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George Floyd protests continue in Los Angeles, across Southern California
06/05/2020 2:11am

Thousands of people again took to the streets of Southern California Thursday for marches sparked by the in-custody death of George Floyd in Minnesota, and long-simmering frustrations over incidents of police brutality.

Man arrested after allegedly brandishing semi-automatic rifle at driver in Sherman Oaks
06/05/2020 2:10am

A man was arrested after allegedly brandishing a semi-automatic rifle at another driver in Sherman Oaks.

COVID pandemic: When will LAUSD campuses reopen? 'We've got to see where science takes us,' superintendent says
06/05/2020 1:25am

Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Austin Beutner joined ABC7 for a discussion of when campuses might reopen, as well as the states recently proposed budget cuts for schools.

Police arrest man suspected of aiming gun at demonstrator during protest in Orange County
06/05/2020 1:20am

A man suspected of aiming a gun at a demonstrator during a protest in Newport Beach on Wednesday has been arrested, authorities say.

Monrovia High School welcomes 98-year-old graduate into its class of 2020
06/05/2020 12:40am

Vivian Fisher has achieved a dream 82 years in the making shes receiving her diploma from Monrovia High School and celebrates with the class of 2020.


4200 Radford Ave
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Caught On Camera: Newport Beach Man Arrested After Video Shows Him Waving Gun Near Protesters
06/05/2020 1:10am

Police said Travis White was booked on suspicion of making criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon.

Exclusive: Video Shows Moment 2 Men Toss Beer Bottles Into Buildings, Igniting Fires In Long Beach
06/05/2020 1:04am

A new video shows the moment two alleged arsonists turned Sundays peaceful protest through the streets of Long Beach into a devastating inferno.

‘Coming Together As One With A Message’: Peaceful Protestors Outside City Hall Focus On Solidarity, Strength
06/05/2020 1:03am

A feeling of solidarity radiated through the crowd gathered on the steps of City Hall in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday.

‘It Can’t Fall On Deaf Ears Anymore’: Hundreds Gather In Riverside For George Floyd Peace Vigil
06/05/2020 12:45am

Those in the group said they would take to the streets in peaceful protest for as long as it takes to see real change.

Fontana Police Officer Arrested For Rape Of A Minor By Intoxication
06/05/2020 12:33am

Nicholas Shawn Stark, 28, is suspected of raping a 16-year-old. Stark was booked into the West Valley Detention Center and bail was set at $250,00.00.


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Press-Telegram (Long Beach)
Press-Telegram (Long Beach)

727 Pine Ave
Long Beach, CA 90844   Directions

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The Beachcomber
The Beachcomber

5199 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90804   Directions

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Leadership, Mixed Messages, Attitudes, Advanced Planning & Balanced Response
06/04/2020 10:24pm

