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The city of Laredo is located along the Rio Grande, the border between the United States of America and Mexico. This border town is the tenth largest city in Texas, the second largest along the Texas-Mexican border, and has a sister city of Nuevo Laredo located in Tamaulipas, Mexico, just a few minutes away. The main economic force within Laredo is its international trade with Mexico. Additionally, most major transportation companies have a facility in Laredo.

This historic city has the distinction of being the only American city to have flown under the flags of seven different countries (the Six Flags of Texas plus the flag of the Republic of the Rio Grande). Laredo continues to celebrate its rich cultural heritage through the arts, performances, music and festivals.

Laredo's climate is semi-arid with high temperatures during the summer months, resulting in a majority of activities occurring either indoors or during the cooler evening time. Winters in Laredo are unusually cold for South Texas. Although there are not many large parks, Laredo Parks and Recreation maintains several recreation facilities with a combination of outdoor fields and indoor gyms.

Colleges and universities in Laredo include the Laredo Community College and Texas A&M International University. Nightlife in Laredo booms in areas near these places of higher education. Booming nightlife, restaurants serving authentic Mexican dishes and other cuisines from around the world, and festivals like George Washington's Birthday - the largest of its kind in the nation - are just part of the cultural fabric of Laredo.

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