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500 Circle Seven Dr
Glendale, CA 91201   Directions

(818) 863-7777


EMMYS 2020: Reinvented show to send cameras to nominees' homes
09/19/2020 8:17pm

The 2020 Emmys will be unlike any other show, sending more than 100 cameras to the homes of nominees across the world. Expect a few acceptance speeches in pajamas.

Qantas 7-hour flight to nowhere sells out in 10 minutes
09/19/2020 8:13pm

A flight to nowhere is air travel that takes place purely for the purpose of the journey, not the destination.

Bobcat Fire spreads to 91,017 acres nearly 2 weeks after erupting in San Gabriel Mountains; homes remain threatened
09/19/2020 7:02pm

Nearly two weeks after it erupted, the blaze was pushed by 30-mph winds as it continued its march across the San Gabriel Mountains.

President Trump gives 'blessing' for proposed deal to keep TikTok operating in US
09/19/2020 6:54pm

President Donald Trump says hes given his blessing to a proposed deal that would see the popular video-sharing app TikTok partner with Oracle and Walmart to become a U.S. company.

COVID survivor released from hospital after he and 9 others contracted virus at backyard BBQ in Fontana
09/19/2020 6:52pm

Randy Smith of Apple Valley was one of 10 family members that contracted the novel coronavirus at a family barbecue.


4200 Radford Ave
Studio City, CA 91604   Directions

(818) 655-2000


Earthquake Preparedness 101: How To Be Ready Before, During, After A Quake
09/19/2020 7:49pm

If youre indoors during an earthquake, officials say remember to drop, cover and hold on.

Massive Bobcat Fire Grows To More Than 91,000 Acres, Continues To Threaten Homes In Juniper Hills
09/19/2020 7:19pm

The Bobcat fire has grown to 91,017 acres and remains at 15 contained Saturday morning.

Two Men Stabbed To Death In Palmdale; Detectives Investigating Incident
09/19/2020 6:15pm

The attack happened around 10:45 a.m. in the 37300 block of Siderno Driver, according to the LASD.

LA County Reports 13 More Coronavirus-Related Deaths, 1,343 New Cases
09/19/2020 4:08pm

Daily case rates have risen over the past four days, which is likely due to the reopening of testing sites and an increase in the number of people being tested, according to the public health department.

Emmys Preview: TV’s Biggest Night Goes Virtual; HBO, Netflix Among Top Contenders
09/19/2020 3:44pm

LOS ANGELES CBSLA TVs biggest weekend has finally come, but it will look a little different this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards will be held virtually on Sunday, with Jimmy Kimmel hosting from a mostly empty Staples Center. To maintain the spirit of the live show, 130 production


100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608   Directions

(818) 684-4444



1999 S Bundy Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90025   Directions

(310) 584-2000


Press-Telegram (Long Beach)
Press-Telegram (Long Beach)

