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Living in San Francisco, CA

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Golden Gate Bridge

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San Francisco Hyde Street Cable Car Tram

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San Francisco Skyline

San Francisco is a city that is so enchanting that it will capture your heart, just like it did for Tony Bennett, who had a big hit song with "I Left My Heart in San Francisco." While the song conjures some of the city's finer aspects, the performance, as good as it is, hardly does this fine example of cosmopolitan cool any justice. Hop onto a classic cable car that will take you to various destinations like the scenic parks and excellent lookout points, and after just one afternoon here you'll be immediately smitten. Essential stops include Chinatown and the amazing Golden Gate Bridge. Once you see them for yourself you'll realize that these are not mere tourist attractions–they are part of San Francisco's unmistakeable identity.

While it's true that scenic views seem to be at every turn, you'll definitely want to make time for the Grace Cathedral, a church that is as historic as it is beautiful. And speaking of history, there is plenty of it here to discover in the city's many museums, the oldest of which is the de Young Museum. And if art is what you're interested in, you must treat yourself to a visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, considered to be one of the world's best venues. When the sun goes down on the City by the Bay, the dizzying but mesmerizing choices of nightlife destinations like Top of the Mark and AsiaSF will end your day on an appropriately high note. And, maybe after getting to know the city of San Francisco a little better, you'll do like Tony Bennett, and leave your heart here, too.

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