service Commission was violated in the administration and certification of the 2021 police sergeant examination by allowing candidates scoring less than 70 correct answers on the 100-word, multiple-choice examination to proceed to the next step in the examination process, a violation of Section 13.Therefore, it is demanded that this allegation be investigated as required by Sec. 1101 subsection b of the City Charter that provides: The powers and duties of the Civil Service Commission shall be to make independent investigations concerning the enforcement of this article and the rules adopted and to h Enforce and remedy violations of Commission rules.If there is any procedural error relative to this demand for investigation and remedy, please advise how I may correct such error so that this matter can officially be made the subject of a charter authorized, duty-related investigation by the Board of Civil Service Commissioners.Winting RespondsThree days later Nov. 22 Winting responded via email: You should be receiving an email from President Garnica through the Civil Service Executive assistant Maria Camerino.Minutes later Camerino sent an email advising, We received your letter, which was sent to the entire commission. Attached is a response from President Garnica.Garnicas ResponseThe letter from Commission President Joen Garnica attached to Camerinos Nov. 22 email was dated Nov. 11. It read:Dear Mr. Downing,The Civil Service Commission is in receipt of your letter dated, November 2, 2021. In response to your request to have the Civil Service Commission conduct an independent investigation into the enforcement of Article III, Section 13 of the Civil Service Rules and Regulations, as applied to the 2021 examination for police sergeant, the commission will look into it. The findings will be presented at a Civil Service Commission meeting before the end of the year.The letter was copied to each of Garnicas fellow commissioners.Special Meeting ScheduledOn Dec. 2 this writer received an email from Marla Camerino, executive assistant to Winting, which provided scheduling information regarding a special meeting to discuss the 2021 police sergeant examination.The email specified the meeting of the Civil Service Commission will be convened on Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 9 a.m.Duty of Civil Service CommissionersAccording to the City Charter the duty of the Civil Service Commissioners as supported by their oath of office is not to look at or discuss the allegations but to conduct an independent investigation and enforce and remedy the Commission Rule that requires a score of 70 or better on each part of the examination.Civil services rules are intended to create fair and equal opportunities for all employees.Remedy ProposedWhen asked for comment as to a proper remedy to correct the violation, one of the high-scoring written and oral candidates who didnt make the final list said: I wanted to thank you first for continuing to pursue this matter. Ive asked several people who did not make the list, more than once, if they would be willing to grieve the test as a group, and no one wants to put their neck out there, even collectively. Theres just too much fear of retaliation from management.The candidate continued: That being said, I feel the best remedy to the situation would be to average all of the scores and let the chips fall where they may. Ideally, I would like to see them use the raw scores from the written as well, and not the adjusted scores, so the playing field is truly equal.Former POA Board Member RespondsWhen notified of the special Civil Service meeting and asked what he saw as an appropriate remedy if the commission sustains a violation of the rule, a former board member of the Long Beach Police Officers Association LBPOA who provided insight to the original Beachcomber article on this subject wrote:The Issue I see is that unless they Civil Service admit that people failed the written test there is no solution. The commission would have to acknowledge that employees were not held to the objective standard but then later held to a subjective standard benefiting employees they wanted to promote.This admission would mean they violated the entire purpose of a Civil Service testing process opening the city up to lawsuits. I dont think they will admit they violated the rules.The city, its labor organizations, and commissions are all so corrupt that unless they are dismantled there is no way to fix it. Its too bad the DA is only invested in the social justice movement and not the real enemy of the people corruption.Official AgendaOn Dec. 3 this writer was notified by Camerino that the Civil Service Commission agenda for its special meeting on Dec. 7 was available on the city website.The agenda item is titled: 2021 Police Sergeant Examination Review.The documents that accompany the agenda item include notification, requirements to qualify and examination processes intended for the candidates information as well as position specifications.The one item related to the rule violations alleged is a Job Bulletin announcing the examination which includes the statement: Candidates must achieve a minimum score of 70 in each component of the examination process to be placed on the eligible list.There are no reports or documents attached to the agenda that are related to any investigation of the allegations or recommended remedies to the alleged rule violations.The agenda indicates that only four of the five commissioners will attend, reducing the possibility of a quorum. Commission Vice President Brandon Dowling whose day job is chief of staff for the Pacific6 organization is not listed on the agenda.Editors Note: Pacific6 owns the Long Beach Post and Long Beach Business Journal. Dowling serves as spokesperson for Community Hospital of Long Beach, which is struggling to survive in partnership with the City of Long Beach and Pacific6.The agenda provides for public comment prior to and after the commission conducts the 2021 Police Sergeant Examination Review.The full agenda for the special meeting on Dec. 7 is available by clicking here. The eComment capability on the web site was not operative at the time of publication.The special meeting will be held on Dec. 7 at 9 a.m. via Teleconference. The public can participate via Web Link: https://longbeach-gov.zoom.us/j/98452170853. Phone: 213 338-8477 / Meeting ID: 984 5217 0853Stephen Downing is a resident of Long Beach and a retired LAPD deputy chief of police.Category: News

