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Knoxville is a place where nature and history converge to great effect. These seemingly diverse elements coexist quite seamlessly to create a truly rich historic place with an unmistakable natural charm. The Smoky Mountains surround this city that teems with both a heaping helping of southern charm and an equally large amount of activity at any given hour of the day.

Visitors are never at a loss, as they can choose to experience over 1,500 different kinds of great activities. Seems like a lot? Well, when you consider that Knoxville is home to such inviting attractions as Concord Park, the Alex Haley Statue and the Museum of East Tennessee History, you're just barely scratching the surface. And as fun and as impressive as those places are, don't forget to experience the awesome nightlife that is lit up by as many as 89 breweries and bars and hundreds of restaurants and cafes.

The daylight brings an equally astonishing number of options too, as Knoxville is home to such family-friendly destinations as a zoo, an aquarium and a number of parks and playgrounds. So if Knoxville is where you plan to spend some time, your itinerary will be fully packed. Bring a camera, some sunglasses and some comfortable shoes so that you won't miss a minute of the excitement!

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