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PG&E to move power lines underground to reduce fire risk. Will SoCal Edison do the same?
07/26/2021 3:40pm

In the aftermath of devastating wildfires - many caused by downed power lines - PG&E announced plans to move 10,000 miles of power lines underground.

Burglary suspect dies in Mar Vista officer-involved shooting
07/26/2021 3:38pm

A burglary suspect was killed in an officer-involved shooting in Mar Vista, according to LAPD.

Trump inaugural chair Tom Barrack: I'm '100% innocent' in lobbying case
07/26/2021 3:35pm

Tom Barrack pleaded not guilty Monday and said he was 100 innocent of charges that he secretly lobbied the U.S. on behalf of the United Arab Emirates.

'Destructive' Severe Thunderstorm Warning to trigger wireless Emergency Alerts on mobile phones
07/26/2021 3:35pm

The National Weather Service has announced that a new category of Destructive Severe Thunderstorm Warnings will trigger wireless Emergency Alerts on mobile phones starting August 2.

Pink offers to pay Norwegian women's beach handball team's fine for wearing shorts
07/26/2021 3:34pm

Pink has offered to pay fines handed out to the Norwegian womens beach handball team after they refused to wear bikini bottoms while competing.


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Sheriff: Joshua Chimarusti Arrested For Firing Shots At Ventura County Firehawk Helicopter
07/26/2021 3:57pm

Joshua James Chimarusti, 44, was arrested last Thursday morning on several charges in connection with shots fired at the crew of Ventura County Firehawk Copter 4 the previous night.

LeVar Burton To Debut As ‘Jeopardy!’ Guest-Host Beginning Monday Evening
07/26/2021 3:26pm

Actor LeVar Burton will debut as guest-house of Jeopardy for five episodes beginning Monday evening.

Tickets To The Rolling Stones At SoFi Stadium In October Go On Sale Friday
07/26/2021 2:58pm

The SoFi Stadium concert is one of the new dates that were added to the bands tour, which started in 2019. The 2020 leg of the tour was forced to stop due to the pandemic.

Fourth Stimulus Check: Will There Be Additional Relief Payments?
07/26/2021 2:21pm

While the COVID pandemic seems to be waning and the economy is improving, many Americans could still benefit from a fourth stimulus check.

Another Hearing Monday In Britney Spears Conservatorship Case
07/26/2021 2:17pm

Britney Spears personal conservator is expected to ask for physical security over alleged threats in the wake of the singers explosive testimony last month.


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Press-Telegram (Long Beach)
Press-Telegram (Long Beach)

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The Beachcomber
The Beachcomber

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Recovery Plan – Authentic or Smoke & Mirrors?
07/24/2021 2:05pm