By:Stephen DowningBy Stephen DowningAs protests sparked by George Floyds death spread across the nation ultimately reaching Long Beach this past Sunday afternoon social media platforms flooded with images of protest, civil unrest, riots, arson and sporadic looting.At the other end of the emotional spectrum were videos, still photos and testimonies from uniform police officers in cities like Coral Gables, Florida and Ferguson, Missouri kneeling in prayer in response to Floyds death while cheers erupted from the crowds gathered around them.In Chattanooga, Tenn., Chief David Roddy addressed a class of graduating rookies. He said, There is no need to see more video. There no need to wait to see how it plays out. There is no need to put a knee on someones neck for NINE minutes. There IS a need to DO something. If you wear a badge and you dont have an issue with this ... turn it in.In other cities police officers helped protestors carry banners one in Camden, NJ, reading: Standing in Solidarity while the crowd, chanted No justice, no peace.In Santa Cruz, Calif., Police Chief Andy Mills kneeled with protesters in the pose made famous by Colin Kaepernick. Chief Mills Tweet account pronounced the gesture to be in memory of George Floyd and bringing attention to police violence against black people.In San Jose, California, Police Chief Eddie Garcia marched with peaceful protestors promising to help them exercise their first amendment rights, until the March dissolved into chaos caused by a faction of troublemakers.In Kansas City, Fargo ND and Ferguson MO police attempts to unite with protestors also dissolved into conflicts between protesters and police.Tim Wise, author of Dispatches from the Race War wrote, The moralizing has begun. Those who have rarely been the target of organized police gangsterism are once again lecturing those who have about how best to respond to it.Be peaceful, they implore, as protesters rise up in Minneapolis and across the country in response to the killing of George Floyd.This, coming from the same people who melted down when Colin Kaepernick took a knee a decidedly peaceful type of protest. Because apparently, when white folks say, protest peacefully, we mean, stop protesting. Everything is fine, nothing to see here.At the other end of the opinion spectrum a private Facebook group for retired police officers exploded with over 500 comments following the posting of a story that featured Santa Cruz Police Chief Andy Mills who struck the symbolic kneeling pose made famous by Colin Kaepernick. The retired officer who posted wrote, How our chief represented us at the protest here in Santa Cruz. How sad.The retired officers post resulted in over 500 comments that ranged from What an idiot, so embarrassing, to a retired female police officer who wrote, The suspect was cuffed, there was NO reason to use any further force. The officers should have put him in the patrol unit and taken him to jail ALIVE. She was both pummeled and supported for her comments.At the national level President Donald Trump, after proclaiming the death of George Floyd very sad and tragic later called the protesters in Minneapolis thugs, tweeting, When the looting starts, the shooting starts a phrase used by a Miami police chief defending crackdowns on black neighborhoods in the 1960s.President Barack Obama chimed in at the opposite end of the national political spectrum writing of Floyds killing, This shouldnt be normal in 2020 America. It cant be normal. If we want our children to grow up in a nation that lives up to its highest ideals, we can and must be better.The International Association of Chiefs of Police wrote of the incident: The death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers has understandably sparked outrage throughout the United States and the world. The callousness and disregard shown for Mr. Floyd is sickening and leaves everyone, including police officers across this nation, shocked, appalled, and infuriated.The Beachcomber sampled a mix of comments from California city police administrators and the police officer unions POAs associated with their departments in an effort to survey attitudes toward the death of George Floyd and the balance necessary to respond to the resulting protests. The sampling follows here:Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna: As a chief of police, I was shocked and saddened to learn of the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The