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Living in St Petersburg, FL

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Skyline of St. Petersburg, FL from the Pier.

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Aerial view of St. Petersburg, FL

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St Petersburg Marina

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Sunshine Skyway Bridge at Dawn

Sometimes when you stand on the shore of the beach in St. Petersburg, it's hard to tell where the deep blue sky meets the similarly-colored ocean on the horizon. The water's clarity becomes all the more dramatic when you watch it lap up onto the dazzlingly white sands. And that liberating, relaxing feeling you experience as you soak up the sun carries over into any other activity you may find yourself drawn to when you spend time in St. Petersburg.

From the incredible shopping venues to the world-renown restaurants to the incredible outdoor activities, you'll never be at a loss for something to do that is truly fun and entertaining for the whole family. And, in addition to all of the area's stellar outdoor spots, there are several incredible museums that make their home here. Perhaps the most famous is the Salvador Dali Museum that offers a truly impressive collection of the works of this Spanish artistic visionary. Dali's amazing paintings, drawings and sketches are comparable to the evening sunsets on St. Pete Beach, and while the sunset may not last as long as some of Dali's artwork, it is , like St. Petersburg itself, just as equally captivating.

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