Two LBPD Officers Arrested, Criminally Charged
12/04/2021 5:08am

By:Stephen DowningAccording to a Dec. 3 email obtained by the Beachcomber, Chief of Police Robert Luna informed the LBPD rank and file that criminal charges alleging the filing of a false police report have been brought against Officers Dedier Reyes and David Salcedo.Luna said, In February 2018, LBPD detectives discovered discrepancies in the officers police reports and the surveillance video regarding a firearms arrest.Lunas statement said that the detectives Learned that the officers actions were inconsistent with their written reports and that the arrested subject was immediately released, and charges were not filed against him.The chief added that as a result LBPD began an investigation into the officers actions and in January 2019, at the conclusion of the criminal investigation, detectives submitted the case to the Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office for filling consideration.In his email Luna informed his department that the district attorney filed criminal charges against the two officers on Dec. 3 and that arrest warrants were issued.According to the email, Officer Dedier Reyes and David Salcedo voluntarily surrendered into custody and that both officers have been suspended pending the outcome of the internal affairs investigation.Reyes was booked for one count of perjury, one count of filing a false police report and one count of filing a false government document. His bail was set at $2.Salcedo was booked for one count of filing a false police report and one count of filing a false government document. His bail was set a $1.Reyes is a 16-year veteran and Salcedo has been a police officer five years. Both are currently assigned to South Division.The email did not report why the internal affairs investigation did not begin in January 2019 when the criminal misconduct was discovered, but in the email and a department press release made to the public at a later hour the LBPD reported that The department is reviewing previous reports and arrests for each officer and will work closely with the district attorneys office to share any information and finding pertinent to the investigation.A Beachcomber source reported that the wrong person the officers arrested and the department later released was falsely connected to the recovery of a gun that was used in a homicide and that the internal misconduct investigation was withheld from authorities pending prosecution of the real homicide suspect.The Beachcomber has been unable to confirm that information and has submitted the following request to LBPD media relations:The Beachcomber would like to confirm and obtain details related to reports we have received that the wrong person the officers arrested and the department later released was falsely connected to the recovery of a gun used in a homicide and that the internal misconduct investigation was withheld from authorities pending prosecution of the real homicide suspect. We would also like to know if the matters surrounding this incident were produced in the discovery documents provided by court order in the Christopher Williams civil rights case scheduled for trial on Jan. 11.Also please provide comment as to why the IAD investigation was not implemented at the time the misconduct was discovered.The LBPD did not respond prior to this story being published.Reyes the Subject of News ArticlesOfficer Dedier Reyes has been the subject of multiple Beachcomber articles over the past several years, the most recent being published on Dec. 2, entitled City Attorney Contracts Hired Guns to Defend Internal Corruption.That story along with links to previous articles involving Reyes and the so-called separate and independent internal complaint investigation process reported as amounting to nothing more than a deceitful public relations ruse perpetrated upon the community can be read here:https://beachcomber.news/content/city-attorney-contracts-hired-guns-defend-internal-corruption-0Related to that story is a lawsuit filed by the Beachcomber to demand the legally required production of records surrounding Reyes misconduct. The city eventually settled the lawsuit and produced the records costing the taxpayer $30,000 in attorney fees.Those records provided the basis for exposing the corruption of the internal investigative process and the checks and balances within and outside the LBPD, which is currently the subject of a reconciliation study which ironically was presented in final draft form to the City Councils public safety committee on Friday, prior to the city-promised public hearings on the issue currently scheduled for Dec. 14.Christopher Williams, a 35-year old African American city bus driver who allegedly suffered a broken arm at the hands of Reyes and the source of the referenced Beachcomber articles filed a federal civil rights complaint alleging excessive force, unlawful detention/false arrest and conspiracy to cover-up against Reyes and other members of the LBPD.The civil rights case is scheduled for trial on Jan. 11.Chief Luna concluded his email to the rank and file by stating: I have high standards and expectations of every employee. When the actions of individual employees erode the values of our organization, and the public trust all of us have worked so hard to cultivate, we all must all be held accountable.Still pending accountability is the allegations of misconduct against the chief himself filed with the Citizen Police Complaint Commission CPCC by two neighborhood organizations for ordering and participating in a super spreader event inside the Convention Center at the height of the COVID -19 pandemic.On Nov. 19 the Beachcomber followed up with City Manager Tom Modica to inquire as to the pending disposition of that misconduct.The email to Modica read as follows:The Beachcomber has received information that your plan relative to the adjudication of allegations against the chief of police surrounding his participation in the Nov. 5, 2020 super-spreader event at the Convention Center is to delay your review and findings until such time as Chief Luna retires and then to advise the complainants of record that a final adjudication or administration of disciplinary measures will serve no purpose or carry no force of authority as the chief has retired.The Beachcomber would like to know if that is in fact your plan or do you intend to issue a finding and adjudicate the matter while the chief is still employed by the City of Long BeachIt would also be appreciated if you would provide the Beachcomber with an explanation or comment as to why your decision in this matter has taken so long. The complaint was filed on Dec. 14, 2020, the CPCC adjudicated the matter and sent you their findings four months later April 8, 2021 and more than seven months has passed since with no action by your office in spite of the fact that the city advertises that adjudication of citizen complaints average between three and six months and Chief Luna has publicly admitted the allegations, saying: Its on me.Thank you in advance for your timely response to this question.The city manager did not respond to the Nov. 19 request for information.On Dec. 2 Chief Luna announced his campaign to run for Los Angeles County Sheriff. As part of his announcement the chief announced that he would fire any employee who did not accommodate the vaccine mandate.The City of Long Beach has yet to implement the vaccine mandate announced weeks ago by Mayor Robert Garcia. According to the city managers office the city is still negotiating with the employee unions.Stephen Downing is a resident of Long Beach and a retired LAPD deputy chief of police.stephen.beachcombergmail.comCategory: News

Christmas Decoration Contest
12/02/2021 7:13pm

CHRISTMAS GREETINGS from the Edmondsons at 4329 Charlemagne Ave. as part of the Beachcombers 2nd annual Christmas Decoration Contest. Today is the deadline to send us 2-3 JPG photos and be eligible for a $100 first prize and $50 second prize. Send along with your name, address and phone number to contestsbeachcomber.news. Winners announced and more pictures in our Dec. 17 issue.Category: News

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