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Albuquerque Journal
Albuquerque Journal

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Raise for APS superintendent unwarranted
07/05/2022 1:02am

The decision by the Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education to raise Superintendent Scott Elders salary could not have come at a more inappropriate time.According to Secretary Courtney Jackson, who proposed the motion, the salary bump was in alignment with other employees raises.However, it has seemingly been forgotten there is a huge disparity in the superintendents and other employees salaries.Currently, Elder makes around $228,000 a year. With the salary increase, he will make nearly $245,000 a year. As of the latest salary data from APS - provided in October 2021 - the average salary for an APS employee was $44,448.72, whereas the average salary in the United States was $51,480, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.Comparing the salaries of employees who do not make the national average income and a superintendent that makes four times that is absurd. It does not take much examination to see who is actually in need of a salary increase.The decision to raise the superintendents salary comes at a time when budget difficulties are plaguing APS.In May the board reluctantly approved a staggering two-billion-dollar budget. The massive budget caused board members to call into question the districts spending. However, despite spending concerns, some members felt it appropriate to spend more money. The irony in this is clear.The budget problems do not end there, though. Within the past year, APS cut 70 support staff positions, 27 administrative positions and 16 instructional positions, leaving an astonishing 113 educators and support staff out of a job.On top of that, APS cut 36 elective courses and deducted $1.2 million from departments.Usually, a pay raise is given based on satisfactory job performance. But Elder does not have much to show for it. Staff are losing their jobs, district spending is up, student enrollment is down, and students have lost opportunities that are key to their success. Is this what the board deems as raise-worthyElder has also done little to address glaring problems within APS. His inaction is discernible to community members. For instance, after horrific gun violence across the nations schools and here at home, Elder has done little to address school safety or provide a proactive plan to keep students safe.The community is in dire need of actionable solutions and results. Thus far, neither have been delivered.Subscribe to ABQjournal. Call 505-823-4400

It’s time to put New Mexico’s children first
07/05/2022 1:02am

Kari Branden-burgI write knowing at this very minute there are children being abused or neglected, with their most basic needs going unmet. Why What state or community would allow such - and even be complicit in letting it happenAs a former foster parent, a mom, an attorney and former district attorney, I have struggled to answer these questions. We must protect our youngest and most vulnerable citizens. We have tasked CYFD with protecting our children, but it has failed miserably as is evidenced by recent high-profile cases. It would be easy to blame CYFD employees as incompetent and heartless. However, the problems run deeper and in part stem from the fact the New Mexico Childrens Code prioritizes keeping families together and reuniting the culpable parents with the harmed child. The wellbeing and interests of the child take a backseat. It is time to put our children first.Families matter, as do parental rights. In a perfect world, families stay together, and parents have the discretion to raise their children as they see fit within the boundaries of the law. But we dont live in a perfect world. When parents abuse and neglect their kids and fail time and time again to rectify the situation, the needs and rights of the child should become the priority. Children are being raised in the foster care system while parents are being given chance after chance to rehabilitate themselves. The majority never do. By the time CYFD moves to relinquish parental rights, the children are older, have lived a dysfunctional life and are unadoptable. They have wounded childhoods from which they will never recover. Abused and neglected children lead dysfunctional lives in adulthood, can lack the skills to care for their own children, may self-medicate with alcohol and drugs and frequently become engaged with the criminal justice system.Most states, like ours, prioritize keeping families together. They have the same dismal record that New Mexico does. I am not in disagreement with the value. But when it doesnt work, its time to change. Lets decide to put the childs interests first. When a family can be reunited and the child will not suffer continued abuse, then reunite them. Put into place a reliable system of check-ups over an extended period to ensure the child is doing well. If abuse or neglect continues, swiftly move to terminate parental rights and make every attempt to place the child into an adoptive home. Every child needs to feel they belong, are loved, and have the security and stability to grow into the best version of themselves. Growing up is challenging under the best circumstances. No child should have the experience of daily pain and suffering, questioning why no one loves them or cares.Nelson Mandela once said, There can be no keener revelation of a societys soul than the way in which it treats our children. New Mexico children are being hurt and killed. We all have a lot of soul-searching to do.Subscribe to ABQjournal. Call 505-823-4400

