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If you’re looking for must-see hidden spots in the area, you’ve come to the right place. We have everything you’re looking for to enjoy the town – whether for a few, fun vacation days or as a new resident. The area is full of quaint little plazas and gardens, and gorgeous cathedrals for a fun-filled afternoon with friends and family.

Among hidden treasures, you will also find important memorials and historic buildings that you won’t want to miss during your outing. Below you’ll find a detailed description of each location, along with their address, phone number, and website, to check out more information. We also have a useful map to easily plan your visit to every spot you want to hit.
Burning Coal Theatre Company
Burning Coal Theatre Company

(919) 834-4001

224 Polk St
Raleigh, NC 27604   Directions Website

The Burning Coal Theatre Company isn't your usual thespian experience. The actors are not only prepared with their cues and their lines, but they also are quite well-versed in improvisation and playing off of whatever kind of audience for which they are performing. So, for an intimate yet interactive theater experience that you won't ever forget, light a fire to the Burning Coal Theatre!


(919) 834-3552

413 Glenwood Ave
Raleigh, NC 27603   Directions Website

Designbox is a design gift shop that offers unique items as well as equally unique opportunities to create something truly special. Whether you're a freelance artist, an entrepreneur or just starting out, you'll find the perfect way to express your vision and utilize your talents in this alluring shop. The store features internationally designed objects that create an amazingly eclectic selection of gifts and souvenirs.

Peculiar Pets
Peculiar Pets

(919) 622-4448

311 Blake St
Raleigh, NC 27601   Directions Website

Peculiar Pets offers you a chance to take home a pet that is like no other, and allows you to help the environment at the same time. These pets are made of textile fragments and irregular cuts of other materials, and then stuffed with plastic or crushed water bottles.

The creations all emerge from the assembly line so far removed from anything that looks like junk, you'll fall in love instantly with these adorable pets. Plus, these pets never need to be taken out for a walk or taken to the vet for any vaccinations!

The Cupcake Shoppe Bakery
The Cupcake Shoppe Bakery

(919) 821-4223

104 Glenwood Ave
Raleigh, NC 27603   Directions Website

Got a sweet tooth but want something a little different? Make your way to the CupCake Shoppe and choose from 11 different kinds of cupcakes that also include seasonal favorites, muffins, cookies, milk and coffee. Even if you think you want just one or two, take several for your family and friends...or maybe a couple to eat in the car on the way home!

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