By:Stephen DowningOn July 20 the Long Beach City Council received a presentation on the city managers proposed Long Beach Safety Recovery Plan SRP and asked that the council provide input and policy direction, and approve the plan and Authorize the city manager to allocate $5 million in the General Fund group to implement the proposed plan. The plan included 14 programming categories with a short paragraph describing each plan category.Safety Programs One-Time InvestmentCoordinated Response Team CRT$ 1,750,000Calls for Service Base Staffing Levels$ 1,000,000Neighborhood Walks Program$ 400,000Neighborhood Safe Streets Bikes$ 400,000Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement Training$ 400,000Entertainment and Business Districts$ 300,000Community Youth Engagement $ 250,000Gun Buy Back Program $ 75,000Subtotal $4,575,000Violence Prevention Programs One-Time InvestmentBe SAFE Expansion$ 110,000Safe Passage Violence Interruption$ 100,000Office of Youth Development- Summer Neighborhood Engagement Program$ 60,000Increase Funding to Current Building Youth Social Capital Grantees$ 60,000Teen Program Enhancement$ 60,000Career Exploration Exploring Space Beach$ 35,000Subtotal$ 425,000Total Proposed Plan Funding$ 5,000,000With the exception of one, the recovery plan appeared to have more public relations value than long-term substance.The one plan with the potential for a positive long-term impact upon the organizational culture of the Long Beach Police Department LBPD is the $400,000 program identified as Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement Training ABLE. It has the ability to build community trust and a reservoir of good will that the department and city can depend upon when the occasional scandal erupts from controversial actions such as bad shootings, excessive force lawsuits, exposures of secret software and hardware programs that inflict injury upon constitutional guarantees and other substandard behaviors by department personnel that have become almost routine in Long BeachThe program description provided to the council by City Manager Tom Modica on the council agenda is as follows:The Active Bystander Law Enforcement ABLE Project, Georgetown University Law Centers national training and support initiative for U.S. law enforcement agencies, is committed to building a culture of peer intervention that prevents harm. The goals of the program include preventing misconduct, avoiding police mistakes, and promoting officer health and wellness. Participation in the program requires a dedicated program coordinator to oversee the program. The Police Department proposes to allocate $400,000 in one-time funding to match federal assistance expected to support this program.The ABLE ProjectThe ABLE project at Georgetown Law Center originated in New Orleans, where after the police murder of George Floyd, deputy chiefs went to roll calls to ensure police officers knew how to intervene not just on each others misconduct but on supervising officers.The New Orleans deputy chiefs recognized Floyds case as the most glaring example of where an intervention could have saved someones life, saying, He struggled, said hed comply, said he couldnt breathe, begged for his mother and died while officers watched or turned their backs on the officer on Floyds neck.In 2014 Dr. Ervin Staub, the founding director of a program on the psychology of peace and violence designed to help police officers stop unnecessary harmful behavior by fellow officers and the New Orleans Police Department developed the EPIC Ethical Policing Is Courageous Peer Intervention Program.According to information provided by the Georgetown Law Center, the ABLE Project builds upon EPIC and Dr. Staubs prior work and delivers practical, scenario-based training for police agencies in the strategies and tactics of police peer intervention.The law center states that, ABLE training will be provided at no cost to local law enforcement agencies but those agencies must commit to creating a culture of active bystandership and peer intervention through policy, training, support and accountability.Beachcomber QuestionsBeing familiar with the elements of the innovative policing program and the Georgetown Law Centers recommended conditions for participation that address the long term goals of the training it affords if police departments properly implement the program, the Beachcomber filed an eComment request associated with the agenda item and asked that the council, when asking the city manager or chief of police questions related to the $400,000 program, that the following questions be asked and answered:Since the program is offered for no cost how is the $400,000 allocation of funds intended to be usedIn selecting who will attend the ABLE training at Georgetown Law Center, what will be the rank of the LBPD officer selected to attend the training and how many personnel will be sent for trainingThe program requires that all commissioned personnel including recruits receive eight hours of initial, dedicated ABLE training, followed by at least two hours of annual refresher training. Is the cost of this on-going training provided for in the LBPD budget and if not, how will the requirement be accommodatedWill existing training hours for other subjects be impactedWill the city agree to make public all surveys and studies published by participation in the ABLE programWhat is the source of the federal assistance that the city expects to receive that will support the programIn that no member of the City Council or the mayor had the interest to ask the questions, the Beachcomber sent an email to LBPD media relations, with copies to Chief Luna, the city manager, Suzie Price, as vice chair of the Public Safety Committee, and Karen Owens, Chief Lunas community outreach head and asked for a response.On July 23 Chief Lunas spokesperson replied, At this time we defer to the information provided in the council item on July 20, 2021.On July 24 the Beachcomber filed a Public Records Act PRA request for all documents related to the LBPDs participation, budget and training plans related to its participation and implementation planning related to the $400,000 project.This request will help our readers better determine city governments authenticity in announcing the delivery of programs that contribute quality change to the culture and operations of the LBPD as opposed to the public relations value of an agenda item or press release that when examined and in my opinion has no substance.Stephen Downing is a resident of Long Beach and a retired LAPD deputy chief of police. stephen.beachcombergmail.comCategory: News