actions of these officers are directly in conflict with the oath we have taken to protect and serve, and also violate the public trust that we have worked so hard to build in our communities...Long Beach POA: In the past few days, there has been far too much violence. George Floyd tragically died in Minneapolis. Five people were shot yesterday one fatal during protests and rioting following Mr. Floyds death. Twenty-eight people were shot 10 killed in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend. Two police officers were shot one critical in Columbus, Ohio, while serving a warrant. Two police officers were shot one fatal in Grand Forks, N.D., while serving an eviction. Two police officers were shot one fatal in Ogden, Utah incident still ongoing. An Oklahoma police officer was stabbed and critically injured while attempting to detain an intoxicated man. We stand with those who keep the peace, who display kindness and who work hard to ensure the safety of everyone.Fresno Chief of Police Andy Hall: This officers actions and those officers that stood by and watched the death of George Floyd violated the oath of the more than 800,000 men and women who dedicate their lives to serve their communities. I am angry over the actions of these officers and they should be held accountable. The behavior demonstrated by the Minneapolis officers erodes the trust of our profession.Fresno POA: There are times when we have to get on a persons back to restrain them, put them in cuffs. But then we are also trained to immediately, once the situation is controlled, get that person off their chest or at least on their side so they can have normal chest compression so they can fill their lungs, breathe normally. What happened in Minneapolis was the last thing we wanted to occur. Other police union presidents like myself have come out strongly against this. Its contrary to our training.San Francisco Chief of Police Bill Scott: The tragic death of Mr. George Floyd after being involved in an incident with Minneapolis Police officers is extremely disturbing. What I and everyone else saw on the video images of this incident is flat wrong and not consistent with the respect for the sanctity of human life that all men and women who are sworn peace officers have a duty to uphold.Furthermore, this issue intersects squarely with policing disparities that have occurred for generations and continue to occur in regard to using force on people of color specifically black and brown men. Those of us who have chosen policing as a profession all have a responsibility to make the difficult and courageous decisions necessary to change this narrative for the better.San Jose Chief of Police Eddie Garcia: Not going hide behind not being there. Id be one of the first to condemn anyone had I seen similar happen to one of my brother/sister officers. What I saw happen to George Floyd disturbed me and is not consistent with the goal of our mission. The act of one, impacts us all.Joint Statement from San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland Police Officer Associations: What we saw on that video was inconsistent and contrary to everything we have been taught, not just as an academy recruit or a police officer, but as human beings. Reverence for life in every incident a police officer encounters must be the floor and not the ceiling. We cannot see any law enforcement or self-defense rationale for what occurred.Sacramento Chief of Police Daniel Hahn: The unique thing from what happened in Minneapolis is what appears to be the really callous nature of what officer Derek Chauvin was doing. He had his knee on George Floyds neck. Its just mind numbing how that could take place. I dont understand how he could be so callous when doing that to another human being.Sacramento POA: We add the voices of Sacramento police officers to those of police officers across this nation condemning the actions of the officers in Minneapolis. We understand that there is much anger in the community, and we join you in your anger.Santa Ana Chief of Police, David Valentin: The tragic and deeply concerning incident that occurred in Minneapolis has understandably resulted in many strong feelings. We know that there are continued protests and demonstrations planned. We support everyones right to free speech and peaceful protest however, we will NOT tolerate any injury to any person or any damage to property.Peace Officers Research Association of