727 Pine Ave
Long Beach, CA 90844   Directions

(562) 435-1161


The Beachcomber
The Beachcomber

5199 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90804   Directions

(562) 597-8000


LBPD Officer Corrupts the Challenge Coin
09/10/2020 8:17pm

Click the photo arrows to view the LAPD & LBPD coinsBy:Stephen Downing The history of the Challenge Coin can be traced to the Roman Empire. While its modern tradition is military the coin has evolved to civilian use, especially within law enforcement organizations.Its origin of design comes from the aspirations of individual leaders who wanted to create unique, tangible, value-driven objects that represent the enlightened kind of organizational culture they sought to establish and maintain by symbolically defining the organizations purpose, values and mission.Once minted the cultural development process began when the leader passed the Challenge Coin to each member of the organization through a handshake.At the moment that the palms of leader and member pressed together, the leader made direct eye contact, narrated the values and mission the coin represents, challenged the member to adopt those ideals as a condition and obligation of group membership and then released the handshake, having passed the coin.The leader then welcomed the subordinate to the organization and offered an instruction such as, Keep this coin in your pocket. Each time you touch it you will be reminded of who you are and what you stand for.If the handoff of coin to colleague is then repeatedly reinforced by example, action and strict enforcement though systems of audited accountability and reward, the cultural aims of the leader would take hold.Those who lived by the challenge would thrive and those who did not measure up would be weeded out and the core values of the organizational culture desired would become dominate.The ceremony is akin to a police academy graduation or promotion when the officer swears an oath to the people and the Constitution and accepts the badge that represents the power and authority given by the people and entrusted to their care and good judgement.The Thought Applied to the Coin DesignEditor Note: Click the photo arrows to view the LAPD and LBPD coins.The LAPDs Challenge Coin was designed and produced by this writers son when he took command of the LAPDs Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau in April 2006.His purpose was to use the coin in the manner earlier described in this article.He memorialized the meaning of each symbol within his design as follows:The center of the CTSOB Coat of Arms consists of a shield bearing blue and white quadrants. Shields have historically symbolized protection. Blue, the color of the Los Angeles Police Department, also signifies truth and loyalty, while white signifies pure intentions. The shield is flanked on either side by lions, heraldic symbols of dauntless courage. The lions are positioned with the heads turned outward as if remaining vigilant against potential threats. At the top of the shield is an embattled line, often referred to as a rampart, the historic emblem of a wall or fortress. This further symbolizes our sworn duty to serve as protectors of the public. Emblazoned across the embattlement are the initials CTSOB. Perched on the rampart and shielded by its wings is the American Eagle, our nations emblem, chosen because of its long life, great strength and majesty.Within the shield the flag of the United States of America, this has the position of prominence in the upper left quadrant. This is a symbol of our respect for our nation and its laws and our duty to protect them both. This idea is further symbolized by the inclusion of the scales of justice placed at the base of the shield, which symbolizes that our actions must at all times be guided and tempered by the laws of the land, and serves as a constant reminder of our duty to protect not only our nation but the Constitutional rights of all people. In the lower right quadrant of the shield is the All-Seeing Eye, denoting vigilant watchfulness. The eye, however, is symbolically placed in a position of subservience to the flag of our nation, emphasizing again the need to exercise our powers with lawful restraint and respect.Laterally across the shield is a golden key. Within the intelligence community the key is recognized as a symbol of initiative and the ability to find and unlock answers.The ribbon at the base of the coat of arms bares the Latin phrase A Fortiora With Yet a Stronger Reason. This phrase symbolizes our resolve to go beyond the traditional duties of law enforcement, embracing the unfortunate necessity for modern counter-terrorism efforts. The ribbon itself is red, the color of strength and a calm demeanor in the face of adversity.Who Designed the LBPD Coin and What Do They Stand ForThe LBPD Challenge Coin was designed, marketed and sold by an active duty LBPD officer following the May 31 demonstrations in downtown Long Beach.The coin commemorates an LBPD officers participation as present and active at what it describes as the 2020 RIOTS by glorifying the Hats and Bats and weapons used by a helmeted, gas-masked skull reminiscent of the Totenkopf, or Deaths Head symbol, used by Hitlers SS that has been adopted by neo-Nazis and white supremacists, including