Editorial: Dithering Congress hindering US chip competitiveness
07/05/2022 1:02am

In 1990, the United States manufactured 37 of the worlds semiconductor computer chips. In the last three decades, U.S. market share of the integrated circuits it invented has dropped to about 11 of global capacity.Were falling behind in a market essential in the making of vehicles, computers, smartphones, appliances, medical equipment, military weapons, satellites and virtually every other type of modern electronic device.Meanwhile, federal legislation to boost U.S. chip production remains needlessly stalled, holding us back as a nation and hindering economic development in New Mexico.The U.S. CHIPS Act would provide more than $52 billion in subsidies for companies that build semiconductor plants in the United States. The bill would establish investments and incentives to support U.S. semiconductor manufacturing, research and development, and supply chain security and resiliency. It would also match state and local government incentives to private entities to build fabrication facilities to manufacture advanced computer chips.What Congress is trying to do is fill in the R&D gaps and making sure that innovation is brought to the market from lab to fab, so to speak, Intel Corp. executive Greg Slater told the Journal Editorial Board recently.Action from Congress is critical to generating more Intel investment in the United States, including at Intels Rio Rancho chip-manufacturing plant, where the company is investing $3.5 billion to produce new types of semiconductor technology. The multibillion dollar upgrade will produce 700 new high-paying jobs and create the first U.S. advanced packaging facility. Its the largest single Intel investment in Rio Rancho since the semiconductor giant began operating here in 1980.And that can open up all kinds of future possibilities, Slater said. Anytime you bring in a new operation at a site, you often get spin-off benefits.Intels New Mexico expansion is part of an aggressive strategy by the worlds largest chip maker to re-shore domestic chip production and decrease dependence on East Asian counties, where most chips are now made. Intels ambitious goal is to build up its U.S. manufacturing volume to 30 of global market share by the end of the decade, and as a state and country we need to support that.The CHIPS Act has strong bipartisan support. Democrats and Republicans agree on the need for federal research money to compete with China, but politics has resulted in endless delays since the Senate approved the CHIPS Act by a wide margin in June 2021.The House then delayed action for eight months as members larded up the bill with pet projects, similar to what happens with must-pass defense authorization bills.The House finally passed its own version in February, but it was very different from the Senate version. A 107-member bicameral conference committee was appointed in April to reconcile the two bills but didnt start meeting until May.Pass the damn bill and send it to me, President Biden said during a May visit to Ohio, where Intel had said it would expand a planned $20 billion fabricating plant to $100 billion if it could get congressional support. The bottom line is U.S. manufacturers are struggling to compete and maintain an edge against China in the next generation of microelectronics. The U.S. Chips Act makes it possible to do things that were not cost-effective before, Slater explained.Yet here we are at an unnecessary impasse, with Congress running out of time before the August recess. Meanwhile, other countries like China, India and the European Union are stepping up investments in chipmaking.We know our states congressional delegation understands the importance of high tech to New Mexico and the United States. Its time for them to unite and speak up about the urgent need for Congress to cut all the extraneous gimmee legislation and funding and pass a clean CHIPS Act bill ASAP before we lose our competitiveness in a high-tech industry sure to be a growing part of the worlds and states 21st Century economy.This editorial first appeared in the Albuquerque Journal. It was written by members of the editorial board and is unsigned as it represents the opinion of the newspaper rather than the writers.Subscribe to ABQjournal. Call 505-823-4400