Luna Ignores Mask Mandate – Again
07/22/2021 8:57am

By:Stephen Downing On Saturday, July 17 at 11:59 p.m. the City of Long Beach and Los Angeles County Health Departments instituted a new indoor mask mandate for everyone, including those who are vaccinated, due to the rising infection rates of COVID-19.On Tuesday, July 20 Long Beach Chief of Police Robert Luna demonstrated once again that he is tone deaf to the necessity, legal requirements and leadership responsibilities surrounding mask mandates in a manner comparable to the sense of impunity he exhibited on Nov. 5, 2020 at the height of the COVID 19 pandemic when he ordered over 300 mask less police officers to gather for a photo op inside the Long Beach Convention Center.An Early WarningShortly after the council meeting began the chair of the City Americans with Disabilities Act ADA Committee testified without a mask. Immediately following her testimony, the city clerk announced that, I would like to gently remind everybody that masks are required at all times.Over the next 3-plus hours dozens of citizens, the mayor, members of the city council, the city manager and city staff spoke all wearing their masks.Then Luna was called to testify. He stood, removed his mask and took a seat at the desk behind his boss, City Manager Tom Modica.A review of the council meeting video tape documented that Luna testified without a mask in front of the Long Beach City Council, the vice-mayor, the city manager, city staff and members of the public all masked - for a full 20 minutes before he was reminded of the mandate and told to put on his mask.Following the meeting the Beachcomber emailed a picture of the maskless chief of police to the city manager and wrote: The Beachcomber would appreciate comment from the city manager as to the circumstances surrounding the violation and what, if any, action is contemplated in response to the chiefs apparent demonstration of impunity toward the mask mandate.Within hours the city manager responded: Chief Luna was not present in the chamber when the previous announcement by the clerk was made. However, Chief Luna wore a mask the entire time in the chambers except when taking it off to speak. He was informed during his testimony by the city clerk of the requirement to have it on even when testifying, and immediately put the mask back on for the remainder of his testimony.This was our first meeting back with the new masking rules in the chamber. I will be reminding all department directors today of the requirements going forward and my expectations that we wear masks the entire time even when testifying.Franklin Sims, a reporter for The Memo and Long Beach Local News who was present for the entire 4-plus hour council meeting told the Beachcomber that when Luna took off his mask and began his testimony that he Franklin approached the city clerk when he saw that no one else in the room took any action.Sims said, Out of concern for the reputation of the department given the recent controversies I discreetly let the city clerk know.Sims said a minute later he saw the city clerk get up from her desk and then observed Luna look at his cell phone. Sims said, Thats when he put his mask on.Sims told the Beachcomber that he was highly concerned that no one on the council dais, the vice-mayor or the city manager, chose to take responsibility and immediately remind the chief of his duty to wear a mask.The Beachcomber asked the LBPD for comment from Chief Luna writing: The Beachcomber would appreciate comment from the chief as to the circumstances surrounding the violation and what, if any, statement he would like to make to the rank and file and the public in response to the apparent demonstration of impunity toward the mask mandate. Neither Luna nor his spokesperson responded.Stephen Downing is a resident of Long Beach and a retired LAPD deputy chief of police. stephen.beachcombergmail.comCategory: News

