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Santa Fe can brag about a lot of things. One of them, if a bit tongue in cheek, is that out of 365 days of the year, the area enjoys 355 days of blue sky and sunshine. While that fact may be difficult to accurately verify, it most certainly rings true to anyone who has ever enjoyed the excellent conditions and scenery of the area.

That temperate climate also makes appreciating the natural beauty of Santa Fe even more engaging, as the number of trails, parks, and gardens, among other natural sites, make for truly breathtaking outdoor moments. It is also a stunning backdrop against which you can enjoy such prime sites as Guadalupe Street, the Plaza located downtown, or the various adobe structures that echo the area's rich past.

There is also an amazing selection of stellar restaurants, as well as some of the country's best wineries, so, in addition to enjoying the culture, art and nature, you will never be at a loss to find a great tasting meal accompanied by an equally enjoyable glass of fine wine.

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Santa Fe, NM
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