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Tradition and hospitality go hand in hand in Shreveport, the fourth largest city in the state of Louisiana. What was once a city alive in the wake of the booming oil industry of yesteryear, it is now a place where casinos and hotels have become one of the city's leading sources of revenue, as well as employment for many residents. Shreveport is the center of the Ark-La-Tex, the converging point where Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas all meet.

The Red River also figures prominently into the commercial and environmental aspects of the city, as it is the backdrop for the Boardwalk, one of the city's most vibrant centers of shops, restaurants and family entertainment. The Red River also winds through the area's picturesque natural landscape that is also adorned with pine trees, excellent fishing and rolling cotton fields. Shreveport also takes pride in its Cajun roots, with various annual celebrations as well as more than a handful of restaurants and other businesses that offer cuisine and entertainment that recognize this significant part of Shreveport's cultural identity.

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