the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang, since World War II.Nowhere does the LBPD Totenkopf SS coin represent the core values of the police department as expressed on the LBPD website.ETHICS doing the right things INTELLIGENCE doing things right and RESPECT Treating People Right.Nowhere does it embody the concept of constitutional policing or anything about protecting and serving those who left their homes and went to the streets of Long Beach to exercise their Constitutional right to freedom of assembly, freedom of association and freedom of speech.Nowhere does it represent the duty of a police officer to protect life and property from looting and arson while facilitating the peoples right to challenge the corrupt behavior of their government.In my opinion as a retired LAPD deputy chief, this Totenkopf SS challenge coin characterizes the worst of law enforcement and its successful marketing to the LBPD rank and file, by one of their own, serves to give even greater validation to the cause of the mass demonstrations that call for police reform.This coin and its popularity within the ranks of the LBPD exposes the existence of an organizational culture that cannot be changed by just adding a few more check boxes to the police training curriculum or conducting a series of reconciliation sessions doomed to City Halls dust bin of neglect or advertising an organizational course correction by publicizing PR strategies like the LBPDs recent establishment of an ineffectually staffed, unfunded Office of Constitutional Policing.Instead, this coin signals an urgent need to change a morally barren and dangerous organizational culture from top to bottom.ClearHotGearThe LBPD Totenkopf SS challenge coin is sold on the storefront website, ClearHotGear.The About Us page on the website says that the business was founded by a U.S. Marine parent who served his country proud while doing eight years of dedicated service conducting a tour of duty in Iraq QLF1.The web page goes on to proclaim that, He then came home to serve his community as a sworn police officer. This main focus and drive is public safety.The U.S. Marine parent does not identify himself or where he serves as a police officer, but goes on to explain What is Clear Hot Gear.Derived from a term cleared hot, meaning You have permission to engage Notice, the emphasis is on the word have. Thats because you already possess your own permission to engage. Im not giving it to you. In fact, I cant. Youve always had it you just have to release it. Its up to you to make the decision to engage. Once you have given yourself permission, you are cleared hot to create realities from possibilities beyond your expectations.What does cleared hot mean Well, in military terms, it means you have permission to fire your weapons on your target. During training that means youre shooting at wooden tanks or old worn out tires. In real combat, youre firing on the enemy. An enemy that in my case was trying to shoot my attack helicopter out of the sky.The website explanation of cleared hot when combined with the owners statement that he is a Marine parent leads one to believe that it was his attack helicopter the enemy was trying to shoot out of the sky.What he doesnt tell you is that the words in those two paragraphs used to establish the tone and moral authority of his business were pilfered, plagiarized and posted without giving credit to its author Vernice FlyGirl Armour, a former Nashville, Tenn. police officer who became the first African-American female naval aviator in the Marine Corps and the first African-American female combat pilot in the U.S. Armed Forces.It was Vernice Armours attack helicopter the enemy was trying to shoot out of the sky not a grifter, part-time businessman who sells hateful merchandise that dishonors both the military and law enforcement.How Far and Wide Does This Dishonor to Long Beach ExtendThe Beachcomber, like other Long Beach-based media, became aware of the LBPD Totenkopf SS challenge coin on Aug. 24 when Alice Caldwell-Kelly, a U.K. based anthropologist/podcaster who investigates police culture worldwide first exposed the coin on her Twitter account, AliceAvizandum which is followed by 29,000 people.She posted a thread entitled cops exposing themselves again and referred to the LBPD Totenkopf SS coin as well as others as a cursed artifact.The discussion of the LBPD Totenkopf SS coin was displayed on the world stage when Caldwell-Kelly lumped it in with discussion of other police cursed artifacts that included an NYPD coin celebrating an officers four justified kills, including the victim who called the police the QAnon patch an officer wore while photographed with VP Mike Pence the Youre Fked engraved dust cover on the AR-15 owned by the police officer who killed Daniel Shaver in a hotel hallway the Kansas City SWAT officer wearing a door kicker patch and what she described as the less noticeable racial slurs and swastikas etched into individual police officers flashlights.On that same day, Aug. 24, the notoriety of the social media exposure caused the LBPD to issue a statement that, This memorabilia was not sanctioned or approved by our department and does not reflect our professional standards, core values and commitment to our community.On Aug. 25 the