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Given Arizona's expansive and at times desolate landscape, finding a comfortable and welcoming place is like discovering a hidden treasure. The city of Glendale is one of those types of places. Even though it's a suburb of Phoenix, the city offers a quiet, down-home charm that is as inviting as it is genuine. The people here are always friendly, and their laid-back demeanor seems to lend itself to the city's overall personality.

Among it's many fine qualities, Glendale is known for its stellar selection of antique shops that feature an impressive selection of rare, vintage items. The mere presence of so many antique dealers and establishments falls in line with the fact that the city itself is viewed as somewhat of a hidden treasure. Another "must-see" is the Cerreta Chocolate Company, a locally-owned candy maker that not only helps to host the yearly Chocolate Affaire, but with it's many chocolate confections, baskets and seasonal creations, is perhaps the sweetest place in all of Glendale. Add in the city's memorable family attractions, museums, restaurants, nightlife and outdoor fun destinations, and it's clear that Glendale is Arizona's hidden treasure that many are rapidly discovering.

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Glendale, AZ
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