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Living in Clearwater, FL

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Hotels along the Gulf of Mexico at night in Clearwater Beach, Florida

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Fishing pier next to the Clearwater Memorial Causeway, in Clearwater, FL

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Sunset in Clearwater, FL

Standing on the shore of Clearwater Beach as the deep blue waves tumble onto the amazingly white sand leaves an indelible impression on the many beach-goers who experience this unforgettable display of the area's natural beauty. No matter what activity you may choose to enjoy while you are here, Clearwater's ever-inviting sunshine, fresh air and blue skies always seem to be a part of it. Whether you are out for a great day of fishing, jet-skiing or just lounging on the beach, the climate here feels like it is tailor-made for whatever outdoor activity you choose.

Truly, the nationally-recognized beaches of Clearwater seem to be the backdrop for many aspects of life here, including browsing the many shops or enjoying a delicious meal at one of the many excellent restaurants that can be found along the bayfront. But when the sun goes down, there is still much to experience here. The city boasts a highly inviting arts, music and entertainment scene that is equally matched by its dazzling nightlife. So no matter what activities may be on your itinerary when you're here, be assured that the sunshine, surf and sand will be a vital part of your visit to Clearwater!

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