After Roe v. Wade, we are next!
07/05/2022 1:02am

The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe v. Wade will have a chilling effect on targeted citizens in America. We as African Americans, people of color, LGBTQIA, those who live a different lifestyle or have same-sex marriages are next to lose some constitutional and civil rights because of the political and far right conservative religious beliefs of the majority of the justices. Although, both views should be absent from court decisions.Even if a woman or female youth is raped or impregnated by incest, in many states they will have to accept forced birth - unimaginable to any fair-minded, thinking person. Its a total erosion of reproductive rights. Justice Clarence Thomas further gives credence to my contention that adverse forces will next be directed against certain racial, ethnic and specific communities. He states the court should revisit other long-standing legal precedents, in particular protections and legality of same-sex marriages and contraceptives for women or young girls.It just so happens Thomas failed to include Loving v. Virginia, 1967, that made it a crime for a Black man to marry or cohabitate with a white woman. He is married to a white woman. Why target others when he benefited from the law and was able to marry the one he loves, regardless of color Hypocritical, to say the least.Already, a U.S. senator, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, tweeted out the Supreme Court should look at Plessey v. Ferguson, 1896, and Brown v. Board of Education, 1954. This position suggests America should go back to pre-civil rights and live in a separate but equal society. One could take this as being a racist thought from an elected leader. The U.S. Senate has already failed to protect voting rights, and there is a continuing effort to make it more difficult for Black people in America to vote. A Jim Crow attitude is being displayed by our elected officials.Also, there is no fair immigration legislation being framed because of the extreme right wing of the Senate. White supremacy and domestic terrorism are on the rise. The question becomes, are we headed for a civil or racial war in America in the 21st centuryNow is the time for collective action. We must seize this moment and work to get our young adults registered to vote. We must educate voters why we, as Americans, need to support public officials who represent our concerns and priorities. We as Americans cannot accept going back 50 years and relive the past. We must put in place those tactics and strategies that enabled Roe v. Wade to become a reality in 1973 and other civil rights legislation in the 1960s. We must organize, mobilize and encourage our youth and others to get excited and passionate about creating a political movement that reflects Blacks, people of color, LGBTQIA, white women and compassionate white males who believe women should have the right to choose.The Albuquerque NAACP is open to forming a diversified coalition to engage young people, increase voter registration and motivate people to vote for whats right instead of party affiliation.Subscribe to ABQjournal. Call 505-823-4400

Cannabis research farm comes to Socorro
07/04/2022 11:04pm

Cannabis plants grow at a former alfalfa farm in Socorro thats been converted into a project that aims to find strains that will grow well in the New Mexico heat and test a few already popular strains to find the most economic way to grow them. Cathy Cook/El Defensor ChieftainSOCORRO On a small farm tucked away in the city of Socorro, 400 cannabis plants are growing in rows of large pots. With more than eight strains and different soil mixtures some with microorganisms and others with pearlite, peat moss and a proprietary mixture the goal of the farm is not retail success but data.The former alfalfa farm is a research project run by Weeds. Cannabis Consulting, a business that helps growers and retailers navigate the complexities of the newly expanded cannabis industry. The goal of the farm is to find new strains that will grow well in the New Mexico heat and test a few already popular strains to find the most economic way to grow them.What soil mixture will offer the best yield and require less water How little water can they use to grow marijuana plants in a state where farmers are already struggling to get enough water for crops like chile and alfalfa that have been grown here for generations After the plants are grown, harvested and dried, which strains will appeal the most to consumersBusiness partners Pat Davis, an Albuquerque city councilor and chair of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grishams 2019 cannabis legalization working group, and Matt Kennicott, who helped with the expansion of medical cannabis licensing in former Gov. Susana Martinezs administration, hope the data from their summer growing project will answer these questions. Then they can pass along those answers to consulting clients.A new startup, a family business, if they can only afford to grow two or three strains a year, its going to help them get the ones that the customers want and that they can afford, said Davis.Socorro offered a central location in the state, the benefits of altitude, the heat they want to test, and an easy place for interested parties from Albuquerque and Silver City to meet.Weve worked with cities and counties all across the state, said Davis. Lots of them have, even though theyre not allowed to ban cannabis, lots of them have found de facto ways to do it by adding local rules that make it prohibitive to do. Socorro was open and said were going to treat you like any other industry if you want to spend money, if you want to hire our folks, were willing to do that.The farm has one full-time grower who lives on-site and two part-time employees. Theyve also hired construction workers to build walls and haul dirt and had to pay for electrical work to put in security cameras, one of several security requirements.Research challengesInflation has ballooned expenses, doubling the budget for the farms block wall and irrigation equipment. Supply chain issues have been even more exaggerated in the cannabis business, said Davis, because so many new cannabis farmers have joined the industry and need to purchase the same supplies soil, pots, hoses as farmers growing other crops.The business infrastructure for all of the new cannabis operations does not fully exist yet, which could be an opportunity for someone with a large enough building and enough workers.No ones built out the places to dry them, process them, Davis said. We dont have enough testing infrastructure, so everybodys right now putting plants in the ground, hoping somebody else will be ready to take them when they harvest them this fall. Were literally, like the old clich says, building the plane as were flying it. Thats the challenge.Kennicott thinks thats a challenge worth taking.This is something in New Mexico we havent seen in a long time, if ever really. Its a new industry and people can jump in and have some opportunity here, said Kennicott.Hes also excited about breaking down the stigma around cannabis and believes that cannabis businesses should be educators about what benefits the industry can bring to communities.I also like the fact that were, really as a cannabis community working on breaking down a lot of the stigmas on cannabis and a lot of the damage thats been done in the past to folks whove run afoul of previous laws. Breaking down those stigmas to me is really important.Market predictionsDavis thinks most towns are saturated with retail at this point and predicts a drastic slowdown in licensing and startups by the end of the year. He could see a few more retailers finding success in Socorro, but not a half dozen.If the market can absorb all the new products, the prices will definitely go down because were in a supply shortage right now for cannabis because theres not enough. But if everybody brings all these products to market, prices will go way down and thats going to put some of those people who arent well prepared out of business.The outdoor growing project will wrap up by the end of the summer. The fate of the farm will depend on the success of the project. It could be used for more research projects next year, or turned into somebodys home grow, said Davis, but the size of the property wont allow a big commercial operation.I think Socorro can be really proud that theyve created an infrastructure that makes people want to spend money in agriculture again and hire local people and thats not happening anywhere else in New Mexico much, said Davis.Subscribe to ABQjournal. Call 505-823-4400

