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Syracuse is a city that truly embraces variety. That fact is evidenced by the various types of attractions that draw visitors to the area every year. Some of the city's most notable attractions include the award-winning Rosamond Gifford Zoo, the renowned Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology, as well as an impressive group of museums and art galleries. For fans of the outdoors, Lake Beaver and the surrounding parks and other natural attractions offer the perfect backdrop against which nature lovers can enjoy their favorite sporting or recreational activities. Shoppers will find much to be excited about, as the excellent shops, boutiques and shopping centers offer plenty of opportunities to find the perfect item.

Additionally, Syracuse boasts an excellent arts, music and entertainment scene that features something exciting happening on stage nearly every night. As you can see, Syracuse offers a great variety of activities. The only difficult decision that you'll face won't be what to do, but what to do first!

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