Long Beach Post published an article by Jeremiah Dobruck titled LBPD investigating whether employees helped sell 2020 riots memorabilia.That same day the Beachcomber connected information found on the ClearHotGear website to the Facebook page of an individual identifying himself as Chavo Villa.The Facebook page displayed the Icon trademark of ClearHotGear and in a March 28, 2019 posting Chavo Villa announced that he landed a new job as CEO of ClearHotGear.In other postings Chavo Villa displayed the photo of an ATM balance of $99,864.73 and in another a PayPal balance of $52,485,947.39 next to text that read: COVID-19 LockDown 2020 clearhotgear feeling generous.The Beachcomber located public records through the Los the Angeles Country Business License Bureau that a license was issued to Clear Hot Gear on June 3, 2019 and registered to Salvador Villa.According to public records Salvador Villa was originally hired as a Long Beach police officer on June 4, 2004 and graduated from the police academy in Dec. 11,2004. He passed probation on December 3, 2005 and remained in good standing until he resigned on Jan. 31, 2007. After working for the Napa Police Department and the Compton School Police Department he was reappointed to the LBPD in August 2016.Editors Note: The preceding paragraph was updated from the initial posting late Friday.In 2019 Transparent California reported that Villas pay and benefits totaled $202,821 $39,267 of which was overtime. In 2018 the officers overtime totaled $53,811.The address listed for ClearHotGear 13502 Whittier Blvd. Ste. H 266 is a USPS mail drop store.Voice mails requesting comment from Salvador Villa left at the phone number listed for ClearHotGear were not returned.On Aug. 24 the Beachcomber sent the following request to LBPD Community Liaison and the LBPD media relations unit:The Beachcomber has identified the company, CLEAR HOT GEAR and its owner, Long Beach Police Officer Salvador Villa as the entity producing and selling the violence associated 2020 Riot challenge coins and other associated memorabilia. We note that a number of items on his website denote Approved by the LBPD. We would like to get your comment as to the companys representation and suggestion that the LBPD approves their products, either selectively or generally. We would also appreciate knowing if Officer Villa has been issued a work permit by the LBPD to engage in this business.The LBPD did not respond to the request.On the same day, Aug 24, the Beachcomber filed the following request for public records with the LBPD:The Beachcomber is requesting the following regarding LBPD Officer Salvador Villa: 1. All documents authorized by SB 1421 legally produced disciplinary records specifically shootings, use of force, dishonesty and sexual misconduct 2. Assignments since his hiring by LBPD, including his current assignment. 3. Work Permits issued and authorized for off duty work. 4. Overtime pay since June 2019 to date. 5. Sick days taken in 2019 and 2020.The LBPD has ten days to identify responsive records and 30 more days to produce the records.However, in a contract with the LBPOA, Mayor Garcia and all members of the City Council approved a provision in the union contract MOU that the POA and the officer would be notified five days in advance of any document release to the public which permits the LBPOA and the Officer Villa to seek a court injunction against release of the records requested.The ClearHotGear business also markets a duplicate Totenkopf SS coin that identifies with the LAPD and the LA Sheriff.The Beachcomber asked both the LAPD and LASO media relations units if permission was granted to ClearHotGear to produce the coins.The LAPD spokesperson stated: The coin did not have any registered trademarks for the agencies involved and had generic markings. It is not a sanctioned coin by the Los Angeles Police Department or any of the other agencies represented. A notification was made to the city attorneys office requesting a cease and desist notice.The Sheriffs Department did not respond.Beachcomber research also uncovered two other business entities that market cursed artifacts associated with the LBPD as well as other police departments.One who sells though social media is owned by LBPD Special Services Officer III armed Nahin Anaya-Zavala Anaya/1942 Apparel.The other a company that promotes selected products marketed by the LBPOA is Sunshine Sports, headquartered in Coeur d Alene, Idaho.Public records identify Randal R. Hayes the owner of Sunshine Sports as a former convict who served a three-year prison term for statutory rape.In an Aug. 6 article by Nathaniel Percy in the Daily Breeze titled Long Beach police looking into 2020 riots merchandise with its name on it, it was reported that Sheriffs Lt. John Satterfield said, The companys creation of the coins was not a crime, was not an copyright infringement and was protected by the First Amendment. He added that the coins do not fall in line with the departments core values.What was not said is that no one has the constitutional right to be a police officer.Stephen Downing is a Long Beach resident and a retired LAPD deputy chief of police.stephen.beachcombergmail.com.Greg Buhl, a Long Beach attorney, writer and research analyst, contributed to this story.Category: News

