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Charleston is a city that has many stories to tell. Its central role in the Civil War made the South Carolina city a center point for dramatic events that carried much historical significance. Just look around at the Victorian architecture that still adorns some of the classic-styled homes in the area, and you'll get an idea of how regal and dramatic life was back when our country was at war with itself. Some of those majestic structures were also plantations, and while the country has moved past that harrowing tradition, those sites and their natural surroundings still attract plenty of visitors today.

The lush and inviting gardens offer a place to reflect on Charleston's history as well as how to make the future that much better for the generations to come. And when you put all that history in perspective, moving forward into today's Charleston makes it all the more enticing. Shopping here is like going on your own personal hunting excursion, dining at area restaurants offers a variety of local and regional flavors, and the art scene will give even the most rabid aficionado something to take in and ponder. Add to that the area's inviting beaches, family-friendly diversions like parks and sporting events, as well as a calendar packed with fun and interesting annual events, and you've got a city that can only be described as today's Charleston.

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