Another Stonewall by City Attorney Parkin
07/21/2021 3:40am

By:Stephen DowningOn July 2 the Beachcomber published an article headlined, City Attorney Sabotages Redistricting Initiative in which it was reported that in an April 15 memo to the Independent Redistricting Commission IRC, the city attorney clarified for the commissioners that current City Council districts may be used as a starting point by the IRC in drawing district boundaries, and wrote, In fact, it is the recommendation of this office that the IRC begin with those current districts.The city attorney backed up their recommendation with a Jan. 12, 5-page legal opinion from the law offices of Olson/Remcho, a law firm that the city attorney characterized as the citys outside redistricting counsel.Who is Behind the AlterationThe April 15 memo with the Jan. 12 Olson/Remcho opinion attached was aimed at dealing in advance with item 2 of the upcoming April 21, IRC agenda in which the commission was to adopt criteria to be used in the redistricting process.The memo did not address the fact that the IRC had not asked for a legal opinion on the matter, state why the opinion was being offered and recommended for adoption or who in city government asked that the city attorney deliver and recommend the opinion to the IRC commissioners.In a June 16 letter to the IRC the framers of Measure DDD objected to the city attorneys recommendation, provided a highly critical nine-point analysis of the Olson/Remcho legal opinion, pointedly advised the commissioners that, the city, though the city attorneys office, can only speculate what the framers of DDD intended because they have never asked us, alleged that the city hired an outside law firm to produce a legal memo that, is, despite the voters clear intent, an attempt to sabotage the initiative and suggested that the IRC commissioners hire their own lawyer.City Attorney Backs DownIn response to the June 16 letter from the framers the city attorney wrote another memo to the IRC on June 30 addressing the content of the letters sent to the IRC from Common Cause and Equity for Cambodians CCEC, telling the commissioners what they already knew from their meeting of April 21.The city attorney wrote: The commission considered and discussed the recommended action at some length and ultimately voted not to follow the recommendation. Instead the commission determined to proceed exclusively with the criteria outlined in the Charter, which was entirely within its discretion and which our office, as commission legal counsel, will fully support.The city attorneys memo then offered a response to the framers arguments in an obvious effort to support the legitimacy of their original recommendation: The courts have made clear that the voters intent must be gleaned from the text of the ballot measure and the ballot materials that were before the voters, not by consulting with the drafters.The memo continued: Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that Common Cause and Equity for Cambodians were not the only drafters of Measure DDD. The measure was placed on the ballot by the City Council, not by an initiative petition circulated by the voters. We hope this information is helpful in addressing your concerns.In response to the city attorneys apparent self-vindication memo sent to the commissioners, one of the framers Long Beach civil rights attorney Marc Coleman told the Beachcomber that the city attorneys office was wrong when it advised that the commission should not look to the drafters framers for interpretation of Measure DDD. He said, The matter is not being challenged in a court of law and if the IRC was looking for the intent of the framers what better source is there to ask other than the framers themselves when we are still here and availableWith regard to the city attorneys statement that CCEC were not the only drafters of Measure DDD, Coleman said, They dont know what theyre talking about. We are the only drafters. There may have been small edits but there was no substantive changes to what the framers delivered to the City Council.The Beachcomber asked Coleman if he knew who in city government asked the city attorney to unilaterally contract with the law firm of Olson/Rencho for the legal opinion and offer the recommendation that the IRC commissioners begin the redistricting process with current districts. Coleman replied, I dont know but thats a good question.The Beachcomber subsequently filed a Public Records Request PRA with the city attorney requesting: all documents from all sources related to the request for the Olson/Remcho legal services, the approval chain and related documents involved in the request for legal services, the cost, invoicing and payment for such services and all records related to the distribution, analysis, comment, notes and directions given to any city employee once the Olson/Remcho opinion was received and ultimately delivered to the IRC.On July 15 the city attorney produced only the memos referenced in this article and wrote: The city is withholding some documents or information pursuant to Ca. Govt. Code Section 6254 k attorney-client privilege.The Beachcomber has scheduled a case assessment with private counsel to evaluate filing a public records lawsuit against the city to obtain the documents this newspaper believes it is legally entitled and of civic interest to our readership.A special meeting of the IRC is scheduled for July 21, Poly High School, 1600 Atlantic Avenue at 6 p.m. Item 3 on the calendar is to receive and file testimony from members of the public on Communities of Interest, a connected population that shares common social and economic interests that should be included within a single City Council district, with a focus on Council District 6.Stephen Downing is a resident of Long Beach and a retired LAPD Deputy Chief of Police.Category: News