California: Sadly, what we saw in the video was a man in distress crying for help. Mr. George Floyd did not need to dieUnfortunately, the act of these officers reverberates throughout the entire law enforcement community. We were all sickened by what we saw.Long Beach, Sunday, May 31Aware of the violence that erupted in Los Angeles on May 30 and the implementation of curfews in that city and Beverly Hills, coupled with intelligence sources reporting demonstrations were planned for downtown Long Beach at 3 p.m. May 31, the Beachcomber emailed the LBPD and asked if a curfew for the city was planned.At 11:30 a.m. Lieutenant James Richardson responded, At this time there is no need for a curfew. A curfew can be used when civil unrest begins, but we have no plan at this point for initiating a curfew, as there is no reason to initiate it yet. Hopefully everything today will be peaceful and there will not be a need for it.At 3 p.m. Beachcomber sources reported that a large group of protesters were on East Ocean Avenue heading for Pine Avenue. The source said that approximately 50 LBPD officers dressed in riot gear were staging near the downtown area.Television coverage of the downtown area during the remainder of the afternoon indicated an escalation of rowdy crowd behavior, incidents of vandalism, arson and a police response that began to be overwhelmed while focusing more on peaceful demonstrators than the thieves who used the protests to provide cover for their looting.At 4 p.m. Mayor Robert Garcia announced, To insure public safety a curfew will be in place citywide starting at 8 p.m. tonight and lasting though 5 a.m. Monday morning.At 7 p.m. a Beachcomber source reported, Long Beach PD has lost control. They cant handle it. They got themselves trapped on Pine Street.Television coverage confirmed the insiders report. The LBPD had lost control.At a later press conference Chief of Police Robert Luna defended his failed advanced planning and explained that when his command staff realized they were running out of resources they called for mutual aid from surrounding jurisdictions, received and deployed the responding resources that Luna estimated to be around one hundred personnel. Then, when his command staff realized those numbers would not be sufficient, he called for the National Guard.Luna defended having made few arrests, expressed surprise and anger that outsiders would dare loot in his city. He said, if you come back you are going to lose. We are going to make a great number of arrests tomorrow and you are going to be jailed and prosecuted.The clearly shaken mayor once again took to the dais and tried to assure the public saying, the National Guard is on the way. Please, stay at home.Social media in Long Beach exploded over night with stories of demonstrators stopping looters, residents and business owners guarding and securing store fronts and chasing away thieves a reporter describing how police shot him in the neck with a rubber bullet gun, and a former member of the City Council Rae Gabelich writing Our city is on fire. Our police watched as looters left stores with arms loaded and did not move. Who made that decisionIan Patton, executive director of the Long Beach Reform Coalition, commenting on Mayor Garcias press conference wrote, The question the Long Beach business community will be asking is how, after the Saturday night looting in Los Angeles and the Sunday looting in Santa Monica starting as the Long Beach protest got underway, was the LBPD caught by surprisePattons Facebook post also wrote that the citys most visible preparation in advance of the announced demonstrations to protest the killing of George Floyd was to barricade the new Civic Center and police headquarters with Grand Prix track fencing.At the time this story was set for publication stores and businesses were on fire, looting was rampant, and the National Guard had yet to arrive.Robert Fox, a candidate for City Council, having experienced a night of fending off looters and helping to secure a looted business wrote on his Facebook page: I am reaching out to every one of you to please join me at 10:30 tomorrow morning to clean up. This is the kind of moment where we have to drop everything and help our neighbors in need.Foxs post received dozens of replies in minutes offering help.None came from City Hall.Stephen Downing is a resident of Long Beach and a retired LAPD deputy chief.stephen.beachcombergmail.comCategory: News