Albuquerque The Magazine
Albuquerque The Magazine

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June 2019 Datebook Top Picks
06/03/2019 2:43pm

June 2019 Top Picks saturday 1 48 pm ABQ Street Meet. This is the largest creative meet up in Albuquerque. All creative individuals are welcome including photographers, videographers, models, cosplayers, SFX artists, rave performers, andcar owners. The goal is togather the community into this shared mindset of creativity. Info: North Domingo Baca Park, 7521

Current Issue
07/29/2015 3:25pm


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The Whistle Program Offer
06/29/2022 2:43pm

The Whistle FEED DATE / SCHEDULE: Available via sIX Press Materials Photos are for editorial use only in conjunction with the direct publicity or promotion of this program, for a period of three years from the programs original program offer date, unless otherwise noted. No other rights are granted. All rights reserved. -- All imagesThe post The Whistle Program Offer appeared first on New Mexico PBS, KNME-TV.

Online Public Notice for KNME-TV Translators
06/09/2022 12:46pm

June 9, 2022- On June 1, 2022, Regents of the University of New Mexico and Board of Education of Albuquerque, licensee of K33FK-D, K22NT-D, K33GC-D, K22 FN-D, K15JO-D, K28GF-D, K18HR-D, K34HF-D, K31PM-D, K36PP-D, K31HB-D, K23FE-D, K33GA-D, K33FL-D, K2300-D, K18LG-D, K10CG-D, K31EO-D, K33OE-D, K15HC-D, K31OX-D, K20CV-D, K15FV-D, K34FQ-D, K30FP-D, K33PG-D, K31JR-D, K15HD-D, K18LC-D, K28GV-D, K36FQ-D, K33QD-D,The post Online Public Notice for KNME-TV Translators appeared first on New Mexico PBS, KNME-TV.

Online Public Notice for K18LC-D Translators
06/09/2022 12:32pm

June 9, 2022 On June 1, 2022, the Regents of the University of New Mexico, licensee of K18LC-D, Channel 18, Tecolote, New Mexico, filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission for a renewal of license. Members of the public wishing to view this application or obtain information about how to file comments andThe post Online Public Notice for K18LC-D Translators appeared first on New Mexico PBS, KNME-TV.