Reform Coalition Calls for Resolution to Super-Spreader Event
07/19/2021 5:01pm

By:Stephen Downing Background of AllegationsOn the morning of Dec. 14, 2020 a letter alleging misconduct by Chief of Police Robert Luna was filed via email with the Citizen Police Complaint Commission CPCC by a coalition of community organizations.The complaint, based upon a story published by the Long Beach Post, alleged that on Nov. 5 Luna, along with members of his senior command staff, ordered an indoor gathering of police officers at the Long Beach Convention Center that allowed a COVID-19 super-spreader event to take place.Carlos Ovalle, executive director of People of Long Beach, who recently July 17 announced his candidacy for Council District 7 and Ian Patton, executive director, Long Beach Reform Coalition, filed the personnel complaint jointly.The full story and background of the incident orchestrated by the chief published by the Beachcomber on Dec. 17 can be read here: https://beachcomber.news/content/lbpd-event-called-assault-healthsafety-community.The CPCC FindingsThe completed personnel investigation conducted by CPCC investigators as a result of the original Reform Coalition letter was submitted to the CPCC on April 8.According to the deputy city clerk who recorded the minutes of the CPCC meeting, the commissioners voted 10/0 to sustain charge 1 and 7/3 to sustain charge 2.When asked to define the differences between the two charges related to the same incident the clerk referred the Beachcomber to CPCC manager Patrick Weithers, who subsequently declined to respond.On April 15, following the Beachcombers publication of the CPCC vote City Manager Tom Modica published an official statement indicating There was a misinterpretation of the information relayed to the Beachcomber reporter from the Office of the City Clerk.Modicas statement did not deny the sustained findings of the CPCC commissioners as reported by the Beachcomber but rather stated that Information on vote tallies for each case is publicly available, but not finding recommendations of the CPCC made in closed session meetings and that The city clerk does not participate in the CPCC closed session meeting or have knowledge of the commissioners finding recommendations.The Beachcomber subsequently issued a statement that the newspaper stood by the story as reported.Clerk Asked to Protect Employee On April 15, this reporter also sent an email to City Clerk Monique De La Garza detailing the conversation held with the deputy city clerk who provided the information on the CPCC vote and urged that the employee Is not made a scapegoat or sidelined in any way because of his direct, factual and honest reporting to the Beachcomber about the CPCC vote.At that time De La Garza was asked to comment on the city managers official statement as compared to the information provided to the Beachcomber by her employee.De La Garza did not respond, and the Beachcomber has since been unable to determine if the city employee has suffered any retaliation or retribution for his statements made to this reporter.Modica Stonewall On July 15 seven months after filing the complaint with the CPCC and more than three months after the CPCC vote was sent to City Manager Tom Modica - Ian Patton and Carlos Ovalle, representing the Long Beach Reform Coalition and the People of Long Beach Association, sent another letter to Modica stating that they Are aware that you are currently standing athwart public dissemination of the findings of the CPCC regarding our joint complaint concerning the LBPD super-spreader event conducted by Chief Robert Luna last year.The two neighborhood association representatives obviously frustrated by the three months that have passed with no report of adjudication from Modica wrote to encourage you to choose the path of transparency and good government over the culture of silence, darkness and denial and that When City Hall views public service as a fairy tale and the public as the enemy, to be feared rather than informed, the entire apparatus of government begins to slip inexorably toward corruption, abuse and absurdity.Incontrovertible EvidenceThe 5-page letter included the previously published picture of the 300 unmasked LBPD officers at the Convention Center to emphasize that, Our complaint alleged what was incontrovertible: Photographic evidence, originally published by the Long Beach Post, showed that our own chief of police conducted a maskless indoor, shoulder-to-shoulder super-spreader event on Nov. 5, 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.The letter also addressed the city managers official statement to the Beachcombers reporting of the CPCC vote, stating, Only in Long Beach could a public body report to the public how it voted without actually reporting how it voted. This is the theater of the absurd known as Long Beach City Hall.Event Caused SpikeThe most damning paragraph in the neighborhood activists letter to Modica recounted the impact the behavior of the chief of police had upon the health of the community stating, Indeed the larger share of Long Beachs nearly one-thousand COVID deaths over the course of the pandemic to date, occurred in the phase immediately after the Luna LBPD super-spreader. As you will recall, unsurprisingly, LBPD suffered its own COVID outbreak following the chiefs super-spreader, a vector of disease transmission, no doubt which made its way directly into the civic population though the numerous maskless police-civilian interactions observed daily and posted to social media at the that time.The letter continued, It is hard to imagine a dereliction of duty for a public municipal official greater than to ignore the extreme dangers posed by such an immediate threat to human life, wellness and our local economy. It is clear that the chief of police nonetheless put any number of lives in danger and the numerical toll in human lives of Long Beach residents cannot be known exactly.The complainants expressed their fear that Modicas failure to disclose the CPCC findings and his adjudication of the matter can only be considered a form of cover-up, should it persist.Fig Leaf for Police AbuseThe Coalition leaders summed up their follow-up letter with a look back upon how City Hall has used the CPCC in the past, writing: Unfortunately, the cynical history behind City Halls exploitation of the CPCC remaking it from a tool for accountability, as intended, into a fig leaf for police abuse of the public while allowing special treatment for officials would ordinarily make such a cover-up unsurprising.On July 15 the Beachcomber asked City Manager Tom Modica to provide comment on the content of the letter from the Reform Coalition and any information you can share as to your adjudication of the super-spreader allegations made against the chief of police.On July 16 Modicas spokesperson responded by attaching the same April 15 Official Statement by City of Long Beach Office of the City Manager regarding Beachcomber article titled, LBPD Police Chief Guilty of Endangering Public along with statement that: This case is still open and pending.A conclusion will eventually be reached by the city manager after full review of the facts, and recommendations by the CPCC. There is currently no specific timeline of when the case will be resolved as additional review of the facts is needed.The full letter from the Long Beach Reform Coalition can be read here.Stephen Downing is a resident of Long Beach and a retired LAPD deputy chief of police. stephen.beachcombergmail.comCategory: News