Seals and Sea Lions Experience
09/10/2020 7:13pm

THE AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC is offering a new way for visitors to view an animal care presentation that makes accommodations for social distancing and safety. Started on Sept. 6, the aquarium will offer a Seals and Sea Lions Experience on Sunday mornings. Join the animal husbandry staff as they feed and care for the aquariums seals and sea lions. Limited to 20 guests total and with a maximum group size of six people, this exclusive experience gains you early access to the aquariums outdoor areas before the facility opens to the public. Get an insiders experience as the seals and sea lions enjoy their morning meal and undergo their daily health checks. Animal care staff members will discuss each animal and how the aquarium cares for them and will also answer questions from participants. After the presentation, guests will have 15 minutes to begin exploring the outdoor exhibits before the public opening at 9 a.m. Advance reservations are required: 562 590-3100 or visitaquariumofpacific.org/education/info/sealandsealionexperience.Category: News

City Budget Hides Electeds’ Salary Data
09/10/2020 7:10pm

By:Bill PearlThe City of Long Beachs publicly distributed FY21 budget documents omitted effectively censored from public view the salaries of LBs citywide electeds mayor, city auditor, city attorney and city prosecutor, preventing public view of their raises as well as the salaries and raises for six figure club $100,000 and $200,000 salaried city management level department heads.These data were routinely included in budget documents for FY20 and prior years. The FY21 budget document displays a cumulated cost for the electeds offices including their staffs and other expenses without showing the budgeted salary and raises for the electeds and department heads.City Manager Tom Modica said this years budget document is substantially different due to COVID-19 as staff Had to suspend the typical budget process in March, and then picked it up again in June. In order to meet all the charter deadlines, we had to have a very different book. When the adopted book comes out everything you are used to seeing will be there again, this was a one-time change due to COVID-19, has nothing to do with censorship.We inquired about the not publicly visible proposed FY21 salary for LB City Auditor Laura Doud. Doud regularly tells audiences her office is independent but whose salary is in fact approved each year as part of the City Councils budget approval vote.In 2018, incumbent Auditor Doud assisted Mayor Robert Garcia in advancing Charter Amendment BBB which lets LBs mayor and council incumbents seek third terms without waging a write-in campaign. Two incumbents, Austin and Andrews, are now using this in seeking re-election.The FY 20 budget adopted by the council in Sept. 2019 was the first budget following the November 2018 Measure BBB election. FY20 budget documents show Auditor Doud is now in City Halls $200,000 Club and received an $8,057 raise in FY20 from $219,429 to $227,486.In response to our inquiry, city management says Auditor Douds FY21 budgeted base salary is $234,383.23 and thus includes a not publicly visible raise of $6,897. City management says Auditor Douds fully loaded cost including benefits is now $351,940.62.Responding to our invitation for comment, Auditor Douds office replied that she is planning to voluntarily participate in the furlough program in line with the city attorneys recommending in a council item agendized for the Sept. 8 council meeting consistent with other city employees. Her office added: The budgeted salary information is per the Citys Salary Resolution Section 16 which covers the salaries of all elected city officials and is based on the change in the Consumer Price Index.The city attorneys recommended action would let councilmembers participate in a work furlough program by a voluntary reduction in councilmember effective pay by ten percent 10 it also requests other city elected officials not covered by a union MOU to do likewise.The city attorney recommended action will save taxpayers sums in the short term but also quietly lets incumbents spike increase their pensions by approving the adopted salary increase on which their future pension benefits will be calculated.On Sept. 8, the council voted 9-0 to approve a FY 21 City Hall spending budget that included the salary raises not publicly displayed but reported here. The council also voted 7-2 to allow themselves to join in the employee furlough program.Councilmembers Mungo and Supernaw dissented after the council voted to defeat a Mungo motion 4-5 to let councilmembers send their salary savings to the citys General Fund or to two privately run non-profits: Partners of Parks and the Long Beach Public Library Foundation.To our knowledge, any councilmembers could have made a motion on Sept. 8 to freeze their salaries at FY20 levels avoiding the pension spike and saving sums. None did.The mayors salary is set through a City Charter provision requiring annual increases equivalent to the most recent upward change in the annual average of the Consumer Price Index for the LA/Long Beach metropolitan area. It also provides that each councilmember shall receive a salary which shall be 25 percent of that provided for the mayorFor FY21, Mayor Robert Garcias base salary, not listed in publicly visible FY21 budget documents, is $158,398.54. The mayors fully loaded cost to taxpayers health and other benefits is $244,718.69.Accordingly, each incumbent council member will receive a FY21 salary of $39,597 $158,398/4 in addition to health, perks and other benefits for themselves and their family members.The FY21 budgeted taxpayer cost to run LBs mayor & council offices staffs and other costs totals $5,769,177 a reduction of $237,580 from $5,813,629 in FY20.The taxpayer cost to run Mayor Garcias office alone not publicly visible in FY21 budget documents is $1,280,901.41 which includes the mayors salary as well as his ten-member staff. The council has chosen to allow Garcia a ten member taxpayer paid staff, roughly twice the size of staff under immediate past Mayor Bob Foster.Bill Pearl publishes lbreport.com, an online local news source since August 2000.Category: News

