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Birmingham is one of those cities that offers the rare combination of historic drama balanced by an optimistic, forward-looking philosophy. The city was the site of some of the most harrowing events during the Civil Rights Movement. Places like the Civil Rights District and the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church still stand as reminders of that unquestionably turbulent time in not only Birmingham's history, but the history of the entire country.

As time went on, the city began to embrace various cultures and that spirit of acceptance is what has allowed it to press forward to become the modern city that it is today. Its many noteworthy museums, theaters and restaurants attract scores of locals and visitors alike. Nature lovers enjoy the many trails, lakes and parks while followers of the arts tend to gravitate toward the city's impressive arts and entertainment scene and rarely come away disappointed. It is obvious that Birmingham has learned from its past to move forward to become a city that is proud of its progress as well as its homespun southern charm.

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Birmingham, AL
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