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The changing seasons, the colorful natural beauty and the friendly people all combine to create not only a warm and inviting welcome for visitors of Hartford, but they also create a place that offers a feeling of safety and security for the people who make their home here. And that is actually fitting when you consider the fact that Hartford is a place where security and safety are valued, as it was here that the first insurance company originated.

Travelers Insurance Company set up shop in Hartford and has been associated with this vibrant Connecticut city ever since. That impressive history is what has allowed Hartford to expand and develop in so many ways. From the natural beauty of Bushnell Park to the one-of-a-kind shopping venues like the Unique Antique to the interesting historic sites that include the Mark Twain House, it's clear that even though Hartford's status as a pioneer in the field of insurance as it's primary claim to fame, the city views its many other amenities as equally serious business!

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Hartford, CT
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