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Eugene, Oregon is miles above other cities-literally! The area's above-average elevation, coupled with its clean, fresh air and picturesque natural views make it a truly breathtaking place.

Eugene offers many things to do in the great outdoors that are in or around the Willamette River that runs through the area. Enjoy everything from fishing, canoeing, swimming or just lounging on the shore. The many trails and parks in Eugene also add to the number of choices of activities for fans of the outdoors.

Eugene also offers plenty of indoor discoveries, too, with its many museums and galleries. One of the most popular is the Hult Center for the Performing Arts which not only offers various musical and dramatic presentations on stage, it also features a highly respected art gallery. If you prefer a day of shopping, the many excellent malls, boutiques, stores and out-of-the-way establishments will offer you plenty to search for and discover. All of this and more make Eugene a city that is truly miles above average!

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