Homeless Camps ‘A Serious Issue’
07/15/2021 5:26pm

By:By Eric Bailey A time where living along a freeway bolstered noise and pollution as the biggest concerns for residents is a remnant of the past say some residents in Long Beach. Encampments built by the citys unhoused population are causing more than just neighborly quarrels, but what some residents feel is a serious issue.Tim Trezise, the owner of Syndicate Barbershop on Broadway and who lives near the 405 freeway at Woodruff spoke at length to the Beachcomber regarding he and a few residents taking matters into their own hands after what they feel were cries to the city falling on deaf ears.Homeless have set up shop because theres so many trees and bushes that have been neglected for so long, Trezise said. They just hide in there and do their thing.Trezise claims that the encampments are a beacon for crime and drug use, as he and fellow neighbors report that home break-ins, car vandalization, and trespassing is skyrocketing.It pissed me off so bad last year I just started chain sawing trees down on their little forts to run them out, Trezise said.California Highway Patrol was contacted of his actions and asked him to stop, which he did. The tipping point for Trezise to reengage his efforts however was when a neighbor informed him of a peeping Tom spying on his daughter.One of these dudes was on a flipped over bucket caught on a Ring camera looking into the daughters room, Trezise said. That was kinda the final straw for me.Trezise went back to cleaning the area himself.Once this bucket thing happened, I said expletive this.Taking to social media, Trezise was able to rally local volunteers at an organized cleanup June 27 after his Instagram story garnered the attention of Street People of Los Angeles, an Instagram account that has over 140,000 followers, showcasing a first-hand perspective of the homelessness crisis in the LA area.After the organized cleanup effort, Trezise said he was contacted by a sergeant of the Long Beach Police Department.He was pretty much trying to talk me out of it, but I already knew it was out of their jurisdiction.As the father of an 8-year-old daughter he walks to school, Trezise felt no other option was available to him or other members of the community.I have no choice anymore. No ones backing us up.Help did however come from an unlikely source.Officer Chad Robbins with the Long Beach States University Police Department, who has a reputation for his work assisting the unhoused came and spoke with Trezise and offered whatever assistance he could to both aid in the assistance of the unhoused who wanted it as well as the residents in the area.The homelessness crisis is one that has everyone doing what they can to help.The city created a response team within the Long Beach Fire Department back in 2017 to deal specifically with the unhoused, and the City Council officially entered an agreement with Caltrans June 15 to conduct encampment cleanups along Long Beach freeways.Care Closet LBC, a nonprofit which conducts cleanups in Long Beach, organizes donations and even compensates unhoused people for their work, sees itself as a complimentary piece in the citys effort to combat the homelessness crisis.Ive been using every cent I get and give it to them as an hourly wage, said Duke Givens, the founder of Care Closet LBC.While resources are available and individuals are committed to assisting the unhoused, Trezise wants to make it clear that his concerns are rooted purely in the illegal activities that some encampments can attract.I just want other neighborhoods to do this, said Trezise. People need to start making some noise.Category: News

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