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The crisp air, the clear views and the rustic landscape are all part of Aurora's irresistible beauty and charm. You can't help but be drawn in to the city's inviting combination of natural beauty, rich culture and fast-paced activity. Aurora is an eastern suburb of Denver and is the third most populous city in the state of Colorado. That impressive gathering of people brings to light various cultural influences that have shaped and influenced the city's history with their unique contributions. Food, customs and other aspects of the Native American, German and Hispanic cultures can be found intertwined with each other to create something that truly makes Aurora a special place.

Wide open spaces remind you that you are in Colorado, as the city manages more than 1,800 acres of developed park land and more than 6,000 acres of parks and other expansive areas. That being said, Aurora's natural amenities give it an added appeal. One of the area's most popular attractions, DeLaney Farm, is an area packed with history with its classic round barn and organic garden helping to secure its place on the National Register of Historic Places. Another popular attraction is the Aurora History Museum. This exceptional museum expertly presents art from past and present that adds an even greater dimension to Aurora's varied but no less compelling story.

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