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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has become known as Steel City due to its historical reliance on the steel industry. But Pittsburgh is so much more than its steel mills, steel bridges, steel buildings and the Steelers!

Pittsburgh has a rich history and culture. Even its name comes from the historical British statesman, William Pitt. After playing its part in the American Revolution, Pittsburgh became America’s original gateway to the west. This manufacturing city and industrial powerhouse opened up possibilities of travel as railroads were laid down and expanded. The city became a center of trade, technology and industry.

But this hilly city’s economy no longer runs on steel and manufacturing. Nowadays, the economy largely relies on healthcare, education, technology, robotics and financial services. However, two major steel mills and more than 300 steel-related businesses are still going strong. With a strong economic base, eight Fortune 500 headquarters and education serving as another major industry, Pittsburgh has managed to continue maintaining a growing job market in the face of recession.

Pittsburgh has grown throughout the decades to encompass over 90 distinct neighborhoods with their own unique flavors. This steeply sloped city, located at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers form the Ohio River, is filled tightly with skyscrapers and historic buildings downtown, theaters and art venues in the Cultural District, a green community on Riverparc and various neighborhoods in transition on the North Side.

Discover all the arts and entertainment Pittsburgh has to offer, alongside the historical site and museum in this urbanized metropolis. However, there are also plenty of outdoor activities that thrive as well as the cultural side of the city. Head outdoors, or cheer for one of the many teams in this "Best Sports City."

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