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Topeka is a city that completely embodies the welcoming charm of the American Midwest. Its history is celebrated by the impressive museums and historical sites that observe the contributions of many cultures, not the least of which is that of the Native Americans. You will discover that these facilities smartly connect the events of the past to the city's present and future development.

Topeka also boasts an inviting number of excellent restaurants, an equally engaging nightlife, and some truly unforgettable natural attractions. One of the most popular, Gage Park's Reinisch Rose Garden, is a stunning display of how Mother Nature uses the colors and scents of roses to design a dazzling work of natural art. And speaking of the outdoors, the city also offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun as it features several excellent parks, lakes, golf courses and recreational areas. So when you visit Topeka, get ready to be captivated by several attractive aspects of its unmistakeable Midwestern charm.

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Topeka, KS
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