Thousands Protest Police Brutality
06/04/2020 8:48pm

By:Kirt Ramirez Thousands of mostly young protestors from all races angry over the needless killing of George Floyd marched through Long Beachs downtown area last Sunday.Activists held up signs and chanted phrases to honor Floyd and protest police brutality. Floyd, an unarmed and handcuffed African American man, was suffocated in Minneapolis on Memorial Day as white police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds despite Floyd stating multiple times, I cant breathe.A 17-year old girl captured the homicide on cell phone video and protests resulted across the country.Protest signs included Peace for George Floyd, Prosecute killer cops, Black lives matter, Justice is essential, No police state and Long Beach united against police brutality, among others.As the masses filed through Ocean Boulevard and surrounding streets, marchers shouted Hands up, dont shoot, No justice, no peace, Say his name: George Floyd, and I cant breathe.The mostly-peaceful event brought lots of people together for a common cause and demonstrators wore masks for COVID-19 protection.However, a small number of dissenters also with face coverings tagged property during the rally. And criminal opportunists and organized looters with masks infiltrated the crowd and started trouble later on by breaking store windows and taking merchandise.The peaceable protest ended and the riots began which knew no racial bounds.A middle-aged man who appeared Caucasian was observed taking a metal pipe from a pickup trucks bed in front of a pharmacy on Long Beach Boulevard. He then broke the stores window to gain access.Several young African American men pulled down a metal security gate to get into a business. Walgreens, a pawn shop and numerous businesses were broken into and items stolen.Resident and City Council candidate Robert Fox joined business owners on Broadway in chasing away looters from businesses near Temple, and helped restore a security gate and put chains on it. He confronted pillagers.I confronted them and stopped them and they went running away around the corner, he said. In lieu of police presence and enforcement, our community must come together to protect and help secure each other.The Long Beach Police Special Weapons And Swat team was deployed and tear gas and rubber bullets were used to control civil unrest downtown.A woman washing her eyes out with milk said she was trying to walk up Pine Avenue when police released tear gas near a T-Mobile that was being looted.The Ventura County Sheriffs and other agencies came in for extra help. The California National Guard was positioned.During an ABC 7 live news broadcast, Long Beach police arrived at a boarded-up Outfitters clothing store on Pine Avenue and Third Street, with looters inside and their bikes outside.As police stood at the front entrance, looters broke through an un-boarded portion of a window and then exited, doing flips, before safely landing on the floor. Police watched but did not take action.Then a few protesters pulled away a board to free the remaining robbers.Wow, Ive never seen that before, said anchor Marc Brown during the broadcast, which went online. I am just absolutely amazed at what Im seeing.When Chai Sirisute learned riots were taking place, he and friends stood guard at his popular 10th Planet Long Beach gym on Pine Avenue and Seventh Street, which in addition to teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, sells fight gear and apparel.Sirisute, an award-winning black belt fighter, said he saw three waves of invaders. Upon arriving, he said looters were getting ready to smash windows but scattered after gun shots went off.Then police arrived and shot rubber bullets at the people still present, including Sirisute and his friends.They didnt know who was rioting and who was protecting, so they were shooting at us, he said.After police left, a larger group of thieves returned, he said. Then another.After the third group came, there was nothing left in the store, he said, adding looters threw mannequins and other items into the street to create road blocks and police returned.We were standing there about five hours defending the business, Sirisute said. Ive never experienced anything like that in my life Ive competed Ive fought professionally Ive been on Pay-Per-Views.He said he couldnt tell who was coming from where.It was just a state of high alert the whole time, he said.After things calmed down, Sirisute thought it was over. He and his friends prepared to go home when all of a sudden someone threw a Molotov cocktail into an adjacent business connected to the building.In about two minutes, flames were coming out of the building and in seven minutes it was gutted, he said.The fire department arrived, but it was too late.By the time they got there, our business was already on fire, he said. There was nothing I could do at that point.He said people had warned him earlier not to defend his business and risk his safety.But I worked too hard, he said, before breaking down crying during the phone interview. We thought we had saved the place. And for it to get burned down in like seven minutes, I really cant describe how it feels. Ive spent days and nights building it up. I spent all my savings. This is hard for me right now. Im sorry.Long Beach resident and retired firefighter Edward Arnold used to work for Los Angeles City Fire and was in the 1965 Watts riots, where he said a teammate was crushed by a fallen marquee.It really affects me, he said of the tragedy.Arnold owns several apartment buildings in Long Beach and spoke highly of Sirisute, who rents a small apartment from him.In the summer, he would bring underprivileged kids in and provide martial arts workshops for free, Arnold said. Hes just a good guy. He makes a difference in the community.Arnold said Sirisute, who is the father of a daughter 20, a son 11, and a newborn son four months, lives modestly and saved whatever he could to put back into the business.For the business to go up in flames, Arnold said, This thing breaks me up just thinking about it. This isnt right.It appears Sirisutes liability insurance does not cover riots or arson.A GoFundMe account was setup with keywords Rebuild 10th Planet Long Beach.Arnold said he would donate and promote the fundraiser to others.Arnolds son also worked as a firefighter and served in the 1992 Los Angeles riots.Now my grandson was in this one, Arnold said. Now youre talking three generations.In an email to constituents Monday, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia said he joined thousands of residents in cleaning up and repairing the city.What began as a peaceful protest yesterday turned violent and dangerous as looters and criminals vandalized and damaged small business in our city. These agitators do not represent the vast majority of community members that were demonstrating peacefully and with purpose.We had no loss of life last night, no major injuries of police officers or firefighters, and only one major structure fire. Our police officers and firefighters acted heroically. I want to thank them, our agency partners, and the National Guard for their assistance.In a press conference Monday, Garcia referenced business owners affected, Please know that this city stands with you, and we promise you, we will work to rebuild and ensure your business bounces back.During the conference, Long Beach Chief of Police Robert Luna opened up about the Floyd video.I can actually tell you that not only myself, but almost every member of my police department feels the same way that a lot of the peaceful protestors felt, he said. We were offended and appalled by what we saw on that video. We dont want law enforcement to be represented that way.kirtbeachcomber.newsCategory: News