Essential Workers at Rancho Historic Ranch and Gardens
09/10/2020 7:09pm

When you hear the phrase essential workers, what comes to mindGrocery store employees, first responders and postal workers are among the first to occur to many folks. Rancho Los Alamitos has some other types of essential workers, such as Karen ThompsonLivestock ManagerKaren Thompsons workday begins at 6:00 a.m. When she arrives at the Rancho, she hears the animals communicating with each other, calling for their breakfast. It is a calm, relaxing time without stress but not for long. The intensity increases as she and her assistant work their way through an exercise routine for each animal horses, sheep and goats. The chickens are free to roam the grounds, eating grubs and insects, helping with pest control, their style of exercise.Karen first learned about the pandemic at a grocery store. She saw people feverishly loading their grocery carts and discovered that we were facing a lockdown due to COVID-19. As people raced to stockpile necessities, Karen worried about food for the animals at the Rancho. She immediately arranged for delivery of a 30-day supply twice the standard order and made other contingency plans.With a heightened awareness of safety during the pandemic, the staff conducts frequent sanitizing of all areas where humans will be present, including around the barnyard. For the animals, nothing is different. They are happy and healthy. Their routine is unbroken. Other essential workers, such as sheep shearers and farriers hoof care, continue to visit the ranch, performing routine treatments and health checks.Karen noted that the staff works diligently to ensure the safety of visitors and volunteers while at the Rancho. They conducted an opening day trial run with docents acting as guests, touring the one-way path through the gardens and barnyard. They made sure that they hadnt overlooked anything.Staff and volunteers plan to increase access to more areas of the gardens in the weeks to come.Karen encourages families to bring their children to the Rancho, to disconnect from tech and get out into nature. Rancho Los Alamitos is a revitalizing and essential place.Janet Brown BeckerHistoric Garden AssociateIn mid-March, Janet learned that all staff was to go home and wait for further instructions. The Rancho was locked down due to COVID-19. She had a moment of panic, worrying about what would happen to the ranchos irreplaceable, historic gardens if she and others were not there to maintain them. Fortunately, within 24 hours, a list of essential workers was published and Janet learned that landscapers and gardeners were among them.Initially, Janet, another part-timer and one full-time worker, took care of the four acres of nationally recognized gardens. Motivated to keep the team safe, they came to work with face masks, sun hats, water bottles and their own food and tools, which they no longer share.Although an enormous amount of work for such a small number, the garden staff were determined to preserve the landscape. They worked alone, distanced from one another, until early June, when they welcomed back a dozen experienced garden volunteers. The augmented, masked and distanced gardening team now diligently waters, weeds, prunes, cultivates and deadheads the rancho gardens for the delight of daily visitors.Janet said, You can quote me. The garden volunteers were clawing at the gate to come back. Gardening at Rancho Los Alamitos is a healing kind of work, satisfying and peaceful.At the time Florence Bixby lived on the site, from 1898 until her death in 1961, she worked to have the place become inward-looking so that it became a haven insulated from the outside world. She worked with nationally recognized landscape architects, designers and plantsmen of the day, like the Olmsted Brothers, who developed the guiding plan for Californias state park system, among many other high-profile projects.Today, rancho guests appreciate the fresh air and open spaces. Several of the outdoor areas at Rancho Los Alamitos are open by reservation for visitors to enjoy Wednesday through Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free, but reservations are required.Rancho Los Alamitos, the Ranch of the Little Cottonwoods, is a Long Beach city landmark and is twice listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The rancho has a continuous history that stretches back for more than 1,500 years and reflects the many people who have called it home from the first people, the Tongva-Gabrielino, to the European colonists to the American ranchers and farmers of the 19th and 20th centuries. The 7-acre historic site includes four acres of nationally significant historic gardens, a ranch house 1790-1933 and restored barnyard of the early 20th-century working ranch.In 1968, the children of Fred and Florence Bixby, the last private owners, donated the family ranch to the City of Long Beach, transforming what had been a working ranch to a public oasis and setting the stage for what Rancho Los Alamitos is today a place for all time and for everyone.Children and adults alike are fascinated and delighted when touring the spacious historic site, communing with nature in the lush gardens and visiting with the farm animals horses, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and rabbits in the barns area. Admission and parking are free-of-charge.The not-for-profit Rancho Los Alamitos Foundation operates the Rancho in a public/private partnership with the City of Long Beach under the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine.Submitted by Rancho Los AlamitosCategory: News

