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Located at the center of the San Joaquin Valley of Central California, Fresno is the heart of Fresno County. The fifth largest city in the state, Fresno is conveniently sandwiched between Los Angeles to the south and Sacramento to the north. This inland city has several ties to large-scale agricultural production, in addition to the strong medical field and ties to AT&T.

The semi-arid landscape was transformed into an agricultural oasis after the creation of an irrigation canal and the establishment of the Central Pacific Railroad in 1871 and 1872, respectively. Despite low rainfalls in the summer months, Fresno County manages to produce large amounts of cotton, almonds, cattle and a variety of fruit-most notably, grapes. Local vineyards create delicious wines from their grape harvests.

Metropolitan Fresno is home to a variety of activities and entertainment, most notably in the Tower District. This district acts as a hub for community events as well as performance arts and nightlife activity. Scattered within this urban center are a variety of parks. Those willing to travel 40-75 miles outside of the city limit will be able to experience the natural wonders of Yosemite National Park, Sierra National Forest, Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Park. Several smaller cities, such as Clovis, are minutes away from metropolitan Fresno and offer a variety of job and entertainment opportunities as well.

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