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For those born on the bayou, Baton Rouge encapsulates it all. For those visiting, it is still an amazing collection of sights, sounds, smells and tastes. The glitz and glamour of casinos and shows take their place alongside rustic, historic sites as the metro area was built upon the same soil where the Civil War was once fought. The Old Governor's Mansion is a telling and somewhat dramatic symbol of the war's ravaging effects on life in Baton Rouge both during wartime and recovery. Area mansions and plantations also underpin the drama of that period of American history.

But the people of Baton Rouge are resilient and embrace change and forward-thinking thanks to the city's economic development and growing cultural acceptance that leads it into the present day. The smell of freshly boiled crawfish or gumbo is another reason to savor the lifestyle that Baton Rouge offers. With dozens of nationally noted restaurants and eateries, the city is a virtual treat for the palate at every turn. And don't forget the Delta Blues. This music is uniquely American, but its roots in African rhythms and storytelling owe more to that culture than originally thought. At the time, leaders of the genre like Robert Johnson met with a world of prejudices, and that, in all probability, inspired the pain and frustration in the blues. All of these ingredients simmer perfectly, proving that there's absolutely no doubt that Baton Rouge is not without its spice. This city is as inviting as a freshly cooked pot of gumbo at supper time.

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