Jeanette DeDios
02/08/2022 10:04am

Jeanette DeDios Da nzhov Hello My name is Jeanette DeDios I am a senior double majoring in Multimedia Journalism and English at the University of New Mexico. I am Jicarilla Apache and Din woman passionate about filmmaking, graphic design, writing, and publishing. I also interned at Meow Wolf this past summer where was able toThe post Jeanette DeDios appeared first on New Mexico PBS, KNME-TV.

Dylan Haworth
01/28/2022 11:08am

Dylan Haworth Hello My name is Dylan Haworth and I am a third-year student at UNM studying Film and Digital Media with a focus in documentary production. I am originally from Chico, California, but Ive moved about eight times after that I am very passionate about storytelling, news media, art, and spending time in theThe post Dylan Haworth appeared first on New Mexico PBS, KNME-TV.


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Police: Person of interest in custody after shooting that killed 6, wounded 30 at July 4 parade
07/05/2022 3:39am

Hundreds of parade-goers some visibly bloodied fled the parade route, leaving behind chairs, baby strollers and blankets.

2 law enforcement officers shot during a July Fourth festival in Philadelphia
07/05/2022 3:38am

Social media video of the incident shows large crowds of people running along Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia.

Chevy Bolt owners frustrated by slow response to recall of fire-prone batteries
07/05/2022 2:36am

General Motors recalled 140,000 Chevrolet Bolts after some batteries caught fire. Many Bolt owners are struggling to replace the defective batteries, all while soaring gas prices are prompting more people to consider electric vehicles.

Inside look at Raphael Marquez's high speed chase that resulted in his death by shootout
07/05/2022 12:34am

Marquez was wanted for five felony warrants and two homicides. Hes most notably known for being the suspect in a late-night crime spree in which he is believed to have kidnapped multiple women, stole multiple vehicles, and took a family hostage.

Griner sends letter to President Biden pleading for his help
07/04/2022 10:34pm

Brittney Griner made an appeal to President Joe Biden in a letter passed on to the White House through her representatives saying she feared she may never return home and asking that he not forget about me and the other American Detainees.


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Freedom 4th returns to Balloon Fiesta Park after two-year hiatus
07/04/2022 7:59pm

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. KRQE Festivities are back at Balloon Fiesta Park for Fourth of July celebrations. Welcoming many for Independence Day celebrations and those out enjoying the festivities say they are glad the festivities are back after a two-year hiatus from the pandemic. Having a two-year hiatus if you will in other words of course from ...

Return of the burn: 2022 Zozobra tickets now on sale
07/04/2022 6:12pm

SANTA FE, N.M. KRQE After two years of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual burning of the Zozobra is looking for a full return to form in 2022. Just 59 days away, organizers are now pre-selling tickets to the event planned for Friday, September 2. 2022 will mark the 98th burning of the Zozobra. This ...

What does it take to create a float for the Rio Rancho 4th of July Parade?
07/04/2022 6:16pm

RIO RANCHO, N.M. KRQE The City of Rio Rancho hopes many will show up to their 4th of July event at Campus Park instead of setting off fireworks at home which could cause injury or fires. The event will include food trucks, music, a parade and fireworks. The Rio Rancho Players community theater said its ...

Paseo Del Norte reopen at the Rio Grande
07/04/2022 6:24pm

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.KRQE Two lanes were shut down on westbound Paseo Del Norte at the Rio Grande because of a rollover vehicle crash. Details are extremely limited, Bernalillo County Deputies have not said what led up to the crash.

Dry Air Begins to Invade Western New Mexico, Isolated Daily Mountain Storms Possible
07/04/2022 6:06pm

Scattered storms across the western 2/3rds of the state will persist through about midnight before dissipating into early Tuesday morning. Some of the slow moving storms have the potential to drop a significant amount of rain, with a flash food watch in effect through tonight for the Sacramento Mountains and a majority of the Gila. ...


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New Mexico Daily Lobo
New Mexico Daily Lobo

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