4 Houses Per Lot Bill Passes Assembly, But Fails to Reach Senate in Time
09/01/2020 7:19am

Updated at 11:40 a.m. TuesdayBy:Bill PearlSB 1120, a pro density housing measure that would have required cities to allow four houses on single family lots, narrowly cleared the Assembly at three minutes before midnight, but failed to reach the state Senate in enough time to allow voted concurrence by a midnight deadline.Livable California, the non-profit group leading opposition to the measure, proclaimed the measure dead, And with no Senate concurrence vote in Assembly amendments by the midnight deadline, the measure appears to have failed...but only because a last minute grassroots opposition by among others ELBs Eastside Voice led by Corliss Lee and b because time ran out.SB 1120 passed the state Senate on June 24 with 39 yes votes including co-author state Senator Lena Gonzalez and state Senator Tom Umberg D, SE LB-west OC, and passed the Assembly last night,The Aug. 31 Assembly floor tally showed 42 Assemblymembers voted yes 41 needed for passage with 17 opposed and the final tally after others add on, which they can do before adjournment was 44-18 with 17 bot voting.Assemblyman Patrick ODonnell D LB-SP voted no. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon D, NLB-Paramount and Assemblyman Mike Gipson D, NLB-Carson voted yes. SB 1120 was co-authored by state Senator former LB Councilmember Lena Gonzalez D, LB-SE LA County. In June, state Senator Tom Umberg D, SE LB-west OC joined Gonzalez in voting yes on the bill,The City of Long Beach LA Countys second largest city didnt take a position on SB 1120. The LB Councils state legislation committee advisory to the council never discussed it and no individual councilmember used their ability agendize an item to take a position on SB 1120. LB City Hall effectively let SB 1120 progress through the legislative process from mid-February 2020 despite council-stated policy in its adopted state legislative agenda that said the city would oppose bills undermining local control, including land use measures.ELB Council incumbents Stacy Mungo and Daryl Supernaw, whose districts include large numbers of single-family homes, didnt use their periodic newsletters to alert their constituents to the bill introduced in mid-Feb. 2020 or take single family neighborhood protective positions on the bill. LBs grassroots The Eastside Voice, led by Corliss Lee, used emails and social network dispatches to alert residents to the measure and produced online opposition.On August 29, the state Senate approved AB 725 a companion pro-density bill to SB 1120, LBREPORT.com and the Assembly subsequently concurred ODonnell again votedno. AB 725 is headed to Governor Newsom. It requires metropolitan cities like LB after Jan. 1, 2022 to show that at least 25 of their regional housing needs assessment number of additional housing units decided in So. Cal by SCAG for moderate-income housing is allocated to sites with zoning allowing at least 4 housing units. AB 725 also requires metropolitan cities to allocate at least 25 of their share of SCAGs regional housing need for above moderate-income housing to sites zoned to allow at least four units of housingBill Pearl publishes LBReport.com, an online news source since August 2000.Category: News

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