LB Ran Out of Cops. How’d That Happen?
06/04/2020 8:41pm

By:Bill Pearl By the 4 p.m. hour on May 31, a day after a large peaceful L.A. demonstration turned into looting, LBPD began seeking mutual aid from other nearby jurisdictions. By the 5 p.m. hour, looting began at the Pike and spread northward and eastward. By 8 p.m., Long Beach asked Sacramento to send the National Guard.Its unlikely any city could handle the extent of looting that followed without some assistance but numerically Long Beach had been left vulnerable in ways city officialdom had for years tried to downplay.By the numbers: Long Beach L.A. Countys second largest city currently provides its businesses and residents with a budgeted sworn police level so thin that its roughly equivalent per capita to cutting over a third of L.A.s police level.Long Beachs Mayor/Council currently budget roughly 1.6 officers per thousand residents. By comparison, L.A.s Mayor/Council budget closer is to 2.5 officers per thousand residents not including Airport/Port police. Signal Hill budgets over 3.0 sworn officers per thousand residents for its taxpayers.It wasnt always like this. Entering the 2008 budget year, Long Beach had roughly 2.0 officers per thousand residents. What happenedMayor Bob Foster took office on a pledge to put 100 more officers on the street in his first four years in office ... and was on his way to keeping that promise. But when the economy slowed, the stock market tanked and the Great Recession began, Foster responded by recommending, and the council which included then-Councilman Robert Garcia voted to approve proportional budget reductions.Over the next five years, the council voted to erase the largest number of police officers for L.B. taxpayers in the more than 100-year history of the City of Long Beach.Mayor Foster subsequently obtained pension reforms from the citys public employee unions including police and fire but the damages were done. Before the reductions, the city budgeted 944 officers plus a replenishment academy class. After the reductions spanning several years, L.B. taxpayers ended up with 208 fewer budgeted officers Council funded, not contracted/paid by the Port, LGB, LBUSD, LBCC, L.B. Transit, Carmelitos Housing and Metro.Other area cities didnt cut 20 of their police levels to weather the Great Recession.Since then, with an economy Mayor Garcia said prior to COVID-19 was booming, the Council has restored 22 of the 208 erased officers, leaving L.B. without roughly 186 citywide deployable budgeted officers that L.B. taxpayers had, but no longer have.After L.B. voters approved the 2016 Measure A sales tax increase, Mayor Garcia proposed and the Council approved a FY17 budget that restored eight ofthe 208 erased officers. The council approved it. In early 2017, Councilman/then-Vice Mayor Rex Richardson pressed to restore Rescue 12 plus 9 additional officers...and the council did so, restoring a total of 17 officers in FY17.In FY18. the Mayor/Council restored no additional citywide deployable officers.For FY19, Mayor Garcia recommended restoring six citywide deployable bicycle patrol officers while city management proposed shifting one officer to an Airport-contracted position, producing a net increase of 5 additional citywide deployable budgeted officers. The Mayor didnt change his recommended figure for FY20 and no Councilmembers offered contrary motions. The bottom line: 17 2017 plus 5 2018 22 budgeted officers restored as of 2020.LBs FY20 budget included 851 total officers with 97 contracted/paid to handle policing for the Port, LGB, LBCC, LBUSD, L.B. Transit, Carmelitos Housing and Metros Blue Line. While handling the contracted tasks, theyre not available for neighborhood calls for service, effectively leaving L.B. citywide with 754 budgeted citywide deployable officers 851 - 97 754.Mayor Garcia has defended the current pace of restorations, telling sometimes skeptical audiences that LBPD crime stats show crime is down.Whether recent events will lead a Council majority to restore further officers, and how many, remains to be seen. COVID-19 is projected to leave City Hall with revenue shortfalls.City management has previously indicated that restoring 10 LBPD officers fully turned out with equipment can be roughly estimated for budget planning to cost about $2 million.Bill Pearl publishes lbreport.com, an online source for news and views since 2000.Category: News

50+ Tons of Free Food Products Being Delivered to Local Families
06/04/2020 8:17pm

Six weeks ago, the New York Times was quoting sources that farmers were dumping as many as 3.7 million gallons of milk each day and that a single east coast chicken processor was smashing 750,000 unhatched eggs every week. Meanwhile, millions of Americans were unemployed with many being deprived of food.Thanks to the U.S. Department of Agriculture USDA and distributor Rich Chicks, the problem is being resolved locally with more than 50 tons of food going to local non-profit organizations, starting yesterday. The first of 3,500 boxes of chicken, pork and cheese products weighing approximately ten pounds each will be distributed free at The Grand Event Center, 4101 E. Willow St. in Long Beach.The USDAs Farmers to Families Food Box program is planning to spend $3 billion this year to prevent food going to waste that normally gets consumed at K-12 schools, restaurants and hotels, many closed due to the pandemic crisis since March.The Food Box program nationally is distributing fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy liquids and solids, and cooked pork and chicken, stated Neil Kinney, president of Gardena-based Rich Chicks. With six plants nationwide, Rich Chicks has been a principal supplier of foods to schools. A separate entity operated by Kinney provides food products globally to the U.S. Military.Dan DSa, vice president of The Grand Event Center, is coordinating local distribution with non-profit organizations such as Meals on Wheels, Boys and Girls Club, ChildNet and the Long Beach Education Foundation. During the pandemic, The Grand has been giving back to the community by partnering with Sumer Temple of Don Temple Enterprises to distribute free food, including 1,200 meals given to the Long Beach Police Department last month.Temple said that donations have also been made to the Long Beach Rescue Mission, the AIDS Food Store and the Community Action Team.Organizations seeking to participate in the Farmers to Families Food Box program should contact Dan DSa at The Grand, 562 426-0555.Category: News

06/04/2020 8:04pm

By:Paul White Visit https://whiteoutscomics.com. Email: paulbeachcomber.newsCategory: News

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