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Kansas City may not be the first city that comes to mind when you are considering a vacation, education or possible move, so you may be surprised by what all you find here.

Kansas City is a unique American city in several ways. The anchor of the city originated in Missouri but KC grew and the metropolitan area eventually spilled over to Kansas state. The divisions and neighborhoods are often referred to as either KCK or KCMO in order to distinguished which state that part of the city is in.

Don’t worry about crossing state lines when you are taking in the sights, however. Kansas City is brimming with historical monuments and museums, due in a large part to the role the city played during the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. Learn about the colorful and cultured history of the Heart of America at some of the specialty museums or take in the magnificent art collections at one of the galleries.

In addition to offering educational fun, you can also experience thrills at the many amusement and water parks in the area or cheer on one of the professional sports teams. Kansas City was also a major contributor to the music industry—especially with jazz and blues—and you can catch an excellent performance at one of the city's music venues. This Paris of the Plains also offers culture in the forms of theaters, ballet and a city filled with hundreds of romantic fountains and boulevards. Or, you can enjoy true southern comfort in the form of casinos and world-famous steaks and barbeque.

If you are looking at education or work, check out the many opportunities KC has to offer. Kansas City is home to over a dozen universities and colleges and the headquarters of several Fortune 500 companies. In fact, this city is ranked as the seventh best city in the country to start over after a foreclosure.

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